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Melvilles 1858 Directory of Kent.

[## The Chatham 1861 census includes Gillingham & Rochester] CHATHAM joins Rochester, and was at one time a small village; it is now an extensive and flourishing town. This is a large garrison town; the arsenal and barracks extend more than two miles on the banks of the Medway. The arsenal contains storehouses, and a large park of artillery. The artillery barrack is a large station for artillery; it was erected in 1804, and forms three sides of a square, and will accommodate 1,200 men. The infantry barracks are very extensive, and will accommodate 3,000 men, principally invalids, recruits, and various depots. St. Mary's church was rebuilt in 1788, and contains the tomb of Stephen Borough, who discovered the Archangel passage. St. John's church was built in 1821, at a cost of above £15,000. St. Bartholomew's chapel stands on the site of an ancient hospital for lepers. Near the High street, behind the Sun Hotel, is a pier for the accommodation of the steam packets to Sheemess and other places. POST-OFFICE, HIGH STREET. - Isaac John Dodd, Postmaster. Letters are delivered at 7-30 A.M., and 2-30 P.M. Box closes, for day mail, at 12 noon; night mail, 10 P.M. Gentry in 1858 Public Houses in Chatham  Traders in 1858 A - F; G - P ; S - Y Melvilles 1858 Directory of Kent.

CHATHAM joins Rochester, and was at one time a small village; it is now an extensive and flourishing town.

