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London Borough of Richmond upon Thames pubs in August 2018

This site is obviously about London history, and connects to my many pub history sites. These pages are of all London Borough pubs, as listed by the Foods Standards Agency at August 2018, currently 4441 pubs open in total. Index of all Boroughs

Richmond upon Thames (156)
Amida at David Lloyd,Staines Road, Twickenham, Richmond Upon Thames,TW2 5JD,Richmond upon Thames
Aquarius Sailing Club,Lower Sunbury Road, Hampton,TW12 2ES,Richmond upon Thames
Authentic Wingmans Winery,Twickenham Rugby Football Union Stadium, 200 Whitton Road, Twickenham,TW2 7BA,Richmond upon Thames
Barnes Home Guard Association,76a Richmond Park Road, East Sheen, London,SW14 8LA,Richmond upon Thames
Barnes Sports Club Ltd,261 Lonsdale Road, Barnes, London,SW13 9QL,Richmond upon Thames
Be At One,7a Petersham Road, Richmond,TW10 6UH,Richmond upon Thames
Brouge Bistros Ltd,The Old Goat, 241 Hampton Road, Twickenham,TW2 5NG,Richmond upon Thames
Cambridge Park Bowling Club,Cambridge Park Bowling & Sports Club Ltd, Cambridge Park, Twickenham,TW1 2PG,Richmond upon Thames
Cannons,Richmond Athletic Association, Twickenham Road, Richmond,TW9 2SF,Richmond upon Thames
Coffee That,8 Hill Rise, Richmond,TW10 6UA,Richmond upon Thames
Hampton and Richmond Football Club,Hampton Football Club, Station Road, Hampton,TW12 2BX,Richmond upon Thames
Hampton Court Palace Golf Club,Hampton Court Road, Hampton Wick,KT1 4AD,Richmond upon Thames
Hampton Hill Cricket Club,Cricket Ground, High Street, Hampton Hill, Richmond Upon Thames,TW12 1PD,Richmond upon Thames
Hampton Sailing Club,Hampton Sailing Club Benns Alley, Thames Street, Hampton, Richmond Upon Thames,TW12 2EW,Richmond upon Thames
Hampton Social Club,26 Ashley Road, Hampton, Richmond Upon Thames,TW12 2JA,Richmond upon Thames
Hampton Wick Royal Cricket Club,Hampton Wick Royal Cricket Club, Park Road, Hampton Wick,KT1 4AZ,Richmond upon Thames
Hampton Youth Project,32 Tangley Park Road, Hampton,TW12 3YH,Richmond upon Thames
Hand & Flower,The Hand And Flower, Upper Ham Road, Ham,TW10 5LA,Richmond upon Thames
Hare and Hound,214-216 Upper Richmond Road West, East Sheen, London,SW14 8AH,Richmond upon Thames
Harlequin FC,Twickenham Stoop Stadium, Langhorn Drive, Twickenham,TW2 7SX,Richmond upon Thames
Hong Thai @ The Swan,22 High Street, Hampton Wick,KT1 4DB,Richmond upon Thames
La Cloche at The Lion,27 Wick Road, Teddington,TW11 9DN,Richmond upon Thames
Le Baron,65 Richmond Road, Twickenham, Richmond Upon Thames,TW1 3AW,Richmond upon Thames
Leonardo's Wine Bar,1 Grand Parade, East Sheen, London,SW14 7PS,Richmond upon Thames
Lonsdale Oddfellows Social Club,12 Westfields Avenue, Barnes, London,SW13 0AU,Richmond upon Thames
Metropolitan Water Board Club,3 Ashley Road, Hampton,TW12 2JA,Richmond upon Thames
NPL Sports Club,N P L Sports Club, Pavilion Road, Teddington,TW11 0EL,Richmond upon Thames
Old Hamptonians Association,Old Hamptonians Sportsground, Dean Road, Hampton,TW12 1AQ,Richmond upon Thames
