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East London Beer Guide & Pub directory in 1991 - E7 Forest Gate

A listing of historical public houses, Taverns, Inns, Beer Houses and Hotels in London.

1991 Beer index

The 1991 edition of the East London Beer Guide - East London & City CAMRA

E7 Forest Gate
Stations - Forest Gate (BR Liverpool Street), Wanstead Park and Woodgrange Park (BR Barking line). Upton Park (District) is just outside the area.
Forest Gate forms an almost entirely residential district between Stratford and Manor Park, extending along the line of the Romford Road. Once it was so rural that the first railway station in the area was soon closed through lack of custom, but those days can now only be imagined at its northern boundary where its is bordered by the parklands of Wanstead Flats. The area was largely built up in the second half of the nineteenth century and the pubs reflect that period.
Much of the Taylor Walker influence in this and adjoining districts derives from Holt's, who operated the Marine Brewery in Ratcliff Road from 1837 until it was taken over by the Cannon Brewery in 1912, with 27 pubs. Cannon were themselves acquired by Taylor Walker in 1930.
E7 Albion Hotel: 141 Boleyn Road. (A2/1) Grand Met-Watneys.
E7 CAMDEN ARMS: 70 Field Road. (A1/2) Grand Met-Watneys.
E7 Duke of Fife: 350 Katherine Road. (B2/3) Courage.
E7 Eagle & Child: 112 Woodgrange Road. (A1/4) Ind Coope Burton.
E7 EARL OF DERBY: 16 Station Road. (A1/5) Courage.
E7 FOREST GATE HOTEL: 105 Godwin Road. (B1/6) Ind Coope Taylor Walker.
E7 FOREST GLEN: 39 Dames Road. (A1/7) Bass Charrington.
E7 FOX & HOUNDS: 178 Forest Lane. (A2/8) Grand Met-Watneys.
E7 HOLLY TREE: 129 Dawes Road. (A1/9) Bass Charrington.
E7 LIVE & LET LIVE: 264 Romford Road. (A2/10) Bass Charrington.
E7 Odessa Arms: 53 Odessa Road. (A1/11) Courage.
E7 OLD SPOTTED DOG: 212 Upton Lane. (A2/12) Grand Met-Watneys.
E7 PRINCESS ALICE: 329 Romford Road. (A2/13) Ind Coope Taylor Walker.
E7 RAILWAY TAVERN: 173 Forest Lane. (A2/14) Ind Coope Taylor Walker.
E7 Rising Sun: 528 Romford Road. (B2/15) Bass Charrington.
E7 Simpsons: 342 Romford Road. (A2/16) Grand Met-Trumans.
E7 Towers: 83 Tower Hamlets Road. (B2/17) Grand Met-Watneys.
E7 Travellers Rest: 12 Cemetery Road. (A1/18)
E7 WAGON & HORSES: 392 Romford Road. (B2/19) Grand Met-Watneys.
E7 WHITE HART: 249/251 Green Street. (B2/20) Bass Charrington.