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London Robsons 1829 Licensed Victuallers - D

A listing of the Robsons 1829 Licensed Victuallers in London

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Darkhouse, J Hodson, Three Tuns passage, Newgate market
David & Harp, H Strowger, 48 Fore Street, Limehouse
Delawar Arms, L Roche, 220 Oxford Street
Devonshire Arms, S Bloud, 7 Sherrard street, Golden square
Devonshire Arms, G Garratt, 21 Devonshire street
Devonshire Arms, J Squires, 20 Duke street, Portland place
Devonshire Arms, T Tompkin, 20 Duke street, Manchester square
Dial, P Vagts, 131 Long alley, Finsbury
Distillers Arms, S Davis, 11 Great Saffron hill
Dog & Bear, J Skinner, 21 Crucifux lane, Bermondsey
Dog & Duck, H Moorton, 18 Queen Street, Soho
Dog & Duck, U Phillips, 13 Princes Street, Redlion Square
Dog & Partridge, S Holliday, Bow, Middlesex
Dolphin, George Ball, 318 Oxford street
Dolphin, Samuel Beeton, 39 Milk street, Cheapside
Dolphin, W Bonnell, 44 Redlion street, Holborn
Dolphin, Archibald Brodie, 50 Whitechapel road
Dolphin, Susannah Castell, 136 Old street, St Lukes
Dolphin, J Davis, 38 Church street, Bethnal green
Dolphin, D Ireland, Cannon street, St Georges East
Dolphin, Thomas Oldaker, 60 Coleman Street
Dolphin, J Ruddy, 6 Tunbridge street, Brunswick square
Dolphin, E Russell, 15 Hyde street, Bloomsbury
Dolphin, G Simpson, 16 Long alley, Finsbury
Dolphin, James Smith, 11 1/2 Ludgate hill
Dolphin, J Wood, 73 Redcross street, Borough
Dover Castle, C Cheesman, Church Road, St Georges East
Dover Castle, W Dodds, Weymouth mews, New cavendish street
Dover Castle, J Kearney, Commercial road, Lambeth
Dover Castle, Thomas Oldfield, Rotherhithe
Dover Castle, Phillips, Old Kent road
Dover Castle, J Setzer, 33 Redlion Street, Whitechapel
Dover Castle, J H Watchorn, Mount row, Lambeth
Drum, George Degee, Snows fields, Bermondsey
Duchess of Clarence, J James, Gloucester terrace, Vauxhall bridge road
Duchess of Oldenburgh, J Richardson, 38 Wynyatt street, Goswell street road
Duchess of York, Susan Bell, York street, Kent road
Duchess of York, John Brewitt, Kingsland road
Duke of Albemarle on Horseback, Dent, 6 Stafford Street, Bond Street
Duke of Argyle, G Harden, 15 Little Pulteney street, Golden square
Duke of Argyle, J Stratton, Laystall Street, Liquorpond street, Gryas Inn lane
Duke of Argyles Arms, J Treble, 20 Argyle street, Oxford street
Duke of Cambridge, C Field, Felix Street, Hackney Road
Duke of Clarence, Eliz Allison, 18 Clarence gardens, Regents park
Duke of Clarence, T Cropp, Market street, Westminster
Duke of Clarence, James Dye, 19 Hackney road
Duke of Clarence, W  Elston, 1 Eyre street hill, Leather hill, Holborn
Duke of Clarence, B Jones, 34 Charing cross
Duke of Clarence, Jos Stiff, London road
Duke of Clarence, J Thompson, 14 Commercial road
Duke of Clarence, Joseph White, 302 Rotherhithe
Duke of Cumberland, Jonathan Hardy, 20 Bryanston square, Portman square
Duke of Cumberland, S Lewis, Queen street, Chelsea
Duke of Cumberland, T Mecham, 8 Redlion street, Spitalfields
Duke of Cumberland, J Wilkins, 12 New road, St Georges East
Duke of Gloucester, W Cushway, New road, Whitechapel
Duke of Gloucester, C Law, Seabright street, Bethnal green
Duke of Gloucester, J Maney, Gloucester court, Whitecross street
Duke of Gloucester, Robert Sutton, Union Row, New Kent Road
Duke of Gloucesters Head, W Enock, 118 Park street, Grosvenor square
Duke of Grafton, G Ashbourn, 3 Palace row, New road
Duke of Kent, M Berry, Martha street, St Georges East
Duke of Newcastle, T Scruton, 34 Little Earl Street, Seven Dials
Duke of Norfolk, T Wakefield, 13 Duke street, Aldgate