One Kew Road,1 Kew Road, Richmond, Richmond Upon Thames,TW9 2NQ,Richmond upon Thames
Prince Of Wales,Prince Of Wales, 136 Hampton Road, Twickenham,TW2 5QR,Richmond upon Thames
Putney Town Rowing Club,Putney Town Rowing Club, Kew Meadow Path, Richmond, Richmond Upon Thames,TW9 4EN,Richmond upon Thames
Revolution,4 Whittaker Avenue, Richmond,TW9 1EH,Richmond upon Thames
RFU - Static Bars/Cafes,Twickenham Rugby Football Union Stadium, 200 Whitton Road, Twickenham,TW2 7BA,Richmond upon Thames
RFU Spirit of Rugby,West Level 2, 200 Whitton Road, Twickenham,TW2 7BA,Richmond upon Thames
Richmond Golf Club,Sudbrook Lane, Petersham, Richmond Upon Thames,TW10 7AT,Richmond upon Thames
Richmond Tap Tavern,20 The Square, Richmond,TW9 1DZ,Richmond upon Thames
Rileys Sports Bar,1 Heath Road, Twickenham,TW1 4AW,Richmond upon Thames
Royal British Legion (Twickenham) Limited,95 Popes Grove, Twickenham,TW1 4JT,Richmond upon Thames
Royal British Legion Club Ltd,135 High Street, Teddington,TW11 8HH,Richmond upon Thames
Royal Canoe Club,Royal Canoe Club, Trowlock Island, Teddington,TW11 9QY,Richmond upon Thames
Royal Mid Surrey Golf Club,Old Deer Park, Twickenham Road, Richmond,TW9 2SB,Richmond upon Thames
Royal Oak,13 Richmond Road, Twickenham,TW1 3AB,Richmond upon Thames
Sheen Lawn Tennis & Squash Club,Sheen Lawn Tennis And Squash Club, Parklands Close, East Sheen, London,SW14 7EH,Richmond upon Thames
St Margaret's Tavern,St Margarets Tavern, 107 St Margarets Road, Twickenham,TW1 2LJ,Richmond upon Thames
Strawberry Hill Golf Club,Strawberry Hill Golf Club, Wellesley Road, Twickenham,TW2 5SD,Richmond upon Thames
Tamesis Club,The Tamesis Club, Trowlock Way, Teddington,TW11 9QY,Richmond upon Thames
Tap on the Line,Kew Gardens Railway Station, Station Parade, Richmond, Richmond Upon Thames,TW9 3PZ,Richmond upon Thames
Teddington Arms,38-40 High Street, Teddington, Richmond Upon Thames,TW11 8EW,Richmond upon Thames
Teddington Constitutional Club,5 Stanley Road, Teddington,TW11 8TP,Richmond upon Thames
Teddington Social Club,125 Church Road, Teddington,TW11 8QH,Richmond upon Thames
Thai @The Albert,Prince Albert, 30 Hampton Road, Twickenham,TW2 5QB,Richmond upon Thames
Thames Motor Yacht Club,Thames Motor Yacht Club, Hampton Court Road, Hampton, Richmond Upon Thames,KT8 9BW,Richmond upon Thames
Thames Young Mariners,Thames Young Mariners Base, Riverside Drive, Ham, Richmond Upon Thames,TW10 7RX,Richmond upon Thames
The Abercorn Arms,Abercorn Arms, 76-78 Church Road, Teddington,TW11 8EY,Richmond upon Thames
The Adelaide,The Adelaide, 57 Park Road, Teddington,TW11 0AU,Richmond upon Thames
The Admiral Nelson,The Admiral Nelson, 123 Nelson Road, Twickenham,TW2 7BB,Richmond upon Thames
The Ailsa Tavern,Ailsa Tavern, 263 St Margarets Road, Twickenham,TW1 1NJ,Richmond upon Thames
The Albany,The Albany Public House, Queens Road, Twickenham, Richmond Upon Thames,TW1 4EZ,Richmond upon Thames
The Angel and Crown,5 Church Court - Footpath, Richmond, Richmond Upon Thames,TW9 1JL,Richmond upon Thames
