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Portsea 1875 Post Office Directory - Traders J - M

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Jacobs Jacob & Son, drapers, 32 & 33 Queen street
James Anne (Mrs.), beer retailer, 25 Frederick street
James Robert, boot maker, 12 College street
Jamesonlames, coal & wood dealer, 47 Unicorn street
Jefferys A. S. (Miss), berlin wool repository, 69 Queen street
Jeram John James, agent to the Prudential Association Co. 9 Unicorn street
Jeram Nelly (Mrs.), George, 84 Queen street
Jewell & Son, brewers, Catherine row
Johnson Frederick, photographer, 91 Queen street
Johnson George, confectioner, 33 Butcher street
Johnson Robert, wine & spirit merchant, 60 Queen street
Jones Charles, clothier & seamen's hat maker, 103 Queen street
Jones James, bookseller, 116 Queen street
Jones John, cabinet maker, 19 Catherine row
Jones Thomas, Elephant Castle, 75 St. George's square
Jones William, commercial traveller, 28 King street
Joseph Frances (Mrs.), shirt manufacturer, 38 Bishop street
Joseph Isaac, jeweller, 1 Ordnance row .
Keele Charles, King's Arms, 191 Queen street
Keelly Thomas, eating house, 34 Butcher street
KellyJames, portmanteau maker, 11 Camden alley
Kelly Michael, beer retailer, 1 Lion street
Kemp Henry, manager of the Britannia loan office,53 Union street
Kendrick Susanna (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 14 Cross street
Kent William, butcher, 57 Queen street
Kerwood Samuel, lead, glass, oil & color merchant, lead pipe manufacturer, house decorator, plumber, glazier &c. 32 College street
Kiln Charles, builder, 68 Havant street
King & King, valuers, auctioneers, surveyors, land & property agents, 130 Queen street; & 9 Palmerston. road, Southsea
King Andrew, brassfounder & coppersmith, 30 Butcher street
King George Hall, solicitor, 43 North street
King Joseph, London tavern, 8 The Hard
King Joseph William, builder, 11 Britain street
King Moses, shopkeeper, 20 Britain street
King Wm. Augustus, Ship & Castle hotel, 1 The Hard
King William Cornelius, shopkeeper, 43 Bishop street
Kingsbury Robert, wholesale grocer, 42 St. George's square
Knight Alice Jane (Mrs.), eating house, 34 Kent street
Knight George, beer retailer, 37 Cumberland street
Knox Markham, blacksmith, 1 Chapel row
Lakernan Stephen, basket maker, 2 Hanover street
Lamburn Joseph,, butcher, 51 St. James's street
Lampard George, beer retailer, 20 Prince George's street
Lampard Stephen, lodging house 61 St. George's square
Lancaster & Sons, tailors, 2 Half street
Lancaster James, district manager for Reliance Life, inspector of risks for Royal Fire, & agent to the Accident Insurance Office (7 Bank buildings e.c.) & National Provincial Plate Glass Insurance Co. 2 St. George's sq
Lane Edwin, timber & firewood dealer & army & navy contractor, 27 Hanover street
Lane Jane, Sea Horse, 152 Queen street
Lewes John William, tailor, outfitter & army & navy clothing contractor, 117 Queen street; & 55 High street, Mile town, Sheerness
Lawrence Fredk. wheelwright & mangle maker, 9 Britain street
Lawrence Hannah (Mrs.), shopkeeper, n College street
Layton Harriet (Mrs.), wardrobe maker, 63 Cross street
Layton William John, boot & shoe maker, 38 Queen street, & at Southsea
Leather, Smith & Co. contractors (Portsmouth Dock extension works), H.M. Dockyard
Lee George & Son, manufacturers of mathematical, optical & nautical instruments to the Honorable Corporation of the Trinity House, Royal Naval College & The Admiralty, 8 Ordnance row, The Hard, & 1 Palmerston road, Southsea
Lee John, beer retailer, 2 Clock street
Legg William, Half Moon, 15 Sun street
Leighs Alfred Leslie Stanley, cutler, 32 The Hard
Levett Edward, pork butcher, 128 Queen street
Levin Lewis, travelling jeweller,59 Cross street
Lewis Joseph, railway carrier & forwarding agent to all parts of the kingdom, & spring vans for the removal of furniture by road or rail to save expense in packing, 24 & 25 Ordnance row
Lillywhite John Thomas, gas fitter, 14 Orange street
Lentern Anne Maria (Mrs.), day school, 12 Britain street
Lock John, beer retailer, 13 Havant street
London, & Provincial Bank Limited (Ralph Ingham Thompson, manager), 109 Queen street
London South Western Railway Parcels Receiving Office (Henry Davis, district goods superintendent), 167 Queen street
