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Gravesend,  Gravesend

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GRAVESEND is a market town, borough, seaport, and union ...

Melvilles 1858 Directory of Kent.

GRAVESEND is a market town, borough, seaport, and union ...

Gentry in 1858 - Surnames A to H , and J to Z

Traders in 1858 - Surnames A to C , D to K , L to RS to Y

Traders in Gravesend in 1858 Melvilles Directory (D to K)

Dadd, William, fishmonger, King street
Dale, John Jackson, Hit or Miss Tavern, on the Shore
Dadson, Thomas, fishmonger, Crooked lane
Davis, Thomas stationer and news agent, King street
Davis, James, draper, etc., High street
Davis, Thomas, greengrocer, New road
Davis, John, boot and shoe maker, Parrock street
Davey, William, hardwareman, West street
Dawson, William, Catharine Wheel Inn, High street
Day, Thomas, Frederick, painter and house decorator, Berkley crescent
Deane, John, pilot, Milton place
Deane, Thomas, butcher, High street
Deane, Thomas, butcher, West street
Debnam, John, hosier and outfitter, High street
Delahaye, Mrs., egg merchant, Parrock street
Denney, Thomas, broker, Church street
Denton, John, pilot, Wellington street
Dewett, Thomas, cooper, Parrock street
Dix, William, blind maker, New road
Dix, Charles, pilot, Peacock street
Dixon, John, brush maker, West street
Dodds, William B., pilot, Clifton terrace
Doughty, Mrs., Prince of Orange Inn, New road
Dowling, Robert, Custom House officer, Albion road
Down, Thomas, grocer, Peppercroft street
Downs, Miss, dressmaker, 51, Parrock street
Drayson, Valentine, grocer, etc., Church street
Drayson, Valentine, grocer, etc., King street
Drayson, Stephen Court, draper, Queen street
Drury, George S., chemist, etc., Parrock street
Earl, James, dairyman, West street
Edmeads, Edward, baker, Clarence street
Edmonds, Captain, shipping office, Whitehall place
Edwards, William, grocer, Queen street
Edwards, George, oil and colourman, Milton road
Edwards, Martin, boot and shoe maker, Queen street
Elcomb, George, gas fitter, farmer street
Elford, John, greengrocer, Arthur street
Elliott, John, greengrocer, High street
Elliott, William, butcher, New road
Elliott, Thomas, farmer, Styles Farm
Emery, John, grocer, Parrock street
Enfield, Joseph, beer retailer, Wakefield street
Epps, Nelson, King of Prussia Inn, East street
Essenheigh, Mr. L. J., house agent, 36, Parrock street
Essenheigh, Richard Streeter, baker, Peppercroft street
Evans, William, tailor, Church street
Evans, Joseph, Nelson Tap, New road
Evans, Edward William George, local manager to Unity Insurance Company, Milton road
Everden, William, cabinet maker, Princess street
Eversfield, William, upholsterer etc., New road
Eversfield; Abraham, basket maker, New road
Eversfield, Henry, wharfinger, West street
Eves, William, gardener, John street
Eves, Richard, jun., builder, Russell street
Everest, John James, accountant and parish clerk, Berkley crescent
Everest, William H., builder, etc., Queen street
Everett, Edward, carpenter, etc., Bentley street
Fairbourn, Miss., seminary, 67, Parrock street
Farmer, James, hat manufacturer, High street
Farmer, George, pilot, Bentley street
Fenwick, Brothers, clothiers, High street
Fletcher, Elkin, and Company, coal merchants, Commercial wharf, West street
Field, Charles, grocer, etc., High street
Fisher, Joseph, confectioner, King street
Flavel, Henry, blacksmith, Garrick street
Fletcher, Jonathan, plumber and house decorator, High street
Flight, Mrs., preparatory school, 46, Windmill street
Flint and Steel, bootmakers, King street
Flood and Manchee, straw bonnet makers, Wellington street
Ford, John, tinman, Garrick street
Forster, Mrs., blacksmith, Church street
Forster, William Henry, watch maker, New road
Fothergill, William, pilot, Milton road
Fox, Robert, eating house, High street
Franklin, James, relieving officer, Wrotham road
Fraser, Robert, news agent, Windmill street
Freeth, George, painter, Sea., Bentley street
Frost, Thomas, boot and shoe maker, Bentley street
Frost, Thomas, Brunswick Arms, Brunswick road
Frost, Thomas, harness maker, New road
Fullford, Miss, preparatory school, Somerset street
Fulljames, Henry, baker, New road
Fulljames, John, carpenter and grocer, Queen street
Gale, Mrs., marine store dealer, Church street
Gardner, James, Terrace Hotel, Terrace
Gardner, Mrs., Mitre Hotel, King street
Gardner, George, baker, Parrock street
Garn, John, Admiral Duncan Inn, Bath street
Garn, Henry, Parr's Head Inn, High street
Gaseham, David Amery, hairdresser, etc, High street
Gates, William, coach builder and wheelwright, Queen street
Gates, Robert, Pope's Head, West street
Gentle, John, Ship Inn, Bath street
Gibson, William, photographic artist, Harmer street
Gibson and Wates, solicitors, Harmer street
Gilbert, Lewis, Greyhound Inn, Terrace street
Gilbert, Thomas, beer retailer, Crooked lane
Gillett, Frederick, pilot, Edwin street
Glover and Homewood, house agents, Harmer street
Godfrey, Henry, builder, Albert place
Goldfinch, John, Stag Inn, East terrace
Goldsmith, Peter, greengrocer, Terrace street
