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Nuneaton and Bedworth, Warwickshire pubs in August 2018

This site is obviously about pub history, and also connects to my many other pub history sites. These pages are of all the open pubs, as listed by the Foods Standards Agency at August 2018, there are currently over 50,000 open pubs.  Index of all Boroughs

Nuneaton and Bedworth Warwickshire - 103
Abbey Theatre,"Nuneaton Arts Centre, Pool Bank Street, Nuneaton",CV11 5DB,Nuneaton and Bedworth
Alties,"Alties, Newtown Road, Bedworth",CV12 8QP,Nuneaton and Bedworth
Atack Snooker Club,"Regent Street, Nuneaton",CV11 4BL,Nuneaton and Bedworth
Attleborough Arms,"Highfield Road, Nuneaton",CV11 4PL,Nuneaton and Bedworth
Attleborough Liberal Club,"Attleborough Liberal Club, Bull Street, Nuneaton",CV11 4JX,Nuneaton and Bedworth
Attleborough Sports Club,"Attleborough Sports Club Site 63A017, Marston Lane, Nuneaton",CV11 4RD,Nuneaton and Bedworth
Bedworth Conservative Club,"10 Coventry Road, Bedworth",CV12 8NN,Nuneaton and Bedworth
Bedworth Ex Servicemens Club,"Rye Piece Ringway, Bedworth",CV12 8JH,Nuneaton and Bedworth
Bedworth Liberal Club,"Bedworth Liberal Club, 22 King Street, Bedworth",CV12 8HT,Nuneaton and Bedworth
Bedworth United Football Club,"Bedworth United Football Club, Coventry Road, Bedworth",CV12 8NN,Nuneaton and Bedworth
Bentley Road Sports Club,"Bentley Road Sports Club, Bentley Road, Nuneaton",CV11 5LR,Nuneaton and Bedworth
Bierkeller,"42 Newdegate Street, Nuneaton",CV11 4EU,Nuneaton and Bedworth
Bulkington Sports & Social Club,"Bulkington Sports And Social Club, School Road, Bulkington",CV12 9PZ,Nuneaton and Bedworth
Bulkington Working Mens Club & Institute,"Bulkington Working Mens Club, Chequer Street, Bulkington",CV12 9NH,Nuneaton and Bedworth
CJ's Restaurant and Bar,"Arbury Road, Nuneaton",CV10 7NJ,Nuneaton and Bedworth
Cleaver Squash Club,"Cleaver Squash, Cleaver Football Ground, Weddington Road, Nuneaton",CV10 0AL,Nuneaton and Bedworth
Collycroft W M C,"Collycroft Working Mens Club, Leicester Road, Bedworth",CV12 8AG,Nuneaton and Bedworth
Coniston Tavern,"Coniston Tavern, Pallett Drive, Nuneaton",CV11 6JT,Nuneaton and Bedworth
Coton Conservative Club,"Bridge Street, Nuneaton",CV11 5UD,Nuneaton and Bedworth
Coton Sports & Social Club,"52 Henry Street, Nuneaton",CV11 5SQ,Nuneaton and Bedworth
Coventry Welsh R F C,"Burbages Lane, Coventry",CV6 6AY,Nuneaton and Bedworth
Cricketers Arms,"Cricketers Arms, 60 Nuneaton Road, Bedworth",CV12 8AR,Nuneaton and Bedworth
Cross Keys,"Cross Keys Inn, Goodyers End Lane, Bedworth",CV12 0HR,Nuneaton and Bedworth
Empire Gym & Studios,"Empire Gym & Studios, 6 Leicester Road, Nuneaton",CV11 4BW,Nuneaton and Bedworth
Fever,"Bond House, Newdegate Street, Nuneaton",CV11 4EU,Nuneaton and Bedworth
Fife Street W.M.C.,"64 Fife Street, Nuneaton",CV11 5PW,Nuneaton and Bedworth
Fuzzy Duck,"121 Attleborough Road, Nuneaton",CV11 4JQ,Nuneaton and Bedworth
George Eliot Hotel,"Bridge Street, Nuneaton",CV11 4DZ,Nuneaton and Bedworth
Grand Bingo,"Grand Bingo, Camp Hill Road, Nuneaton",CV10 0JP,Nuneaton and Bedworth
Griff & Coton Sports Club,"Griff And Coton Sports Club, Heath End Road, Nuneaton",CV10 7JQ,Nuneaton and Bedworth
