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Romford 1861 Census Walk

part 2

 History of Romford

Romford 1861 Census - an abridged walk through the town of Romford following the enumerators steps. This lists the head of most households present in 1861, but not all - there would have been approximately 800 persons in total listed in this census.

All that part of the Town Ward of Romford which lies South of the High Road from Hornchurch Lane to Harrolds Wood Ward. West of Harrolds Wood Ward to Squirrels Heath. North of the Road from Squirrels Heath to Waterloo Road, and East from Waterloo Road to High Street

Hare Street Road:
Miller - Edward Collier
Master builder - Joseph S Hammond

Cottage Place:
School Mistress - Mary Ann Newton
Brick layer - Robert Milburn
Carpenter - George Bateman
Dairyman - Thomas Cooper
Teacher of music - Sarah M Lucas
Currier - Joseph Prior
Shoe maker - Edward G Wheatley
Railway clerk - Alfred Cass
Carpenter - John Hammond
Shoe maker - Charles Piggott
Hay binder - William Mann
Toll Collector - Alfred McDonald

Belmont Place:
Gardener - Harriet Hay
Butcher, Retired - John Taylor
Linen drapers assistant - Charles Bamford
Pawnbroker - George P Griggs
Groom - William Cumbers
Labourer at Chemists - Michael Regan
Ostler - John Reed
Sawyer - Michael Squires

Market Place:
Carpenter - Charles Hammond
National School - Eliza Smith
National school - John J Cavill
Savings Bank - Oswald Adams

Mercury Gardens:
Wheelwright - Joseph Cressingham
Ostler - Henry Frost
Vermin destroyer - William Taylor
Carpenter - George Boughtwell
Carpenter - William Murfleet
Coach painter - William Macro
Shoe maker - William Potipher

Market Place:
Attorney & solicitor - Charles J Rawlings
Proprietor of Houses - Sarah Poston
Stock broker - James Kerwin
Governess - Mahalah J Browne
Warehouseman - John S Clube

Regent House - Henry Hedges
Charwoman - Amm E Surridge
Solicitor - Baker Smith
Bricklayers labourer - John Clark
Ag Labourer - Thomas Childs
Confectioner - Mary Bayman
Dress maker - Elizabeth Skinner
Annuitant - Susan Collins
Pork butcher & grocer - George L Mard
Coal & Corn merchant - George K Gilbey
Currier - John B Smith
Retired merchant - Joseph Minet
Land proprietor - John Nichols
Victualler - John Sorrell [Bull inn]
Tin plate worker - Richard Davis
China dealer & News agent - Charles B Harvey
School mistress - Charlotte E Knott
Carpenter & stationer - John Hinds
Hair dresser - Robert Stubbings
Victualler - Mary Sawyer [Windmill & Bells]

Bournes Yard:
Painter - Henry Davis
Brick layer - Thomas Hearn
Ag Labourer - Joseph Parrish
Blacksmith - Elijah Underwood

Market Place:
Eating Houses - Daniel Hockley
Tailor - Daniel McDonald
Butcher - James Mundy
Baker - Thomas Seabrook
Victualler - John Cornwell
Grocer - Thomas Carter
Milliner - Sarah Mays
Victualler - Frederick S Mantell [Bluchers Head]

Market Place:
Nurseryman - Thomas Thompson
Shoe maker - John Luck
China dealer - Sarah E Ekins
Stationer - Elizabeth M Burbrow
Linen draper - David March
Victualler - Joseph Finch [Kings Head]
Chemist & Druggist - Charlotte Macarthy
Victualler - William Clark [Kings Arms]
Linen draper - Thomas Champness
Linen draper- James Taylor
Carpenter - Wiliam Copsey
Cooper - Joseph Vale
Chelsea pensioner - Richard Howard
Brewers Labourer - Thomas Standley
Grocer - Benjamin H Dodwell

South Street:
Watch & clock maker - William H Attwell
Victualler - John W Blakeley [Fox & Hounds]
Eating House - John Hoy
Harness maker - George Mead
Pork butcher - James Spurge
Butcher - James Spurge
Boot & shoe maker - Henry Wood
Solicitor - North Surridge

Bankers clerk - Alexander Merrett
Railway clerk - William Slater
Corn dealer - Thomas Mortlock
Milliner - Jane Gentry
Confectioner - William Abrey
Cooper - James W Bailey
Retired grocer - William Ellis

South street:
Brewers labourer - Henry Amey
Stewards, Veterinary surgeon - Henry Lawrence

Western Road:
Railway clerk - John Stringfellow
Cooper - Thomas Adams
Shop Assistant - Francis Knight
Retired fishmonger - Robert Ireland
Ironmonger - John Thomas Pink
Gardener - Anthony Jackson
Groom - William Hunnikin
Landed proprietor - William Andrews

South Street
Governess - Isabella E Gouges
Retired glazier - Benjamin Ellis
Bank manager- Richard Roberts
Victualler - Caroline Kerr [Rising Sun]
Miller - John Edwards

Victoria Road:
Railway cashier - William H Ellis
Fundholder - Martha Surridge
Fundholder- Sarah Smith
Brewers collector - Frederick Carder
Post office clerk - John C Dixon
Cattle dealer - George Rich
Brewers storekeeper - William Stewart
British school master - James Clarke
Cooper - James Brightwell

Albert Road:
Brentwood Road:
Carpenter - Frederick Brunning
Superintendent Inland revenue - Richard Crow
Coachman - Walter J Sedgwick
Railway clerk - William C Bardwell

Victoria Road
Coal porter - James Clark
Brewers labourer - Charles Marriott
Whitesmith - John Palmer
Brewers labourer - George Read
Ostler - Joseph Gooch
Cooper - Walter Martin
Horse Keeper - Charles Rolph
Brewers labourer - William Letts
Ag labourer - George Wilcox

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