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Melvilles 1858 Directory of Kent.

Gentry in 1858

Public Houses in Rochester

 Traders in 1858
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TRADERS in 1858 Melvilles Directory

Railton, John, milliner, Chatham intra, High street
Rand, Thomas, Queen Charlotte Commercial Inn, East gate
Randall and Son, hardwaremen and china dealers, East gate
Rayfleld, John, wheelwright and greengrocer, St. Margaret's street
Rayner, William, greengrocer, East row, Troy Town
Reynolds, George, new and second-hand bookseller, East gate
Rigby, Mrs. Kate, dressmaker, Chatham intra, High street
Ring, William, coal meter, High street
Ringe, Henry, grocer and cheesemonger, High street
Ringe, George William, shopkeeper and branch post-office, King street, Troy Town
Ringe, Henry, grocer, Victoria place, Troy Town
Robins, Henry and Abraham, builders, St. Margaret's Bank
Robins, Henry, builder, Union street, Troy Town
Rocklifie; James, butcher, High street
Roffway, John Thorogood, Morden Arms, Queen street, Troy Town
Rouse, John, pastry cook and confectioner, East gate
Ryott, Anthony, brass founder, gas filter, and beer engine manufacturer, High street
Rule, the Misses, confectioners, High street
Scrimes, James B., cooper and fancy repository, High street
Scullard, John, leather seller, Cazeneuve street
Searles, William, fishmonger, High street
Seath, William, the George, High street
Selth, Valentine, shopkeeper, Gravel walk
Shaw, John, shopkeeper, Burritt street
Shepherd, Tomlyn, brewer, Harling's walk, Troy Town
Shephard, Richard, milliner, Cazeneuve street
Sibbett, William, confectioner, High street
Simmons, Thomas, Man of Kent, John street, Troy Town
Simpson, Robert, wholesale clothier, Chatham intra, High street
Skiller, the Misses, dressmakers, College yard
Slater, Thomas, baker, Delce lane
Smith, James, oilman, Chatham intra, High street
Smith, Robert, tailor, High street
Smith, Mrs. Elizabeth, broker and general dealer, High street
Smith, Robert, New Inn, St. Margaret's Bank
Smith, Mrs. Fanny, boarding and day school, High street
Smith, William, saddler and harness maker,
and boot and shoe maker, East Gate
Smith, George, oil and colourman, East gate
Smith, John Thomas W., confectioner, East gate
Smith, Frederick Augustus, fancy repository and merchants' clerk, Star Hill
Spencer, William, North Foreland Lighthouse, Chatham intra, High street
Stevens, George, chemist, Cazeneuve street
Stillwell, John M., linen and woollen draper, High street
Stubbings, Robert, shopkeeper, John street, Troy Town
Sturgeon, James Robert, shopkeeper, Pump lane
Sweetlove, William, general dealer, Burritt street
Taffs, John C., boot and shoe maker, High street
Taylor, John Thomas, officer in Dockyard, Medway terrace
Taylor, Stephen, gas fitter and brazier, Free School lane, High street
Taylor, Thomas, shopkeeper, Delce lane
Taylor, John Robert, deputy general inspector of hospitals, Fort Pitt House, New road
Temple, Mrs. Emma, milliner, High street
Tennant, William Henry, Parr's Head, Parr's Head lane
Terry, William, gardener and seedsman, Nile Cottage, New road
Thomas, John, grocer and cheesemonger, High street
Thomas, John, auctioneer and upholsterer, East gate
Thompson, Charles, grocer, High street
Tillman, Miss Sophia, shopkeeper, St. Margaret's hank
Tomlyn, John, confectioner and greengrocer, Bridge House
Tremain, Edward, Golden Cross, High street
Trew, Robert, dyer and scourer, Star hill
Trice, William, King's Arms, Maidstone road
Troter, Edward, boot and shoe maker, King street
Troup, James, professor of music, and music seller, High street
Trueman and Hanbury, stores, King's Arms Wharf, Chatham intra, High street. - Castle, Philpott, agent
Tuffill, William Joseph, wine merchant, High street
Tussell, John, tobacconist, East Gate
Tussell, Robert, Roebuck, St. Margaret's street
Turner, Mrs. Ellen, basket maker, East Gate
Underhill, Joseph, Bear and Staff, High street, Rochester
Varrall, Giles, tobacconist, Chatham intra, High street
Terrier, Isaac, butcher, High street
Viney, George Morson, house agent and inspector, King street, Troy Town
Vokes, Charles, Prince of Wales, Pump lane
Wade, Charles, Sir John Falstaff, Victoria place
Wadhams, Richard, Crown and Thistle, High street
Wakeling, James, boot and shoe maker, St. Margaret's street
Walker, Edward, boot maker, John street, Troy Town
Walla, William, butcher, St. Margaret's street
Walters, Mrs. Mary, shopkeeper, Chatham intra, High street
Warne, Thomas Samuel, reporter to London and County papers, St. Margaret's Bank
Waters, William Andrew, hairdresser and naturalist, East gate
Wales, John, chimney sweeper, East gate
Watson, George, draper, High street
Watson, Edmund G., ship chandler, sail maker, etc,, St. Clement's lane
Webb, Francis M., agent to the Kent Mutual Fire and Life Office, Maidstone road
Weeks, Thomas Richard, Queen's Arms, Bridge street
Weeks, James, Hare and Hound, St. Margaret's Bank
Welch, John, Rising Sun, Star hill
Weller, William, greengrocer and baker, Chatham intra, High street
Wells, James, town carter, Bath hard
Wells, Miss Ann, shopkeeper, Union street, Troy Town
Welton, Miss Jane, milliner and dressmaker, King street, Troy Town
West, Joseph, herbalist, the Common
Wheeler, Henry, hairdresser, High street
Wheeler, Nathaniel, hairdresser, High street
Whiffin, Thomas, professor of music, New road
Wildish, William Thomas, printer and stationer, St. Margaret's Bank
Wilkin, Robert, dining rooms, and tobacconist, High street
Wilkins, James, builder, Rome lane
Williams and Son, tailors and hatters, St, Margaret's street
Williams, Mrs, Mary, milliner and dressmaker, College yard
Williamson, George, M.D., staff surgeon, Fort Pitt, Boley Hill
Williams, George, baker, East gate
Willis, Edward, pawnbroker, East gate
Willis, Charles, tailor, East gate, agent for the British Industry Life Insurance Company
Wilson, William Henry, builder, Hooper's place, Troy Town
Willson, George, Crown Hotel, High street
Willson, William C., baker, Five Bells lane
Wilstead, Henry, Royal George, Maidstone road
Wilstead, John, rope maker, Chatham intra, High street
Winch, Richard, and Son, distillers, St. Margaret's Bank
Winter, James, trunk maker, St. Margaret's Bank
Woodham and Co., victualling office, Chatham intra, High street
Woodman, Robert, boot and shoe maker, Cazeneuve street
Woollett, William, butcher, High street
Woollot, John,. greengrocer, Chatham intra, High street
Wootton, Frederick, draper, East gate
Yard, Levi, Full Moon, Five Bells lane
Yond, James, cabinet maker, King street
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