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Cranbrook, Cranbrook, Tunbridge Wells

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Melvilles 1858 Directory of Kent.

CRANBROOK is a market town  ...


Ballard, Frederick and William, silversmiths and watchmakers, Stone street
Ballard, Henry, jeweller, silversmith, and watchmaker, Stone street
Barnes, Winch, and Son, auctioneers and land agents, High street, Cranbrook, and Staplehurst
Bartholomew, James, farmer, Goford farmer, Corn Hall
Bassett, William, farmer, Bettenham
Bates, Edward, grocer, High street
Bates, Stephen and John, farmers, Courshorn
Bates, William, wheelwright, Willsley Green
Beech, William Chester, the Crown Inn, High street
Beeman, Ebenezer, maltster, merchant, and
Beeman, Ebenezer, jun., corn merchant, High street
Bell, James, Waterloo place, agent to the Edinburgh Life Office
Bennett, Elizabeth, beer retailer, Stone street
Benzie, James, upholsterer and cabinet maker, Sissinghurst
Blackman, John, farmer
Blackwell, Thomas Seal, surgeon, High street
Blackwell, Thomas, farmer, Hartley
Bpghurst, Joseph, farmer, Camden hill
Bonnick, Nicholas, farmer, Hancock Farm
Boorman, George, builder and undertaker, St. David's hill
Booth, James, perfumer, High street
Booy, Richard, ironmonger and postmaster, Stone street
Bourner, Henry, linen and woollen draper, Waterloo House, Stone street
Bridgland, John, hop-pocketing and sack manufacturer, Sissinghurst
Bridgland, George, blacksmith, Sissinghurst
Bridgland, John, farmer, Spicer's Farm
Bridgland, Mrs., dressmaker, Waterloo road
Bridgland, Edward, carpenter and ironmonger, Sissinghurst
Brigland, Edward, Duke William, and poulterer, Hartley
Bromley, Mrs. Ann, farmer, Collier's Green
Buckland, Thomas, farmer, Sissinghurst
Burch, Walter, boot and shoe maker, Stone street
Burch, Thomas, boot and shoe maker, High street
Burnham, W. and S., tailors and drapers, High street
Burnham, William, sen., farmer, Hartley
Butler, Mark, farmer, Highsett Farm
Butlerj Da.vid, farmer, Hazelden common
Carly, Miss, day school for girls, High street
Chantler, Jesse, farmer, Hawkridge
Chantler, Edward, farmer, Hartridge
Chantler, Charles, farmer, Hazelden Cottage
Charlwood, Charles, greengrocer, the Bridge
Clarke, Thomas, farmer, Sissinghurst
Clout, James, grocer and tallow chandler, the Hill .
Coleman, Samuel, farmer, Willsley Green
Collins, Robert, larhier, Fvisley
Collins, John, saddler and harness maker, Stone street
Couchman, Richard, broker, High street
Cramp, Clement, carpenter and broker, High street
Crampton, George, miller and farmer, Sissinghurst
Croft, John, bootmaker, Stone street
Dadson, Thomas, shoemaker, High street
Dadson, Eli, baker and confectioner, High street
Dadson, George, surveyor of highways, assistant overseer, and high constable, Stone street
Dann, Mrs. S., the Bull Inn, and farmer, Sissinghurst
Davis, Edward Mason, George Hotel Posting and Commercial House
Davis, James, rope, line, and twine maker, High street
Dennett, John Thomas, bookseller and stationer, stamp office, and agent to the Sun Fire and Life Office, High street
Diprose, Mrs. Mary, broker, the Bridge
Diprose, Mrs. S., farmer, Laurel Farm, Sissinghurst
Ditch, Ebenezer, wine and spirit merchant, High street
Dobell, Albert Bourn, tailor and agent to the Norwich Union Fire and Life Office, High street
Dobell, Isaac, butcher, Sissinghurst
Dobell, Mrs. Louisa, farmer, Hartley
Dungey, James, confectioner and foreign fruiterer, Stone street
Dungey, Miss Elizabeth, milliner, Stone street
Dungey, Henry, farmer, Farmingham
Dungey, William, farmer, Glassenbury
Dunhill, Charles Henry, M.D., surgeon, Shepherds
Dunk, James, tailor and draper, Stone street