Duke of Northumberland, W Medcalf, 22 Worship street, Finsbury
Duke of Ormond, G Burrell, Princes Street, Westminster
Duke of Suffolk, , Brandon Street, Walworth
Duke of Sussex, M Hawkins, 11 Rosemary Lane
Duke of Sussex, T Morris, Pierpont Row, Islington
Duke of Sussex, R Shepperd, Gibson Street, Lambeth
Duke of Wellington, Adolphus Bronekhorst, 1 Wellington place, Goswell street
Duke of Wellington, J Giles, John street, Limehouse
Duke of Wellington, J Harrold, Brook street, Ratcliff
Duke of Wellington, J Hughes, Peartree alley, Wapping
Duke of Wellington, M R Jenkins, Lucas street, Commercial road
Duke of Wellington, W Marshall, 15 Spring gardens, Charing Cross
Duke of Wellington, George Pightling, North street, Whitechapel
Duke of Wellington, W Pilon, 28 Princes street, Soho
Duke of Wellington, J C Roberts, 232 High street, Shoreditch
Duke of Wellington, Sacko, Wellington street, Islington
Duke of Wellington, J Schnackenburg, 8 Cannon street, St Georges east
Duke of Wellington, J Timby, 92 Drury lane
Duke of Wellington, J Ward, 95 Crawford street
Duke of Wellington, Thomas Wise, 21 Coleshill street, Pimlico
Duke of Wirtemberg, Marshall Thomas, Hatfield Street, Blackfriars road
Duke of York, T Austen, York street, Commercial road
Duke of York, W Bayley, Regent Street, Westminster
Duke of York, R Castell, York Terrace, Borough Road
Duke of York, Mark Cullingford, 3 Upper York street,  Bryanston square
Duke of York, Thomas Davies, 19 Liquorpond Street
Duke of York, J H Emery, Allington Street, Pimlico
Duke of York, W Fulwell, York terrace, Limehouse
Duke of York, G Gooding, 13 Great Marylebone street
Duke of York, Ann Hathaway, 8 Little Charlotte Street, Rathbone place
Duke of York, G Henekey, 29 High Street, Shadwell
Duke of York, G Jenkins, Turk street, Bethnal green road
Duke of York, C Jesson, 9 Henry street, Bedford row
Duke of York, E Kelly, Church place, Paddington
Duke of York, Edw Kingsbury, Grove street, Blissett street, Bethnal green road
Duke of York, A McPherson, Hospital row, Chelsea
Duke of York, J Miller, 8 Shepherd street, Oxford street
Duke of York, G Parsons, 1 Ormond yard, York street, St James's
Duke of York, Pelham Pearce, Gloucester street, St John street road
Duke of York, C Sheppard, 123 Great Surrey street
Duke of York, E Stringer, 45 Queen street,  Bryanston square
Duke of York, W White, 3 Fair street, Horselydown
Duke of York, I Wills, Great Shire lane, Fleet street
Duke on Horseback, W R Mott, Holland Street, Blackfriars bridge
Dukes Arms, W Blunden, Upper Marsh, Lambeth
Dukes Head, G B Bean, Priest alley, Tower hill
Dukes Head, R Belworth, Loman Street, Borough
Dukes Head, George Hattersley, 31 Great Peter street, Westminster
Dukes Head, G Horn, 16 Vine street, Hatton wall
Dukes Head, William Hunter, Rotherhithe
Dukes Head, S Lovesay, Fore street, Lambeth
Dukes Head, William Morgan, Redcross street, Borough
Dukes Head, J Nightingale, 30 Chamber street
Dukes Head, George Osborn, 28 Norton falgate
Dukes Head, J Pearce, 56 Museum street, Bloomsbury
Dukes Head, James Stephens, 79 Whitechapel road
Dukes Head, J Theed, Lower Kennington lane
Dun Cow, Edw Allford, Old Kent road
Dundee Arms, E Drabwell, 251 High Street, Wapping
Dundee Arms, J George, Church street, Horselydown
Dun Horse, Thomas Callow, 161 High Street, Borough
Dun Horse, Joseph Andrews, 11 Kingsland road
Durham Arms, William Simmons, Hackney road
Dunstan Arms, L Williams, 10 East road, City road
Dyers Arms, W R Inall, 16 Cannon street
Dyers Arms, H Ray, Long Alley, Finsbury
Dyers Arms, W Turner, Webb street, Bermondsey street

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