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Tunbridge Wells, Tunbridge, Tunbridge Wells

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Melvilles 1858 Directory of Kent.

Public Houses in Tunbridge Wells

GENTRY in 1858

Traders in 1858 Melvilles Directory by surname

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Traders in 1858 Melvilles Directory by surname

Ordoyno, Mary, glove and shawl cleaner, Camden road
Osbome, Miss, lodging house keeper, York road
Packham, Mrs., lodging house, Mount Ephraim
Page, Mrs., lodging house keeper, Hanover road
Paige, Mrs., dressmaker, Neville street
Paige, Mrs., dressmaker, Frant road
Peach, Mrs,, dressmaker, Rook cottages
Pearce, John, fancy repository, High street
Pearce, Joseph, farmer, Broomhill Farm
Peerless, Mrs., general dealer, Sion crescent
Peerless, Henry, fellmonger, Sion crescent
Penny, George, pipemaker, Garden lane
Pervin, Thomas, boot and shoe maker, Poona lane
Phillips, Thomas, academy, Belgrave square
Philpot, William, dancing master, Grove Hill road
Pickett, James, tailor and hosier, 3, Mount Pleasant terrace, High street
Pickett, Henry, clog maker, Groye Hill road
Piekford and Co., office, High street
Pitcher, Mrs., dressmaker, Bedford terrace
Piper, William, nursery and seedsman, Calverley road
Pollington, Mrs., lodging house, Mount Ephraim
Powel], William George, tobacconist and fly proprietor, London road
Powell, George, lodging house, London road
Prebble, Richard, wine and spirit merchant, Calverley road
Prior, Edward and Alfred, coal merchants, High street
Puddlesden, John, carpenter, London road
Rae, John, general dealer, Frant road
Rae, John, tea dealer and tobacconist, Neville street
Eandall, Richard, saddler, etc., London road
Ravenscroft and Son, hairdressers and perfumers, High street, Mount Ephraim
Rayell, William, saddler, etc., London road
Bead, Mrs., seminary, North Grove House, Mount Sion grove
Read, Miss, lodging house keeper. Mount Ephraim
Read, Mrs., seminary for young ladies, North Grove House
Read, George, lodging house keeper, London road
Reeves, William Standen, boot and shoe warehouse, and leather cutter, Grosvenor road
Robb, John, furniture broker, High street
Roberts, James, professor of vocal music, Rusthall
Robinson, Thomas, fancy shop, Neville St.
Roffe, John, grocer, etc., North street
Rogers, Mrs., lodging house keeper, Mount Ephraim
Rouch, Edward, fly proprietor, London road
Richardson, J. M., auctioneer and surveyor, Grosvenor road
Richardson, James William, auctioneer, etc., Wilton place
Rix, Samuel S., surgeon, Calverley parade
Sammons, Thomas, broker, High street
Sammons, Mrs. James, baker and confectioner, Parade
Sandalls, George, fruiterer, Grove Hill road
Sanders, Henry, tailor, Mount Pleasant
Sanders, Henry, tailor and woollen draper, High street
Sawyer, Henry, grocer and cheesemonger, High street
Scholes, Jabez, stonemason, Jack Wood's lane
Sears, James, lodging house keeper, Church road
Seymour, Jeffrey, lodging house keeper, Mount Ephraim
Sharp, Ann, Tunbridge ware manufacturer, Oldenburgh House, London road
Sharp, Miss, lodging house keeper, Rock Mount
Shaw, Nimrod, Cross Keys Inn, London road
Simco, James, lodging house keeper, Mount Ephraim
Simco, Eli, butcher, London road
Simes, Horace and Richard, corn and coal merchants, London road
Slater, Michael Duffield, Sussex Hotel and Assembly Rooms, Parade
Smith and Saltmarsh, carvers and gilders, and artists colourmen, High street
Smith, Mrs, lodging house keeper, Hanover road
Smith, Mrs., dressmaker, Parade
Smith, Mrs. K., embroidress and pattern maker, Parade
Snell, John, lodging house keeper, Mount Ephraim
Sopwith, Henry L., surgeon, Calverley Parade
Soul, late Seymour, grocer and house agent, Parade
Spencer, George, upholsterer and draper, London road
Spencer, George, beer retailer, High street
Stager, Mrs., lodging house keeper, London road
Standen, Richard, lodging house keeper, Mount Sion
Sfapley, Miss, teacher of guitar and pianoforte, 3, Park view
Stapley, Joseph, lodging house keeper, Rock Mount
Stapley, Henry, upholsterer and paperhanger, High street
Starr, George, fruiterer, Chapel place
Stedman, John, cutler, High street
Stevens, John, tailor, etc., Parade
Stephenson, Thomas, collector of rates, Calverley road
Stephens, Miss Sarah, milliner and dressmaker, Bedford terrace
Stevens, David, tobacconist, High street
Stidolph, Thomas, printer and bookbinder, Neville street
Stone, Miss, lodging house keeper, Mount pleasant
Strange, E. I., painter and paper hanger, London road
Strange, Mrs. E. I., haberdasher and glover, Parade
Strange, Mrs., dressmaker, Neville road
Strange, William, tailor, Neville road
Street, Henry, hat and cap, boot and shoe warehouse, High street
Stubbs, Thomas, tailor, etc., Calverley road
Simmons, Thomas, E., clothier, etc., Chapel place
Simmons, Thomas B., draper, etc., Chapel place