Griff House Beefeater & Premier Inn,"Griff House Restaurant, Coventry Road, Nuneaton",CV10 7PJ,Nuneaton and Bedworth
Hare & Hounds,"Hare & Hounds Lane, Nuneaton",CV10 7JA,Nuneaton and Bedworth
Haunchwood Sports and Social Club,"Haunchwood Institute, Valley Road, Nuneaton",CV10 9NH,Nuneaton and Bedworth
Hearty Goodfellow,"285 Arbury Road, Nuneaton",CV10 7NQ,Nuneaton and Bedworth
Higham Lane Leisure Association,"Ambleside Leisure Association, Ambleside Way, Nuneaton",CV11 6AT,Nuneaton and Bedworth
Jacks Club,"58 King Street, Bedworth",CV12 8JQ,Nuneaton and Bedworth
Jolly's,"8a The Square, Nuneaton",CV11 4JY,Nuneaton and Bedworth
Kingswood Tavern,"Kingswood Tavern, Kingswood Road, Nuneaton",CV10 8QH,Nuneaton and Bedworth
Lamb & Flag Inn,"Lamb And Flag, Church Road, Nuneaton",CV10 8LJ,Nuneaton and Bedworth
Lord Hop,"38 Queens Road, Nuneaton",CV11 5JX,Nuneaton and Bedworth
Masonic Buildings,"12 Newdegate Place, Nuneaton",CV11 4EZ,Nuneaton and Bedworth
Middlemarch Farm,"Bermuda Park, St Davids Way, Nuneaton",CV10 7SE,Nuneaton and Bedworth
Midland Railway,"Midland Railway Inn, Whittleford Road, Nuneaton",CV10 9HU,Nuneaton and Bedworth
Miners Arms,"Miners Arms, Whittleford Road, Nuneaton",CV10 9HU,Nuneaton and Bedworth
Miners Arms,"Miners Arms, Marston Lane, Bedworth",CV12 8DH,Nuneaton and Bedworth
Newdigate Colliery & District Sports & Social Club,"Newdigate Sports And Social Club, Smorrall Lane, Bedworth",CV12 0JP,Nuneaton and Bedworth
Nuneaton Bowling Club,"112a Higham Lane, Nuneaton",CV11 6AX,Nuneaton and Bedworth
Nuneaton Cricket Club,"Nuneaton Cricket Ground, Weddington Road, Nuneaton",CV10 0AL,Nuneaton and Bedworth
Nuneaton Dance Centre,"6 The Square, Nuneaton",CV11 4JY,Nuneaton and Bedworth
Nuneaton Golf Club,"Golf Club, Golf Drive, Nuneaton",CV11 6QF,Nuneaton and Bedworth
Nuneaton Rugby Club,"Rugby Football Club, Liberty Way, Nuneaton",CV11 6RR,Nuneaton and Bedworth
Nuneaton Town Football Club,"Liberty Way, Nuneaton",CV11 6RR,Nuneaton and Bedworth
Old Black Bank,"4 Black Bank, Coventry",CV7 9NY,Nuneaton and Bedworth
Old Edwardians R F C,"Cleaver Squash And Fitness, Weddington Road, Nuneaton",CV10 0HF,Nuneaton and Bedworth
Palace Bingo,"Palace Bingo, Leicester Road, Bedworth",CV12 8AB,Nuneaton and Bedworth
Plough Inn,"Plough Hill Road, Nuneaton",CV10 9NY,Nuneaton and Bedworth
Poppys Venue (formerly known as),"Bulkington War Memorial Club, Stafford Close, Bulkington",CV12 9QX,Nuneaton and Bedworth
Prince of Wales,"Bulkington Road, Bedworth",CV12 9DT,Nuneaton and Bedworth
Railway Tavern,"Railway Tavern, Bond Street, Nuneaton",CV11 4DA,Nuneaton and Bedworth
Reflex,"Reflex, Church Street, Nuneaton",CV11 4AD,Nuneaton and Bedworth
Royal Oak Inn,"Royal Oak Inn, Royal Oak Lane, Coventry",CV12 0JB,Nuneaton and Bedworth
Rule & Compass,"Rule And Compass, Leicester Street, Bulkington",CV12 9NG,Nuneaton and Bedworth
Salutation Inn,"Salutation Inn, 31 Chancery Lane, Nuneaton",CV10 0PB,Nuneaton and Bedworth
Saunders Hall W M C,"Saunders Hall Working Mens Club, Saunders Avenue, Bedworth",CV12 8RJ,Nuneaton and Bedworth
Stockingford Pavilion Club,"Pavilion, Ansley Road, Nuneaton",CV10 8LT,Nuneaton and Bedworth
