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Gentry in Northfleet, North Aylesford / Strood, Gravesend

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Melvilles 1858 Directory of Kent.

NORTHFLEET is a village, two miles west, from Gravesend; in the union of Strood, and lathe of Aylesford. The church is one of the largest in the county, and is a very fine edifice, partly covered with ivy; in the interior are some very beautiful ornaments. Perry street is a populous district, about a mile south of the church.

Gentry in Northfleet, in 1858 Melvilles Directory

Ambrose, Mr. William, Mount Pleasant
Anderson, Mrs., Ingress place
Andrews, Mrs., Amelia terrace
Ball, Mr, David, Orington Villa
Barnard, Mrs., Shinglewell
Barnard, Mr. Thomas, Gale House
Barton, Mr. William, Albert Cottage
Bishop, Mr. Joseph, Rathball Cottage
Brenchley, John, Esq., Wombwell Hall
Bristow, Mr. William Robert, Burch road
Brown, William, Esq., Tabor place
Brown, Mr. Thomas, London road
Burn, Mrs., Hope terrace
Chaplin, J. Poultney, Esq., Harrow House
Clements, Mrs., London road
Cooper, John, Esq., Aubnurn Villa
Cow, Captain, Cleveland Lodge
Cox, Dr., Bynes Cottage
Crichton, J., Esq., Verona House
Crispin, Mr. R. T., Rempstone Villa
Crook, Dr. J. E., Granby place
Dawson, John, Esq., Providence place
Dunn, Mrs., Bellevue Cottage
Dunstan, Mrs., Springfield place
Files, Thomas, Esq., Oak Villa, London road
Fossey, Thomas, Esq., Burch road
Gale, James, Esq., London road
Goldsmith, Edward, Esq., Blenheim Lodge
Gould, Mrs., London road
Gregory, Edward, Esq., Hever Court, Shinglewell
Hutchinson, Mrs., Manor place
Isaac, Mrs., Pier Parade, Rosherville
Jackson, Mrs., Tabor place
Johnson, Mrs., Frazier place
Johnson, Mr. W. H., Richmond Cottage
Jones, Henry, Esq., Albert terrace
Knight, Mrs., Lawn terrace
Macgeorge, James, Esq., London road
Maxted, Mrs., Manor House
Monk, Thomas, Esq., Gloucester House
Morris, Mr. William, Prospect House
Neame, George, Esq., Pier terrace
Oakley, Mrs., Lawn terrace
Palm, Mrs., Albert terrace
Keats, Rev. Richard, M.A., Vicarage
Keays, Miss, London road
Scheer, Thomas, Esq., Stafford House
Scott, Mr. George, Lawn terrace
Scrivener, Mr. George, Lawn terrace
Sheppard, Captain, Cope Cottage
Smith, Richard, Esq., Prospect villa
Smith, Mrs., Burch road
Smith, Mr. Thomas, Hope Cottage
Smith, Mrs., London road
Snell, Mrs., Ingress place
Snow, Mrs., Tabor place
Stevens, Mrs., London road
Stratton, Mr. G. F., Marshall place
Stubbs, Mrs., London road
Sturge, Mr. Thomas, Northfleet House
Sturge, Mr. George, Burch road
Succomb', Mrs., London road
Sutton, Rev. Samuel, Manor House
Tupnell, Thomas, Esq., Oldberry House'
Usherwood, Mr. William, London road
Van, John, Esq., Melbourne VillaWatson, Samuel, Esq., Albert terrace
West, Henry, Esq.,, Dover road
Wright, Mrs., Burch road
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