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Gravesend,  Gravesend

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GRAVESEND is a market town, borough, seaport, and union ...

Gentry in 1858 - Surnames A to H , and J to Z

Traders in 1858 - Surnames A to C , D to K , L to RS to Y

Gentry in Gravesend in 1858 Melvilles Directory

Adams, Mr. Robert, Park place
Addison, Miss, Harmer street
Ainley, Miss, 189, Parrock street
Alexander, Mr. J. P. Albion road
Alexander, Mrs., Darnley terrace
Alexander, Mr. R., Darnley terrace
Andrews, Rev.Benjamin, LL.D.,Wesleyan Minister, 88, Parrock street
Armstrong, Mrs., Milton road
Armstrong, Dr. John, Harmer street
Arnold, Robert Coles, Esq., 4, Woodville terrace
Arnold, George Esq, Milton Lodge
Arundel, Richard Lockwood, Esq., 45 Windmill street
Ashelby, George; Esq., 14, Wrotham road
Ashley, Henry, Esq., 79, Windmill street
Atkinson, Mrs., Elizabeth terrace
Atkinson, Mr, J. B., Albion-road
Atkinson, Mr. J., Darnley terrace
Austen, Mr. Charles, 134 Windmill street
Axell, Mr. J., 140, Parrook street
Ayton, Mrs., Harmer street
Badenook, Mr. J,, 190, Parcook street
Baker, R., Esq., 11, Clarence place
Baker, John, !Lsq., Albion road
Baker, Captain, Park place
Baker, Captain, Victoria avenue
Banks, Mrs., Edwin street
Barker, James, On the shore, Rosherville
Barker, Thomas, Esq., 49, Windmill street
Baraett, Mr. James, Arthur street
Barrett, James, Esq., 125, Windmill street
Barrett, Mr. Robert, Brunswick road
Barrow, Mr. George William, Clifton Lodge, Rosherville
Barry, Miss, Pier parade, Bosherville
Barry, Mrs., Marine parade
Barton, Mrs., 55, Parrock street
Banokham, Mis., Dainley road
Beard, Mr. William, New road
Beckett, Charles Andrew, Esq., Rosherville court
Belhetchet, Mrs., 45, Parrook street
Bennett, Captain, 50, Parrook street
Benningfield, Mrs., 1, Woodville terrace
Beresford, William, Esq., Rosherville
Bevan, Mrs., 142, Windmill street
Bilbe, Mr. Thomas, 1, Cumberland terrace
Binchett, Mrs., Edwin street
Blackburn, Miss, 10, Woodville terrace
Blyth, Mr. Samuel, Albion road
Bond, Miss, Harmer street
Bondlain, Mrs., Pier parade, Rosherville
Bowtie, Mr. James, Park place
Brenehley, Mr. Thomas H., High street
Brightwell, Mrs., 133, Windmill street
Broad, Mr. Peter, Albion terrace
Broder, Mr. J. H., 3, Darnley road
Brown, William, Esq., Pier parade, Rosherville
Brown, Mrs., 15, Parrock street
Brown, Mrs., Albion road
Brownfleld, Mr! Jotaj sen., Milton road
Brownfleld, Mr. William, Grove
Budd, Mr. Edward B., Albion road
Burchfleld, Mr. S., Park place
Cahill, Mrs., 143, Windmill street
Carthew, Rev. J., M.A., Pier place, Rosherville
Cells, Mrs., Albion road
Clark, Mrs., Pier place, Rosherville
Clark, Mr. Edward, Park place
Clarke, Hyde, Esq., 49, Wrotham road
Clarke, William, Esq., 147, Windmill street
Clause, Miss, Clarence place
Colburg, Mrs., 52, Wrothani road
Collins, Mrs., Albion road
Colls, Mrs., Albion road '
Coltson, Mr. William, Park place
Colyer, Thomas, Esq., Parrock Hall; Old road
Comfort, Mr., Berkley crescent
Crosse, Miss, Bronte" villas
Crane, Miss, Grove
Crosthwaite, Mr. G. H., 23,'Pteock street
Crucifix, Mrs., Milton load
Crucifix, Mrs, Grove
