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Southampton 1927 Public Houses & Beer Retailers A - J

Southampton pub history index

Post Office Directory of Pubs in the UK, historical Licensed Victuallers, Hotels, Inns and Taverns in Southampton, Hampshire. The Southampton, Hampshire listing uses information from census, Trade Directories and History to add licensees, bar staff, Lodgers and Visitors.

Leslie Albert Ackerman, Caledonian, 29 Bernard Street
Mrs Irene Adams, beer retailer, 42 New Road
Edward F Adamson, beer retailer, 32 Bellevue Street - Old House at Home
Frederick Chas Aldous, George & Henry, 15 Orchard Lane - George & Henry
John Alford, Unicorn Inn, 132 St Mary Street
Thomas E Allen, beer retailer, 89 St Marys Road - Newton Inn
William Allen, beer retailer, 81 Milton Road
Alliance family Hotel, 26 - 28 Oxford Street, Capt Henry C Quelch, proprietor
Jas Andrews, Old House at Home, 102 Cannon Street, Shirley
Thomas George Arnold, beer retailer, 53 French Street
John Benjamin Atkins, Royal Pier Hotel, Town Quay
Claude Holman Awbery, Canute Castle, 13 Canute Road
Mrs Kate Bailey, beer retailer, 17 Palmerston Road - West Front Inn
Willis Bailey, Ship & Anchor, 11 Longcroft Street
Frank Baker, Compton Arms, 20 Compton Walk
Jacob Henry Baker, Onslow Hotel, 29 Onslow Road
Arthur Ball, Belvidere Hotel, 78 Belvidere Terrace, Northam
Alfred Samuel & Jas Edwin William Balne, Grapes, 41 Oxford Street
Charles Arthur Barlow, beer retailer, 14 Wellington Street, Shirley - Lion
Arthur John Barnes, beer retailer, 2 Canton Street
Mrs Hetty Louise Barrett, beer retailer, 182 Northam Road - Wonder Inn
Hy Jas Bartlett, beer retailer, 81 Dukes Road, Portswood
William Hy Bartlett, beer retailer, 24 Princes Street, Northam - Falcon
Frank Barton, beer retailer, 419 Portswood Road
Joseph Barton, beer retailer, 52a Grove Street
Bassett Hotel, Burgess Road, Bassett, Arthur George Cornish Testrail, proprietor
Mrs Minna Jane Batchelor, Star Hotel Tap, 26 High Street
William H Bath, beer retailer, 7 Pound Tree Road - Pound Tree Inn
Harry Wm Batten, Horse & Groom, 103 East Street
Herbert Chas Beare, Gardeners Arms, 138 Cannon Street, shirley
Arthur W Beckett, beer retailer, 21 Albany Road, Freemantle
William George Bennet, beer retailer, 70 St Mary Street - Arundel Castle
Arthur Bickle, beer retailer, 55 Bevois Street
Chas Edward Biles, Royal Standard, western Esplanade
John Birch, beer retailer, 12 Adelaide Road, St Denys
Mrs Beatrice S Blackall, Bargate, 185 High Street
Henry George Blackford, Northumberland Hotel, 55 Northumberland Road
Edward Boden, beer retailer, 76 Mount Pleasant Road
William George Hy Boundey, beer retailer, Belvidere Road
Mrs Minnie Bowyer, Highfield Hotel, Highfield Lane
Walter Boyce, Star & Garter Hotel, Waterloo Road, Freemantle
Fullerton R Boyd, Kingsland Hotel, 75 St Mary Street
Arthur Percy Bradley, Key & Anchor, 90 Millbrook Road, Freemantle
Christopher Brandon, Oriental Hotel, 29 Queens Terrace
Walt Percy Brandon, Oxford, 33 Oxford Street
Mrs Beatrice Alice Breen, beer retailer, 126 High Street, Shirley - Salisbury Arms
Hy S Briant, beer retailer, Manchester Street
Jn Brooks, Hampton Court Brewery Bar, 49 French Street
George Brown, Brewers Arms, 32 & 33 Lower Bannister Street
Jas Jn Brownridge, Robert Burns Hotel, 163 & 165 Albert Road
Albert J Bruton, beer retailer, 20 St Marys Road - Burgage Tavern
Chas E Buck, beer retailer, 15 Beatrice Road, Freemantle - Victoria Inn
Frank Rt Bull, Salisbury Arms, 13 French Street
Daniel Bullock, Sun, Weston Lane, Woolston
Reginald Burgess, Standard of Freedom, 51 Belvidere Terrace, Northam
Charles Butt, Royal Mail, Millbrook Road, Millbrook
Arthur Fraser Byass, Warrens Hotel, 62 Above Bar Street