The Anglers,Anglers Hotel, 3 Broom Road, Teddington,TW11 9NR,Richmond upon Thames
The Barmy Arms,The Barmy Arms, The Embankment, Twickenham,TW1 3DU,Richmond upon Thames
The Bear,26-28 York Street, Twickenham, Richmond Upon Thames,TW1 3LJ,Richmond upon Thames
The Bell Inn,The Bell Inn, 8 Thames Street, Hampton,TW12 2EA,Richmond upon Thames
The Bloated Mallard TW12,147 High Street, Hampton Hill,TW12 1NJ,Richmond upon Thames
The Bloomsbury,The Bloomsbury, 209 Staines Road, Twickenham,TW2 5BB,Richmond upon Thames
The Bridge,The Bridge, 204 Castelnau, Barnes, London,SW13 9DW,Richmond upon Thames
The Britannia,The Britannia, 5 Brewers Lane, Richmond, Richmond Upon Thames,TW9 1HH,Richmond upon Thames
The Brown Dog,28 Cross Street, London, Richmond Upon Thames,SW13 0AP,Richmond upon Thames
The Builders Arms,The Builders Arms, 38 Field Lane, Teddington,TW11 9AS,Richmond upon Thames
The Bull's Head,373 Lonsdale Road, Barnes, London,SW13 9PY,Richmond upon Thames
The Cabbage Patch Public House,67 London Road, Twickenham,TW1 3SZ,Richmond upon Thames
The Clock House Pub,69 High Street, Teddington, Richmond Upon Thames,TW11 8HA,Richmond upon Thames
The Coach & Horses,The Coach And Horses, 8 Kew Green, Kew,TW9 3BH,Richmond upon Thames
The Coach & Horses,The Coach And Horses, 27 Barnes High Street, Barnes, London,SW13 9LW,Richmond upon Thames
The Cricketers,The Cricketers, The Green, Richmond,TW9 1LX,Richmond upon Thames
The Cricketers Kew Green,The Cricketers, 79 Kew Green, Kew,TW9 3AH,Richmond upon Thames
The Crown,The Crown, 174 Richmond Road, Twickenham,TW1 2NH,Richmond upon Thames
The Crown,The Crown, 128 Lower Mortlake Road, Richmond,TW9 2JZ,Richmond upon Thames
The Duke,The Duke, 2-3 Duke Street, Richmond,TW9 1HP,Richmond upon Thames
The Duke of Cambridge,Duke Of Cambridge, Kneller Road, Twickenham,TW2 7DT,Richmond upon Thames
The Duke Of York,672 Hanworth Road, Whitton,TW4 5NP,Richmond upon Thames
The Dukes Head,The Dukes Head, 42 The Vineyard, Richmond,TW10 6AZ,Richmond upon Thames
The Dysart Arms,135 Petersham Road, Petersham,TW10 7AA,Richmond upon Thames
The Eel Pie,9-11 Church Street, Twickenham,TW1 3NJ,Richmond upon Thames
The Fountain,The Fountain Beefeater, 152 Sixth Cross Road, Twickenham,TW2 5PE,Richmond upon Thames
The Fox,The Fox, 39 Church Street, Twickenham,TW1 3NR,Richmond upon Thames
The Fox & Duck,Fox And Duck, 194 Petersham Road, Petersham,TW10 7AD,Richmond upon Thames
The Fulwell Golf Club,Fulwell Golf Club, Wellington Road, Hampton,TW12 1JY,Richmond upon Thames
The George,The George Hotel, 32 King Street, Twickenham,TW1 3SN,Richmond upon Thames
The Greyhound,The Greyhound, 82 Kew Green, Kew,TW9 3AP,Richmond upon Thames
The Ham Brewery Tap,The Ham Brewery Tap, 4-6 Ham Street, Ham,TW10 7HT,Richmond upon Thames
The Hogarth,The Hogarth, 58 Broad Street, Teddington,TW11 8QY,Richmond upon Thames
The Jolly Coopers,Jolly Coopers, 16 High Street, Hampton,TW12 2SJ,Richmond upon Thames
The Jolly Gardeners,The Jolly Gardener, 36 Lower Richmond Road, Mortlake, London,SW14 7EX,Richmond upon Thames
