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Tunbridge Wells, Tunbridge, Tunbridge Wells

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Melvilles 1858 Directory of Kent.

Public Houses in Tunbridge Wells

GENTRY in 1858

Traders in 1858 Melvilles Directory by surname

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Traders in 1858 Melvilles Directory by surname

Ackroyd, Alfred, French polisher, Castle street
Aldridge, Charles, brazier and tinman, North street
Allen, Mrs., Burlington House seminary, Mount Sion
Allen, James, tailor, etc., Calverley road
Alleyne and Walker, solicitors, registrars to county court, High street
Ames, Joseph, fly proprietor, Grove hill road
Andrews, Richard Thomas Smith, solicitor, 10, Calverley parade
Apps, John, Bridge Tavern, High street
Apps, Stephen, coal merchant, London road
Arnold, John, builder, Alma House, Calverley road
Arnold, William, builder, Sandrock road
Ashby, Henry, lodging house keeper, London road
Ashby, James, grocer, etc., Grosvenor road
Ashby, Henry, plumber and painter, Church road
Ashby, William, boot maker, High street
Ashby, Frederick, cabinet maker, Church road
Avery, John, box and trunk maker, London road
Ay ling, G. G., chemist and druggist, Parade
Back, Thomas, boot and shoe maker, Victoria road
BaiJde, D., Homoeopathic Institution, Grove hill road
Bailey, Richard, lodging house, Calverley promenade
Baker, William, grocer, etc., High street
Baker, Samuel, greengrocer, etc., Camden road
Baldock, Alfred, greengrocer, Hervey Town
Baldwin, Noah, marine store dealer, Gas street
Barlow, Isaac, the Roebuck Inn, Camden road
Barnett, William, dairyman, Calverley road
Barrett, Aaron, and Co., builders, High street
Barrett, Mrs., lodging house keeper, Grove hill road
Bartlett, John, blacksmith, etc., Coach and Horses yard, Parade
Barton, Mrs, lodging house keeper, London road
Beake, James, beer retailer, the Rising Sun, Grosvenor road
Beale, Joseph, lodging house, Mount Sion
Beaumont, George, auctioneer and general dealer, Calverley road
Beecher, Stephen, boot and shoe maker, Mount Sion
Beeching, T.H. and S., bankers, Church road; agents to the Kent Fire and Life Office
Beeching, Alfred, solicitor, Grosvenor road
Bennett, John Frederick, fly proprietor, Church road
Bennett, John, fly proprietor, London road
Bennett, Mrs, lodging house, Gibraltar Cottage
Bennett, John, lodging house keeper, Mount Ephraim
Bettis, Mrs, lodging house, London road
Bianchi and Co., watch and clock makers, Grosvenor road
Billing, Miss, seminary for young ladies, Brunswick house
Billing, Miss, seminary, Mount Sion
Bird, George, farmer, Culverden Farm
Bird, Richard, British wine manufacturer
Bird, Henry, beer retailer, Hervey Town
Blaxland, Mr John, surgeon, High street
Boorman, R., confectioner and pastrycook, High street
Boorman, Davidm, baker, Calverley road
Boorman, Mrs, milliner etc, Calverley road
Bowers, Mrs, lodging house keeper, Calverley promenade
Braby, John, jeweller, Neville place
Brackett, William, stationer and bookseller, Parade
Brooks, Henry, grocer and cheesemonger, High street
Brooks, Samuel, greengrocer, Church road
Brown, Joseph, boot and shoe maker, Neville street
Budgen, C. M. and A, milliners and strawbonnet makers, High street
Burrows, Mrs., lodging house keeper, Hanover road
Burrows, William, lodging house keeper, London road
Card, George, licensed to let post horses, Castle street
Carey, James, boot and shoe maker, Chapel place
Catt, William, general ironmonger, Calverley road
Cavil, Henry, wheelwright, Camden road
Cavil, Thomas, lodging house keeper, York road
Cavil, David, grocer, etc., Calverley road
Chamberlain, John, upholsterer, Calverley road
Chapman, Edward, tailor, Grosvenor road
Chapman, Thomas, plasterer, Fry's fields
Chapman, Edmund, beer retailer, Gas street
Chatfleld, Edwin, boot and shoe maker, Calverley road
Cheesman, Charles, wood and coal dealer, Jack Wood's lane
Cheppins, John Mark, lodging house, Mount Edgeoomb House
ihiddy, John, farmer, Calverley Farm
lliurchill, Edward, corn and coal merchant, London road
Churchill and Pickford, carriers, London road
Churchill, Edward, Calverley Park Hotel, Calverley park
Clarabut, John, draper, etc., Parade ,
Clark, Sarah, draper, etc., Camden road
Clark, Mary Ann, straw bonnet maker, London road
Colhran, John, bookseller and stationer, High street
Colbran, Adolphus, baker, etc., Calverley road
Colbran, Henry S., stationer and printer, Calverley road
Colbran, Walter Alfred, builder, Calverley road
Cole, Tliomas, lodging house proprietor, London road
Coles, Richard, lodging house keeper, York road
Collins, Henry, George Hotel, London road
Collins, Henry, lodging house keeper, Calverley road