Gentry in 1858

Public Houses in Chatham

Traders in 1858
A - F; G - PS - Y

Traders in 1858 Melvilles Directory

G'Ainty, Peter, marine store dealer, High street
Gale, Mrs Susan, greengrocer, Fullalove's lane
Gamon, George sen, baker, Whittaker's place, New road
Gamon, William J, Whittaker's place, New road
Gardner, William G., general carrier, omnibus and funeral carriage proprietor, Rome lane
Gardner, Alexander F., baker, Lower Whittaker's place, New road
Garrett, Charles, Irish Harp, High street
Garrett, Joshua, bricklayer, Church street
Garrett, Mrs. Jane F., the Ship, High street
Gascoyne, William S., Carpenters' Arms, Skinner street
Gaskin, Thomas, appraiser and house agent, Whittaker's place, New road
Gaskin, Thomas, furniture dealer, High street
Gates, Thomas, tobacconist, High street
Geere, Matthew, Lord Duncan, Duncan place, New road
Gegan, William George, pawnbroker, High street
George, Robert, wine, spirit, and porter merchant, 13, Hamond place
Gibbs, John, plumber, painter, Sic., Middle street, Cage lane
Gilbert and Willson, millers, Providence Mill, Luton road
Giles, John, poulterer, High street
Gleadell, Charles Samuel, hairdresser, Brook
Glenn, William, baker, Cullman street, Ordnance place
Godfrey, Mrs. Julia, tea dealer, Richard street
Gold, Richard, general dealer, Globe lane
Goldsmith, Morris, clothier, High street
Goldstone, Paul, grocer, John street, Ordnance place
Goodfellow, Patrick, umbrella and parasol maker, High street
Gooding, Samson, boot and shoe maker, High street
Goodwin, John Thomas, bricklayer, Rhode street
Gradidge, William, paymaster, Royal Navy, Meeting House lane
Graham, John, baker, Saunder's street, Ordnance place
Gransden, George, lime burner, Chatham hill
Gray, Jesse, surgeon, High street
Gray, George, tailor and hatter, Military road
Green, Charles Connell, grocer, High street
Greenfield, Richard, haberdasher, Coleman street, Ordnance place
Greenslade, James D., baker, Old road
Grinstead, William, butcher, Best street
Greenstead, Benjamin, hairdresser, High street
Grover, James, army clothier, High street
Gurnsey, Charles G., grocer, Bryant street
Gurr, John, butcher, High street
Gurr, Henry, butcher, High street
Hadaway, Augustus W., baker, Richard street
Hales, Joseph, greengrocer, Brook
Hall, Alfred, shopkeeper, Brook
Hall, Mrs. Ann, shopkeeper, Fair row
Hall, John, boot and shoe maker, Fullalove's alley
Hall, John, boot and shoe maker, Watts' place
Hand, John, sailmaker, Ordnance terrace, Ordnance place
Handall, James, china and glass warehouse, Brook
Harcus John, tailor, and Alma beerhouse and concert hall, High street
Harding, William, outfitter, High street
Harris, John, tobacconist, Watts' place
Harris and Tuff, army butchers, High street
Harris, Barnet, clothier, High street
Harris, John, beer house, Richard street
Harrison, John, furniture broker, High street
Harrison, William, butcher, High street
Hart, Edward Joseph, clothier, Clover street
Hart, John, shopkeeper, Front row, Ordnance place
Harvey, William, grocer and cheesemonger High street
Hatton, Henry B., Sir Robert Peel, Skinner street
Hawkins, Sir John, Hospital for old sailors and shipwrights, High street
Hawley, John, Dartmouth Arms, High street
Hawley, John, railway contractor, Ordnance terrace, Ordnance place
Haysmore, Susan, lodging house keeper, Brook
Heard, William, boot and shoe maker, Watts' place
Hearn and Co., grocers, High street
Hinniker, William Henry, gunsmith, Military road
Heywood, Thomas S., paymaster, R.N., Ordnance terrace, Ordnance place
Hicks, William, jun., builder, Duncan place, New road
Hicks, Mrs. Frances, draper, High street
Hider, Robert, butcher, Military road
Hilliard, Henry, shipwright, Gibraltar place, New road
Hills, Thomas, solicitor and one of the coroners, for Kent, and clerk to Chatham Local Board of Health, New road
Hills, Thomass, solicitor and clerk to Board of Health, and coroner, High street
Hilton, Charles, Liverpool Coffe and Dining rooms, High street
Himess, Miss Sarah Ann, milliner and dressmaker, Watts' place.
Hoar, Friend., superintendent registrar general of Medway district, Ordnance terrace, Ordnance place
Hobbs, Robert, dockyard clerk;, Regent place, New road
Hodges, Robert, White Swan Tap, Cage lane, Best Town
Hodges, William, grocer, High street
Hodges, Thomas, True Briton, King street, Brook
Hodges, Robert, grocer, Front row, Ordnance place
Hodges, Robert, grocer, High street
Hogben,, Charles,, egg merchant, High street
Hogg, Thomas, tea dealer, Church street
Hollick, Ebenezer D, Cherry Tree Hall, New road
Hollick, Thomas, chemist, Hamond place
Holliday, Thomas, Cross Keys, High street
Holmes, Richard, tobacconist, Military road
Hook, John, lodging house keeper, Brook
Howard,, Frederick James, grower and tea dealer, High. §treet
Hughes, William, grocer, High street,
Hulkes, James, brewer, Chatham intra, High street
Huniseett, Henry Richard, butcher, Providence place, Luton road
Intross, Anthony, baker, barometer maker, Chatham hill
Chatham Hill 
Isaacs, Samuel and Saul, army clothiers, High street
Isaacs, Charles, merchant, Milton terrace, New road
Ive, Joseph, stationer and tobacconist, Military road
Jacobs, John, corn factor and fruiterer, High street
Jarman, Thomas, chemist, High street, Ordnance place
Jasper, William, boot and shoe maker, West street
Jarvis, William, stonemason, Brook
Jarvis, Samuel H, pork butcher, High street
Jecks, Thomas, butcher, Brook
Jenkins, Henry, shopkeeper, Saunder's street, Ordnance place
Jennings, Mrs. Sarah, shopkeeper, High street
Jell, Miss Rebecca, Dover Castle, Globe lane
Johnston, Mrs. Sarah Ann, lodgings, Rome lane
Johnston, Robert, draper, Rome lane,
Jolley, James. T., baker. High street
Jolley, Robert, upholsterer and cabinet maker, Military road
Jordan, Thomas, turner, Lower Whittakers place, New road
Joy, John, corn and flour dealer, Military road
Joy, Warner, miller and corn dealer, High street
Jury, Edward, broker. Brook:
Keddell, Robert, baker, High street.
Kemp, Rabson, builder, Rome lane
Kemp, James, Sir Colin Campbell, Fair row