Loney & Son, loan office, 19 Cumberland street
Long Ann (Mrs.), cab proprietor, 21 St. James's street
Long Daniel, marine store dealer, 39 King street
Long Henry James, Ship Anson, 10 The Hard
Long Samuel Searley, solicitor, 14 Prince George's street residence, Southsea
Loutten George, Bricklayers' Arms, 17 St. James's street
Loveder & Elkins, miscellaneous dealers, 28 & 29 The Hard
Loveder Charles, gospel tract depot, 61 Union street
Loveder James, patent medicine vendor, 28 & 29 The Hard
Lover Charles, clothier, 20 College street
Lover Edmund Arthur, clothier, 13 Camden alley
Luck Elizabeth (Mrs.), lodging house, 2 Britain street
Ludford Alfred, coach smith, Aylward street
Lush Charles, beer retailer, 50 St. James's street
Lush Charles, jun. cooper, Daniel street
Lush Joseph, brewer & maltster, St. George's brewery, St. George's square
Lush Joseph, furniture dealer, 3 St.  James's street
Lush Samuel, upholsterer, 188 Queen street
Lynch James, shoe maker, 13 Kent street
Mc Kenzie Elizabeth (Mrs.), beer retailer, 22 College lane
Mackley John Alborough, law clerk, 41 Bishop street
McLeod Mary ( Mrs.), beer retailer, 40 Havant street
Manchester William, boot maker, 31 North street
Mann William, Shamrock, 55 Cross street
Mansfield Susan (Mrs.), beer retailer, 73 Queen street
Marks James, cutler & gun maker, 70 Hanover street
Marsh Benjamin shoe maker, 23 Kent street
Marsh George, boot & shoe maker, 27 Butcher street
Marshall Joseph, beer retailer, 50 Bishop street
Marshallsay Benjamin, Row Barge tavern, 30 The Hard
Martell Alfred David, news agent, 56 North street
Martell Edwin, Golden Fleece, 7 Ordnance row
Martell, Mary Ann (Mrs.), toy dealer, 27 North street
Martin William, Duke of Clarence, &. wine & spirit & ale & porter merchant, 110 Queen street
Marvin Edwin Orlando, upholsterer, 6 Camden alley
Maslin Alexander, house decorator, 36 St. James's street
Matthews Robert & Son builders, 16 Hay street
Matthews & Co. tailors;66 Queen street
Maxted Henry, hair dresser, 4 Ordnance row
Medus William, draper, 175 Queen street .
Meisels Rev: Isaac S. principal of Aria Coll. St. George's square
Micklam George, beer retailer, 54 Kent street
Miles Alfred, beer retailer, 19 Queen street
Miles Alfred, Three Guns, 72 St. George's square
Mill Charles, dyer, 62 Hanover street
Millard Jane (Mrs.), toy dealer, 10 Hanover street
Miller William, ironmonger & China &c. dealer, 37 Butcher street & 3 St. George's square
Milligan William, travelling draper, 19 Lion terrace
Mills Arthur, eating house, 5 Butcher street
Mills Francis Ward, cattle dealer, 29 Lion terrace
Mindego Harriet (Mrs.), Waterman's Arms, 13 The Hard
Mindego James, Navy & Friends, 22 Havant street
Minty James, beer retailer, 14 Daniel street
Missions to Seamen (Alexander Blackah, scripture reader), & 11 Buckingham street, Strand, London
Mitchell George, pork butcher. 8 Daniel street
Mitchell Henry, marine store dealer, 38 Kent street
Mitchell Joseph, carrier, 11 Lion terrace
Mitchell Mary Ann (Mrs.), lodging ho. 59 St. George's square
Moore Elizabeth (Mrs.), Naval hotel, 5 Wickham street
Moore William, Totterdell's hotel. St. George's square
Moorshead Charles, chemist, 20 The Hard, & 108 High street, Portsmouth
Morey Joseph, shopkeeper, 32 Kent street
Morey Samuel, lodging house, 50 St. George's square
Morgan Francis William, beer retailer, 20 Queen street
Morgan George Thomas, glass & china warehouse, 14 Camden alley & 3 Havant street
Morgan William, Mitre tavern, Butcher street
Morgon Thomas, Crown & Anchor, 21 Hanover street, & last maker, 55 Hanover street
Morley Winham, grocer, 6 Butcher street
Morris Edwin, leather seller, 5 Queen street
Mortimer Francis Charles, dentist, 9 Ordnance row
Mortimer William, Hat-in-Hand, 1 Camden alley
Morton James, travelling draper, 32 St. George's square
Moses A. & L. jewellers, 26 The Hard
Moss Benjamin Wolf, clothier & tobacconist, 95 Queen street
Moss David, surgical machinist, 28 Hanover street
Mott George, builder, 17 Prince George's street
Mould Joseph, boot & shoe maker, 52 St. James's street
Mumby Charles & Co. (of Gosport), soda water manufacturers, 71 St. George's square
Murphy John, china, glass & earthenware dealer, 25 & 26 Kent street
Murphy William shopkeeper, 221 Kent street
Mussell Mary (Mrs.), Fighting Cocks, 76 Queen street

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