Colls, Benjamin, tailor, etc., Parade
Combridge, William, butcher, Mount Ephraim
Cook, William Henry, surgeon, Mount Ephraim
Cook, Edward, boot and shoe maker, High street
Cooke, Francis, baker, etc., Mount Sion
Cooper, Benjamin, Compasses Inn, Mount Sion
Coppard, Thomas, lodging house keeper, York road
Cooper, Thomas, greengrocer, Grosvenor road
Cottington, George, lodging house keeper, Calverley promenade
Cottington, Miss, lodging house, Calverley promenade
Cox, William, lodging house keeper, London road
Cox, William, the Jolly Sawyers' Inn, Jack Wood's lane
Cramp, William, riding master, Vale road
Cramp, William, riding master, etc., London road
Creasy, Henry, butcher, Neville street
Creasy, William, butcher, Grosvenor road
Cripps, William Charles, solicitor, 3, Lansdown place
Cripps, Thomas, gardener and seedsman, High street
Cronk, Mrs., lodging house, 3, Park view
Crundwell, William Thomas and Henry, tanners, etc., Grove Hill road
Crundwell, William Thomas and Henry,
leather merchants, Grove Hill road
Curtis, Charles, Mount Ephraim Hotel, Mount Ephraim
Cushman, Richard, boot and shoe maker, Little Mount Sion
Damper, John, perfumer, hairdresser, etc., London road
Damper, William, fancy repository, London road
Damper, William, watchmaker, Calverley road
Dann, Miss Mary, dressmaker, Bedford terrace
Davis, David, lodging house, London road
Delves, Mr., house agent, Pelham House
Delves and Jull, grocers, Parade
Delves, Thomas and Joseph, butchers, Chapel place
Dickinson and Jarvis, plumbers and painters, Vale road
Diggens, George, plumber and painter, Calverley road
Diggens, William, beer retailer, Calverley road
Diggens, James, broker, etc., Calyerley road
Diplock, David, grocer, etc., Calverley road
Dotld, Charles Tattershall, professor of drawing, High street
Dodd, Charles T., artist, Mount Ephraim terrace
Downard, Henry, lodging house, Mount Ephraim
Drake, Henry, riding master, Mount Pleasant
Dray, Henry, miller, Calverley fields
Duncan, Robert, M.D., surgeon, Mount Pleasant
Dyer, Benjamin, trunk maker and straw bonnet manufacturer, Parade
Dyer, James, plumber and painter, Mount Sion
Dyke, Mrs. Elizabeth, straw bonnet maker, Rock Cottage
Ede, Edward, brazier and tinman, London road
Edouard, J. J., French hairdresser and perfumer, Parade
Edwards, Edward, wine merchant, High street
Edwards, Charles, draper, etc., London House, Parade
Edwards, John, butcher, Calverley road
Edwards, Charles, hosier and outfitter, Pelham House, Parade
Edwards, Edward, butcher, High street
Edwards, Thomas, butcher, High street
Elliott, the Misses, seminary for young ladies, Calverley place
Elliott, James, lodging house, Church road
Elliott, Robert, draper, etc., Parade
Ellis, Thomas, draper, etc., High street
Ellsworth, Mrs,, lodging house, York road
Everest, William, plumber, painter, and paper hanger, Grosvenor road
Everest, David, music warehouse, Chapel place
Faircloth, John George, butcher, Calverley road
Faulkner, Barnabas, beer retailer, Grosvenor road
Featherstone, Henry, baker, etc., Neville street
Field, Theophilus, tea dealer, and Indian repository, 2, Bradford terrace
Felgate, Mrs., ladies' seminary, Mount Ephraim
Fenner, William, lodging house keeper, Mount. Ephraim
Fenner, William, fruiterer, London road
Field, Frederick, fancy repository, Chapel place
Field, Theophilus, fancy repository, Bedford terrace
Field, Benjamin, watchmaker and gunsmith, Mount Pleasant
Field, Mrs., nurse, Grove Hill road
Flint, Joseph, grocer, etc., Grosvenor road
Fox, Mrs. Charles Frederick, seminary for young ladies, 1, Sussex place, Parade
Fox, Mr. Charles Frederick, professor of music and organist of chapel of ease, 1, Sussex place, Parade
Friend, James, fancy repository, Parade
Fry, William, tailor and greengrocer, London road
Fuller, Reuben, pastry cook, Calverley road
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