William A Candy, White Swan, Cross House Wharf
Arthur Greorge Canning, beer retailer, 32 Amoy Street
Wm Cartwright, Bay Tree, 10 New Road
Jn Cassell, Bristol Hotel, 27 Terminus Terrace
Thomas Jas Cawte, Gate Inn, 140 Burgess Road, Highfield
Clifford E Chadwick, Ye Olde George Inn, 5 Above Bar Street
Arth W Challis, beer retailer, 17 James Street
Mrs Mabel E Chandler, beer retailer, 39 Albert Road
Harry Chick, Alexandra Hotel, 6 Bellevue Road
Richard Walter Childs, beer retailer, 29 winton Street
Albert William Christopher, Golden Butt, 81 Cannon Street, Shirley
Hugh Clement, White Hart, 61 Above Bar Street
Jn Cole, beer retailer, 27 Chantry Road
Joseph Hy Cole, beer retailer, 26 Trinity Road
Edward Jn Coleman, Bridge Tavern, Coxford, Shirley
Arthur Collett, Railway Tavern, 12 Blechynden Terrace
Ernest Wilfred Collett, Bevois Castle, Bevois Valley Road
Harold Philip Collett, Joiners Arms, 141 St Mary Street
Herbert S Cook, beer retailer, 40 Chantry Road
Alfred B Copeland, Victoria Hotel, Town Quay
William Jas Cornell, beer retailer, 35 New Road
Henry Cornick, beer retailer, 63 James Street
Joseph Cornick, beer retailer, 32 Cannon Street, Shirley
Arthur Harold Cooper, beer retailer, 116 Commercial Road
Fred Cousens, Coopers Arms, 102 Millbank Street
Cowherds Inn, The Common, Peoples Refreshment House Assoc
Harry Cox, Railway Hotel, Portsmouth Road, Woolston
Percival J Cox, Chamberlayne Arms, 79 North East Road, Sholing
Albert Walter Crook, beer retailer, 45 St Mary Street
Mrs Caroline E Cross, beer retailer, 15 Lodge Road
John Glasby Crumpler, St Leonards Hotel, 130 Northam Road
Samuel Cruse, beer retailer, 43 1/2 Orchard Lane
Frederick Cummings, beer retailer, 23 Marlborough Road, Shirley - Royal Albert
Mrs Ann Curry, Vine, 87 High Street
Harry Curtis, beer retailer, 41 Albert Road
Alfred E Damen, Freemantle Hotel, 27 Paynes Road, Freemantle
Mrs Eliza Daniel, Fountain, 100 High Street
Reginald F Daniel, Railway Hotel, 102 Osborne Road, Portswood
Charles Daniels, Vine Inn, 370 Portswood Road
Frederick Darvill, St Georges Hotel, 31 Bernard Street
Arthur Davage, beer retailer, 20 Chapel Road
Frederick William Davage, St Marys Hotel, 65 East Street
Mrs Eliz Davey, Exeter Inn, 23 Manchester Street
Edgar Gordon Davidson, Bellemoor Inn, Upper Hill Lane, Shirley
Albert Edward Davies, Empire Palace, 68 & 70 French Street
Geo Hy Davis, beer retailer, 114 Bernard Street
Jn P Davison, Globe Inn, 55 Stratton Road, Shirley
Hy Dear, beer retailer, 52 Melbourne Street
Mrs Nellie Dennis, Alliance Inn, 161 Albert Road
Thomas Henry Dent, Bevois Town Hotel, 6 Middle Street
Sidney Walt Dines, Lord Nelson, 5 Royal Crescent
Dolphin Hotel, 35 High Street, Trust Houses Ltd, proprietors
John Frederick Double, Cambridge Hotel, Brintons Road
Benj Dukes, beer retailer, 35 Beatrice Road, Freemantle
Harry Dunsby, beer retailer, 18 Commercial Street, Bitterne
Hy C Dyette, beer retailer, 36 Bedford Place
Albert Jas Vernon Dykes, Builders Arms, 7 Union Street
William Frank Dykes, Chamberlaybe Arms, 1 Alfred Street, Newtown
Geo Jas Earley, beer retailer, 23 Briton Street - Blue Bell
George Edward Edom, beer retailer, 320 Portswood Road
James Egerton, Kings Arms, 90 1/2 High Street
Mrs Annie Elliott, Marsh Hotel, Lower Bridge Road
Mrs Florence Elliott, beer retailer, 5 Vincents Walk
William Endicott, beer retailer, 4 Royal Crescent
Mrs Gertrude Mary England, beer retailer, 91 Millbank Street
Rd Evans, London Hotel, 2 Terminus Terrace
Charles John William Fellowes, Obelisk Hotel, Obelisk Road, Woolston
Harold W Fellows, Ship, 5 Canute Road
David A Ferguson, Sidford Inn, 108 Shirley Road, Freemantle
George Field, beer retailer, Cracknore Road, Freemantle
Fleming Arms Hotel, Swaythling, George H Southwell
