Public houses in Manchester in 1929 - N to R

Nags Head, Lloyd Street and 19 Jacksons Row, Frederick Alfred Squaires
Navigation, 2 Elm street, Water Street, Alex Lawie
Navigation Inn, 223 Great Ancoats Street, Mrs Martha Ann Baldwin
Navigation Inn, 1 Boundary Street, Newton, Richard Wilson
Nelson Inn, 140 & 142 Oldham Road, Michl Mannion
Neptune Inn, 41 Temple Street, Chorlton on Medlock, Mrs Mary Martha Taylor
New Boars Head, Hydes Cross, Withy Grove, Arthur Albert Cohoon
New Inn, 2 Rochdale Road, Blackley, George Consterdine
R New Theatre Hotel, 52 Hardman Street, Joseph Hy Lowther
New White Lion, 37 Middleton Old Road, B, Samuel Sharp
Newton House, Culceth lane, N H, Orlando Booth
Northumberland Arms Hotel, Chester Road, O T, Thomas Hill
Nottingham Castle, 378 Oldham Road, Albert Edwd Sims

Oaks Hotel, Barlow Moor Road W D, Thos Edwarad Booth
O'Connell Arms, 20 Oldham Road, Rd Holden Mills
Oddfellows Arms, 11 Kemp Street, Oldham Road, Martin Feerick
Ogden Arms, 33 Sackville street, Herbert Edgar white
Old British Fleet, 187 Oldfield Road, Salford, John williams
Old Garratt, 127 Princess Street, Stephen Howard
Old House at Home, 74 Braemar Road,Fras Bede Green
Old Mosley Arms, 30 Portland Street & 45 York Street, Mrs Alice Aspland
Old Pack Horse Inn, 203 Oldham Road, Jn Beardow
Old Red Lion, 30 Bradford Street, Ancoats, Ernest Fountain
Old Shears, 53 Greengate, Salford, Mrs Mary Jane McCormick
Old Ship, 17 Chapel Street, Salford, Fred Walton Pritchard
Old Wheat Sheaf, 282 & 284 Deansgate, Harry Haworth
Old White Bear, 8 Swan Street, Albert Robinson Sutcliffe
Olive Branch, 13 Sackville Street, Edward Nicholas
Openshaw Inn, 424 Ashton Old Road, O, Wm Darbyshire
Ordsall Hotel, 217 Ordsall Lane & 2 Everard Street, Salford, Herbert Foy
Osborne House, 360 Rochdale Road, Edward Groarke
Oxford Hotel, 58 & 60 Oxford Street, Alfred Chas Gardner
Oxnoble Inn, 71 Liverpool Road, Wm Hy Williams

Pack Horse, 1135 Ashton Old Road, Openshaw, William H Davies
Pack Horse, 149 Stockport Road, Lev, Mrs Rose Hill
Pack Horse, Bolton Road, Irlams on the Height, Mrs Florence Kenny
Pack Horse Hotel, 361 Deansgate & 1 Little Peter Street, Knott Hill, Albert Mitton
Parkside Hotel, Lloyd Street South M S, Rt Shaw
Peacock Inn, 73 Verna Street, Higher O, James Naylor
Peels Arms, 4 Rolleston Street, Ancoats, Alfred Hamand
Peels Arms, 6 Mason Street, Swan Street, Edward Rowland
Peveril of the Peak, 127 Great Bridgewater Street, Mrs Emma Aspland
Philips Park Tavern, 159 Bradford Road, Ancoats, Jn Thos Mullany
Pine Apple, 91 to 95 Palmerston Street, Ancoats, Jas Berry
Pine Apple, 120 Water Street, Mrs Ada Grimshaw
Pine Apple Hotel, 121 Gorton Road, Openshaw, Jn M Nicholson
Platford, 379 Stretford Road, Hulme, Wm Lyth
Plough Hotel, 82 Pott Street, Ancoats, John Bunnage
Plough Hotel, 247 Hyde Road, Gorton, Harry Heyworth
Poets Corner, 99 Lower Broughton Rod & 1 Hough Lane L B, Jn Shepherd
Pomona Hotel, Reddish Lane, Gorton, William Slater
Prince of Wales, 43 Silver Street H, Mrs Mary Dalton
Prince of Wales, 163 & 165 Oldfield Road, Salford, Edward Arthur Hardy
Prince of Wales, 230 Lower Broughton Road L B, Chas Worthington
Punch Bowl, 81 Chapel Street, Salford, Rt Pearce

