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The 1891 listing of around 1400 Beer Retailers / Publicans in London

from the 1891 Post Office Directory, this excludes the Publicans listed at named Pubs in the Directory. The Directory does not include Public House names, just an address. This is fine for double checking names and places; but lacks the modern naming convention of a Public House and its named sign.

Many of these Beer Retailers (usually better known as Publicans) are very important in the fact that many formed the modern Public House as we now know it; whilst others were the modern equivalent of the Off Licence.

1891 Beer Retailer index

Sage James, 55 Hind Street, Poplar E
Sainsbury George, 129 Green Street, Bethnal Green Road E
Salmond Hy, 149 Long Lane, Bermondsey SE
Sambrook Hy, 52 Wellington Street, Deptford SE
Sampson James, 458 Old Ford Road, Bow E
Samworth Miss Sarah, 14 Doon Street, Lambeth SE
Sanders Alfred, 3 Jamaica Place, Limehouse E
Sanders George, 38 Princes Road W
Sanders John Thomas, 151 Globe Road E
Sands Thomas, 89 Westbourne Park Road W
Sargeaunt James Edward, 28 Walmer Road W
Sargent Joseph, 31 Cayley Street, Limehouse Fields
Saul George, 87 Old Kent Road SE
Saunders Arthur Ernest, 75 Amberley Road W
Savage Thomas William, 44 St Peter Street, Hackney Road E
Scales William George, 17 Camden Passage, Islington High Street N
Scarff Thomas, 762 Old Kent Road SE
Scarlett Frederick, 97 Aberfeldy Street E
Schmidt Peter, 18 Bride Street N
Schmuck Mrs Anna Maria, 60 St George Street E
Scholfield Fred, 134 Snows Fields SE
Scholles John, 112 Pritchards Road SE
Schopp Chas, 108 William Street, Hampstead Road NW
Schwinge Heinrich, 13 Sidney Street, Mile End E
Scotcher Richard, 81 West Street, Devonshire Street E
Scott Hy, 12 Uxbridge Street, Newington Causeway SE
Scott James, 89 Ford Street, Bow E
Scott John, 169 Grange Road, Bermondsey SE
Scratchley Thomas William, 107 Aldenham Street NW
Searles William, 117 Cheyne Walk, Chelsea SW
Sellick George, 52 Little George Street, Euston Square NW
Seswell Mrs Kate, 167 Harrow Road W
Sexton Maurice John, 3 & 5 Tooke Street, Millwall E
Seymour Frederick, 51 Robinhood lane, Poplar E
Seymour Jesse, 138 Drummond Street, Euston Square NW
Sharp David, 33 Crimscott Street, Spa Road SE
Sharp George Frederick, 272 Oxford Street E
Shaw Robert, 414 Commercial Road east E
Shearsmith Edwin, 602 Old Kent Road SE
Sheen Chas, 6 Gloucester Grove east, Old Brompton SW
Shelitoe Kenneth George, 34 Wynford Road N
Shepherd Mrs Elizabeth, 412 Liverpool Road N
Sheppard John, 30 & 31 Wells Street, Poplar E
Sheppard William, 60Great Dover Street SE
Sherer Chas Herbert, 144 White Horse Street E
Sherwood William, 43 William Street, regents park NW
Short Henry, 268 Hoxton Street N
Short Mrs Susan, 1 Bacon Street, Bethnal Green E
Shotter Harry A, 15 Queensbury Street, Islington N
Shreeve Mrs Susannah, 27 Warden Road NW
Shuter Henry, 11 James Street, Cannon Street Road E
Sibley John Thomas, 124 City Road EC
Siggers George W, 32 Finch Street, Whitechapel E
Silk William Thomas, 41 New Cut SE
Silva Henry, 161 Upper Kennington Lane SE
Silvester Mrs Harriet, 75 Church Street, Deptford SE
Silvester John, 112 Duckett Street, Stepney E
Simkins William, 50 Ormside Street, Old Kent Road SE
Simmonds Charles, 316 Walworth Road SE
Simmons Alfred, 38 Cumberland market NW
Simpson Fredk Jas, 7 William Street, Cannon Street Road E
Simpson John, 81 Kerbey Street, East India Dock road E
Sims Joseph John, 472 Commercial Road east E
Sims Mrs Harriet, 9 Church Row, Limehouse E
