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  • Traders in Ashford, East Ashford, Ashford with Shepway

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    Melvilles 1858 Directory of Kent.

    ASHFORD is a market town and railway station, ..

    Public Houses in Ashford

    TRADERS in Ashford 1858 Melvilles Directory

    A to I ; J to Y

    Akhurst, Edward, Duke of Wellington, Hemsted place
    Alfred Joint Stock Bread and Flour Company, North street
    Allen, John, cabinet maker and upholsterer, High street
    Allen, Thomas, tailor, New rents
    Andrews, George, shoemaker, Castle street
    Andrews, George How, late Stoddart, wine merchant, High street
    Andrews, William Henry, beer retailer, Rose and Crown, New street
    Andrews James, baker, New rents
    Archer, Charles, baker and confectioner, New town
    Atkinson, Richard, Railway Coffee House, Marsh street
    Austen, Miss Mary Ann, dressmaker, Church gates
    Back, John, baker, Regent's place
    Back, George, shoemaker, New rents
    Ball, William, basket maker, New street
    Barham, Robert, fishmonger, New rents
    Barnard, Henry, tailor, 4, Bank street
    Barnes, Robert, butcher and grazier, High street
    Barnes, Thomas, cabinet maker, Middle row
    Bayley, John, auctioneer, New rents
    Bayley and Son, auctioneers, upholsterers, and cabinet makers, High street
    Benton, James, farmer, Barrow hill farm
    Bevan, John Thomas, plumber, painter, and glazier, High street
    Bird, Robert, plumber, glazier, and painter, High street
    Bish, George, shopkeeper, Drum lane
    Blechynden, Jones, corn factor, and seedsman, High-street
    Boulden, James, farmer and grazier, Barrow hill place
    Boulden, Thomas, carpenter and undertaker, Bridge street
    Bourne, Thomas, marine store dealer, Castle street
    Bridge, William, Castle Tavern, High street
    Bridger and Son, timber merchants
    Brothers, Francis, chemist and druggist, High street
    Brown, Joseph, Supervisor of Inland Revenue, Somerset street
    Brown George, baker, New street
    Burra, William Pomfret, farmer
    Burford John, shoemaker, High street
    Burnett, Edmund, saddler and harness maker, High, street
    Buss, William, linen and woollen draper, High street
    Butler, William, shoemaker, New street
    Carpenter, William, hair dresser, near Church gates
    Charlton, Daniel, tea dealer and grocer, New rents
    Chittenden, Daniel, and Son, brokers, auctioneers, and appraisers, High-street
    Chittenden, Miss Lydia, china and glass warehouse, High street
    Clark, George, stone mason and plasterer, New street
    Clark, Longhurst, shopkeeper, Regent's place
    Cobb, John Vincent, chemist, Drum lane
    Colebrook, George, hop, corn, and seed merchant, Raglan place
    Collins, Henry, builder and undertaker, New street
    Coulthard, John, boot and shoemaker, New street
    Crothall John, shoemaker, Marsh street
    Cudworth, James, Engineer of S. E. R., and Locomotive Engine Department, New town
    Curtis, Charles, grocer, High street
    Dane, Edward, tailor, New street
    Dangerfield, Abraham, solicitor and registrar to County court, High street, agent to the London Indisputable Life Policy Company
    Daniels, William, grocer, Hemsted place
    Davis John, Hare and Hounds, and wheelwright, Potter's-corner gate
    Davis, Elisha, cashier to the Ashford Bank, 12, Bank street, house agent, etc,
    Dewar, David, superintendant of Kent county constabulary, under command of Captain Ruxton
    Dorman, Charles, coal and timber merchant
    Dorman, Charles, currier, leather cutter, and coal merchant, High street
    Down Prances, milliner, New street
    Down, William, baker and confectioner, High street
    Dowsett, James, currier, High street
    Drake, John, manager to London and County Branch Bank (draw on London establishment, 21, Lombard street), High-street
    Dryland and Miles, carpenters and undertakers, Windmill street
    Dungey, John, furnishing and general ironmonger, High street
    Dungey, Mrs., dress maker, North street
    Dunk, James, cabinet maker and upholsterer, Bank street
    Edmed George, retailer of beer, Man of Kent, near the Church,
    EJwards, Richard, bricklayer, New street
    Elgar, Thomas, pork butcher, New rents
    Elgar, Henry, parish clerk, Somerset road
    Elgar, John, sexton of the Ashford Church, Middle row
