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Tonbridge, Tunbridge, Tunbridge Wells

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Melvilles 1858 Directory of Kent.

Public Houses in Tonbridge

Gentry in 1858

Traders in 1858 Melvilles Directory by surname A to J ; K to W

Kettle, Edward, greengrocer, High street
King, Edward, builder, Bordyke
Knott, William, grocer, Swan lane
Lambert and Ashby, merchants, High street
Lambert, Robert, baker, Swan lane
Larking, Henry, timber merchant, Medway Company's Wharf
Leech, Elizabeth, beer retailer, Swan lane
Leigh, John, grocer, High street
Liddle, Thomas, greengrocer, East street
London, Charles, carpenter and earthenware dealer, High street
London, George, butcher, Dry hill
Lower, Joseph Richard, land surveyor and accountant, High street
Mann, William Henry, cabinet maker, Hadlow road
Martin, Reuben, grocer and baker, High street
Masters, Algernon, wine and spirit merchant, High street
May, John, fireman, London road
Maynard, John, shopkeeper and boot and shoe maker, Priory row
Medway Navigation Company; Hallowes, Thomas, Esq., manager, High street
Mercer, John, builder, East street
Mercer, Robert, tailor, High street
Mercer, Henry, tailor and draper, High street
Mercer, Edward, marine store dealer, High street
Miller, Thomas, cooper, china and glass warehouse, High street
Mille's, John, farmer and grazier, Walters
Milns, Henry George, and Co., silk mercers and linen drapers, High street
Milns, Henry, linen draper and silk mercer
Mitchell, William, Red Lion, High street
Monk, Robert, writing master and accountant, Grammar School, Bordyke
Montague, Richard, Bull Inn and posting house, High street
Montague, George, butcher, Dry hill
Montague, John, beer retailer and butcher, High street
Montague, Mrs. Jane, beer retailer, Seven Acres
Moore, William, baker, Vale place
Morgan, Henry, builder, High street
Muggeridge, Mrs., milliner & dressmaker, Bordyke
Muirhead, John, draper and tea dealer, 1, Priory terrace
Nadauld, Peter, tailor, Swan lane
Neale, James, greengrocer, High street
Newbery, William, confectioner, High street
Newington, Joseph, relieving officer to the 2nd division of the Tunbridge district, 3, Salford terrace
Nightingale, William, boot and shoe maker, High street
Noakes, Robert, general draper, High street
North, Alexander, hairdresser, High street
Pack, Norman, carrier and dairyman Castle street
Page, Joseph, beer retailer, Forester's Arms, Quarry hill .
Parker, James, surgeon, High street
Parker, Thomas, farmer, Relf's Farm
Parker, W. and S., Royal Rose and Crown Hotel and posting house, High street
Parker, W. and S., Angel Family and Commercial Inn and wine and spirit merchants, High street
Parker, James, surgeon High street
Payne, Benjamin, grocer, High street, agent to the Kent Mutual Fire Office
Peacock, Jeremiah, beer retailer, Cage green
Peckham, Edward, marine store dealer, Barden lane
Penfold, Henry, grocer, Colebrooke place
Penfold, John, tailor, Dry hill
Peters, Leonard, carpenter, joiner, and machinist, Primrose hill
Pierce, Stephen, clothier, High street
Piper, Henry John, woolstapler and fellmonger, High street
Pluck, Thomas, fireman, High street
Pollington, Stephen, boot and shoe maker, St. Stephen's place
Porter, Jesse, beer retailer, Hadland place
Powell, Peter, gun and pistol manufacturer, High street
Powell, Mrs. Elizabeth, tobacconist, High street
Powell, Stephen, Dorset Arms, High street
Powell, Frederick, beer retailer, High street
Price, John, beer retailer, Priory place
Pugh, Charles, draper and clothier, High street
Punnett, George, builder, Hastings road
Purbrick, Robert Barr, C.E., secretary and manager to the Tunbridge Water Works Company, Hanover House
Randall, Alfred, saddler, High street
Ratliff, William, leather cutter, High street
Read, William, smith, High street
Relf, Samuel, boot maker, High street
Richardson, Thomas, coach builder, Wellon bank
Richardson, George Philip, land and road surveyor, London road
Richardson, Henry, butcher, High street
Richardson, William, potter, Dry hill
Richmond, Philip, pipemaker, Lavender hill
Roots, Edward Jones, baker, Waterloo terrace