Syme, Mrs. A., fancy repository, Parade
Talbot, Alfred, Tunbridge ware manufacturer, Bedford place
Taylor, Miss, lodging house keeper, London road
Taylor, James, butcher, Chapel place
Taylor, Mrs., farmer, Canewood Farm
Taylor, George, watchmaker and jeweller, Calverley road
Taylor, Robert, plumber, painter, and paper hanger, Grove Hill road
Taylor, John, butcher, Mount Sion
Tellotier, Ernest Camel, professor of languages, Mount Ephraim
Terry, John, coachbuilder, London road
Thomas, Mrs., lodging house keeper, Culverden promenade
 Thompson, Mrs., boot and shoe maker, Parade
Thompson, James, tinman, Mount Sion
Thompson, Henry Lewis, pork butcher, 2, Grosvenor road
Thorncroft, Joseph, farmer, Leap Trap Farm
Thorpe, John, stone mason and builder, London road
Thorpe, John, builder, etc., London road
Thorpe, Alfred, carpenter, London road
Thorpe, Mrs., straw bonnet maker, London road
Tolson, Thomas, fishmonger, Marketplace, Parade
Tompkin, George, broker, etc., Little Mount Sion
Towlson, Joseph, furnishing and general ironmonger, London road
Trice, Charles, saddler, etc., Neville street
Trottman, Charles, fly proprietor, Culverden cottages
Trustram, Charles, surgeon, Bedford place, Mount Sion
Turnbull, Mrs., lodging house keeper, Mount Sion
Turner and Thornton, White Bear Inn, High street
Turner and Thornton, wine and spirit merchants, Mount Ephraim and High street
Turner, James, carrier, London road
Twort, Henry, boot and shoe maker, London road
Twort, Mrs., farmer, Tanyard Farm
Usherwood, William, general dealer, Victoria road
Vaux, Mrs., baker, Frant road
Veal, J. W., Middle School, York road
Verrall, Isaac, Hand and Sceptre Inn, London road
Vinehill, Thomas, beer retailer, Gas lane
Vinehill, Thomas, the Travellers' Rest, Gas street
Waghorn, Miss Jane, fly proprietor, Vale Cottage
Waghorne, Miss, coffee house, High street
Waghorn, William, plumber, painter, etc., Calverley road
Waghom, David, paper hanger, Little Mount Sion
Waghorn, Mark, Grosvenor Tavern, Grosvenor road
Waghorne, William, marine store dealer, Gas street
Waghorn, Mrs, lodging house keeper, London road
Wagon, William, grocer, etc., London road, agent to Sun Fire Office and Mercantile Life Office
Waite, Felix, confectioner and pastrycook, High street
Wakeham, William, tailor, Calverley fields
Wakeman, William, tailor, etc., Calverley road
Walter, William, chimney sweeper, Gas street
Walter, William, lodging house keeper, Calverley promenade
Walter, Charles, greengrocer and beer retailer, Mount Sion
Walters, Mrs., dressmaker, High street
Ward and Humphrey, grocers, etc., Grosvenor road
Ward, Robert Frederick, Camden Inn, Calverley road
Warrenner, William, baker, Camden road
Waterman, Thomas, Tunbridge ware manufacturer, Parade
Waterman, Thomas, Tunbridge ware manufacturer, Grove Hill road
Waters, Henry Thomas, dyer and scourer, High street
Watson, James, grocer, etc., London road
Weeks, George, builder, etc., Grove Hill road
Wells, Alfred, Railway Bell Inn, High street
Wells, John, grocer, etc., Mount Sion
Wells, Arthur, boot and shoe maker, London road
Wells, John, Clarence Tavern, Church road
Walls, Mrs., lodging house keeper, Church road
Wenban, William, Fountain beer shop, Calverley road
West, Samuel, Neville Arms Inn, Neville street
Wheatley, James, blacksmith, etc., Frant road
Wheeler, George, poulterer, Market place, Parade
White, Mrs. C., laundress, London road
Whitley, Henry, Grosvenor Cottage, Grosvenor road
Whitley, Henry, lodging house, Mount Ephraim
Wicken, Mrs., lodging house keeper, London road
Wickham, William, tailor, Mount Sion
Wiggins, William, tailor, Little Mount Sion
Wilkin, Henry, earthenware dealer, broker, and ironmonger, Calverley road
Willard, James, greengrocer, London road
Willicombe, George, builder, Jack Wood's lane
Williams, Mrs., lodging house keeper, London road
William, Crispin, tailor and woollen draper, High street
Williams, Christopher, lodging house keeper, London road
Wilson, Henry Barrow, corn and coal merchant, Calverley road
Winnefrith, George, plumber, painter, and paper hanger, London road
Wood, Edmund, grocer, etc., Calverley road
Wood, Samuel, greengrocer and tobacconist, Calverley road
Woodhams, Charles, corn dealer & fruiterer, Neville street
Woodhams, Thomas, general dealer, Camden road
Woodhams, William, grocer, etc., Camden road
Woodhams, Charles, corn factor, Frant road
Wraight, George Robert, draper, etc., Church road
Wren, Mrs., lodging house keeper, Rock Mount
Wren, William, builder, Mount Ephraim road
Wren, William, Royal Oak Inn, Pembury road
Wright, Henry William, pianoforte tuner, Ebenezer place, Grosvenor road
Young, William Richard, Kentish Yeoman Inn, horse farrier and cow leech, Grove Hill road
Young and Peerless, milliners, etc., High street,
Young, Isaac, boot and shoe maker, Parade
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