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The Hollyman family - London, Buckinghamshire and Sussex

The story of the Hollyman family, starting in the 19th century in London, attempting to link London, Buckinghamshire and Sussex Hollyman families.

I am attempting to link a number of Hollyman families together. I am presuming quite a lot along the way, and therefore not to be confirmed as correct. I start with a Richard Hollyman, who marries a Sarah Tully (not proven). Richard is apparently born in Beerton, Buckinghamshire according to one census entry in 1851. He is aged 54, on the 3rd August 1854, in London at 16 Long Alley, Shoreditch, a publican. As this site lists many pubs, this happens to be the Dolphin.

The story continues throughout the entire 19th century, in London, with his seven sons all being involved in the public house trade, many very successful. I will not repeat all of the detail from the pubs, but raise pertinent points as I tell the story. The many census that are available are a major tool in mapping a family through time. What also helps is that the families seem to often follow similar routes and pathways. The census rarely make this clear, and there is much presumption along the way; but this is the Hollyman family (spelt in a variety of ways, including Holyman).

So, we have James, born near to Aylesbury; and he marries a Sussex girl sometime prior to 1830. By the 1841 census, he is running the Princess Royal in Shoreditch, and then possibly the Harrow in Stratford, prior to running the Dolphin. I think he also runs a pub in Newington briefly, where his son Robert is born about 1845. Robert is also a link to Brighton in Sussex, where he marries in 1869. I have only found one publican in Aylesbury with the name Hollyman, i.e. John Hollyman, Publican, Black Boy, Aylesbury, in 1824. I believe that this is actually the Black Boy, Oving, Aylesbury, yet to be confirmed. This detail was listed in the London gazette, which is an excellent resource.

The next obvious choice was to look at other Buckinghamshire Hollyman families choosing to move to Brighton. I am still attempting to prove who the parents of Richard are, and this may give a clue.

The first possible clue is a James Hollyman (Holliman in 1841) from Cuddington. He is born about 1809, and sometime before the 1841 census, he is in Newington, London and then moves to Brighton. He is also married to a Brighton girl. What is also interesting is that in the 1841 census, he is listed as an Independant, which suggests he is living on his own means. 

John Hollyman born circa 1804, and his son John, born circa 1831

Two other entries I want to research further are Richard Hollyman, butcher, Silver lane, Aylesbury and also the entries for George Fuller, Victualler, who marries Ann Hollyman, of Long Crendon, Buckinghamshire. And much more .....

Looking at other Hollyman family in London, and in particular linked to the public house trade, we find:

Thomas and Jane Hollyman at the Black Raven, in Bishopsgate;

Interestingly, I rarely use the IGI site which has so many inaccuracies, I tend to discount the site most of the time. It is always worth a check, but I generally  treat entries as a wish list.

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