Dunk, William, tailor and photographic artist, Stone street
Durrant, Edward, corn factor, High street
Dyke, Mrs. Sarah, grocer and beer retailer, High street
Balding, James, china and glass warehouse, Stone street
Eason, William, veterinary surgeon, High street
Eaton, Ann, greengrocer and tobacconist, High street
Eaton, Daniel, farmer, Hartley
Elliott, John, smith and coal merchant, High street
Elliott, Charles, blacksmith and coach spring maker, Willsley Green
Ellis, Mrs. S., dressmaker, High street
Evernden, Samuel, saddler and harness maker, Stone street
Evernden, Mrs. E., milliner, Stone street
Exall, Alfred, shopkeeper, the Hill
Finnemore and Son, ironmongers, Stone street
Ford, George, wheelwright, Sissinghurst
Foreman, William, farmer Barrack Farm
Forward, Stephen, plumber, glazier, and painter, High street
Francis, Frederick Lester, professor of music, High street
Fulljames, Robert, grocer and cheesemonger, Stone street
Funnell, Stephen, shoemaker, Market place
Geer, James, tanner and currier, High street
Geer, Harriet, grocer, Waterloo road
Goldsmith, Mrs. Eliza, day school for children, the Hill
Hague, John, farmer, Courshorn
Hardy, Frederick Daniel, painter, Waterloo place
Haselar, Albert, pharmaceutical chemist, Stone street
Hayter, Charles, boot and shoe maker, 2, Waterloo road
Hayward, Charles, farmer, Collm's place, Sissinghurst
Hazell, Thomas, superintendent of the Cranbrook division, the Hill
Hickinott, Stephen, farmer, Gate House, Sissinghurst
Hinds, William, fanner, Bettenham
Hollands, William, White Lion and Commercial Inn, High street
Hollands, Francis, relieving officer and registrar of births and deaths for the sub-district of Cranbrook, Rose Cottage
Hopperton, Henry, farmer, Moat Farm
Hudson, Alfred, draper and parish clerk, High street
Hudson, Mrs. Ann, shoemaker, Stone street
Huntley, Mrs., linen and woollen draper, Stone street
Huntley, George, beer retailer, the Hill
Iggulden, James Boulden, butcher, Stone street
Iggulden, William, butcher, High street
Iggulden, John, farmer, Wilsley
Igguldpn, Mrs., dressmaker, Market place
Jarvis, Abraham, cordwainer, Waterloo road
Jenner, William, miller, Hazelden common
Jenner, the Misses, dressmakers, the Hill
Jenner, Stephen, town crier, High street
Jenner, Thomas, carpenter and builder, the Hill
Jones and Guest, farmers
Judd, William Henry, grocer, tea dealer, and stationer, Sissinghurst
Judge, Isaac, farmer
Judge, John, baker, Church Gates
Kadwell, Robert, farmer
Kemp, James, farmer, Svvattenden
Kemp, Thomas, farmer, Huggin's Hall
Kemp, Edwin, farmer, Hartley
Kemp, Jesse, farmer, Glassenbury
Kennard, Thomas, carpenter and beer retailer, Courtstyle
Kenward, Thomas, general draper and outfitter, Stone street
Kilpin, William, grocer and cheesemonger, High street
Knowlden, James, butcher, Stone street
Knowler, William, builder, High street
Levett, Ham, farmer, Three Chimneys
Levett, William, farmer, Glassenbury
Love, James, farmer, Hazelden Common
Manser, Jesse, fishmonger and fruiterer. High street
Mansfield, John, hair cutter and perfumer, High street
Marshall, Frederick, mason and builder, High street
Marshall, Charles, smith and coach spring maker, High street
Masters, Charles, farmer, Angley Farm
Mercer, Sarah, licensed retailer of beer, Maidstone road
Mitchell, Mrs., boarding school, Bridge buildings, Stone street
Morris, Richard R., farmer, Old Middleton
Moss, Alfred, King's Head Inn, Sissinghurst
Mowle, Stephen Richard, grocer and tea dealer, Market place
Nash, George, under bailiff to the Cranbrook division of the County Court, the Hill
Neve, Wilson, and Farrar, solicitors
Orpin, William, miller
Owlett, Thomas May, grocer, tea dealer, and cheesemonger, Stone street
