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Romford 1914 Kelly's Directory

History of Romford

Commercial Traders  G - M

Gale W & G, brick makers, Hainult Road, North Street
Gardiner Arthur, shopkeeper, 37 Marlborough Road
Gardner John James, insurance agent, 1 Deemster villas, Hornchurch Road
Gardner Stanley, solicitor, 4 South Street
Garnett Charles Benjamin, tobacconist, 6 South Street
Gilbert Frederick William, ironmonger, 49 South Street
Glasscock Edward, hair dresser, 3 High Street
Glossop Edward, hair dresser, 24 Mawneys Road
Godfrey Philip, shopkeeper, 68 Park Lane
Goodson S A & K E (Misses), confectioners, 41 London Road
Gordon John, china & glass dealer, 45 Victoria Road
Gostling & Hosegood, dairymen, 39 London Road & 72 Brentwood Road
Grant B & Co Limited, wine & spirit merchants, High Street
Graves William Sterndale, piano dealer, 2 London Road
Gray Arthur W, musical instrument dealer, 21 Victoria Road
Green Arthur Henry, picture frame maker, 34 Victoria Road
Green Charles David MD Lond, BS Lond, FRCS Eng, surgeon, The Ferns, 75 South Street
Green Harry, coal & coke merchant, 9 Mawneys Lane
Grimwood Herbert Claud jun, farrier, Attewells yard, High Street
Gross Charles, confectioner, 66 South Street
Gunn Violet (Miss), teacher of music, 35 Marks Road
Gunn Eva (Miss), milliner, 74 South Street
Guymer Robert, house furnisher, 7 South Street
Hacker Brothers, timber merchants, South Street
Hailstone Oliver, supt of police, inspector of houses & places for slaughtering horses & of hackney carriages & explosives, Police Station
Hale James, furniture dealer, 3 Waterloo Road
Hale John Thomas, taxidermist, 24 St Andrews Road
Hall John, grocer, 124 Victoria Road
Hallows Henry, Rising Sun PH, South Street
Hammond Edith & Mabel (Misses), private school for girls, 38 Western Road
Hammond Joseph Samuel & Son, builders, Hill house, Market place
Hammond E, valuer, see Westgate & Hammond
Hammond Joseph William, house agent, 40 High Street
Hammond John William, coach trimmer, 223 Marks Road
Hammond William James, ladies outfitter, 78 Market place
Harman Harry, insurance agent, 2 Brentwood Road
Harrington Henry, architect & surveyor, Corn Exchange, 8 High Street
Harris W & Co Romford Limited, hay & straw merchants, 23 Victoria Road
Harris Annie A (Mrs), wardrobe dealer, 32 Victoria Road
Harris Bertha M (Miss), CMB midwife, 45 Carlisle Road
Harris Frank, station master London, Tilbury & Southend railway, South Street
Harris Robert W, beer retailer, 164 London Road
Harris William, boot maker, 58 Park Lane
Harrison, Barber & Co Limited, horse slaughterers, 37 Market place
Harrison William, nurseryman, Forest Road
Hart Thomas Joseph, butcher, 92 Victoria Road
Hart Walter D G, Coach & Bell inn, High Street
Harvey Albert Henry, valuer & registrar of births & deaths for Romford sub-district, 10 Olive Street
Harvey George J, builder, 1 Kings Road
Harvey Isaac Jonn, commercial traveller, Ruddywell, 24 Manor Road
Hasler Herbert Eustace, blacksmith, Market place
Haylock J W Limited, boot makers, 16 1/2 South Street
Heffer Robert, nurseryman, Osborne Road & 59 Salisbury Road, Heath Park
Hepworth Harry, shopkeeper, 37 St Andrews Road
Hierns Robert, haberdasher, 56 Park Lane
Hignell Sidney, insurance agent, 17 Knighton Road
Hill Charles, gymnastic instructor, 43 North Street
Hill Elizabeth (Mrs), temperance hotel, North Street
Hill William, boot maker, 30 Victoria Road
Hilliard George & Sons, fruiterers, 55 Victoria Road
Hilton James, shopkeeper & beer retailer, Mawneys Road
Hitch Samuel Charles & Son, house & estate agents & certified bailiffs, Douglas villas, Hornchurch Road