Queen Adelaide, 69 & 71 Great Ancoats Street, Henry John Dovaston
Queen Victoria, 43 Canning Street, Ancoats, Walt Allibone
Queens Arms, 110 Chapel Street, Salford, Jn Hayes
Queens Arms, 74 Regent Road, Salford, Wm Lyth
Queens Arms, 111 Liverpool Road, Thos Winn
Queens Hotel, 227 Queens Road M P, Alfred Birtwhistle
Queens Hotel, 787 Rochdale Road, John McManus
Queens Hotel, 304 Ordsall Lane, Salford, Jn Mellor

Radnor Hotel, 69 & 71 Radnor Street H, Joseph Nolan
Raglan, 139 Embden Street H, Jas Horne
Railway, 1 Whitworth Street west & 329 Deansgate, Joseph Wm Bostock
Railway, 112 Stockport Road, Lev, Ernest J Hulbert
Railway Hotel, Dean Lane N H, Arthur Doodson
Railway Hotel, Cornwall Street O & Chapman Street, Gorton, Mrs Rose Kivlehan
Railway Hotel, 47 Wilburn Street, Salford, Jn McLellan
Railway Hotel, 54 Berry Brow N H, Chris Wickens
Railway House, 185 Oldfield Road, Salford, Rt Lansley
Ram Hotel, 361 Oldham Road, Geo Stephenson
Raven Hotel, 9 Chapel Street, Salford, Mrs Margaret Cawley
Red Bull Hotel, 45 & 47 Mason Street, Swan Street, Jn Walsh
Red Lion, 89 London Road, Alfred Theodore Cliff
Red Lion, 241 Chapel Street & 1 Bolton Street, Salford, James Constantine
Red Lion Hotel, Wilmslow Road W, Edward Haydn Burrows
Red Lion Hotel, 241 Rochdale Road B, Alfred Joseph Maddicks
Red Lion Inn, 279 Bolton Road, Irlams o' the Height, Chas Hy Broadhurst
Regent Hotel, 263 Regent Road, Salford, Harry Lester Ennion
Rising Sun, 66 Swan Street, Robert Davey
Rising Sun, 22 Queen Street, Albert Square, Mrs Annie Wright
Rob Roy Hotel, 2 Arlington Street, Salford, Samuel Riley
Robin Hood, 53 London Road, Mrs Elizabeth Ann Heaton
Robin Hood, 591 Cheetham Hill Road C H, Frank Staley
Robin Hood, 112 & 114 Queens Road & 17 Scropton Street, Harpurhey, Arthur Wardle
Robin Hood Hotel, 2 Maine Road & Upper Lloyd Street M S, Harold A E Ramsden
Roebuck Inn, 46 Lower Byron Street, Harry Albert Getliffe
Rose & Crown, 164 Great Ancoats Street & 59 Store Street, Mrs Edith Emma McHugh
Rose & Crown, 49 Broad Street, Pendleton, George Henry Morris
Royal, 77 & 79 Lloyd Street G, Ernest Jas Allen
Royal Archer Hotel, 103 Lower Broughton Road L B, Jas bainbridge
Royal Central Hotel, 17 Windmill Street, Mrs Laura Maddick
Royal George, 32 Lever Street, Andrew Joseph Battle
Royal Hotel, 433 Eccles New Road, Salford, Ernest Barnes
Royal Hotel, 139, 141 & 143 Church Street P, Harry dean
Royal Oak, 364 Oldham Road N H, Thos Litherland
Royal Oak, 7 Downing Street A, Charles Nicholls
Royal Oak, 42 Jersey Street, Great Ancoats Street, Jn Hy Pollitt
Royal Oak Inn, 13 Chapel Street C H, Francis Tighe
Royal Thistle, 32 Cannon Street, Salford, James Handley
Royal Veteran, Irwell Street, Salford, Jas Edmnd Holland

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