Roser, Thomas, dairyman, Dry hill
Russell, Miss Sarah, milliner and dressmaker, High street
Russell, Richard, Brewers' Arms, beer retailer
Sandall, Zechariah, butcher, High street
Sanders, Robert, grocer, High street
Sands, Richard, plumber, glazier, and painter, High street
Seale, John, ironfounder and ironmonger, High street, agent to the Atlas Fire and Life Insurance Office
Seale, Henry, fruiterer and greengrocer, High street
Seale, William, farmer and grazier, Swan lane
Sealy, William, manager of Tunbridge gunpowder mills
Shorter, James West, shoemaker, High street
Shrubsole, Stephen, furniture broker, the Great Bridge
Simonds, Ellis, greengrocer, Swan lane
Sisley, John, butcher, High street
Skinner, Alfred Thomas, ironmonger, High street
Smith, Mrs Ann, fruiterer, High street
Smyth, Charles, watchmaker, Swan lane
Snelling, Joseph, commercial school, bookseller, stationer, etc., High street
Snelling, Mrs. L., tailor, High street
Snelling, Thomas, baker, Dry hill
Sparks, Jacob, fruiterer, High street
Spencer, Thomas, greengrocer, High street
Spencer, Charles, fruiterer, High street
Springate, Stephen, White Hart, beer retailer, High street
Standen, Isaac, farmer, Mableden Farm
Stanford, Thomas B., bootmaker, Swan lane
Stanford, Thomas, locksmith, bellhanger, and fireman, Swan lane
Stenning, George, solicitor, High street
Stidolph, Edward, auctioneer, appraiser, estate and house agent, cabinet maker,
upholsterer, house furnisher, and sup. reg. of the Tunbridge union district, High street
Stidolph, George Lambert, master of the National School, and actuary of the Savings' Bank
Summers, John Alexander, butcher, High street
Swansborough, W. T., currier and leather merchant, High street
Syckelmoore, James, tailor, High street
Taylor, Cornelius, beer retailer, lath render, and charcoal burner, Priory street
Thompson, John, farmer, Lower Haysden
Thompson, M. G., watch and clock maker, High street .
Thorn, Thomas, farmer, Upper Haysden
Tooth, Edward, bootmaker, High street
Towner, Mrs. C. and Miss, ladies' seminary, St. Stephen's Villa
Towner, E. A., accountant to the Medway Navigation Company, St. Stephen's Villa, agent to the Clerical, Medical, and General Life Assurance
Turner, James, umbrella manufacturer, High street
Tyrrell, Thomas, hop and seed factor, and corn merchant, Dry hill
Waite, , farmer, Postern park
Waite, William, farmer, Grove Villa
Waite, Thomas, saddler and harness maker, Market place
Walker, John Henry, M.D., Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, Edinburgh, Member of the Royal College of Surgeons, London
Ware, William, bookseller, stationer, and post-office, registrar of births, deaths, and marriages, High street
Ware and Son, Albion printing-office, High street
Warner, Henry, beer retailer, Mitford place
Waterhouse, Thomas, farmer, Upper postern
Webb, Mrs. T., milliner and dressmaker, High street
Weller, Mrs. Ann, tailor, High street
Wells, William, dispensing chemist, 2, Salford terrace .
Wells, Charlotte, grocer, etc., Dry hill
Wells, Henry, George and Dragon, Dry hill
Wenborne, John, parish clerk, Church row
West, Stephen Daniel, bricklayer and plasterer, Hadlow road
West, Horatio, baker, Vale place
West, Frederick, farmer, Cage green
Wheeler, George, carpenter, and earthenware dealer, High street
Wheeler, Henry, builder, Florence place
Whitebread, Henry, beer retailer, Swan lane
Wibner, L. M., pharmaceutical chemist, High street
Wightwick, Humphrey, tallow melter and chandler, High street
Wisdom, George, butcher, Priory street
Wise, George, and Co., Tunbridge ware manufacturer, near Bridge
Woodcock, Thomas, station master
Woodhams, William, Vauxhall Inn
Woddhams, Leonard, boot and shoe maker, Priory street
Woodroffe, Thomas, carpenter, St. Margaret's place
Woollett, Martha, day school for children, Church row
Woolley, John, seedsman and fruiterer, High street
Wooley, William Thomas, professor of dancing, music seller, and stationer, High street
Woolley, Phillips Samuel, practical dyer, New Wharf House
Wynne, Miss, milliner and dress maker, High street
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