Kemp, Rabson, carpenter and builder, Lower Whittakers place, New road
Kendall, William Jackson, boot maker, Watts' place
Kennedy, William, shipwright, Pembroke place, New road
Kent, William, grocer and. greengrocer, Military road
Kent, Richard, Lord Nelson, Brook
Kent, Henry, greengrocer, Coleman street, Ordnance place
Kettle, William, baker, Fort Pitt street, Ordnance place
Kife Mrs. Maria, apartments, East villa, East end
King, John, pawnbroker, Fort Pitt street, Ordnance place
King, William, boot and shoe maker, High street
Kirk and Parry, contractors, Brislay's wharf
Knott, Richard, fishmonger, High street
Lamb, Alfred, shopkeeper, Fort Pitt street, Ordnance place
Langridge, John Thos, grocer, Brougham place, New road
Larkin, Mrs Mary Ann, haberdasher, High street
Lawless, Mrs Anne, stay maker, High street
Lazarus, Hermann, photographic artist and picture frame manufacturer, Military road
Lee, Richard Adams,, boot and shoe maker, Front row, Ordnance place
Lewis, Charles, butcher, High street, Ordnance place
Limbert, B. T., draper and tailor, High street
Littlewood, John, draper, High street
Lloyd, John, outfitter, High street
Longclose, Henry, confectioner, High street
Lord, Mrs. Mary Ann, the Rose, High Street
Lowdell, Stephen, hat maker, High Street
Lowdell, Joseph, shoe maker, Rhode street
Low, Mrs. Sarah, Berlin wool warehouse and fancy repository, High street
Luck, John, tea dealer, Union street
Lynch, Patrick, clothes dealer, Globe lane
Lyons, Asher, outfitter and silversmith, High street
Lyons, Bartholomew, clothes dealer, Brpok
Mape, Henry,, shopkeeper, Fullslove's alley
Mace, George, clothes dealer, Globe lane
Magnus and. Son, coal factors and general merchants, High street, agents to Scottish Union Fire, and Life, Office
Main, Miss Catherine, stationer, High street
Marks, John Montague, outfitter, High street
Martin, William, Tam O'Shanter, Chatham hill
Martin, John, general dealer, High street
Martin, Joseph, clothes dealer, Brook
Marshment, Thomas, King's Arms, Holborn lane
Masters, William George, clothes dealer, High street
Masters, William George, Earl of Cardigan, Brook
Melton, John A., coffee, house., Military road
Merralls, William, builder, and undertaker, Rhode, street
Miller, David G, M.D., surgeon, R.N. Ordnance terrace, Ordnance place
Miller, Mrs. Rebecca, milliner, High street
Mills, Johhn, shipwright, Regent place, New road
Mills, John, butcher, High street
Mills, James, fishmonger, High street
Milton, William, oilman, glass cutter and paper hanging warehouse, High street,
Mithell, Miss, Fanny, artist, Watts, place
Moody, Charles, baker, High street
Moore, Stephen, smith, and ironmonger, High street
Morgan, William, collector of poor rates, Waterloo place., New road
Morley, Robert, Little George, High street
Morris, Evans William, railway contractor, Milton terrace, New road
Morrison, William, greengrocer, Brook
Mosley, Mrs, Caroline, Druids Arms beer house and baker, Cage lane, High street
Moss, George, Golden Lion, Brook
Mott, Edwin, the Cannon, Cannon hill, Ordnance place
Mott, Edward, hair dresser, High street
Muirhaad, Thomas and James, drapery, carpet, and furnishing warehouse, Hamond place
Mullinger and Son, curriers, and. leather cutters, High street
Murray, Peter, lodging house keeper, New road
Nash, John, Brown Jug, Rhode street
Neacle, James, brazier, Churph street
Newcomb, Frederick Henry and William, hosiers, glovers and outfitters, High Street
Newing, John, London Tavern and Waterside coffee and dining rooms, High street
Nicholson, Mrs. Sarah, shopkeeper, High §tre,e.t
Nicholson, Matthew, timber merchant, Brook
Nicholson, John, grocer, Brook
North, John, boot and shoe maker, High street
Nye, John Parsons, builder, Watts' place
Ogbourn, James, baker, High street
O'Grady, Thomas Standish, Prince, Albert, High street
Oliff, William, plumber etc, Regent place, New road
Olive John, paymaster, R,N., Clother street
Oliver, Edward, South Foreland beer house, Chatham hill
Osborn, James, military and bonnet warehouse, High, street
Osenton, Miss Charlotte, the Pelican, Brook
Orren, John, plumber, glazier, and painter, High street
Osborn, Oliver, fruiterer, High street
Oxer, Joseph, fishmonger, High street
Pankhurst, John, builder, Clover street
Parnell, George, Admiral Rodney, High street
Parry,, William George, milliner, High street
Parsons, George, draper, High street, Ordnance place
Parsons, James, Lord Raglan, East end
Parton, Henry, grocer, High street
Pattison, George, news agent, High street
Pearce, TkOWaflt cabinet maker, Watts' place
Pearson, John D, shopkeeper, Coleman street , Ordnance place,
Pemble, Isaac, Malt Shovel, High street
Penfield, David, butcher, Cage lane, High street
Penn, James, chimney sweeper, Whittaker square
Penny, Qeorge, shopkeeper, High street
Penny, William, glass and china dealer, Military road,
Perry, Isaac, confectioner, 79, High street
Philcox, George Thomas, armorer in barrack, Gibraltar place, New road
Phillips, Jesse, post office clerk, Best street
Phillips, John Stephen, leather cutter, High street
Phillips, Robert, greengrocer, High street
Phillips, George, Good Intent, Gibraltar place, New road
Phillips, Mrs. Frances, Queen Victoria, King street, Brook
Phillips, William, cabinet maker, Brook
Phillips, Henry, fancy repository, High street
Phillips, George, grocer, High street
Philpott, Jabez, boot and shoe maker, High street
Pidgeon, William James, William the Fourth, Brook
Platts, Thomas, Red Lion, High street and Military road
Platts, Henry, military cap maker, Watts' place
Playle and Fearne, coach builders and wheelwrights, Union street
Pocock, Brothers, boot and shoe makers, Hamond place, and Southwark bridge, London road
Pocook, John, shopkeeper, Holborn lane
Poilden, Henry, wood and coal dealer, Brook
Potter, John, marine store dealer, Clover street
Pound, Thomas, New Fox and Hounds, Front row, Ordnance place
Pound, Charles, eating house, High street
Pullen, William, hoot and shoe maker, Cage lane, High street
Pyke, Joseph, goldsmith and jeweller, High street
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