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Rochester, Medway, Medway

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Melvilles 1858 Directory of Kent.

Gentry in 1858

Public Houses in Rochester

 Traders in 1858
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GENTRY in 1858 Melvilles Directory

Acworth, George, Esq., Star Hill
Acworth, George, sen., Esq., Star Hill
Aldersley, Mrs. Frances, High street
Allan, Larkin, Esq., St. Margaret's Bank
Allchin, Mrs. Mary Ann, Castle Hill
Allingham, Mr. James, Upper Clarence place, Maidstone Road
Atkins, James, R.N., Chatham intra, High street
Baker, Mrs., Boley Hill
Barritt, James, Esq., Prospect Cottage, St. Margaret's
Bassett, James, Esq., High street
Bathurst, Mr. John, Five Bell lane
Benifold, James, Esq., St. Margaret's street
Bentham, Wijliam Walker, Esq., East gate
Bingham, Major George P., Vines' House
Boys, Major Henry, New Road House, New road
Brice, Mrs. Johannah, Troy House, Troy Town
Burn, Mrs. Mary, Newton terrace, New road
Burrell, Mrs. Elizabeth, King street, Troy Town
Burton, Captain G. G., R.N. (magistrate for city), Union street, Troy Town
Burton, Mrs. Eleanor, Star Hill villas, Star Hill
Coates, Eev. Robert P., M.A., second master of Cathedral grammar school, Boley Hill
Conway, Rev. William, Vicar of St. Nicholas, Boley Hill
Crocktbrd, Mr. William, St. Margaret's Bank
Curtois, Mrs. Mary, Nile terrace, New road
Davies, Rev. George, High street
Day, Thomas H., Esq., Frinsbury, near Rochester
Dewe, Rev. Samuel, Minor Canon, the Precincts
Drage, Rev. William Henry, Vicar of St. Margaret's, the Precincts
Drawbridge, George Henry, Esq., M.D., J.P., St. Margaret's street
Edmeades, Miss Emma, Boley Hill
Eley, Miss Elizabeth, Victoria place, Troy Town
Ely, Mrs. Dorothy S., Star Hill villas, Star Hill
Essell, George, Esq., the Precincts
Fiddler, Mrs. Mary, East row, Troy Town
Fleet, Miss Henrietta, Nile terrace, New rd.
Francis, the Misses, Union street, Troy Town
Franklyn, Mrs. Mary, Star Hill terrace, Star Hill
Graham, Rev. John, Head Master, Highst.
Griffith, Rev. John, D.D., the Vines
Hall, Mr. Thomas, Upper Clarence place,Maidstone road
Handley, Mr. John, High street
Hawkins, Rev. Edward, D.D., the Vines
Hayward, Edward, Esq., Boley hill
Hayward, "William Webb, Esq., the Gleanings
Hogg, Lieutenant Edward Martin, St. Margaret's Bank
Holden, Mr. William, Union street, Troy Town
Holme, Mrs. Mary Elizabeth, Vicarage, Boley Hill
Homan, Mrs. Susannah, Boley Hill
Irving, Rev. Matthew, D.D., Canon, the Precincts
Jones, Mr. Frederick William, Morden terrace, Maidstone road
Joynes, Miss Frances, Upper Clarence place, Maidstone road
Kennard, Mrs Alice, High street
King, the Very Rev., the Archdeacon, the Vines

Kingham, Mr., King street, Troy Town
Knight, Mr. John S., M.D., East gate
Laing, Rev. Charles, Newton terrace,; New road
Lewis, James, Esq., St. Margaret's street
Linskill, Kev. John A. P., Union street, Troy Town
Lloyd, Miss Frances E., Maidstone :road
Luxmore, Colonel Thomas C., Newton terrace, New road
Macpherson, Mrs. Ann, Star Hill villas, Star Hill r /> Macdiarmid, John D., M.D., Newton terrace, New road
Manclark, William, Esq., High street
Marsh, Mrs. Elizabeth, Star Hill
Martin, Adam, M.D., St. Margaret's Bank
Matthews, Miss Catharine, St. Margaret's Bank
Matthews, Captain John H., Star Hill terrace, Star .Hill
Moody, Mr. John, High street
Newcoll, Mr, Frederick, Upper Clarence place, Maidstone road
Nicholson, William H., Esq., East gate
Nicholson, William, jun., Esq., St. Margaret's House, St. Margaret's street
Nicholson, Miss Catharine, Boley Hill
Nightingale, John, Esq., Bridge House
Palmer, Mr. James, Union street, Troy Town
Peche1, Mrs. Martha, High street
Perry, Mr. Richard, East gate
Petley, Mrs. Charlotte, St. Margaret's Bank
Phillips, Mrs. Elizabeth, St. Margaret's street
Pitman, Mrs. Dorothy A., Star Hill villas, Star Hill
Rigg, Charles Merit, M.D., Crow lane
Ross, Edward, Esq., St. Margaret's Bank
Rudd, Miss Charlotte, Star Hill
Seath, Mr. John, Queen street, Troy Town
Shepherd, Rev. S-, Minor Canon, the Precincts
Shepherd, Torhlyn, Esq., Harling's walk, Troy Town
Siddons, Mr. Thomas, Star Hill
Smith, James, Esq., High street
Sorsbie, Rev. Robert, Minor Canon, the Precincts
Spongi Mrs. Catharine, High street
Stevens, Major-General Thomas, Vicarage House, St. Margaret's street
Sturge, Mrs. L. R., Restoration House, the Vines
Styles, Mr. Robert, Boley Hill
Summerfleld, Captain William, Medway terrace
Surtees, the Misses, Boley Hill
Tatum, William, Esq., St. Margaret's street
Toomer, Nathaniel E., Preston House, New road
Tribe, Mr. John, St. Margaret's Bank
Trury, Mrs. JG., Star Hill villas, Star Hill
Waghorn, Miss Jane, Union street, Troy Town
Waghorn, Mis8 Mary Jane, Boley Hill
Walker, Mr. David, Upper Clarence place, Maidstone road
Warner, Rev. Daniel F., Vicar of Hoo St. Werburgh, Curate of St. Margaret's, the Precincts
Wavell, Miss Maria, Newton terrace, New road
Wheeler, Miss Mary, Boley Hill
Whiston, Rev. Robert, D.D., Bishop's palace, St. Margaret's
Wickham, Humphrey M., Upper Clarence place, Maidstone road
Wickham, Miss Susannah, Great Delce, Delce lane
Winch, Richard, Esq., St. Margaret's Bank
Wintour, Mrs. Louisa, Union street, Troy Town
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