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Public Houses, Hotels, Inns & Taverns of South Manchester, Lancashire in 1911 - Chorlton upon Medlock

Directory of Pubs in the UK, historical public houses, Taverns, Inns, Beer Houses and Hotels in South Manchester, Lancashire. The Directory of Pubs in the UK, historical public houses, Taverns, Inns, Beer Houses and Hotels in South Manchester, Lancashire listing uses information from census, Trade Directories and History to add licensees, bar staff, Lodgers and Visitors.

Lancashire & Manchester pub history 1911 index

The 1911 census is very useful in researching pub history, but also massive. Every page added is linked to one address, and takes a considerable amount of time to research. The 1911 census also includes a summary of the census, it is a simple list of addresses, and the head of household; it is incredibly useful (sometimes) in that it often names the beer houses.

Here are a few entries for Manchester, listed by area and district. I should point out that these are summaries, and transcribed at a speed. If you want to query the results, it is best that you research the area yourself.

Chorlton upon Medlock

Dis 1
25 Charles streeet, Royal Brew Vaults, Gaffey
21-23 York street, PH, F Twilty - Foresters Arms
45 York street, Bee Hive, J Gillott
91 York street, Nags Head, H Bolter
97 York street, Galloway Arms, J Brennan
101 York street, Wellington Inn, J Brogden
24 Brook street, Volunteer Inn, W Pedlington
26 Brook street, Medlock, C Green
46 Brook street, Talbot Inn, S Bowers
50 Brook street, Star Inn, W Spencer

Dis 2
9-11 Mount street, PH, Williamson - Bridge and Crescent Inn
55 Brook street, PH, Beardshall - Druids Arms
103 York street, PH, Barker - All Saints Tavern
2 Greek street, PH, Brown - Dog Inn
24 Greek street, PH, Hall - Black Horse

Dis 3
33 Rutland street, PH, Adey - Church Inn
6 Downing street, PH, Shaw - Gog and Magog
26 Mount street, Shakespeare Inn, Keogh
2 Mount street, PH, Kehoe
46 Russell street, PH, Reader - Lord Nelson
16 Jackson street, PH, Wagstaff - Three Crowns
86 Temple street, Albion Inn, Alderson
77 Temple street, PH, Eccles
41 Temple street, PH, Battey

Dis 4
72 Rusholme road, PH, Kirkland
78 Rusholme road, PH, Jones
16-18 Rusholme road, Beerhouse, Hall
34 Rusholme road, Beerhouse, Burn
50 Downing street, Beerhouse, Bloomer
72 Downing street, Minshull Arms, Wilkinson
93 Temple street, Sherwood Inn, McManus
110 Temple street, Beerhouse, Kitchingman
28 Rayne street, Beerhouse, Micklewright
49 Greek street, King William IV, Mrs Lee
15 Barlow street, Beerhouse, Bradley

Dis 5
53 Rusholme road, PH, Schofield
31 Rusholme road, PH, Wood
28 Ardwick Green south, PH, Raffs
8 Robert street, PH, Harter
17 Upper Brook street, PH, Wright
17 Rosamond place, PH, Leigh
14 & 16 Kay street, PH, Pearson

Dis 6
51 Higher Temple street, Beerhouse, Hollas
51 Frances street, Beerhouse, Smithson
57 Coral street, Beerhouse, Jones
2 Coral street, Beerhouse, Kensley

Dis 7
1 Robert street, PH, A Wilson
63-65 Robert street, Queens Arms, White
87 Cottenham street, Commercial Arms, Swales - Convivial Arms
78 & 80 Frances street, Mawson Hotel, Berry
70 Higher Temple street, Devonshire Arms, Wood
115 Coral street, Anchor Inn, Cooper

Dis 8
2 Dover street, Beerhouse, Mrs Stanton

Dis 9
1 Rumford street, Rumford Arms, Garbett
51 Rosamond Street East, Lord Stanley, Cort
54 Booth Street east, George Hotel, Morgnathaler
105 Grosvenor street, Griffin Wine Bar, McCall
76 Brook street, Pickwick, Bratherton
84 Brook street, Royal Oak, Derbyshire
49 Rosamond Street East, Gladstone Arms, Price
113-115 York street, Griffin, Pimblott

Dis 10
17 Morton street, Albert Hotel PH, Osborne
295 Oxford street, College Hotel PH, Demmler
43 Clifford street, Clifford Hotel PH, Stickler