Sirett Richard, 58 Judd Street WC
Skeats William Henry, 310 Albany Road SE
Skinner Alfred, 32 Clayton Street, Kennington Road SE
Slann Daniel, Brewery Tap, Allen Street, Kensington W
Slater Thomas, 112 West Ferry Road E
Slater William, 45 St Anns Road, Notting Hill W
Smart Samuel, 27 Raven Row, Whitechapel E
Smeed William, 102 Wyke Road, Wick Lane, Bow E
Smiley Daniel, 9 York Street west, Ratcliff E
Smith Charles, 12 Hill Street, Walworth SE
Smith Mrs Emma, 21 Bridge Street E
Smith Frederick, 139 Vauxhall Walk SE
Smith George, 362 Old Street EC
Smith George, 15 Watney Street, Commercial Road east E
Smith George Henry, 2 Sturt Street, Wenlock Road E
Smith Henry, 64 Old Kent Road SE
Smith Henry, 86 Tanner Street, Bermondsey SE
Smith James, 6 Haydon Square, Minories E
Smith James, 31 Woolf Street, Dockhead SE
Smith John, 78 & 79 Chalk Farm Road NW
Smith John, 274 Latimer Road W
Smith John, 105 Winchester Street N
Smith Mrs Mary A, 82 Seymour Street, Euston Square NW
Smith William, 287 Kings Road, Chelsea SW
Snell Mrs Charlotte, 615 Old Kent Road SE
Sparrow Hy, 74 Cornwall Road, Lambeth SE
Sparrow Wm, 23 Paradise Street, Lambeth SE
Spaul Mrs Elizabeth, 43 & 44 Beauchamp Place, Brompton Road SW
Spencer Henry, 23 Ida Street E
Spencer William, 12 Clipstone Street, Fitzroy Square W
Sperring Charles, 11 Bath Street, London Road SE
Spicer Miss Elizabeth, 7 Turner Street, Commercial Road east
Spooner James Gilbert, 352 Upper Street N
Spooner Wm Joseph, 53 Peel street, Silver Street W
Sprackling Edward, 44 West Street, Spa Road E
Squire Federick, 1 Alvey Street, Walworth SE
Squire Henry, 327 Portobello Road W
Squire Thomas George, 96 Rodney Road, Walworth SE
Stacey George, 21 Stephen Street, Tottenham Court Road W
Stammers Geo, 19 Kinnerton Street, Wilton Place SW
Stancell Robert, 70 Provost Street, City Road N
Stanley Chas, 31 Lower Bland Street, Great Dover Street SE
Stanley Geo Chas, 1 Leeke Street, Kings Cross Road WC
Stanley John, 201 Salmons Lane E
Stansall Geo Hardy, 3 Southwark Park Road SE
Stanton James, 41 London Street, Ratcliff E
Staples Edwin, 19 Jubilee Street, Commercial Road east E
Staples Edwin Pryer, 15 Cosmo Place WC
Steadman Mrs Isabella, 51 Collingwood Street E
Stedman Zaphaniah, 64 Lant Street, Borough SE
Steer William, 245 Shadwell High Street E
Stephens Robert, 8 Digby Street E
Stevens George, 37 Chicksand Street E
Steward Henry, 116 Heath Street, Commercial Road east E
Steward John, 89 Myrdle Street, Commercial Road east E
Stewart James, 3 Heneage Street, Spitalfields E
Stiles Mrs Katherine, 186 Seymour Street NW
Stiling Mrs Emma, 253 Cambridge Road E
Stocks George, 10 York Street, Kings Cross Road WC
Stokes Geo, 16 William Street, Cannon Street Road E
Stone Mrs Elizabath, 111 Tyers Street, Lambeth SE
Stone William. 178 Walworth Road SE
Storry John, 6 Botolph Alley EC
Stripling Jas, 14 Hunt Street, Spitalfields E
Stroud Edward, 49 Glaucus Street, Devons Road E
Studholme Joseph, 74 Prusom Street, Old Gravel Lane E
Styman Fredk, 71 Goldsmiths Row, Hackney Road E
Sullivan Dennis, 251 Lower Road SE
Sullivan Mrs Elizabeth, 1 Addey Street, Deptford SE
Sully John Thos, 36 Fuller Street, Bethnal Green E
Sutherland William, 145 Three Colt Street E
Sutton Alfred, 31 White Horse Lane E
Sutton Chas P, 33 & 34 London Street, Paddington W
Swanson Peter August, 16 West India Dock Road E
Swindells Thomas, 83 Deptford Green SE
Swiney George, 19 Coutts Road, Bow Common E
Symonds Thos George, 4 Chance Street, Bethnal Green E

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