Goldsmith, William, White Lion, Parrock street
Goodchild, Mrs., seminary, Grove
Goodeeve, Mr. Frederick, secretary to Rosherville Gardens, Rosherville
Goodsall, William, butcher, Arthur street
Goodsall, Robert, tobacconist, Town pier
Goodsall, John, hairdresser, Clarence street
Gorham, George, beer retailer, Parrock street
Gould, Thomas, coach builder, Princess street
Gould, William, builder, Princess street
Grant, Edward, plumber and painter, Trafalgar road
Grant, James, fishmonger, West street
Graves, Thomas, fishmonger, High street
Gray, Charles, baker, Clarence street
Gray, Thomas, tailor, John street
Greaves, Robert, corn factor, Windmill street
Green, Richard, cab proprietor, New road
Green, Robert, livery, stables, New road
Green, David, grocer, New road
Greenstreet, James, carpenter, Parrock street
Gregory, Mrs. Elizabeth, draper, High street
Greir, Thomas, baker, Terrace
Griffith, Robert, watchmaker, etc., King street
Grigg, William, grocer, etc., High street
Hall, Thomas, printer, account book maker and bookbinder, Free Press and Miscellany Office, Windmill street
Hall William, china and glass warehouse, High street
Halsey, David, pilot, 15, Queen street
Halsey, George, pilot, 17, Queen street
Halsey, .Thomas, pilot, Queen street
Hammond, George, house and estate agent, Harmer street
Hammond, Edward, grocer, Wakefield street
Harding, Alfred, baker, Albion terrace
Harman, William, baker, High street
Harris, Thomas, collector, Edwin street
Hart, James, pianoforte warehouse, Harmer street
Hart, James, tailor, Stone street
Hart,. L. A., tobacconist, High street
Hart, William, professor of music, Windmill street
Hatten, Joseph Heath, draper, High street
Hatten, William, pilot, Queen street
Hawkins, James, Crown and Anchor Inn, High street
Hayward, William Charles, clothier, etc., High street
Hayward, William, Rose and Crown Inn, Windmill street
Headley, John, pilot, Albion road
Heard, William, boot and shoe maker, Wrotham road
Hearn, Richard, dairyman, Queen street
Hedgecock, Abraham Charles, butcher, High street
Hemsted, Thomas, boot and shoe maker, Brunswick road
Henderson, Edward James, dyer, Milton road
Henderson, John, pilot, East terrace
Henderson, William, milliner, etc., Windmill street
Henty, Henry, blacksmith, New street
Hepple, Henry, chemist and druggist, Windmill street
Hicks, William, butcher, Parrock street
Hickson, Samuel, marine store dealer, Princess street
Higgins, William Thomas, baker, New road
Hilder, Edward Augustus, solicitor, coroner, and high bailiff to county court, Harmer street
Hill, John, oil and colourman, West street
Hills, William, grocer and cheesemonger, Harmer street .
Hoad, Mrs., staymaker, 145, Parrock street
Hobson, James, pilot, Peacock street
Hodges, William, collector, Harmer street
Hogge, Joseph, draper, West street
Holebrook, Miss, seminary, 7, Woodville terrace
Holland, Mrs., Crown Inn, Peter street
Hollaway, William, dyer, 182, Parrock street
Hollingum, William Edward, painter and house decorator, Stone street
Hooker, Richard, baker, Brunswick road
Hooker, Thomas, tailor, Peppercroft street
Hookey, William, greengrocer, Brunswick road
Hopkins, Henry, boot and shoe maker, Terrace
Hopkins, Thomas, tobacconist, etc., New road
Hopper, William, baker, Terrace
Hopper, Thomas, poulterer, New road
Hough, John, grocer, etc., Brunswick road
Huggins, Messrs. H. and A., soap manufacturers, Canal
Hughes, Henry, grocer, etc., Crooked lane
Hughes, Thomas, academy, 4S, Parrock street
Humpage, John, surgeon, Berkley crescent
Humpage, Miss, seminary, Berkley crescent
Hunter, Edward, Railway Tavern, Windmill street
Hunter and Gregory, coal merchants, Marriott's wharf, West street
Hurst, Mrs., fancy repository, Windmill street
Ives, Thomas Charles, pilot, Wellington street
Ives, William Henry, pilot, Wellington street
Jackson, David, pilot, Albion road
Jeffries, William auctioneer, Edwin street
Jewell and Co., tailors, hatters, and outfitters, High street
Joel, Henry, Grapes Inn, Milton road
Joel, William, pilot, Wellington street
Joel, Nathaniel, fishmonger, 157, Parrock street
Johnson, Charles auctioneer and house agent, Harmer street
Johnson, John, bricklayer, Church street
Johnson, James, Park House seminary, Park place
Johnson, Mrs., seminary, Shrubbery road
Jones, John S, tobacconist, Harmerstreet
Jones, Joseph John, fishmonger, West street
Keeling, Emanuel, florist etc, 31 Clarence place
Keeling, James, fishmonger, Windmill street
Kemball, George, haberdasher, 148, Parrock street
Kemball, Mrs., seminary, Edwin street
Kent, Mrs., seminary, Whitehall place
Kirke, Robert, greengrocer, Princess street
Kinder and Lepards, the Misses, seminary, Milton road
King, George, baker, Windmill street
Kirby, Henry, grocer, Parrock street
Kirk, Edward, greengrocer, Lord street
Kitney, William, greengrocer, Russell street
Knee and Son, rope makers, Clifton terrace
Knight, Frederick, tobacconist, Windmill street
Knight, James, baker, Queen street
Knock, Charles H., lighterman, New road
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