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Bermondsey street & Bermondsey Wall 1842 street directory

Bermondsey pub history index

These are the Robsons directory of Bermondsey street and Bermondsey Wall in 1842. Most pubs linked are in Bermondsey, ptjers are in Southwark St John or Southwark St Olave. This works as well as a map for this period, showing the proximity of one pub with another.

Historical London public houses, Taverns, Inns, Beer Houses and Hotels.

Bermondsey street 1842

John Sabine, butcher
4 Thomas Crozier, cork cutter
7 E P Magee, potato dealer
8 Christopher Spackman, boot maker
10 James Fagg, butcher
11 W Abbott & Son, pat hair flt manufacturer
13 William Prosser, straw hat manufacturer
14 R Walsh, tobacconist
15 J Barringer, cow keeper
16 L Oneill, potato merchant
18 E Lewis, dairyman
19 Jeremiah Newington, beer retailer
22 J B Pim, dealer in marine stores
23 Henry Smith, grocer
24 Jeremiah Radley, potato warehouse
25 William Henry Flaxton, poulterer
26 Edw Smith, George & Phoenix
37 Thomas Cooper, baker
39 Nathaniel Bourne, grocer
40 Benjamin Tilyard, Sword & Buckler & Hulls Head
41 George Glock, pork butcher
42 James Kent, baker
43 J G Wyatt, hairdresser
44 M Sharman, leather cutter
45 W Dunham, Old Sword & Buckler
46 David Mendes, furniture broker
48 James Charles Brawn, poulterer
49 Robert James Daymont, tobacconist
49 H L Tovey, surgeon
49 Thomas Nice, parchment maker
50 H Deakin, Baptist Head
51 James D Quy, linendraper
52 John Wake, baker
53 Abraham Boosey, cabinet maker
55 S Young, broker
56 Thomas Evans, dealer in marine stores
57 _ Brogden, shoemaker
60 M H Sherwin, slate merchant
60 Joseph Wharton, woolstapler
61 C Dennis, woolstapler
61 C G Webb, commission agent
61 William Henry Emdin, leather factor
61 Thomas Chadwick, woolstapler
62 James James Assenden, fellmonger
63 John Toplis, tobacco manufacturer
64 William Hill, chemist
Jno Hogg, Green Dragon
68 Stephen Stock, currier
71 Thomas Harper, Black Swan
72 Jos Hooker, hair merchant
73 T Cundall, morocco leather manufacturer
73 Jos Lattie, currier
75 Ann Shanks, leather cutter
76 J Richards, whipmaker
79 J B Chapman, cooper
80 Thomas Drew, oilman
81 Julius and Cameron, solicitors
84 James Browning, haberdasher
85 William Jefferys, corn dealer
W Shipley, Yorkshire Grey
85 William Sheam, baker
86 John Moody, pewterer
87 J Wheeler, printer
88 Jos Seaton, butcher
89 John Grose, pawnbroker
91 George R Herron, fellmonger
90 Wood & Walker, worsted spinners
90 James Glasscock, baker
93 1/2 F Winsor, fellmonger
94 Silas Bartington, undertaker
98 Francis Debell, butcher
100 Mary Denham, tailor
101 James Fox Stratton, beer retailer
102 Thomas Medley, horse hair manufacturer
103 Sam Jackson & Co, wool merchants
103 William Carpenter, hairdresser
103 John Rose, fellmonger
103 J Jackson & Co, merchants & drysalters
103 A Jackson & Crocker, merchants
103 Timothy Berrington, rug merchant
105 H W Fryer, printer
106 H Beichteller, netmaker
106 J Still, potato salesman
106 George Dear, marine store dealer
107 William Butcher, bonnet maker
107 Jos Brewer, bootmaker
108 G F Randall, Bunch of Grapes
109 E F Nell, baker
110 Charles Waller, cheesemonger
111 R J Slow, Prince William Henry
112 William Hedger, butcher
113 & 170 Christy & Co, hat manufacturers
115 R Cook, Anchor and Balls
116 Charles Skinner, shoemaker
116 J Smith, eating house
T H Beardsell, leather dresser
William Lambton, fellmonger
118 John Pigot, Fox & Goose
119 J Norman, dyer and scourer
120 Joseph Wadland, butcher
121 S Byford, greengrocer
124 R Camden, greengrocer
148 J E Teversham, cheesemonger
149 E Gardiner, grocer
150 William Harris, chemist
151 J Runnington, grocer
152 Joseph Hale, cheesemonger
153 George Phillips, linendraper
153 George Stevens, plumber
W C Hudd, Kings Arms & Hand
160 William Dixon, oilman
161 Henry Austin, chemist
162 Henry Tovey, surgeon
163 S Elkington, woolstapler
163 D Spence, carman
164 William Sexton, tobacconist
165 S Nelson, china & glass dealer
166 Benjamin Phillips, undertaker
167 Jesse Curling, woolstapler
169 Thomas Austin, baker
172 Robert Harris, pawnbroker
174 J and F Bacon, tanners
174 H Beckwith, corn dealer
175 John Wilson, grocer
176 John Tye, potato dealer
177 C Prentis, butcher
178 William Wigfield, tin plate worker
179 John Jolley, butcher
182 W Cronin, greengrocer
185 G Drew, solicitor
186 Edw Billing, printer
192 T Etwell, greengrocer
193 John Feltham, pastrycook
195 Richard Edsall, surgeon

