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Directory of Pubs in the UK, historical public houses, Taverns, Inns, Beer Houses and Hotels in Manchester, Lancashire. The Directory of Pubs in the UK, historical public houses, Taverns, Inns, Beer Houses and Hotels in Manchester, Lancashire listing uses information from census, Trade Directories and History to add licensees, bar staff, Lodgers and Visitors.

Lancashire & Manchester pub history 1911 index

Page Job, 91 Moston lane B G
Palfreyman Ernest, 33 and 35 Chapel street, A
Palmer Fred W. 38 & 40 Gibbon street, Ancoats
Parish James, 97 Warwick street, H
Parker Charles, 4 Pimlot street, P
Parker Stephen, 54 Ducie grove, Chorlton on Medlock
Parker Thomas, 8 and 10 Short street, L B
Parkes Mrs. Ellen. 83 Tamworth street, H
Parkin Jabez, 12 Clyde street, Ancoats
Parkineon Charles, 1 Duxbury street, Eccles New Road Weaste
Parkinson Richard E. 18 River street, L B
Parkinson William, 4 Sussex street, W G
Parrish Mrs. Emily, 51 Ladybarn lane W
Parsons Thomas, 17 Fenney street, H B
Partlett William, I and 3 Upper Medlock street, G
Patchett John William, 52 & 54 Trafalgar street L B
Paul John, 10 Chapel street, C H
Pawsey Ihomas, 125 Greengate, S
Peacock Mrs. Sarah, 40 Far lane, Gorton
Pearson Alfred, 47 Gardner street, W G
Pearson John Thomas, 21 Monsall street, M P
Pearson John Wm. 73 and 75 Embden street Chorlton on Medlock
Pearson Joseph, 14 and 16 Kay street, Ardwick green South
Pearson Mrs. Mary Ellen, Great Clowes street, & 6 Laurel grove, Lower Broughton Road H B
Pearson Mrs. Mary Jane, 43 Lissadel street, P
Pearson Mrs. Nora, 25 Derwent street, S
Pearson Richard, 61 Clements street, 0 & 86 Ogden lane Higher Openshaw
Pearson William, 12 Shndehill
Peart rthur, 88 Wilmslow road W
Peat Edwin, 25 aud 27 Shuttleworth street, Broughton rd
Peck William Thomas, 8 Rutland street, H
Peckett Miss Harriet Annie, 70 and 72 Hall street, Chorlton on Medlock.
Pedder Mrs. Elizh. 38 Legh grove and 28 Legh place A
Pedley Mrs. Elizabeth, 39 Belle Vue street W G
Pee Enoch, 231 Whit lane P
Peel Mrs. Mary, 346 Ordsall lane S
Peel Mrs. Mary A. 6 Clarendon street, H
Pemberton Arthur, 23 Peru street, S
Pemberton George, 12 Branson street, Ancoats
Pender John, 145 Great Ancoats street
Pendergast Mr P.Fanny Maria,287 Great. Ancoats st
Penkeyman Mrs. Phoebe Bell, 227 Hodge lane S
Pennington John T. 98 Thomas street, W G
Penny Stephen, 341 City Road H
Percival Harry, 75 Barlow street, Bradford
Pettener Samuel, 14 Dixon street, H
Phillips William, 6 Upper Medlock street, G
Phillips Wm. Tremayne, 44 Welbeek street Chorlton on Medlock
Pick Frederick, 69 Hargreaves street, H
Pickstone Eli, 162 Ashton New Road Beswick
Pidd Mrs. Ann Elizabeth, 156 Cross lane S
Pierce Mrs. Margaret, 53 Mount street, S
Pimblott Mrs. Sarah Ellen, 113 and 115 York street. Chorlton on Medlock
Pittam Joseph W. P. 80 Greame street, M S
Pizzoli John, 51 and 53 Heather street
Plant Edward Perkin, 3 Cannon street, S
Platt Joseph, 170 Ashton Old Road, 0
Platt Mrs. Martha, 855 Ashton Old Road, 0
Pollard Mrs. Elizabeth, 7 & 9 Great Ducie street
Pollitt Edwin, 60 Richmond street
Pollitt Mrs. Sarah Ann, 5 Denton street, H
Pomfret Enoch, 41 King street, H
Pope Mrs. Emily. 31 Harding street, Ancoats
Pope Mrs. Emily, 2 Ledge street, Ancoats
Pope Mrs. Jessie, 208 Stockport Road A
Pope Wm. H. 287 Ashton New Road Beswick
Potter Mrs. Esther, 279a Chester Road H
Potter George Robert, 20 St. Stephen street, S
Potts Henry, 653 and 655 Ashton Old Road, 0
Potts Henry, 99 Greame st. M S and 49 Russell street M S
Potts Joseph, 20 New York street, A
Powell John, 58 Rutland street, H
Power Michael, 714 Ashton Old Road, 0
Powner William, 3 St. Andrew's street, Ancoats
Pratt Mrs. Margaret, Dickieson court, Pool street
Pressler Mrs. Georgina, 52 Phoebe street
Preston John, 194 Ashton New road & 29 Darley street, Beswick
Preston John Harold, 45 Edward street, L B
Price Mrs. Eliza, 12 York street, H
Price James Hy. 42 Corporation street, Hyde ra. A
Price John Win. 49 Rosamond street, East, Chorlton on Medlock
Prior Henry, 36 Lower Tebbutt st, Rochdale Road
Probert George, 355 Bolton Road Irlam's-o' th'-Height
Procter Mrs. Elizabeth, 97 Hardman street
Procter Richard Wright, 66 Abbott street, Livesey street
Promiman Paul Thornas,508 Moss lane East, MS
Provest Charles, 98 Higher Cambridge street, Chorlton on Medlock
Pullen Edward, 7 Hope street, S
Pullen Henry, 30 Higher Chatham street, Chorlton on Medlock
Peelen Jo n William, 84 Chester street, H
Purcell Daniel, 22 Lostock street, Oldham id

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