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Dartford, Dartford, Gravesend

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Melvilles 1858 Directory of Kent.

Dartford index

 Dartford Traders in 1858  & Traders part 2

Allchin, William, Two Brewers, Lowfield street
Allen, Henry, grocer, Lowfield street
Allen, Mrs. Mary, farmer
Applegath and Co., printworks, Silk mills
Applegath, Augustus, manufacturer of printing machines
Archer, William, greengrocer, and licensed to let horses, High street
Ashdown, Mark, baker, Lowfield street
Ashdown, William, carpenter, Lowfield street
Ashworth, Mrs. Alice, tobacconist, Lowfield street
Ballard, Joseph, grocer and cheesemonger, Overy street .
Barton, John, butcher, High street
Bell, James and William, boot and shoe makers, Hythe street
Bell, Charles, beer retailer, Dartford road
Benson, Richard, baker, Hythe street
Bills, George, builder, brickmaker, and lime burner, Lowfield street
Bolt, George, plasterer, Dartford road
Booker, Mrs. Mary, cowkeeper, Lowfield street
Borner, Thomas Edmund, dyer, Hythe street
Borner, Mr., tobacconist, High street
Bowers, Josiah, grocer, Queen's street
Braund, George, draper, High street
Braund, William, watch and clock Maker, and silversmith, High street
Brays, Mr, Bull Hotel, High street
Brice, James, Waterman's Arms, Hythe street
Brown, Mrs., shopkeeper, West hill
Brown, William, tailor, Spital street
Bryant, Henry, draper, High street
Buck, Edward, draper and outfitter, High street
Buckland, Mrs. Anna Maria, tobacconist, Dartford road .
Buckland, Thomas, boot and shoe maker, Lowfleld street
Buokland, Thomas, wheelwright and smith, Lowfield street
Burley, Robert, schoolmaster at Wesleyan school, Spital street
Cann, James George, saddler and harness maker, Lowfleld street
Clark, William, carrier, Lowfield street
Clark, Mr., Rising Sun Inn
Clifford, James, baker, High street
Clifford, James Thomas, grocer, Spital street
Collett, Thomas, beer retailer, Spital.street
Colyer, Henry, miller, Dartford mills
Cranfield, James, hairdresser, Spital street
Crossy George, greengrocer, Lowfield street
Culhane, Daniel, M.D., surgeon and apothecary, High street
Davids, George, grocer and postmaster, High street
Davis, John, confectioner, Water lane
Davis, Thomas, shopkeeper, Dartford road
Day, John, nursery and seedsman, Dartford road
Dekens, David, beer retailer, Dartford road
Dives, Henry, leather cutter and fancy warehouse, Lowfield street
Dormer, Michael, boot and shoe maker, Dartford road
Dove, John, linen draper, High street
Dunkin and Son, booksellers, paper hangers, printers, and stationers, High street
Durrent, John, mason, Spital street
Edgar, James, veterinary surgeon, Spital street
Edwards, George, chemist and druggist, Spital street
Elwin, William Jekin, postmaster and grocer, Spital street
Evitt, George, Coach and Horses, Spital street
Evitt, George, ironmonger, Spital street
Farrell, John, hairdresser, High street
Fawn, William Henry, beer retailer, West street
Fisher, Mrs. Elizabeth, fruiterer, Dartford road
Fisher, William Paine, surgeon, Spital street

Fleet, Charles Hussey & William, brewers, Lowfield street
Ford, _, tobacconist, Spital street
Furman, Miss Elizabeth, shopkeeper, East hill
Furmston, Samuel Chambers, chemist and druggist, Higli street
Gausden, Frederick, butcher, Lowfield street
Gee, Mr., carpenter and grocer, Hythe street
Gibson, Charles, smith and farrier, East hill
Gibson, Charles Reginald, solicitor, Bridge house
Gilder, Thomas, plumber, glazier, and painter, Lowfield street
Goatley, Mrs. Esther, beer retailer, West street
Golding, Thonlas, stationer, Spital street
Green, George, baker and beer retailer, West bar
Green, William, manager of gas works, Hythe street
Gurnell, Thomas, chemist and druggist, High street
Hall, John and Edward, engineers, iron founders, millwrights, and boiler makers, Hythe street
Hands, William, tinman and brazier, Lowfield street
Hards and Hills, millers, Royal mills
Hards, Rokeby Robinson, miller to Her Majesty, and farinaceous food manufacturer, Royal mills
Hare, Thomas, beer retailer, West hill
Hayles, William, hairdresser, Spital street
Haynes, George, Railway Tavern, Railway station
Hayward, John, solicitor, High street
Henden, James, One Bell, High street
Hendrick, Charles, watch and clock maker, Spital street
Heron, Henry, butcher, Bridge street
Hill, Thomas, Eight Bells, High street
Hill, William, baker, Overy street
Hills, Jonathan and Son, bankers (draw on the Commercial Bank,. London), High street
Hoare, Thomas Augustus, shopkeeper, Dartford road
Hodges and Son, boot and shoe makers, High street
Hodsdon, John William, tailor and draper, Lowfield street
Hollamby, Henry, tailor and hatter, Lowfield street
Hook, Mr. Luke, Lowfield street
Hopkins, William, boot and shoe maker, Lowfield street
Howard, William, umbrella maker, Lowfield street
Howson, James, baker and grocer, Lowfield street
Hubbard, William, land surveyor, Dartford, and Bexley Heath
Hunt, William, beer retailer, Overy street
James, John Wheeler, currier and leather seller, Spital street
Johnson, Robert, broker, High street
Johnston, Andrew, surveyor, Spital street
Keep, John, chimney sweep, Hythe street
Kemp, James and George, bricklayers, plasterers, and slaters, Dartford road
Kemp, Eobert and John, butchers, High street
Kemp and Son, butchers, High street
Kemp, G and C,, lime burners .
Kerr, Patrick, farmer, Lowfleld street
Kerr, Thomas, linen, and woollen draper, hosier, haberdasher, clothier, hatter, &c., High street
Killick, George, cooper, High street
Kinsey, Henry, Smith's Arms
King, Richard, master of Union house
Kither, George, gunmaker and bellhanger, High street
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