Bermondsey street 1842

196 William Gould, woolstapler
197 Edw Hewitt, shoemaker
198 Jos Shaw, cheesemonger
199 Sam Holland, hatter
Ann Warwick, Queens Head
200 William Jno Murray, grocer
202 William Crosby, porkman
203 Thomas Johnson Lavender, grocer
204 S Wood, undertaker
205 J Hollingsworth, Woolpack
206 H Lewis & Co, tobacco & snuff manufacturer
207 Jos Bourn, shoe and boot maker
208 Andrew White, baker
210 Robert Barker, tallow chandler
210 Jno Clutterbuck, Plough
212 J Chessney, printer
212 Robert Brown, cowkeeper
212 Charles Gard, greengrocer
213 Jno Chapman, basket maker
214 T East & Co, leather dresser & dyer
216 Jno Morris, tailor
217 George Smale, bootmaker
219 Charles Rice, hair manufacturer
223 T Fowler, hair dresser
224 T Stock jun, woolstapler
224 Edw Lake, currier
225 Sparks Stracy, plumber
225 Emma Spencer, ladies school
227 Charles Potter, watchmaker
228 Josh Eldin Moulden, solicitor
229 Jno Gaitskell & Co, distillers
230 T Legg and Son, woolstaplers
230 Jno Coats, leather dresser
Joshua Greaves, leather seller
231 George Johnson, tea dealer
213 Eliz Eastman, leather cutter
J and T Grayley, leather sellers
William George Watts, solicitor
232 F Tuach and Son, woolstaplers
233 W Berry, bootmaker
234 Joseph Francome, grocer
234 J Leaver, hairdresser
235 E Easton, china and glass warehouse
236 G Webber, baker
268 John Spanton, cheesemonger
239 T Pearce, tripe dresser
241 George Wilkinson, oilman
242 Robert Thurlow, New Grapes
243 H and I Wharton, pawnbrokers
245 T W Fowls, butcher
246 William Newry, Old Adam & Eve
249 Hannah Sandham, grocer
250 John Harris, butcher
251 Jno Dangerfield, cheesemonger
252 John Wick, pork butcher
254 W E Jackson, Three Jolly Hatters
257 Jno Rose, Old Cross Keys
268 John Cass, cheesemonger
269 George Riley, grocer
270 George Penson, cheesemonger
271 Sam Applebee, baker
272 Amb Scrivener, haberdasher
272 Jno Edwards, coal dealer
273 Benjamin Aynsworth, pattern maker
274 John Murray, cheesemonger
275 R Smith, corn dealer
276 Thomas Smith, carpenter
277 John Smith, butcher
278 Henry darling, cheesemonger
279 Thomas Baylrey, boot and shoemaker
280 T Titchmarsh, greengrocer
281 James Green, fishmonger
282 Nix and Sons, butchers
283 J Barham, Shipwrights Arms

Bermondsey Wall 1842

Owst & Cotton, wood & truss hoop makers
Rupert Brindley, slate merchant
C Brindley, slate and coal merchant
Challis and Pugh, boat builders
Thomas Crisp, ship builder
W and J Hayward, boat builders
William Downing, sail maker
William Downing, barge builder
Charles Lucey, lighterman
Thomas Walton, shipwright
Henry Dudin, granary keeper
H and G Groves, mastmakers
Thomas Groves, granary keeper
Beal and Osborn, smiths
Henry Rattenbury, coal merchant
Adam Glendining, granary keeper, flour factor & coal merchant
W B Sterry, sailmaker
H Brewer, mast maker
D F Hollands and Son, coal merchants
Brown and Young, granary keepers
W Williams, ship builder
Begbie & Young, corn factors
Fountain Stairs
George Bayley and Son, sail makers
T Laccohee, Lion and Castle
Thomas Summers, granary keepers
17 William Tanner, harpoon manufacturer
William Tanner, shipwright
James Naylor, coal merchant
William Hall, dealer in marine stores
William Sporle, sail maker
Mary Hepburn, Watermans Arms
Charles Wicken, Old Justice
Dan Bear, Admiral Tyrrell
Jos Trewinnard, watchmaker
Sewers, Surrey and Kent
Duffield Services
20 George Stoneham, plumber
George Baker, ropemaker
J S Morris and Co, ropemakers
27 Matthew Barrett, Three Mariners
John Lay, tailor and draper
John Waeich, baker
John Maddox, grocer
John Kidner, butcher
G Lawrence, lighterman
Thomas Cubitt, Grapes
J Scott, mathematical instrument maker
William Ramsey, plumber and glazier
James Smith, Golden Fleece
A Windle and Co, charcoal burners
Orlando Wade, smith
Jno Addis, granary keeper
George Davidson, twine maker
James Brown, carpenter

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