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Rochester, Medway, Medway

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Melvilles 1858 Directory of Kent.

Gentry in 1858

Public Houses in Rochester

 Traders in 1858
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TRADERS in 1858 Melvilles Directory

Abbott, Joseph, tobacconist, High street
Acworth, George, solicitor, High street
Aoworth and Son, solicitors, clerk to Commissioners of Paving, Star hill
Adam, William, bootmaker, High street
Adams, Charles, draper, John street, Troy Town
Aldersley, Edmund, corn and coal merchant, High street
Aldridge, William, plumber and house decorator, High street
Allen, George Thomas, timber merchant, John street, Troy Town
Allen, Miss Elizabeth, Star Inn, East gate
Allen, Michael, postmaster, East gate
Anderson, Thomas, draper, Union street, Troy Town
Anderson, Joseph, tobacco pipe maker, the Common
Andrews, James Henry, surveyor and builder, Medway terrace
Askew, Oliver, baker, King street, Troy Town
Askew, John, Carpenters' Arms, Delce lane
Ashenden, William Thomas, timber and coal merchant, Chatham intra, High street
Atkins, Mrs. Catharine, Ship Tavern and Commercial Inn, Chatham intra, High street
Augustus, Mrs Ann, milliner and dressmaker, High street
Baker and Sell, coach builders, East gate
Baker, George, baker, East gate
Baker, Robert, grocer, High street
Baker, John Rose, farmer, Nile terrace, New road
Baker, Alfred, greengrocer, High street
Balcomb, Miss Lucy, apartments, College yard
Balcomb, Mrs. Emma, butcher, High street
Balcomb, James, boot and shoe maker, income tax collector, East gate
Balcomb, Thomas., clerk to dockyard, Medway terrace
Balcomb, Henry William, coal meter, Queen street, Troy Town
Baldock, James, the Flushing, Bridge foot, High street
Baldock, Edward, Market House Tavern, the Common
Ballard, Edward, grocer, East gate
Banks, Samuel, shopkeeper, John street, Troy Town
Barnaby, Henry, druggist and dentist, Star Hill
Barnes, James, mariner, St. Margaret's Bank
Barnes, Miss Sophia, preparatory school for young gentlemen, the Vines
Bartholomew, William, undertaker, Star Hill
Bartlett, John, bookbinder, East gate
Bathurst, Henry, carpenter, Five Bells lane
Bassett, Benjamin, butcher, East gate
Bassett, James, solicitor, High street
Bassett, Mrs., stay maker and tailoress, Five Bells lane
Battle, Mrs., school, East gate
Baugham, Thomas, Blue Boar, High street
Beck,. John William, baker, John street, Troy Town
Beck, Charles Edward, Duke's Head, High street
Bell, Giles, joiner, Ordnance terrace, Star Hill
Bell, William, surgeon, High street
Belsey, Isaac, miller and corn merchant, Star Hill
Beltney, Mrs. Elizabeth, shopkeeper, Queen street, Troy Town
Bentham, William Walker, notary, agent for Lloyd's, and foreign consul, East gate
Berry, Mrs. Susannah, bookseller and news agent, East gate
Berry, Miss Maria Ann, general news agent, High street
Sevan, Thomas Pearce, surgeon, East gate
Bird, Miss, draper, East gate
Bishop, Edward, wheelwright
Black, Wallace Bruce, draper, High street
Blackwell, Edward, builder, Boley Hill
Blewitt, William, dyer, St. Margaret's Bank
Bliss, Mrs. Emma, establishment for young ladies, St. Margaret's Bank
Booth, John, boot and shoe maker, St. Margaret's Bank
Boucher, John, proprietor of Medway Steam Packet Company, St. Margaret's Bank
Bowles, William, Bricklayer's Arms,
Hooper's place, Troy Town
Bowmer, George, confectioner, High street
Brenchley, Benjamin, beer seller, and corn dealer, High street
Brett, John, draper, King street
Bridge, John, bookseller and stationer, and agent to Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, High street
Brignall, Thomas, feather merchant and bedding manufacturer, High street
Brooks, John R., printer, King street
Brunker, the Misses, boarding school, East gate House
Buckley, Joe, greengrocer, High street
Bullard, John, sail maker, and principal water bailiff, Chatham intra, High street
Bullard, Charles, bottle beer merchant, agent for Meux and Co., Old Foundry wharf, High street
Bullbrook, John, saddler & harness maker, High street
Burch, Henry, printer, High street
Burfleld, Charles, grocer, and branch post-office, St. Margaret's Bank
Surge, George William, hair dresser and tobacconist, 212, High street
Burge, Vincent, hair cutter and tobacconist, St. Margaret's Bank
Burgess, Henry, Five Bells Tavern, St. Margaret's Bank
Burgess, Charles, Royal Telegraph, St. Margaret's street
Burns, William, LL.D., commercial school, Newton terrace, New road
