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Gravesend,  Gravesend

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GRAVESEND is a market town, borough, seaport, and union ...

Melvilles 1858 Directory of Kent.

GRAVESEND is a market town, borough, seaport, and union ...

Gentry in 1858 - Surnames A to H , and J to Z

Traders in 1858 - Surnames A to C , D to K , L to RS to Y

Traders in Gravesend in 1858 Melvilles Directory (A to C)

Acworth, George, tallow chandler, 1 Parrock street
Adden, Thomas, carpenter, etc,, Brunswick road
Addington, Thomas, Victoria Tavern, Old road
Addington, Jonathan, grocer, Windmill street
Aitkin, Robert, sergeant at mace, Town Hall
Allen, Mrs., dressmaker, Harmer street
Allen, John, accountant, etc., Harmer street
Allen, Edward, tea dealer, hosier, &c., Harmer street
Allen, James, broker and undertaker, Parrock street
Allen, William, Old Amsterdam Inn, East street
Amos, Thomas, dairyman, Peppercroft street
Andrews, Charles, butcher, Queen street
Anderson, Frederick Bonaparte, watchmaker and jeweller, High street
Anderson, Svigb, watchmaker, King street
Archer, Mrs., greengrocer, Wakefield street
Armstrong, George Henry, grocer West street
Arnold, George Matthew, solicitor, Berkley crescent
Arnold, William, broker, etc, Clarence street
Arnold, Captain, harbour master, Whitehall place
Ashdowh, James, basket maker, New road
Ashdown, William, greengrocer, Arthur street
Atkinson, Thomas, boot and shoe maker, Wakefield street
Austen, Henry, greengrocer, Bentley streel
Back, Henry, tailor,1 Clarence row
Baker and Fagg, butchers, High street
Baker, George, greengrocer, Union Street
Baker, Thomas, coal consumers' office and registrar for servants, Milton road
Baker, James, dairyman, 3, Provident place, Rosherville
Baker, Edward, Rosherville Hotel and Gardens
Baker, M. and C., tobacconists and stationers, Milton road
Baker, Mrs, Carpenter's Arms, Lord street
Baker, Edward, watchmaker, Parrock street
Baker, Mrs., Star Hotel, Parrock street
Bail, Richard, pilot, Park place
Ball, Frederick, Three Daws Inn, Town Pier
Ballard, Samuel, butcher, Parrock street
Barber, Thomas Creasey, currier, High street
Barnaschina, Anthony, jun., upholsterer, &c., High street
Barnaschina, Anthony, appraiser and undertaker, New road
Barnes, George, Brewer's Arms, Wellington street
Barnard, Thomas, Prince of Orange Tap, New road
Bass, Mrs., Spread Eagle, East street
Bates, Mrs., eating house, Terrace
Bates, William, grocer, New road
Baynes, George John, stationer and bookseller, High street
Baynes, Godfrey John, stationer and library, 60, Windmill street
Bean, Henry, beer retailer, Terrace street
Beard, Alfred, Hose Inn, High street
Beard, William, Old Prince of Orange, Old road
Beard, George, butcher, West street
Beard, Alfred, Observatory, Windmill hill
Beaston, Richard, boot and shoe maker, Queen street
Beaumont, Charles, tobacconist, New road
Beaumont, Charles, watchmaker; Windmill street
Becket, Charles Andrew, brewer, East street
Beckwith, Mrs., Ordnance Arms, Queen street
Beeching, Charles, bricklayer, Edwin street
Beer, Edward, tailor, New street
Beichteller, J., fishmonger, West street
Belcher, Thomas, butcher, Parrock street
Bellingham, George, bricklayer, Somerset street
Bench, George, Richmond Tavern, East terrace
Bennett, George Hunt, plumber and painter, Queen street
Bennett, Charles, Town Arms Inn, Queen street
Bennett, Mrs, eating house, High street
Bennett, George S, draper, Windmill street
Bennet, Thomas Benjamin, registrar of births and deaths, Windmill street
Bennett, Henry, Swan Inn, Parrock street
Bengley, William, grocer, Rural Vale, Rosherville
Berkowitz, Henry, academy, 91, Windmill street
Betts, Miss, fancy repository, Harmer street