    Elliott, John, and Son, booksellers, stationers, printers, circulating library, jewellers,watch and clock manufacturers, agent to the Phoenix Eire Office, High street
    Elliott, Thomas, maltster and brewer
    Elliott, George, grazier, High street
    Epps, William James, seedsman and nurseryman, South Eastern Nursery
    Eves, John, confectioner, Church gate
    Everest, Charles, plumber, glazier, etc., Marsh, street
    Farmer, John, chemist and druggist, High street
    Field, Edward, & Son, tailors, High street
    Flint, William, clock and watch maker, High street
    Foord, Richard, Queen's Head, Bridge street
    Forth, William, banker's clerk, Ashford Bank, J, Church villas
    Foster, Henry, watch and clock maker, High street
    Foster, Mrs. Jane, draper, High street
    Foster, John, tea dealer, etc., Marsh-street
    Foster, Henry, farmer
    Fowler, John, builder, High street
    Fowler, Mrs. Mary Ann, dressmaker, 37, Hemstead place
    Fresson, Mitchell, grazier, Bybrook house
    Fuller, Joseph, music seller, and teacher of music, New street
    Furley, HalleU, and Creery, solicitors, North street
    Garrett, William, bread and biscuit baker, Hemsted terrace
    Gent, William, tailor, High-street
    Geering, John, grocer and baker, New street
    Gibson and Andrews, Royal Oak Inn, High street
    Giles, William, builder, Marsh street
    Giles, Eli, butcher and poulterer, New street
    Godden, S., and Sons, corn, hop, and seed merchants, Railway station
    Gore, James, hair dresser and toy dealer, High street
    Gore, Miss Elizabeth, dressmaker, Bank street
    Goulden, Charles, Kent Arms Inn, next to Railway station
    Grant, Thomas, nursery and seedsman, High street
    Green and Loud, steam brewery, Dover place
    Green and Eastes, seed merchants, Dover place
    Green, David Barling, corn and seed merchant, Dover place
    Greenhill and Dorman, tanners and fishmongers, Marsh street
    Greenhill, John, baker and confectioner, New rents
    Gunner, George, confectioner, Market place
    Hains, John, printer and bookbinder, High street
    Hall, John, beer retailer, New town
    Hall, George, Fountain Inn, High street
    Hammond, C. S., draper. High street
    Hams, Robert, confectioner and baker, Market place
    Harden, John, manager to the British Protector Life Assurance Company, Queen street
    Harms, Henry, confectioner, High street
    Harper, John, basket maker, etc., Castle street
    Harrison Henry, plumber, etc., High street
    Harrison, Charles, Saracen's Head, High street
    Hart, George, corn and seed factor, North street
    Hayward, Edward, watch maker and jeweller, High street
    Hayward, William and Son, butchers, Market place
    Head, Charles, pork butcher, Regent's place
    Headley, Henry, grocer, New town
    Headley, Henry, grocer and tea dealer, High street, New town
    Healey, Mrs. Frances, seedsman and foreign fruiterer, dealer in game, High street
    Himsley, Henry, bootmaker, High street
    Henley, Joseph, hop, seed, and corn merchant, Church villa
    Highsted, George, carpenter, builder, and broker, New street
    Hill, John, engineer, millwright, and general machinist, New street
    Hill, James, grocer and tea dealer, New street
    Hill, William, shopkeeper, Prospect place
    Hill, Frederick Y., officer of Inland Revenue, 4, Barrow-hill terrace
    Hoad, Alexander, earthenware and toy dealer, Castle street
    Hobbs, Edward, ironmonger and cutler, near Church gates
    Hodges and Churchill, wine and spirit merchants, 2, Bank street
    Hook, James, carpenter, wheelwright, and cooper, Church yard,
    Hollands, Thomas, music seller, New street
    Hole, Thomas, fishmonger, 8, Bank street
    Howell, William, grocer and shopkeeper, 8, Barrow-hill cottages
    Howland, James, boot and shoe maker, Queen street
    Howland, Thomas, baker, North street
    Horton, Henry, boot and shoe maker, High street
    Hughes, Robert, grocer and tea dealer, New street
    Hughes, Alfred, grocer, 13, Bank street
    Humphrey, James, coach builder, New street
    Hunt, Leonard, tailor, High street
    Hunt, Jehu Joy, Bricklayers' Arms, New street
    Hunt, Jehu Joy, marine store dealer, New street
    Hunt, Thomas, baker and confectioner, Barrow hill
    Iddenden, Edward, dyer, New rents
    Igglesden, Henry, printer, bookseller, and stationer, publisher of The Ashford and Alfred News, High street

    London pub history directory.

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