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Directory of Pubs in the UK, historical public houses, Taverns, Inns, Beer Houses and Hotels in Manchester, Lancashire. The Directory of Pubs in the UK, historical public houses, Taverns, Inns, Beer Houses and Hotels in Manchester, Lancashire listing uses information from census, Trade Directories and History to add licensees, bar staff, Lodgers and Visitors.

Lancashire & Manchester pub history 1911 index

Baddeley William, 478 Cheetham Hill Road
Bagshaw Walter, 52 Halston street, Hulme
Bailey Charles 0. 308 Eccles New Road Weaste
Bailey George, 101 Phoebe street, Salford
Bailey Joseph, 21 Brown street, Ancoats
Bailey Lewis, 19 Rolleston street, Ancoats
Baker Arthur Edward, 46 Kennedy street
Baldwin Albert Ernest, 85 Gunson street, Oldham Road
Baldwin Robert Arthur, 8 and 10 Dawson street, Water Street
Ball William (on), 105 Ravald street, Oldham Road
Banks John, 37 Hillkirk street, Beswick
Bardsley Mrs. Emma, 788 Oldham Road N H
Barker William, 8 Wellington street, Higher A
Barlow John, 299 Bolton Road Irlams-o'-th.- Height
Barlow Mrs. Mary A. 20 Gerald street, P
Barlow Percy, 110 and 112 Clopton street, Hulme
Barlow Mrs. Sarah E. 2 Clifton street, Salford
Barnes Charles Oswald 52 Union street, A
Barnes Miss Mary, 114 and 116 Tamworth street, Hulme
Barnes Richard, 13 Hannah street, Rochdale Road
Barnes Mrs. Selina, 86 Philips Park Road Bradlford
Barnett John (off), 147 Stockport Road A
Barnett Joseph, 106 and 108 Clopton street,
Barraclough Jonas, 20 Cornbrook Road Cornbrook
Barrett Jn. Lowdy, 45 & 47 Ardwick green North
Barrett Alfred, 275 Broad street, P
Barrett Hugh, 28 and 30 Ash street, Oldham Road
Barritt Edgar Renshaw, 142 Ashton Old Road, 0
Baxter Joseph, 57 Clarence street, L B
Baxter Mrs. Minnie M. 6 and 8 Brewery street, Strangeways
Beanland Isaac. 169 Ashton Old Road, 0
Beardehall Mrs. Eliea, 55 Brook street, Chorlton on Medlock
Beattie James W. 4 Green street, P
Beaty Mrs. Elizabeth Alice, 1 Baslow street, and 2 Rowsley street, Beswick
Beaver Mrs. Annie, 160 Pollard street, Ancoats
Bell Arthur, 144 Cross lane Salford
Bell James, 19 Strawberry Road P
Bell Mrs Sarah Ann, 126 and 128 Bedford street, and 16 Scott street, H
Bennett Archibald, 508 Oldham Road
Bennett Miss Hannah, 1 Stanley street, C
Bennett Joseph, 3 Macdonald's lane
Bennett Thomas Mosley, 54 street, Stephen street, Salford
Bent Thomas, 9 Picketon street, Harpurhey
Bentley Mrs. Annie, 65 Wilmslow Road D
Bentley Mrs. Elizabeth. 107 Liverpool street, Salford
Bentley James T. 408 Regent Road Salford
Bentley Mrs. Mary Ellen, 40 Vine street, Hulme
Bentley Robert, 22 Pinder street, Hulme
Bentley Wilfred, 305 Stockport Road L
Beresford Joseph, 140 and 142 Moston lane M
Berry Galileo, The Mawson, 78 and 80 Frances street, Chorlton on Medlock
Berry Henry, 22 Severn street
Berry Mrs. Martha Ann, 2 North street, C
Berry Thomas, 25 Bury street, P
Berry William Edward, 424 Oldham Road N H
Beswick Harry, 370 & 372 Oldham Road
Bevan Henry, 101 Silk street, Salford
Bevan John, 52 Tattoo street, Salford
Bevan Thomas (off), 20 Ravald street, Oldham Road
Bibby Arthur, 37 Wellington street, Gorton
Billington Miss Sarah (off), 106 Cranworth street, Chorlton on Medlock
Binns George, 45 Chapman street, Hulme
Birch Mrs. Esther, 48 Taylor street, Gorton
Birkinshaw Mrs Agnes, 296 Regent Road Salford
Birtwistle Edward, 383 Rochdale Road
Bishop James, 61 Booth street, West, Chorlton on Medlock
Bisset Robert, 50 Liverpool street, Salford
Blackburn William Henry, 68 Fenney street, H B
Blackwell George B. 55 Great Jackson street, W G
Blazeby Robert, 145 City Road H
Blomeley Mrs. Margaret, 190 Marlborough Road Hightown
Blominey John, 180 Barlow Road Lev
Blood William Henry, 8 Laundry street, P
Bloomer Mrs. Elizabeth, 50 Downing street, Chorlton on Medlock
Blower John, 17 Lower Mosley street
Blundell Alfred, 11 Ellor street, Salford
Boardman Henry, 2 Daniel street, Ancoats
Boardman Mrs Mary, 21 Garibaldi street, Hyde rd, A
Boardman Mrs.Sarah,209 Rochdale Road. Blackley
Bolt Frederick, 52 Dickens street, Queens Road
Bolton Henry, 91 York street, Chorlton on Medlock
Bolton James E. 98 Florin street, P
Bolton John, 51 Byrom street
Bolton Joseph, 345 Broad street, P
Bolton Thomas, 386 Regent Road Salford
Rand John, l5 Booth street, P
Bond John Alexander, 18 and 20 Hanover street
Bond Joseph, 180 Chapel street, Salford
Bond Thomas Wm. 53 Dickinson street
Booth George, 45 Cross lane Salford
Booth James, 177 High street, P
Booth James W. 8 Back Borough street
Booth John Alexander, 25 Gresham street, 0
Boothroyd Jn. Alfred, 403 & 405 Hyde Road WG
Borroughs Robert, 41 and 43 Monmouth street
Boss Herbert, 5 Mitchell street, Ancoats
Bostwick Walter, 22 and 24 Tempest street, A.
Boulton John William, 45 Pin Mill brow, A
Bousfield John, 269 Queens Road M P
Bowden Mrs. Anna, 31 Everton Road Chorlton on Medlock
Bowden Robert, 2 Springville avenue, M
Bowen George William, 69 Bangor street, H
Bowen William Henry, 135 Broad street, P
Bowes Samuel J. 16 Ashton Old Road, A
Bowling Mrs. Bridget, 827 Oldfield Road Salford
Boyce James, 92 Cheetham Hill road
Boyd William Grant, 41 Yew street, and 35 Upper Moss lane Hulme
Boylan Mrs. Elizabeth, 47 Ducie street, Piccadilly


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