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Directory of Pubs in the UK, historical public houses, Taverns, Inns, Beer Houses and Hotels in Manchester, Lancashire.

Lancashire & Manchester pub history 1911 index

Bracewell Amos, 3 Newcastle street, H
Bradburn William, 18 and 20 Lodge street, M P
Bradford John, 17 Cross street, A
Bradley Mrs. Annie Jane, 44 & 46 Queens Road
Bradley Charles, 38 Eccles New Road S
Bradley Charles. 6 Gold street, P
Bradley James, 15 Barlow street, Chorlton on Medlock
Bradley Mrs. Susie, 68 Boundary street, East, Chorlton on Medlock
Bradley William, 62 Halston street, and 51 Bath street, H
Bradsworth Cearles Slater, 64 Vine street H
Brady Edward, 88 Chancery lane A
Brady James, 111 and 113 Slater street, Oldham Road
Brady Richard T. 39 Bedford street & 2 Hazel street H
Braithwaite John, 17 Charles street
Bramhall Mrs. Lucy, 114 Cross lane Gorton
Brannan John, 97 and 99 York street, Chorlton on Medlock
Bratherton Richard, 76 Brook street, Chorlton on Medlock
Braun Franz Wm. Hy. 219 & 221 Waterloo Road C
Breckell William, 49 Ducie grove, Ducie street, Chorlton on Medlock
Breeze Miss Sarah, 237 Great Ancoats st
Brennan George,148 Hendham vale, Queens Road
Breunand Thomas, 188 street, Simon street, S
Bretherton John Thomas, 22 & 24 Monsall street, MP
Bridge Jaines Walter, 20 & 22 Albion street, & 63 Little Peter street, Gaythorn
Bridge John H. 9 and 11 Upper Moss lane H
Brierley Henry, 71 Bradford Road Ancoats
Briffett Francis, 10 Preston street, H
Briggs Edgar, 29 Walness lane P
Brindley Wm. H. 15 George Leigh street, Ancoats
Britland George, 77 Queens Road
Britton Bertie, 33 Rosamond street, H
Broadbent James Thomas, 442 Regent Road S
Brogden John, 101 York street, Chorlton on Medlock
Brookes Mrs. Nancy, 40 and 42 Rudyard street, Queens Road . Harpurhey
Brookes William, 72a Hamilton street, Queens Road . MP
Brooks George, 79 West Clowes street, S
Brooksbank Albert Edward, 12 Crescent, S
Broughton Edward, 54 Rolleston street, Ancoats
Broughton James, 10 Broughton Road P
Broughton John, 181 Ellor street, P
Brown Clement, 259 Broad street, P
Brown Edward, 115 and 117 Teignmouth street, RochdaJe rd
Brown Edwin, 131 & 133 Heather st Oldham Road
Brown Frederick, 22 and 24 Chester street, H
Brown Harry, 38 Tempest street, A
Brown Miss Lilley, 39 Lloyd street, G
Brown William, 103 Oldham Road M P
Brownhill Mrs. Sarah, 2 Gibson street, N H
Bruce Edward, 80 and 82 Great Jackson street, H
Brunton Mrs.Jane, 54 & 56 Heyrod street, Ancoats
Brunvee George Evan, 23 Maple street, H
Bryant Mrs. Catherine, 309 Great Ancoats st
Buck Miss Edith Harriet, 1 Tetlow lane and 163 Halliwell lane C
Buckle George, 6 Chapel street, W G
Buckley Mrs. Mary Jane, 27 Derby street, S
Budgen Arthur Stanley, 345 Ashton Old Road, 0
Burgess Mrs. Elizabeth, 29 Lilley street, Newton
Burgess John, 80 Upper Medlock street, H
Burgess Mrs. Martha Jane, 31 & 33 Higher Ardwick
Burgoyne Sam, 139 Clopton street, H
Burke Mrs. Josephine Letitia, 1 Encombe place S
Burke Nicholas, 7 Woden street, S
Burrows Edward Haydn, 134 Gorton lane Gorton
Burrows Joseph Harry, 3 Grafton street, Chorlton on Medlock
Burton William Frederick, 430 Oldham Road
Burtonwood Joseph Wm. 66 Everton Road Chorlton on Medlock
Butler Mrs. Alice, 350 and 352 Eccles New Road Weaste
Butler Mrs. Emily, 73 and 75 Northgraves street, Hightown
Butler Henry, 2 Renshaw street, H
Butterworth James Arthur, 65 Owen street, H
Butterworth Mrs. Jane, 136 Lower Moss lane H
Buxton Freda. Albert. 3 and 5 Garibaldi street, A
Byrne Mrs. Annie, 18 Sidney street, S
Byrom Aaron, 66 Robert street, N H

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