Hobday & Son, house & estate agents, 81 South Street
Hobday Frederick, collector to South Essex Water Co & to St Andrew Tithe & certified bailiff & assistant overseer, 81 South Street
Hodges & Son, grocers, 160 London Road
Holby James, insurance agent, 5 Cromer Road
Holby John, jobbing gardener, 72 St Andrews Road
Hole Herbert Walter, picture frame maker, 60 South Street
Holford Thomas C, artificial teeth maker, 4 High Street
Home & Colonial Stores Ltd, tea dealers, 47 South Street
Honour Wm Hy, Laurie Arms PH, 61 St Andrews Road
Hooper Charles Richard, furniture dealer, 84 Victoria Road
Hope David, chimney sweeper, 7 Queen Street
Hoppe Walter, carrier, 3 Mawneys Lane
Hosegood Edwin, dairyman, see Gosling & Hosegood
Howard Florence (Mrs), confectioner, Ely house, Mawneys Road
Hummerstone & Pidington, nurserymen, Lily nurseries, Brentwood Road
Humphrey Charles William, butcher, 9 & 11 South Street
Humphrey Harry, baker, 54 Market place
Hunnable W & Co, builders, South Street
Hunnable William, builder, 35 Eastern Road
Hunt & Hunt, solicitors & commissioners for oaths, 33 South Street
Hunt Francis John, solicitor, see Hunt & Hunt
Hunt Frank, smith, Market place
Hunt Sydney, solicitor, see Hunt & Hunt
Hunwicks George T, boot repairer, 51 Waterloo Road
Hunwicks Percy L, dining rooms, 1 Norfolk parade, London Road
Ind, Coope & Co (1912) Limited, brewers, High Street; & Burton on Trent
International Tea Company's Stores Limited, grocers, 16 South Street & 66 Victoria Road
Ives Amelia (Miss), private school, see White & Ives (Misses)
Ives Louisa (Miss), dress maker, 39 Market place
Jacob Archibald Hamilton LRCP, LRCS Irel, physician & surgeon, 11 Victoria Road
Jarvis & Co, grocers & post office, 19 London Road
Jarvis Ernest, hair dresser, 42 High Street
Jarvis John H, hosier, 80 & 82 Market place
Jarvis William, insurance agent, 46 Carlisle Road
Jennings Samuel, carman, Marlborough Road
Johnson Vernon Wm, shopkeeper, 24 Margaret Road, Heath Park
Johnston Thomas, cycle agent, 35 High Street
Jones David, confectioner, 69 High Street
Kemp George Alfred, tobacconist, 34 Market place
Kemsley Messrs, auctioneers, Corn Exchange, 8 High Street
Kinet John, shopkeeper, 209 Marks Road
King Charles Thomas, clerk to the Romford Urban District Council, Market place
King James, Fox & Hounds PH, South Street
King John T, boot dealer, 72a South Street
King Nichol Thomas Nichols, plumber, 73 George Street
Kirkpatrick Charles, tailor, 37 Victoria Road
Kistler Andrew, watch maker & jeweller, 1 South Street
Kistler Mary (Miss), fancy repository, 58 High Street
Knott William George, supt to the Prudential Assurance Co Limited, 34 Manor Road
Knowles Edwin James, tailor, 118 Como Street
Labour Exchange, Board of Trade (William Henry Foau, manager), 73 South Street
Lambert Edwin, shopkeeper, 2 Park Lane
Lancaster & Co, builders, Mawneys Road, TN 68 Romford
Lane Albert Wakefield, picture frame maker, 102 Market place
Lapley Selina (Mrs), greengrocer, 118 Marks Road
Lapwood Charles, carman, Pretoria Road
Lapwood George, highway surveyor to Romford Rural District Council, 16a South Street
Lasham John William, chemist, druggist, drysalter & oil & colour merchant, 1 High Street & 35 Victoria Road
Laurie Cinema (Charles J Willmott, manager), cinematograph theatre, Market place
Lawrence Alfred, shopkeeper, 60 Park Lane
Lawrence Edmund S, stationer etc, 56 Market place
Leach William, greengrocer, 9 Park Lane
Lee James, shopkeeper, 31 St Andrews Road
Legg Brothers, bakers, 90 Brentwood Road
Legg Frederick George, grocer, 48 Albert Road