Mrs Olive Fleming, Bald Faced Stag, 36 Edward Road, Freemantle
Mrs Hester J Flint, beer retailer, 59 St Marys Road
Mrs Evangeline Edith Ford, beer retailer, 168 Burgess Road, Highfield - Crown & Sceptre
William George Forder, Ship Inn, 240 Northam Road
George Forrest, Nelson Hotel, 160 Commercial Road
Thomas Henry Fox, beer retailer, 26 Peel Street
Frank Ernest Framton, beer retailer, 95 High Street, Shirley
Leonard Franklin, Freemans Arms, 1 Chantry Road
Alfred John Froud, Three Swans, 84 Albert Road
Frank Fry, Ampthill Hotel, Ampthill Road, Millbrook
Walt F Fryer, Wareham Arms, 7 Park View
William Hy Fryer, beer retailer, 7 & 8 Spa Road
Albert Edwd Fulbrook, beer retailer, Bursledon Road, Sholing
Rt Jn Fuller, Eagle, 150 Millbrook Road, Freemantle
Alfred Gallop, beer retailer, 3 Woodley Road, Woolston
Edgar John Gandy, beer retailer, 9 South Front
Herbert Gardner, Avenue Hotel, 1 Padwell Road
Mrs Ada Garrett, beer retailer, 39 Mount Pleasant Road
John Golding, beer retailer, 90 Bedford Place
William Goldsmith, Dorchester Arms, 38 & 40 Onslow Road
Charles Henry Gosling, beer retailer, 88 Alma Road
Frederick Fras Goves, beer retailer, 58 Bernard Street
William Clement Gradidge, beer retailer, Manor Farm Road, Bitterne Park
William Graham, Anchor & Hope, 56 Three Field Lane
Chas Grant, Crown Hotel, 14 High Street
Chas Green, West End Railway Hotel, 40 Weymouth Terrace, Western Esplanade
Thomas Gulliver, beer retailer, 16 Bevois Valley Road
Chas Hall, Hampton Park Hotel, High Road, Swaything
Mrs Mary V Hall, Dock Hotel, 25 - 27 Canute Road
Mrs Alice Hambly, Star Inn, 132 Avenue Road
Hy Hampton, Bitterne Park Hotel, Whitworth Crescent, Bitterne Park
Mrs Ann Elizabeth Harding, beer retailer, 1 Glebe Road
Mrs Florence Blanche Harding, Nags Head, 42 High Street
Alfred J Harley, beer retailer, 40 Lower Canal Walk
Mrs Henrietta Harper, Durham Tavern, 42 Chapel Road
Thomas Geo Harrington, Peartree Inn, Peartree Green, Itchen
Chas H Harrison, beer retailer, 18 English Road, Millbrook
Walter Harrison, St Denys Hotel, Priory Road, St Denys
Tom Hartnell, beer retailer, 115 St Mary Street
Mrs Annie M Hase, beer retailer, 45 Bedford Place
William Hatch, beer retailer, 219 Romsey Road, Shirley
Edwin James Hatcher, beer retailer, 97 Bevois Street
William John Hayns, Bank Inn, Everton Street
Graham Charles Hayward, beer retailer, 8 West Street
John Thomas Heathcote, Mariners Arms, Town Quay
Mrs Emma Hedges, Anchor & Hope, 25 Foundry Lane, Freemantle
Herbert Hellier, beer retailer, 1 Anglesea Terrace
James Hellyar, Royal sovereign, 10 Millbank Street
Rt Henderson, beer retailer, 55 Clifford Street
William Henley, Crispin & Bear, 125 Albert Road
Ernest J Higgins, beer retailer, 26 Orchard Lane
Ernest Ralph Hill, beer retailer, 82 Northam Road
Jas Hill, Albion Hotel, 150 St Mary Street
Percy Hill, Rising Sun, 358 Shirley Road, Freemantle
Mrs Maud Hillier, beer retailer, 6 Lower Canal Walk
William J Holdaway, beer retailer, 39 East Park Terrace - East park Inn
Saml Houching, Tivoli, 15 Above Bar Street
Mrs Sarah R Howland, Dolphin Hotel, Osborne Road, Portswood
George Huggett, Foresters Arms, 1 Franch Street
David Walt Humphries, beer retailer, 40 Yoark Street, Northam
Thomas Humphries, Train Hotel, Cedar Road
William Edwin Hunt, Railway Hotel, Millbrook Road, Freemantle
Henry George Ireland, Station Hotel, Macnaghten Road, Bitterne Park
Harry Isaac, beer retailer, 26 South Front
W H James, Northam Rest, 12 & 14 Northam Road
William E Jewell, beer retailer, 14 Blechynden Street
Chas Jewett, Royal Oak, Hazel Road, Itchen
Frederick Johnson, Belmont Hotel, 200 Portswood Road
Hamlet Johnstone, beer retailer, 2 Kingston Road, Freemantle

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