Dis 11
2 Dryden street, Dryden Arms, Shaw
Rumford street, Grove Inn, Mawdsley

Dis 12
3 Grafton street, PH, Burrows

Dis 13, 14
1 Plymouth street, Beerhouse, Smith
9 Dryden street, Beerhouse, Doran

Dis 15
33 Elton Street, Dog and Partridge, Grimshaw
64 Everton road, Star Inn, Oakes
90 Everton road, Church Inn, Irving

Dis 16
79 & 81 Everton road, PH, Cardwell
111 Everton road, PH, Wallwork
316 Stockport road, Sir Charles Napier, Jenks
1 Mornington street, Upton Hotel PH, Roberts
2 Milton street, Milton Hotel PH, Chapman

Dis 17
378 Stockport road, PH, Rowarth
406 Stockport road, PH, Hutchinson
27 Molyneux street, PH, Tetlow

Dis 18
516 Stockport road, PH, Grindrod

Dis 19, 21, 22, 23
54 Ducie Grove, Beerhouse, Parker
49 Ducie Grove, Beerhouse, Breckell

Dis 24, 25
31 Union street, Union Inn, Gough
63 Union street, Red Lion Inn Off Licence, Cooper
2-4 Pigott street, Alexandra Inn, Luetchford
32-34 Pigott street, Pioneer Inn, Warhan
3 Leaf street, PH, Shirley

Dis 26
20 Chinley street, PH, Heathcote
73-75 Embden street, PH, Pearson
84 Embden street, PH, Holehouse
14 Leaf street, PH, part of 26 Inkerman grove
41 Greenhill street, PH, Nicholls

Dis 27
70-72 Hall street, Grapes Inn, Miss Peckett
28 Hall street, Victoria Hotel, Benj Dew
30 Hall street, Yorkshire House PH, C F Turtle
2-4 Union street, Burlington Inn, John Clubbe
31 Embden street, Embden Inn, Louisa Ash
6 Upper Medlock street, The Bee Hive, Phillips
1-3 Upper Medlock street, The Hand in Hand, Chas F Wenn

Dis 28
104 Higher Cambridge street, Beerhouse, Clarke
55 Coupland street, Beerhouse, Moorhouse
86 Coupland street, Beerhouse, Evenson
44 Wellbeck street, Beerhouse, Phillips
54-56 Wellbeck street, Beerhouse, Watkins
71 Wellbeck street, Beerhouse, Uninhabited
40 Wellbeck street, Beerhouse, Holden
17 Blanchard street, Beerhouse, Uninhabited
15-17 Richmond street, Beerhouse, Clegg
60 Bridge street, Beerhouse, Sanders

Dis 29
98 Higher Cambridge street, Beerhouse, Provest
44 Ludlow street, PH. Smith
25 Boundary lane PH. Maher
61 Booth street west, PH, Bishop
6 Wellbeck street, Beerhouse, Smith

Dis 30
61 Park street, PH, Savo
52 Ducie street, PH, Ashby
39 Lloyd street, PH, Walker
77 & 79 Lloyd street, PH, Davies
26 Lloyd street, PH, Horsfall

Dis 31
23 Ludlow street, PH, Hays
Oxford road, Kings Hotel, Davies
118 Higher Chatham street, PH, Hall
135 Higher Cambridge street, Bridge Inn, Sutcliffe
15 Walter street, Alma Inn, Wells

Dis 32
58 Boundary Street East, Kings Arms, Susie Bradley

Dis 34
84 Lower Cambridge street, The Church Inn, Clegg
6 Lower Cambridge street, The Old Red House, O'Brien
32 Lower Cambridge street, The Fountain Inn, Garthwaite
44 Cavendish street, Clynes Wine Bar, Johnson

Dis 35
38 Oxford road, Clarendon Hotel, Pinkney
74 Oxford road, PH, Mattinson
5 Clarendon street, PH, Shaw - Cross Keys
49 Clarendon street, PH, Jones - Swan Inn
73 Lower Cambridge street, PH, Roche - Stonemasons Arms
52 Devonshire street, PH, Riley

Dis 36
25-27 Oxford road, PH, Hoggarth
49 Oxford road, PH, Kitchingham
10 Lower Chatham street, Kings Arms Hotel, Doherty
16 Saville street, Cotton Tree Hotel, Howard
23-25 Buxton street, Horse Shoe Inn, Arnold
6 Clarendon street, Pleasant Inn, Snow
28 Clarendon street, Royal Oak Hotel, Nutter


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