Stockingford Sports & Social Club,"Stockingford Labour Club, Arbury Road, Nuneaton",CV10 7NJ,Nuneaton and Bedworth
The Acorn,"Camborne Drive, Nuneaton",CV11 6GU,Nuneaton and Bedworth
The Anker,"Weddington Road, Nuneaton",CV10 0AN,Nuneaton and Bedworth
The Bear & Ragged Staff,"Bear And Ragged Staff, 50 King Street, Bedworth",CV12 8JA,Nuneaton and Bedworth
The Blue Bear,"15 Abbey Street, Nuneaton",CV11 5BT,Nuneaton and Bedworth
The Boat,"The Boat Inn, Blackhorse Road, Coventry",CV6 6DL,Nuneaton and Bedworth
The Bull and Anchor,"Bull And Anchor, 233 Wheelwright Lane, Coventry",CV7 9HN,Nuneaton and Bedworth
The Cedar Tree,"Avenue Road, Nuneaton",CV11 4LX,Nuneaton and Bedworth
The Chestnuts Club,"32 Old Hinckley Road, Nuneaton",CV10 0AB,Nuneaton and Bedworth
The Chetwynd Arms,"Chetwynd Arms, Chetwynd Drive, Nuneaton",CV11 4TF,Nuneaton and Bedworth
The Corner House,"Corner House Hotel, Nuneaton Road, Bulkington",CV12 9SB,Nuneaton and Bedworth
The Crew,"75-77 Queens Road, Nuneaton",CV11 5LA,Nuneaton and Bedworth
The Crows Nest,"Crowhill Road, Nuneaton",CV11 6PJ,Nuneaton and Bedworth
The Crystal Palace,"Crystal Palace, Gadsby Street, Nuneaton",CV11 4PA,Nuneaton and Bedworth
The Felix Holt,"3 Stratford Street, Nuneaton",CV11 5BS,Nuneaton and Bedworth
The Fox Inn,"The Fox Inn, The Square, Nuneaton",CV11 4JY,Nuneaton and Bedworth
The Green Bear,"51-53 Church Road, Nuneaton",CV10 8LB,Nuneaton and Bedworth
The Griffin,"Coventry Road, Nuneaton",CV10 7PJ,Nuneaton and Bedworth
The Horseshoes,"2 Heath End Road, Nuneaton",CV10 7JQ,Nuneaton and Bedworth
The Jailhouse,"Chapel Street, Nuneaton",CV11 5QH,Nuneaton and Bedworth
The Newdigate Arms,"Newdigate Arms, Newdigate Road, Bedworth",CV12 8EF,Nuneaton and Bedworth
The Old Royal Oak,"Royal Oak, Nuneaton Road, Bedworth",CV12 8AP,Nuneaton and Bedworth
The Olde Chequers Inn,"Chequers Inn, 12 Chequer Street, Bulkington",CV12 9NH,Nuneaton and Bedworth
The Parade,"The Parade, 24 Coton Road, Nuneaton",CV11 5TJ,Nuneaton and Bedworth
The Plough Inn,"Smorrall Lane, Bedworth",CV12 0LG,Nuneaton and Bedworth
The Rose Inn,"Coton Road, Nuneaton",CV11 5TW,Nuneaton and Bedworth
The Royal Oak,"Royal Oak, Arbury Road, Nuneaton",CV10 7NQ,Nuneaton and Bedworth
The Royal Oak,"The Royal Oak, 4 The Square, Nuneaton",CV11 4JY,Nuneaton and Bedworth
The Sunnyside,"Sunnyside Inn, Northumberland Avenue, Nuneaton",CV10 8ER,Nuneaton and Bedworth
The Whitestone,"Meadowside, Nuneaton",CV11 6NF,Nuneaton and Bedworth
Town Talk,"11 Abbey Green, Nuneaton",CV11 5DR,Nuneaton and Bedworth
Travellers Rest,"Travellers Rest, Bulkington Road, Bedworth",CV12 9DG,Nuneaton and Bedworth
Trent Valley House WMC,"New Street, Bedworth",CV12 9DL,Nuneaton and Bedworth
Weavers Arms,"The Weavers Arms, Long Street, Bulkington",CV12 9JZ,Nuneaton and Bedworth
Weddington Social Club,"Weddington Social Club, Weddington Road, Nuneaton",CV10 0ER,Nuneaton and Bedworth
White Lion,"White Lion Inn, Croft Road, Nuneaton",CV10 7DZ,Nuneaton and Bedworth
Woodlands Working Mens Club,"Woodlands Road, Bedworth",CV12 0AB,Nuneaton and Bedworth
Yeoman Harvester,"St Nicolas Park Drive, Nuneaton",CV11 6EN,Nuneaton and Bedworth

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