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Melvilles 1858 Directory of Kent.

Dartford index

 Dartford  Traders in 1858 & Traders part 1

Laker, Thomas, confectioner, Spital street
Langlands, Nathan, grocer and cheesemonger, High street
Lodge, Joseph, clerk, Overy street
Lynds, .George, beer retailer, East hill
Mannerson, Thomas, baker, Lowfield street
Manwaring, Alfred, baker, Dartford road
Marshall, John, engineer and bank note mould maker to the Bank of England, High street
Martin, John, Bull's Head, High street
Martin, Joseph Cooper, surgeon, Spital street
Martin, Noah, ironmonger and china and glass dealer, High street
Martin, William, Crown and Anchor, High street
Martin, William Henry, Windmill, Lowfleld street
Martin, Mr,, basket maker, High street
Martin, Mr., Bull and George, High street
Martin, _, beer retailer, Overy street
Mattock, Henry, beer retailer, Short hill
McKee, David, grocer, Overy street
McKee, Joseph, baker, Overy street
Miles, James, stonemason, Spital street
Miles, Thomas, farmer, White Hill farm, Dartford road
Miskin, James Black and William, brewers, Hythe street
Mitchell, Benjamin, shopkeeper, Water lane
Moore, George, cooper, East hill
Mumford, Samuel, farmer, Dartford heath
Munn, James, commercial academy, Spital street
Newman, Thomas, grocer, Bridge street
Newnam, George Albinus, baker, .Dartford road
Older, William, grocer, Lowfleld street
Pascall, Thomas, pipe maker, Overy street
Pearce, Thomas Hodsoll, grocer, High street Pearce,
William Charles, smith and farrier, High street
Pearce, Mr, grocer, High street
Pelton, Richard Taylor, tailor, hatter, and undertaker, High street
Perrin, Henry Joseph, boot and shoe maker, Lowfield street
Philcox, Mr., coal and coke merchant, wharfinger, lighterman, and barge owner,
Philcox wharf, Hythe street
Phillips, George, baker, Lowfield street
Phillips, George, plumber, Lowfield street
Pigous and Wilks, gunpowder works.
Porter, Miss Harriet, dressmaker, High street
Potter, Rowley Edward, wine merchant, Spital street
Pottinger, Thomas, tailor, Spital street
Pound, Edward, boot and shoe maker, High street
Quait, Mrs. Amelia, draper and pawnbroker, High street
Quilter, Henry, tailor, Spital street
Ravenor and Croshaw, painters and glaziers, High street
Rayner, D., Prince of Wales
Read, Barnard, hairdresser, High street
Reeves and Co. (late Pittock), brewers, High street ,
Reeves, James, Adley, printer and bookseller, High street
Reynolds, James, greengrocer and pork butcher, High street
Rix, Zachariah, Royal Oak, Spital street
Robins, Joseph, miller.and .corn chandler, High street
Rofus, _, beer retailer, Hythe street
Roles and Weekes, Berlin wool and fancy repository, High street
Rowlstone, George, butcher, Dartford road
Rufus, William, beer retailer, Overy street
Russell, Alfred, solicitor, Spital street
Salmon, Richard, timber merchant, lowfield street
Sanham, James, builder, Spital street
Saunders, _, oilcake manufacturer, Phcenix oil mills
Saunders, Thomas Harry, Phoenix paper mills
Schebble, Joseph and Paul, cockmakers, Spital street .
Sorevens, Henry, beer retailer,. Dartford road
Seager, James, agent ,to the Globe Insurance, Lowfield street
Sears, Robert, miller, East hill
Sears, Thomas Howson, farmer, Fulwich
Sharp, Charles, builder and beer retailer, Lowfield street
Sharp, James, builder, Water lane
Sharp, Mr, White Hart, High street
Sheaves, William Henry, grocer, Water lane
Shephard, John, boot and shoe maker, Overy street
Sibley, Samuel, Long Reach Tavern, Long reach
Singleton, Francis, shoemaker, Spital street
Smale, James, beer retailer, Lowfield street
Smith, John, Kentish Arms, High street
Smith, Richard, saddler, Lowfield street
Smith, Thomas, brickmaker and beer retailer, Dartford heath
Snowden, William, saddle, harness, and collar manufacturer, High street
Sorrell, William, block cutter, Dartford road
Stidolph and Son, cabinet makers, upholsterers, and auctioneers, High street
Stone, Thomas, organist, East hill
Strickland, Samuel, seed merchant, Spital street
Summers, John, cowkeeper, Bullhouse lane
Summers, John, dairyman, Spital street
Sydall, James, greengrocer, Lowfield street
Tasker, John and William, brewers, Lowfield street
Taylor, William, tea dealer, High street
Tebay, William, coach builder and wheelwright, West street
Teeter, John, carpenter, Spital street
Thackara, Miss Dinah, school, Overy street
Thatcher, John, beer retailer, Hythe street
Thomas, Daniel, boot and shoe maker, Hythe street
Ticehurst, John, butcher, Lowfield street
Tippetts, Richard, surgeon, West street
Tolhurst, John Wright, butcher, High street
Tolhurst, Mrs. Sarah, china and glass dealer, Lowfield street
Tollis, James, marine store dealer, Spital street
Treadwell, Richard, Black Boy, High street
Treveil, John, marine store dealer, Hythe street
Turner, William, cowkeeper, Overy street and High street
Tyler, Mr., grocer, High street
Walkling, Thomas Oliver, carrier, High street
Waller and Gurnell, manure merchants
Waller, George, coal merchant, Phoenix wharf, Hythe street
Wallis, James, rope, line, and twine maker, New cut
Wallis, Thomas, butcher, Hythe street
Ware, William, greengrocer, Hythe street
Watts, James, master of infant school, Water lane
Weatherley, Charles, baker and pork butcher, East hill
Webb, John, baker and corn dealer, High street
Weekes, John, ironmonger, High street
Whatson, Henry, baker, Spital street
White, Thomas, Crown, High street
Williams, Thomas, beer retailer, Lowfield street
Winter, Edward, Eleven Cricketers, East hill
Wood, Thomas Alexander, fruiterer, High street
Wraith, William Henry, veterinary surgeon
Wright, John, toy dealer, Lowfield street
Young, William, basket maker and bookseller, Lowfield street

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