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The 1891 listing of around 1400 Beer Retailers / Publicans in London - from the 1891 Post Office Directory,

This excludes the Publicans listed at named Pubs in the Directory. The Directory does not include Public House names, just an address. This is fine for double checking names and places; but lacks the modern naming convention of a Public House and its named sign.

Many of these Beer Retailers (usually better known as Publicans) are very important in the fact that many formed the modern Public House as we now know it; whilst others were the modern equivalent of the Off Licence.

I will add links from these pages as I am able; but please help me out here. It is often difficult through the documentation that exists to match an address to a Pub name as much of this is through word of mouth, i.e. a Public House is often known by it's name to the locals, rather than through any record system.

1891 Beer Retailer index

Hadaway Oliver, 78 Newington causeway SE
Hadland Mrs Ann, 16 Union Street, Pimlico SW
Haggett Joseph, 149 Shepperton Road N
Hahn Joseph Hy, 49 Thomas street, Kennington Park SE
Haines John Boyd, 86 Jubille Street, Commercial Road east E
Halford Mrs Harriet J, 87 Bridport Place, Hoxton N
Hall George, 163 Fort Road, Bermondsey SE
Hall Henry, 28 Rephidim Street, great Dover Street SE
Hall Thos, 20 Little Chester Street, Grosvenor Place SW
Hamilton William, 27 Neptune Street SE
Handfield Samuel, Moye Street Dove Row, Haggerston E
Harding Arthur, 389 Cable Street E
Hardwidge William, 21 Endell Street, long Acre WC
Hargrave Edward, 88 Lambeth Walk SE
Harley Edwin, 41 Ireton Street, Bow E
Harnwell George, 145 Charles Street, Stepney E
Harper Robert, 50 Chrisp Street, Poplar E
Harper Thomas, 179 Neate Street, Camberwell SE
Harrap Henry, 222 Bethnal Green Road E
Harrap William, 180 Drayton Park N
Harrington C, 116 Chrisp Street, East India Dock Road E
Harrington James, 103 Old Kent Road SE
Harris Alfred, 24 East Street, Walworth Road SE
Harris Charles, 3 Georges Road, Holloway N
Harris John, 69 Devonshire Street E
Harris John, 98 Gifford Street N
Harris Thomas, 2 Oxford Street W
Harris William, 46 Sutton Street E
Harrison Henry, 41 Poplar High Street E
Harrison Thomas, 116 Tredegar Road E
Harrison William Alfred, 1 & 2 Compton Avenue, Canonbury
Hart Albert, 78 Galley Wall Road, Bermondsey SE
Hart George, 7 John Street, Regent Street, lambeth SE
Hart John, 65 Bishops lane, Cambridge Road E
Hartley Mrs Hannah, 20 Brunswick Street, Blackwall E
Hartley Joseph, 180 Stamford Street SE
Hartnell Harry S, 871 Old Kent Road SE
Hartwell Mrs elizabeth, 12 Tobin street, Notting Hill W
Hassell Edward, 332 Oxford Street, Stepney E
Hastings William, 90 Georges Road, Holloway N
Hawkins Thomas, 131 Sidney Street, Mile End E
Haydock Mrs Mary Ann, 14 Blenheim Crescent W
Haydon James, 8 Lambeth Upper Marsh SE
Hayes William Frederick George, 5 Long Lane SE
Headland John, 96 West India dock Road E
Heath Alfred Charles, 41 Harmood Street NW
Heath Robert George, 82 Cleveland Street E
Hedges Arthur, 50 & 52 High Street, Bromley E
Hews John, 5 Mape Street, Bethnal Green E
Higgins George, 45 Ford Road, Roman Road E
Hill Fras Christopher, Union Road, Millwall E
