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Here is the entire listing of the Public Houses as recorded in London in the 1851 London Kellys Directory.

By visiting the relevant public House, you will find Licensee information, bar staff, boarders & lodgers from Census and Trade Directory information. New London Public Houses, are being added every day. Do not forget that this site gets better with your input, please email me with updates and additions,

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Gabb Frederic, White Bear PH, Bear Gardens, Sou...
Gabb Henry, Moonrakers PH, 94 Great Suffolk Street, Borough
Gabetiss Martin, Old Swan PH, 2 Steymans Row, Holloway
Gable Isaac, Red Cross PH, 12 Hare Street, Bethnal Green
Gad Sarah (Mrs), Old Five bells PH, Bromley, Middlesex
Gadsby Isaac, Punchs Tavern, 98 & 99 Fleet Street
Ga... John, Rose & bell PH, 25 Bankside, Southwark
Ga... .. , Good Samaritan PH, 1 Turner Street, Commercial Road east
Gallaway James, Old George PH, 7 Lombard street, Borough
Galloway Stephen, Stave ... PH, 1 Jacobs Street, Dockhead
Gamble Thomas Eden, Mitre PH, 90 Broadwall
Game William & Son, Swan Tavern, 42 King William Street, city & 25 Fish Street Hill
Gammage Marg (Mrs), Coopers Arms PH, 5 Green Bank, Wapping
Gandar Charles Buck, Hercules PH, 51 Hercules Buildings, Lambeth
Gander Henry, Catherine Wheel Inn, & Yeast Merchant,, 191 Borough High Street
Gannaway John, Carpenters Arms, .. Square
Gannaway John, Crow PH, 22 Moor Lane, Cripplegate
Gapp Charles Jas, White Lion PH, 12 High Street, Pentonville
Gardiner John, Sovereign PH, 13 Upper St Martin
Gardiner John, Champion PH, Weymouth Street, Hackney
Gardiner Thomas, Duke of Wellington PH, 15 Brunswick Street, Hackney Road
Gardiner Thomas, Golden Cross Hotel, 452 West Strand
Gardner Andrew, Union PH, 4 Union Street, Blackfriars
Gardner Henry, Black Bull PH, 95 Whitechapel Road
Gardner John William, Barleymow PH, 50 Long lane, Smithfield
Gardner Matthew, Prince Albert PH, 21 York Street, Kingsland Road
Gardner Richard, Three Tuns PH, 37 Coleman Street
Gardner Rt, Carpenters Arms PH, 11 Bridport Place, New North Road
Gardner Thomas, New Globe PH, Canal Bridge, Mile End Road
Gardner Thomas, Punch Bowl PH, 1 Hemlock Court, Carey Street
Gardner Thomas, Whiter Lion PH, Vauxhall High Street
Gardner William, Dukes Head PH, 79 Whitechapel Road
Gardner William Harry, George PH, 84 Fenchurch Street
Garland John & Son, Crown & Anchor PH, 43 Leadenhall Street
Garland Charles, Sun PH, 7 Sharps Buildings, Minories
Garms Peter, Comet PH, 7 Christian street, St Georges East
Garnham Rt, Old Chesterfield Arms PH, 11 Shepherd Street, Mayfair
Garratt John, Copenhagen House PH, Copenhagen Fields
Garrett John, Plough PH, New Grove, Mile End Road
Garrett Thomas, Norfolk Arms PH, Halfmoon Crescent, Pentonville
Garrett William, Bricklayers Arms PH, Southampton Street, Camberwell
Garrett William, Fountain PH, 15 Bolingbrooke Row, Walworth Road
Garrood Henry, City Arms PH, Rose Lane, Ratcliff
Garth Ralph, White Lion PH, Princes Stairs, Rotherhithe
Garton James, Duke of Wellington PH, 33 Shephers Street, Spitalfields
Garwood George, Anchor & Crown PH, 9 King Street, Westminster
Garwes Casper H, Magpie & Stump PH, 7 New Road Street, St Georges East

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