Cruttenden, Mrs., Brunswick road
Crosse, Miss, Bronte1 villas
Crbwhurst, Mrs., Edwin street
Cullerne, Bailie, Esq., Milton road
Cullerne, Mr. Charles, Milton road
Culmer, William, Esq., Terrace'
Curling, Mr. T.K., 38, Parrock street
Daines, Mr. William, Park place,
Daniel, Mrs., Milion road
Davis, Mrs., Pier parade, Rosherville
Davis, Mr, R., Berkley crescent
Dawes, Mr. William, Albion terrace
Dennys, Captain, Harmer street
Ditchburn, Henry, Esq., Grove Cottage; on the Shore
Dixey, Mr. George, Clifton terrace
Dobson, William P., Esq., 5, Woodville terrace
Dodsworth, Rev. George, Arthur street
Douglass, Mr. J,, Bronte villas
Down, Mrs., Arthur street
Dew, Mr. Edward, Milton place
Driscoll, Rev. M., catholic priest, 191, Parrock street
Duncan, Mrs., 186, Parrock street
Dunn, Mrs., Albion road
Dural, Lieutenant, Harmer street
Dyke, Mrs., 28, Wrotham road
Edmed, Mrs., 195, Parrock street
Edridge, Mrs., 85, Parrock street
Edwards, Mr. John, Berkley crescent
Edwards, Mr. George, Milton road
Egan, F. M., Esq., Albion road
Elkin, Mr. Thomas, West street
Elliott, Mr. George, Albion terrace
Elliss, Miss, 4, Clarence placeEssex, William, Esq., 144, Windmill street
Etherington, Mr. William Thomas, Milton road
Evans, Mr. George, New road
Falconer, William R., Esq., Pier parade, Rosherville
Felton, Mrs., Milton road
Fiddeman, Mr. Henry, Edwin street
Fisher, Mr. S., Prospect House, Bronte villas
Fisher, Mr. John, Park place
Fletcher, William, Esq., West street
Fox, J, Esq., Constitution crescent
Freeman, Mr William, Albion terrace
Furgesson, Mr James, Milton place
Gascoinge, Mrs, 80 Windmill street
Gassett, Mrs, Edwin street
Gee, Captain, Harmer street
Gibbon, Mr J, Elizabeth terrace
Gibbon, William Esq., Cliff Cottage, on the shore
Goodings, Miss, 28, Clarence place
Goodsall, Mrs., 14, Parrook street
Goodyear, Mrs., Milton road
Gorham, Miss, Brunswick road
Gould, John, jun., 194, Parrock street .
Graham, Mr., 43, Windmill street
Greenwell, Mr. Edward, 134, Parrock street
Gregory, Joseph, Esq., 128, Windmill street
Gregory, Edward, Esq., Parrock street
Greir, Mrs., Queen street
Grigg, Mrs., East Milton
Grimes, Captain, Grove
Gyngell, Mrs., Bath House, Clifton Marine parade
Hall, Mrs., Pier parade, Rosherville
Hammond, Mrs., 56, Parroek street
Hardcastle, James, Esq., Albion road
Harding, Mrs., 41, Parrock street
Harvey, William, Esq., 6, Clarence place
Harvey, Mrs., Parrock House, Old road
Haverson, Mrs., Milton road
Hawkes, Mrs., Beach House, Rosherville
Haydon, Captain, Cambrian Grove
Heard, Miss, 1, Clarence place
Hearnshaw, Rev. John, Wesleyan minister, Peacock street
Heathorn, A., Esq., 1, Clifton road
Henslow, Mrs., Harmer street
Hilder, Lieutenant, Milton road
Hills, Walter, Wrotham road
Hobbs, Mr. John, Milton road
Hockley, Mr. Edward, Park place
Hollingum, Mrs., Milton road
Hooker, Nathan, Esq., Darnley road
Houghton, Mrs., Albion road
Hudson, Mrs., Grove
Huggins, Captain, 131, Windmill street
Hnggins, Mrs., 130, Windmill street
Huggins, James, Esq., Clarence place
Hughes, Mrs., Milton road
Hunter, Alexander Esq., Campbell Lodge, Rosherville
Hyde, Mrs., Clarence terrace
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