Hill Robert, 41 Hoxton Street N
Hillman Henry, 119 Lambeth Walk SE
Hills Frederick, 75 Albert Embankment SE
Hills Joseph Arthur, 163 St Leonards Road E
Hirst Thomas, 58 James Street, Lambeth SE
Hiscock John, 20 Eagle Street WC
Hiscock Joshua, 53 Wandsworth Road SW
Hoad Henry, 74 Manilla Street, Millwall E
Hoare Alfred, 18 Croydon Street, Bryanston Square W
Hobbs Frederick William, 2 St Dunstans Road, Bow Common E
Hobson Mat, 4 Johnson Street, Commercial Road East E
Hodge George, 2 Mile End Road E
Hodge William, 120 Pentonville Road N
Hodkisson John, 43 Ralph Street, Union Road SE
Holder Frederick John, 22 Bomore Road W
Holder George William Theodore, 130 City Road EC
Holland Thomas, 29 Kinnerton Street SW
Holleyman Lionel, 43 Oxford Street, Stepney E
Hollington Sl, 55 Cheshire Street, Bethnal Green E
Holloway John, 10 Elm Street, Grays Inn Road WC
Holloway Robert, 211 Liverpool Road N
Hollyman Mrs Emily, 11 Bird Street, West Square SE
Holmes Thomas, 148 Bridge Street E
Holmes William, 21 Macclesfield Street EC
Holterman Hermann, 35 Medway Road, Bow E
Holtermann John, 592 Mile End Road E
Hooker Thomas Richard, 30 Treadway Street, Hackney Road E
Hooper James, 74 St Stephens Road E
Hooton Hy Jas, 21 Charles Street, Stepney E
Hooton William, 143 Jubilee Street E
Hope Charles, 54 Lambeth Lower Marsh SE
Hopkins Chas, 38 Mary Street, Kingsland Road E
Hopkins James, 310 Albany Road, Camberwell SE
Hopson William Pallett, 101 Walworth Road SE
Horncastle Mrs Emma E, 22 Winchester Street E
Horner James, 174 Oxford Street, Stepney E
Hosler Thomas, 303 Poplar High Street E
Hotine John, 96 Waterloo Road SE
Houghton Chas, 61 Windsor Street, Islington N
Houghton Samuel, 36 Gresse Street W
Housden William James, 74 High Street, Bromley E
House Walter, 11 London Street, Paddington W
House William, 98 Phillipp Street, Hoxton N
Houston Matthew Heming, 60 Campbell Road E
How Joseph, 52 West Street, Mile End Old Town E
How William Walter, 29 Canal Road, Kingsland Road N
Howard Jos, 186 Thomas Street, Kennington Park SE
Howe Mrs Louisa, 1 London Street, Bethnal Green E
Howell William Lawrence, 365 Cable Street E
Howett Robert, 68 Warner Place, Hackney Road E
Howitt Joseph, 14 Paradise Street W
Hubbard Charles, 557 Old Ford Road E
Hubbard Frederick William jun, 121 Bow Common Lane E
Hughes Alfred George, 10 Cloudesley Road N
Hughes Henry, 2 Austin Street, Shoreditch E
Hughes Thomas, 391 Mile End Road E
Huke Chas, 32 Achilles Street, Clifton Hill EC
Hulme George Tyrrell, Frances Street, Waterloo Road SE
Hume Frank, 384 Kingsland Road NE
Humphrey Thomas, 53 St Anns road, Notting Hill W
Humphreys George, 155 Tredegar Road E
Hunt Reuben, 44 Upper Chapman street E
Hunt Reuben, 87 & 89 Watney Street E
Hunter Fredk James, 7 Crosby Row, Borough SE
Hunter Robert Price, 122 Tooley Street E
Hunter George William, 140 Grundy Street, Poplar E
Hursey James, 1 Bridport Place, Hoxton N
Hurst Edmund, 26 Vauxhall Walk SE
Hussey George, 85 Grove Street, Commercial Road east E
Huth George, 1 Dorinda Street, Bride Street N
Huttley Miss Rachel, 536 Commercial Road east E
Hutton Henry, 136 Church Street, Deptford SE
Huxtable John, 68 Church Street, Bethnal Green Road E
Hyne Thomas, 158 Goldsmiths Row, Hackney Road E

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