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Portsea 1875 Post Office Directory - Traders S - T

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Sanderson George, Argyll tavern, 63 Queen street
Sangster John William, scale maker, 87 Queen street
Sawyer John Thomas, pastrycook, 72 Queen street
Scarrott George, tailor, 99 Queen street
Scott Catherine (Mrs.), fishmonger, 79 Queen street
Scovell Charles Henry, hair dresser, 1 St. James's street
Seagrove Edwin Augustus royal naval & military outfitter (by appointment to her Majesty), 22 & 23 The Hard
Shackle Elizabeth (Miss), ostrich feather dresser, 7 Britain street
Shaft Jas. Inwood & Co. importers of wines & spirits & wholesale tea dealers, 2 & 3 Queen st. -' bonded stores, opposite the Customhouse, Portsmouth ; & farmers, Little Rivals, Harting, Sussex.
Sharp Edward, greengrocer, 40 St. James's street
Sharp Edward, photographer, 182 Queen street
Sharp Samuel, news agent, 5 Bonfire corner
Sheath James, lime C's-own, 48 Cumberland street
Sherman George Frederick, Victoria & Albert, 11 The Hard
Sherwood Thomas, wine, spirit, beer & porter merchant, 2, 3 & 4 Wickham street (near the Dockyard gates) & 3 Ordnance row. See advertisement
Short John, Prince George's Head, 18 Prince George's street
Shotter Wm. Thos. butcher, 24 Butcher row & 31 Kent street
Shoveller John Carter & Son, corn & butter merchants, 35 Kent street; & at 55 St. James's road, Southsea
Simes Henry, hair dresser, 11 Clock street
Simmons Edward, cabinet maker & upholsterer & army furniture warehouse, 88 Queen street
Simmons Henry William, beer retailer, St. George's brewery tap, Richmond place
Sims Henry, jeweller, 61 Queen street
Sivyer William, scripture reader, 22 Lion terrace
Slade Thomas, steward of the Beneficial Society's Hall, 45 St. George's square
Slater Harriet Hope (Mrs.), tobacconist, 1 Hanover street
Smith & Goldsmith, land agents & auctioneers, 166 Queen street ; & at Fareham
Smith Eliza (Mrs.), lodging house, 49 St. George's square
Smith George, linen draper, 132 Queen street
Smith Henry John, news agent, 7 Daniel street
Smith James, Hand-in-Hand, 15 St. George's square
Smith John, Marquis of Lorne, 1 Half Moon street
Smith John Titus, tailor & outfitter, 7 Butcher street
Smith John William, shopkeeper, 18 Kent street
Smith Richard Thomas, wood turner, 2 Cross street
Smithers Chas. Edwd. watch ma. & silver smith, 185 Queen street
Smyth John, academy, 25 Lion terrace
Snelling Thomas, boot maker, 17 Butcher street
Snook James, boot maker, 61 North street
Snow George, cutler, 33 The Hard
Sothcott & Son, bakers, 15 & 16 Hanover street
Sparks Fanny (Miss), shopkeeper, 10 Havant street
Sparshott Charlotte (Miss), beer retailer, 8 St. James's street
Spear George, dispensing & family chemist & deputy registrar of births & deaths for Portsea town, 150 Queen street
Spencer George, beer retailer, 77 Unicorn street
Spurrier Samuel William, baby linen & underclothing manufacturer, 168 & 169 Queen street
Stapleford George, pawnbroker, 75 Frederick street
Stares John, tailor, 16 Kent street
Stening James, solicitor, 18 Chapel row ; & at Emsworth
Stent Robert Andrew, Coot & shoe maker, 70 Queen street
Stevens Frederick, pork butcher, 27 Kent street
Stevens James Henry, boot & shoe warehouse, 164 Queen street
Stevens James William, herbalist, 5 St. George's square
Stevens Mary Jane (Miss), boot & shoe warehouse, Queen street
Stevens William, gasfitter, 54 Hanover street
Stewart Walter, travelling draper, 51 Prince George's street
Stokes & Co. wine merchants, 15 The Hard
Stone John, tailor, 8 & 9 Camden alley
Stone Thomas, tailor, 6 Hanover street
Stow George, hair dresser, 2.5 Butcher street
Streek Frank, Three Crowns, St. James's street
Strong Thomas George, fancy stationer, 3 Camden alley
Sumner William, beer retailer, 47 North street
Sutton & Co. carriers, 29 Hanover street
Swan Rosa Annie (Mrs.), beer retailer, 41 Unicorn street
Symonds William, cabinet maker, 62 Havant street
Taroni Peter, tobacconist, 52 Queen street
Tarring William, Leathern Bottle, 13 Prince George's street
Taylor Emma (Miss), grocer & baker, 30 Kent street
Taylor Jane (Mrs.), beer retailer, 5 Daniel street
Taylor John, poulterer & fruiterer, 82 Queen street
Taylor Robert, builder, 43 Hanover street & Hawke street
Terry Robert Gilbert, grocer, 54 Cross street
Thackara James Thomas, Eagle tavern, 1 St. George's square
Thomas Henry, news agent, 24 Daniel street
Thompson John, Sheriff's Arms, 46 Kent street
Thompson William, furniture dealer, 31 St. James's street
Thomson & Co. merchants, proprietors of the Trolway iron works,Punderson gardens, Bethnal green road, London e, & of the patent vitreous sheathing for the protection of the inner & outer surfaces of iron ships & all submerged substances &c. &c. 79 St. George's square ; 54 St. Enoch square, Glasgow & 81 Gracechurch street, London e.c
Thorne James Lyon, superintendent & secretary of Sailors' Home, 77 Queen street
Tilly & Cracknell, outfitters, 49 Queen street
Tilly William, Black Swan 76 North street
Tink James, news agent, 8 Hanover street
Toole Lawrence Henry, bookbinder & machine ruler, 39 St. James's street
Tout Charles James, boot maker, 7 Camden alley
Tout James Robert, picture frame maker, 2 Bishop street
Tout John William, engineer, Wickham street
Towers William; greengrocer, 36 College street
Towner John, draper, 156 Queen street
Treadgold William, iron & tin plate & metal merchant, general ironmonger, agent for Miler's fireproof safes & boxes, Bishop street
Triggs Edwin, paraffin & earthenware dealer, 21 Kent street, & shopkeeper, 24 Kent street
Triggs Thomas, tailor, 25 North street
Triggs William, toy dealer, 29 North street
Tuck J. J. W. agt. to Providential Assurance. Co. 3 Chapel row
Tucker John, fishmonger, 50 Queen street
Tuffs Solomon, fancy repository, 165 Queen street
Talk James, coal dealer, 40 Britain street
Turner Wm. beer retailer & shoe maker, 2 Bonfire corner

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