Oyler, Samuel, builder, High street
Oyler, George, farmer, Goddard's Green
Oyler, Samuel, farmer, Hartley
Oyler, Samuel, jun., farmer, Goford
Oyler, Samuel, sen., farmer, Dog Kennel
Palmer, Mrs. Elizabeth, day school for children, the Hill
Parks, Jesse, boot and shoe maker, the Bridge
Parrott, Hezekiah, upholsterer, High street
Parrett, Joseph, seedsman, High street
Barrett, Kichard, brick and tile maker, the Hill
Penfold, Thomas, boot and shoe maker, Sissinghurst
Pethurst, Sarah, shopkeeper, High street
Pethurst, David, tailor, and town letter carrier, High street
Pethurat, Jeremiah, clothier and tea dealer, the Hill
Pile, Thomas, farmer, Hazelden
Pile, George Tyrrell, farmer, Hartley
Piper, William, fellmonger and tanner, Cranbrook, and at. Sedlescomb, Sussex
Piper, Thomas, wheelwright, High street
Plimmer, Charles, carpenter, the Bridge
Pope, William, boot maker, Willsley Green
Possee, James, coal merchant, High street
Potter, William, blacksmith, the Bridge
Ranger, Frederick, surgeon, High street
Ransley, Thomas, White Horse Inn, and coach builder, Market place
Heed, James, gardener and seedsman, Stone street
Reeves, Samuel, wheelwright, High street
Relf, James, baker, the Hill
Rimell, William, tin plate worker, High street
Roberts, Alfred, boot and shoe maker,
SissinghurstRofe, John, fruiterer and greengrocer, Stone street
Rumins, Isaac, carpenter, &c., Willsley Green
Russell, Thomas, cooper, Stone street
Russell, John, miller, Union Mill, the hill
Saint, Thomas, tanner, High street
Sharp, Mrs. W., fancy repository, High street
Sharp, William, gun and truss maker,
High street
Sharpe, William Barling, brewer and maltster, Baker's Cross Brewery
Smith, Charles, baker, &c., the Bridge
Smith, John, leather dresser and glover, High street
Southon, Charles, farmer
Southon, Richard, farmer
Springett, Benjamin, shoemaker, High street
Stevens, Mrs, Jane, laundress, High street
Stone, Mrs., farmer, Collier's Green
Sturdy, Daniel, chemist, Stone street
Sutton, Thomas, florist, nursery and seedsman,
Swatland, the Misses, dressmakers, the Bridge
Swatland, Isaac, farmer, Goford
Tarbutt, William, basket manufactory and fancy repository, High street
Taylor, Stephen, beer retailer, Willsley Pound
Taylor, Thomas, greengrocer, seedsman, and sexton, High street
Taylor, Charles, omnibus proprietor, Waterloo road
Taylor, James Iggulden, plumber, &c., Stone street
Taylor, Barnabas, Bull Inn and Posting House, Stone street
Taylor, William, carpenter, Willsley Pound
Terrill, John, tailor, High street
Thirkell, George, farmer, Chittenden
Thirkell, John Pinnock, farmer, Hazelden
Tompsett, John E., schoolmaster, High street
Tye, George, corn and seed factor, Stone street
Unicume, John, farmer, Hazelden Common
Unioume, William, farmer, HartleyWaghorn, Charles, farmer, Hazelden
Waghorn, Charles, Windmill Inn
Walter, Thomas, grocer, and post-office, Sissinghurst
Waters, George, printer and stationer, Stone street
Webster, Thomas, R.A., artist, Cranbrook, and the Mall, Kensington
Weller, Alexander, shopkeeper, the Row
Weston, Mrs., farmer, Willsley House
Whibley, Richard, boot and shoemaker, Sissinghurst
Wilden, David, coal merchant, High street
Willard, William Freeman, grocer, Willsley Green
Williams, Charles, solicitor, High street
Williams, Charles, carrier and postmaster, High street
Williams, Charles, carriers to Maidstone, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and, Saturday's at half-past six o'clock a.m., returning from Maidstone at half-past two o'clock p.m.
Williams, Samuel, shoemaker, High street
Wilmshurst, James, butcher, Stone street
Wraight, Thomas, gardener, Dane House
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