The King's Arms,Kings Arms Hotel, Hampton Court Road, Hampton,KT8 9DD,Richmond upon Thames
The Kings Bar,Harlequin Rfc, Craneford Way, Twickenham,TW2 7SX,Richmond upon Thames
The Lot,1a Duke Street, Richmond,TW9 1HP,Richmond upon Thames
The Marlborough,The Marlborough, 46 Friars Stile Road, Richmond,TW10 6NH,Richmond upon Thames
The Masons Arms,41 Walpole Road, Teddington,TW11 8PJ,Richmond upon Thames
The Mitre,The Mitre, 20 St Marys Grove, Richmond,TW9 1UY,Richmond upon Thames
The New Inn,The New Inn, 345 Petersham Road, Ham,TW10 7DB,Richmond upon Thames
The Old Kings Head,The Old Kings Head, Hampton Court Road, Hampton, Richmond Upon Thames,KT1 4AE,Richmond upon Thames
The Old Ship,The Old Ship, 3 King Street, Richmond,TW9 1ND,Richmond upon Thames
The Orange Tree,The Orange Tree, 45 Kew Road, Richmond,TW9 2NQ,Richmond upon Thames
The Pig & Whistle,Pig And Whistle, 86 Sheen Lane, East Sheen, London,SW14 8LP,Richmond upon Thames
The Plough,42 Christchurch Road, East Sheen, London,SW14 7AF,Richmond upon Thames
The Prince Albert,Prince Albert, 30 Hampton Road, Twickenham,TW2 5QB,Richmond upon Thames
The Prince Albert,The Prince Albert, 54-56 Hounslow Road, Twickenham,TW2 7EX,Richmond upon Thames
The Prince Blucher,Prince Blucher, 124 The Green, Twickenham, Richmond Upon Thames,TW2 5AG,Richmond upon Thames
The Prince's Head (incl. HMO accommodation),The Princes Head, 27-28 The Green, Richmond,TW9 1LX,Richmond upon Thames
The Railway Bell,The Railway Bell, Station Road, Hampton,TW12 2AP,Richmond upon Thames
The Railway Pub & Dining Rooms,The Railway, 3 Victoria Road, Teddington,TW11 0BB,Richmond upon Thames
The Railway Tavern,28-29 The Quadrant, Richmond,TW9 1DN,Richmond upon Thames
The Red Cow,The Red Cow, 59 Sheen Road, Richmond,TW9 1YJ,Richmond upon Thames
The Red Lion,2 Castelnau, Barnes, London,SW13 9RU,Richmond upon Thames
The Red Lion,The Red Lion, 164 Stanley Road, Teddington,TW11 8UD,Richmond upon Thames
The Rifleman,The Rifleman, 7 Fourth Cross Road, Twickenham,TW2 5EL,Richmond upon Thames
The Rising Sun,277 Richmond Road, Twickenham,TW1 2NP,Richmond upon Thames
The Roebuck,72 Hampton Road, Hampton Hill,TW12 1JN,Richmond upon Thames
The Roebuck,130 Richmond Hill, Richmond,TW10 6RN,Richmond upon Thames
The Rose of York,Rose Of York, Petersham Road, Richmond,TW10 6UY,Richmond upon Thames
The Royal Oak,45 Oak Avenue, Hampton,TW12 3NR,Richmond upon Thames
The Royal Oak/Ham Village Centre,The Royal Oak, Ham Street, Ham, Richmond Upon Thames,TW10 7HN,Richmond upon Thames
The Shack 68,68 London Road, Twickenham, Richmond Upon Thames,TW1 3QS,Richmond upon Thames
The Shaftesbury Arms,121-123 Kew Road, Kew, Richmond Upon Thames,TW9 2PN,Richmond upon Thames
The Ship,The Ship, Thames Bank, Mortlake, London,SW14 7QR,Richmond upon Thames
The Slug & Lettuce,Water Lane, Richmond,TW9 1TJ,Richmond upon Thames
The Stags Head,24 Priests Bridge, East Sheen, London,SW14 8TA,Richmond upon Thames
The Star,8 High Street, Hampton Hill, Richmond Upon Thames,TW12 1PD,Richmond upon Thames