Burr, Mrs. and Miss, day and boarding school, Maidstone road
Burrell, Henry, shopkeeper, John street, Troy Town
Burrell, Edward, printer, Ordnance terrace, Star Hill
Burton, Mrs. Caroline, dressmaker, Ship pier, High street
Butler, Mrs. Eliza, shopkeeper, East gate
Butler, Charles, grindery dealer, East gate
Caddell and Son, printers and stationers, and Rochester Gazette office, 49 and 179, High street
Caddy, Henry, joiner, Five Bells lane
Campbell, Mrs. Mary, fancy repository, College yard
Carwardine, Benjamin, milkman and corn and flour dealer, King street, Troy Town
Cass, Charles, plasterer, East gate
Cass, Mrs. Mary Ann, toy dealer, East gate
Castle, George, baker, Chatham intra, High street
Chamberlin, Joseph William, French polisher, High street
Chandler, William, hardwareman, Chatham intra, High street
Chantler, Stephen, shopkeeper, St. Margaret's street
Chappenden, Harvey, saddler, High street
Charpentier, Charles, professor of languages, Victoria place, Troy Town
Cheshire, Miss Annie, milliner and dressmaker, East gate
Chesson, James, boot maker, Five Bells lane
Chiffey, Thomas N., carpenter and toy dealer, High street
Church, William, grocer, John street, Troy Town
Church, John, fruiterer and fishmonger, East gate
Clark, Mrs. Ann, the Cock, East gate
Clements, William, builder, High street
Clements, Robert, tailor, High street
Cole and Warne, boot and shoe maker, St. Margaret's Bank
Cole, William, boot and shoe maker, High street
Cole, the Misses Rebecca and Elizabeth, milliners, East gate
Coleman, John Alfred, dentist, St. Margaret's Bank, and Harmer street, Gravesend
Coles, Edward Rahere, coal factor, High street
Colesworthy, Mrs. Caroline, Good Intent, Queen street, Troy Town
Collins, William, fruiterer, East gate
Colyer, William, city crier, St. Margaret's street
Coningsby, William, Silver Oar, High street
Cook, Richard, fishmonger and fruiterer, Cozeneuve street
Cooke, Frederick Joseph, tailor, Pleasant row, Troy Town
Cooper, Henry, grocer, etc., Cazeneuve street
Cooper, John, eating house, High street
Cornell, Charles, boot and shoe maker, agent to Mutual Life and Guarantee Society, East gate
Cosier, John, cabinet maker, Crow lane
Cottingham, Samuel, market gardener, Delce lane
Cotton, Walter, and Company, King's Head Family and Commercial Hotel, High street
Cotton, George, builder and contractor, Watts' Charity receiver, King's Head yard, King's Head lane, residence Castle. Cottage, Boley hill
Courtney, Mrs. Elizabeth, milliner, High street
Creasey, Joseph, grocer and tea dealer, High street
Creighton, James, tea dealer, Union street, Troy Town
Cross, Alexander, surgeon, Star Hill
Cross, Edward, shopkeeper, Queen street, Troy Town
Cruttenden, Edmund, stock salesman, Vines Villa, Maidstone road
Culver, James, greengrocer, Chatham intra, High street
Curtis, Miss Mary, milliner and dressmaker, Chatham intra, High street
Cuthbertson, James, linen and woollen draper, St. Margaret's Bank
Dalton, William, custom house officer, Star Hill terrace, Star Hill
Daniels, George, the Rose, St. Margaret's street
Darby, John, Two Brewers, High street
Daroh, Miss Maria, boarding and day school, High street
3avey, Charles, greengrocer, High street
)avis, Joseph, tobacconist, High street
Davison, John, shipwright, King street. Troy Town
Dawson, Francis John, hatter and outfitter, East gate
Dawson and Son, upholsterers, 129, East gate, agents for West of England Fire and Life Assurance
Dawson, William, upholsterer and paper hanger, Chatham intra
Day and Nicholson, bankers, Rochester,
Chatham, and Strood Bank, High street. Draw on Glyn and Co.
Day, Mrs. Elizabeth, shopkeeper, John street, Troy Town
Jefrates, John, Blue Bell, Cazeneuve street
Delo, Philip, Harris, grocer and cheesemonger, High street
Denham, John, fruiterer and fishmonger, East gate
Denny, William, surgeon, Stone Hill villas, Star Hill
Dicks, Edward, Horse and Groom, High street
Dold, Prance X., fancy and musical clock manufacturer, High street
Dorrett, Charles, high bailiff, and agent to Northern Fire and Life, King street
Dove, Thomas, joiner, etc., St. Margaret's street
Dunn, Henry, butcher, St. Margaret's Bank
Dunning, Henry, pawnbroker and clothier, East gate
Dunstall, James, bread and biscuit baker, cook and confectioner, High street
Dyke, Joseph, grocer, King street, Troy Town
Dykes, the Misses, boarding and day school for young ladies, Union street, Troy Town
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