Leggett Arthur, boot maker, 25 Park Lane
Lewis Albert, blacksmith & farrier, Market place
Lewis William Albert, Star hotel, South Street
Liberty of Havering Bowling Club (Charles Parson, sec), Swan Hotel, Market place
Liberty of Havering & District Association for the Protection of Property (A H Symons, sec & solicitor), 68 South Street
Linch Bert, boot repairer, 30 Albert Road
Line Mary Ann (Miss), dress maker, 78 Albert Road
Linsell Louisa (Mrs), shopkeeper, 37 Vine Street
Lister Emma (Miss), private school for boys & girls, 132 Brentwood Road
Littlechild Alfred, fishmonger, 17 Mildmay Road
Liverpool Victoria Legal Friendly Society, 19a North Street
Lloyd & Upton, solicitors, 13 Market place
Lloyds Bank Limited (William K James, manager), 3 Market place; draw on head office, 71 Lombard Street EC
London Clothing Co, clothiers, 19 South Street
London County & Westminster Bank Limited (branch) (Leslie Selby, manager), 5 High Street; draw on head office, 41 Lothbury, London EC
London & Provincial Bank Limited ( A B Causton, manager), South Street; draw on London agents, Glyn, Mills, Currie & Co; head office, 3 Bank buildings, Lothbury EC
Long Ellen M (Mrs), Bluchers Head inn, 44 Market place
Long George, shopkeeper, Mawneys Road
Lotcho Isaac Henry, commercial traveller, Belaugh house, Mawneys Road
Lucas Bessie (Mrs), china & glass dealer 35, & piano dealer & tuner 37, South Street
Luckin Joseph, linen draper, 96 High Street
Lush & Cook Limited, dyers & cleaners, 34 South Street
Macarthys Drug Stores, 94 Brentwood Road
Macarthys Mineral Water Factory (G Hearn, proprietor), 26 Market place
McChlery & Son, butchers, 70 Market place
McIntyre David, tailor, 20 Waterloo Road
Mackarness Louisa (Miss), shopkeeper, 149 Douglas Street
Makings George, builder, see Davey & Makings
Mann Herbert, farmer, Little Pettits Farm, Pettits Lane
Mansfield Sarah (Miss), dress dealer, 114 Como Street
Manzano Leopold, hair dresser, 70 South Street
March Sarah & Emma (Misses), fancy repository, 86 Market place
March Charles S, draper, 32 Market place
Maryon William Henry, greengrocer, 196 London Road
Maslen Henry, greengrocer, 14 Mawneys Road
Mason John, ladies outfitters, 18 Market place
Massey Florence (Miss), shopkeeper, Wheatsheaf Road
Maypole Dairy Co Limited, dairy, 41 South Street
Meadmore Thomas D, baker, 14 High Street
Meehan Harry, hair dresser, 34 High Street
Meloy James, coal merchant, 35 Albert Road
Metcalfe Frank, coach builder, see Page & Metcalfe
Metropolitan Academy of Music (Romford branch) (Frank Bonner, director), 67 South Street
Michael Edward & Co, butchers, 6 Mawneys Road
Milbon Brothers, builders & undertakers, 52 Queen Street
Milbon Arthur, builder, see Milbon Brothers
Milbon Frederick, builder, see Milbon Brothers
Mobsby William Jas, draper & post office, 1 Park Lane
Mond Frederick, shopkeeper, Wheatsheaf Road
Moore amelia Sturgeon (Miss), milliner, 42 Victoria Road
Moore Arthur, greengrocer, 14 London Road
Moore Rowland, shopkeeper, 2 Catherine Road, Heath Park
Moore William Towers, confectioner & post office, 96 Market place
Moss Bertha (Miss), dress maker, 9 Hainault Road
Moss Rosa (Mrs), Kings Head PH, Market place
Moy Thomas Limited, coal merchants, South Street
Mulley Edward, school of shorthand, 67 South Street
Mullis Fred, solicitor & commissioner for oaths, see Surridge & Mullis
Murphy & Son, sign writers, Carlisle Road
Murphy Henrietta (Mrs), tobacconist, 39 Victoria Road
Muskett William, baker, 85 & 87 South street
Myhill Herbert Sidney, confectioner, 62 High Street
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