The Sun Inn,17 Parkshot, Richmond,TW9 2RG,Richmond upon Thames
The Sun Inn,7 Church Road, London, Richmond Upon Thames,SW13 9HE,Richmond upon Thames
The Tapestry,The Tapestry, 1 Lower Richmond Road, Mortlake, London,SW14 7EZ,Richmond upon Thames
The Three Kings,42 Heath Road, Twickenham, Richmond Upon Thames,TW1 4BZ,Richmond upon Thames
The Tide End Cottage,Tide End Cottage, 8 Ferry Road, Teddington,TW11 9NN,Richmond upon Thames
The Timberyard,53-57 London Road, Twickenham, Richmond Upon Thames,TW1 3SZ,Richmond upon Thames
The Triple Crown,15 Kew Foot Road, Richmond, Richmond Upon Thames,TW9 2SS,Richmond upon Thames
The Turk's Head,28 Winchester Road, Twickenham,TW1 1LF,Richmond upon Thames
The Victoria,The Victoria, 10 West Temple Sheen, East Sheen, London,SW14 7RT,Richmond upon Thames
The Victoria Inn,78 Hill Rise, Richmond,TW10 6UB,Richmond upon Thames
The Waterman's Arms,10 Water Lane, Richmond, Richmond Upon Thames,TW9 1TJ,Richmond upon Thames
The White Hart,1 High Street, Hampton Wick,KT1 4DA,Richmond upon Thames
The White Hart Inn,White Hart, 121 Kneller Road, Twickenham,TW2 7DY,Richmond upon Thames
The White Hart Pub,White Hart, The Terrace, London, Richmond Upon Thames,SW13 0NR,Richmond upon Thames
The White Horse,The White Horse, 14-16 Worple Way, Richmond, Richmond Upon Thames,TW10 6DF,Richmond upon Thames
The White Swan,The White Swan, 25 Old Palace Lane, Richmond,TW9 1PG,Richmond upon Thames
The White Swan,The White Swan, Riverside, Twickenham, Richmond Upon Thames,TW1 3DN,Richmond upon Thames
The Windmill,80 Windmill Road, Hampton Hill,TW12 1QU,Richmond upon Thames
The Winning Post,The Winning Post, Chertsey Road, Twickenham,TW2 6LS,Richmond upon Thames
The Worlds End,88 Station Road, Hampton,TW12 2AX,Richmond upon Thames
Twickenham Club,7 Church Street, Twickenham, Richmond Upon Thames,TW1 3NJ,Richmond upon Thames
Twickenham Cricket Club,Twickenham Cricket Club Pavili, The Green, Twickenham, Richmond Upon Thames,TW2 5TU,Richmond upon Thames
Twickenham District Masonic Council Ltd,150 London Road, Twickenham,TW1 1HD,Richmond upon Thames
Twickenham Rowing Club,Twickenham Rowing Club, Eel Pie Island, Twickenham, Richmond Upon Thames,TW1 3DY,Richmond upon Thames
Up In My Grill @ The Bloated Mallard,147 High Street, Hampton Hill,TW12 1NJ,Richmond upon Thames
Viva,3 Hill Rise, Richmond,TW10 6UQ,Richmond upon Thames
Waldegrave Arms Pub,209 Waldegrave Road, Teddington,TW11 8LX,Richmond upon Thames
White Cross Hotel,White Cross Hotel, Riverside, Richmond,TW9 1TH,Richmond upon Thames

What I am now attempting to achieve is the coverage of an earlier London street directory in 1832. This is unique, plus images of the 1842 Robsons directory which confirm earlier entries and also carry much more trade detail about a premises or person. Here is the index of streets in 1832, many with 1842 imagery added.
And next is the complete 1940 London street directory - this will take some months to complete, so bear with me!

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