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Traders in Bromley, Bromley

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Melvilles 1858 Directory of Kent.

BROMLEY is a town, pleasantly situated in the Western Division of the county,  ...

Public Houses in Bromley

TRADERS in 1858 Melvilles Directory

Acton, Samuel Poole, wine and spirit merchant, High street
Alder, William, Crown, Common
Alexander, William, butcher, High street
Atkins, George, carpenter, Farwig
Ayling, Thomas, boot and shoe maker, High street
Baker, Mrs. Mary, beer retailer, Common
Bateman, William, plumber, High street
Bath, Thomas, veterinary surgeon, High street
Battersbee, George, ironmonger, High street
Battersbee, Robert, tailor, High street
Baxton, Thomas, auctioneer, etc., High street
Baxter, William, chemist and druggist, High street
Bean, Frederick, grocer, High street
Black, Alexander, land steward, Sundridge Farm
Blake, Barnabas, haberdasher and hosier, Market place
Bourne, Charles, registrar of births and deaths, London road
Broad, Miss Ann, dressmaker, Market place
Brown, Joseph, cooper, Market place
Budding, George, Laurel, London road
Burgess, William, boot and shoe maker, High street
Burgess, William, grocer, common
Burton, Robert D., tailor, hatter, and draper, High street
Carpenter, James S., upholsterer, etc., High street
Churcher, James, shoemaker, High street
Churoher, James William, boot and shoe maker, Market place
Churcher, Miss Clare, milliner and dressmaker, High street
Cooper, Eobert, corn and coal merchant, Market place
Cooper, William, tailor and draper, High street
Crowhurst, Eobert, draper, etc., Market place
Dane, William Samuel, Crown, Plaistow
Davis, John, beer retailer, Mason's hill
Davison, James, Rose and Crown, High street
Debben, John, linen draper, High street
Downes, John, solicitor, High street
Doyles, John, hairdresser, High street
Draper, William, wheelwright, Common
Dunn, Miss Sarah, upholsterer, Market place
Eaton, Christopher, butcher, High street
Ellis, Alfred, butcher, High street
Ely, Henry, beer retailer, Common
Freeman, George, greengrocer, Market place
French, Robert, beer retailer, Farwig
Giles, William, Duke's Head, High street
Gill, William, bricklayer, Common
Gomar, William, dairyman, High street
Gordon, Mrs., watch and clock maker, High street
Gould, Henry, Greyhound, High street
Green, the Misses, ironmongers, Market place
Grigg, Thomas, carrier, Market place
Hall, John, tallow chandler and plumber, High street
Hammond, Mrs. Sarah, boot and shoe warehouse, Market place
Harbar, James, wheelwright, Widmore
Harradine, Joseph, White Swan Commercial Inn, High street
Harter, John, plumber and glazier, High street
Heaysman, Thomas, butcher, Market place
Hinchliffe, David, stonemason
Hodges, Richard, hairdresser, etc., High street
Horn, Edward, greengrocer, High street
How, John, watch and clock maker, Market place
Ilott, James, surgeon, High street
Ilott, Edward, surgeon, High street
Ingles, William H., saddle and harness maker, High street
Isard, Richard, butcher, Gravel pits
Isard, Richard, wax and tallow chandler, Market place
Isard, William, grocer, High street
Jenkins, Thomas, grocer, Common
Jessup, Mrs. Sarah, dressmaker, High street
Jones, David, grocer and tea dealer, High street
Jones, James, grocer, High street
Jordan, Peter, shopkeeper, Market place-
Joyce, John, baker, High street
Kelsey, Ezekiel, brewer and beer retailer, Plaistow
Kemp, James, carpenter, High street
King, Edward, blacksmith, Farwig
Knowles, George, grocer and tea dealer, High street
Lamb, the Misses, young ladies' school, High street
Latter, Robert B., and Robinson, solicitors, Market place
Leach, Robert, grocer, High street
Lepard, William, turner, High street
Lowndes, William, White Hart Hotel, High street
Main, John, land steward, Bickley Park Farm
Mallett, William Lewis, bricklayer, etc, High street
Mansfield, Mr., farmer, Common
Middlemiss, William, baker, London road
Milstead, Joseph, builder, High street
Mitchell, T., Tiger's Head, and farmer, Mason's hill
Mitchell, James, baker and confectioner, Market place
Mitchell, Thomas, beer retailer, Common
Morley, Mr., classical academy, High street
Morun, William, carpenter, St. Henry's place
Mowatt, James, tailor and draper, High street
Muflett, Charles, carpenter and builder, High street
Muffett, Francis, boot and shoe maker, Market place
Mumford, Miss, stationer, Market place
Mundy, Alfred, grocer, High street
Nash and Lukey, linen drapers and silk mercers. High street
Nettleford, John, auctioneer and upholsterer, High street
Osborn, Stephen, coach maker, High street
Osmar, Mrs. Hannah, Star and Garter, High street
Osmar, William, brewer and beer retailer, Mason's hill
Parr, George, carrier, High street
Parry, Thomas, leather seller, High street
Pascal!, Joseph, brick and tile maker, Brick Kiln
Pash, Joseph Alworth, boot and shoe warehouse, High street
Pawley, Thomas, posting department, High street
Pawley, William, farmer
Payne, John, grocer, etc., Common
Peerless, James, carpenter, High street
Porter, George, Rising Sun, High street
Porter, Samuel, draper and hosier, High street
Eadmall, John, grocer, etc., Market place
Rawes, Joseph, farmer, Mason's hill
Eawlinson, William, bricklayer, Market place
Rumbold, William, coal dealer, Common
Sanger, the Misses, dressmakers, High street
Sanger, William, blacksmith, Orchard
Shillcock, Joseph B., postmaster, chemist and druggist, High street
Skilleter, Jeremy, farmer, Southborough
Smith and Son, plumbers, painters, and glaziers, High street
Smith, John, Three Compasses, Widmore lane
Smith, Joseph S., artist, High street
Spooner, William, boot and shoe maker, High street
Stafiord, Samuel W., corn and coal merchant, High street
Stidolph, William, nurseryman and seedsman, High street, Common
Stidolph, William, nursery and seedsman, London road
Stone, George, carpenter, Park
Storer, George, confectioner, High street
Stringer, Moses, blacksmith, Common
Strong, Edward, printer, bookseller, and stationer, High street
Sutton, William, Bell Hotel, High street
Sweeting, George, plumber, painter, &c., High street
Taylor, Robert, farmer, Common
Uridge, Isaac, grocer, Market place
Veness, Isaac, dyer, etc., Market place
Verrell, James, stationer and news agent, High street
Walter, James B., ironmonger, etc., High street
Walters, James, bookseller and stationer, High street
Waters, John, coal merchant, High street
Watson, Jacob, milkman, Common
Weeks, George, ironmonger, High street
Wells, Mrs. Ann, grocer, High street
Wells, Joseph, china and glass dealer, High treet
White, James, farmer, Hook Farm
Williams and Morgan, surgeons, High street
Williams, J., Bird in Hand
Wilson, Robert, relieving officer, Common
Wilson, William, blacksmith, Widmore
Wingfleld, James, Royal Oak, Widmore lane
Wood, Thomas, baker, Farwig
Wood, Jabez, parish clerk, Market place
Wood, Thomas, Chequers, Southborough
Woodall, William, fishmonger, High street
Woodhouse, John, farmer, Plaistow
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