Betts, George, butcher, West street
Biggar, W. and J., drapers, Milton road
Birch, Robert, grocer, West street
Bird, James, upholsterer and undertaker, Queen street
Bishop, John, pipe maker, Church street
Bishop, John, pipe maker, Queen street
Bishop, Robert, chimney sweeper, Clarence street
Blanchard, Matthew, smith and farrier, Princess street
Bland, Thomas, tailor, Edwin street
Blunderfield, Benjamin Dye, King's Arms, Peppercroft street
Bond, Charles, appraiser, etc, Edwin street
Bond, Charles James, poulterer, High street
Bond, Alfred, Oil and colour merchant, Queen street
Bone, George, carpenter, Clarence street
Boorman and Son, millers and bakers, Milton road
Boorman, William, baker, West street
Boorman, John Luke, watchmaker, New road
Bowman, John, boot and shoe maker, Queen street
Branch Post Office, Thomas Wharton, Rosherville
Brenchley, Thomas H., brewer, wine and spirit merchant, Bank street
Brightman, John, timber dealer, Stone street
Brightman, John, timber merchant, Princess street
Briveau, L., academy, Bath street
Briveau, Francis, chemist and druggist, Milton road
Broadbridge, James, Albion Baths, Canal
Bromley,, Mrs., preparatory school, New road
Brooker, Henry, grocery Milton road
Brown, Daniel, butcher, Milton road
Brown,, Isaac, veterinary surgeon, New road
Brown, John, bootmaker, New street
Brown, Thomas John, pilot, Terrace
Brown, Isaac, tobacconist, Clarence street
Brown, Edward, Russell Arms, Clarence street 
Brown, John, fishmonger, Windmill street
Brown, William, beer retailer, Lord street
Brown, Henry, fishmonger, Windmill street
Brown, Edward, grocer, etc., Windmill street
Brown, William, grocer, Whitehall place
Brown, John, pilot, Grove
Brownfield, James, jun., pilot, Terrace
Brownfield, George, pilot, 62, Parrock street
Bryant, Edward, beer retailer, High street - Prince of Wales, 79 High street
Bryant, Edward, draper, etc., High street
Butcher and Hopper, bakers and confectioners, High street
Butcher, Joseph B., surgeon and chemist, High street
Buley, James, tailor, Farringdon street
Buley, Jesse, plumber, painter, etc., Parrock street
Burge, George, joiner, Stone street
Burgess, Miss, milliner, etc., Parrock street
Burgess, Thomas, baker, Windmill street
Burgess, Thomas, baker, Bank street
Burgess, John, greengrocer, etc., Brunswick road
Burleigh, Jacob, baker, East terrace
Burrows, Miss, straw bonnet maker, Bath street
Butcher, Joseph B., chemist, etc., West street
Button, John, greengrocer, West street
Byfield, Mrs., seminary, Milton place
Byron, James Margesson, perfumer, &c., Harmer street
Caddell aud Son, printers and stationers, King street
Cain, Henry, plasterer, Peter street
Cain, William, upholsterer, Windmill street
Calcraft, Charles, Bazaar, Windmill hill
Carey, John, boot and shoe maker, Peppercroft street
Carley, Thomas, Bricklayers' Arms Inn, builder, etc., Stone street
Carlin and Son, pawnbrokers, High street
Carpenter, William, plumber and painter, Parrock street
Carter, George, china and glass warehouse, High street
Carter, William, baker, Rosherville
Catchpool, John, pianoforte warehouse, Milton road
Cavell, Mrs., seminary, 142, Parrock street
Champion, Miss, seminary, Milton road
Chantler, George, pianoforte manufacturer, 155, Parrock street
Chaplin, William, Clarendon Hotel, Terrace gardens
Chaplin, John, draper, etc,, Queen street
Chapman, Forest, baker and post-office, West street
Chapman, Trobenius, baker, Arthur street
Chapman, John, academy, New road
Charlton, Stephen, City of London Tavern, Terrace
Charlton, John, butcher, Queen street
Chatton, George, tailor, 151, Parrock street
Cheeseman, Thomas, solicitor, Parrock street
Clark, Richard, blacksmith and ironmonger, Parrock street
Clark, Edward, nursery and seedsman, New road
Clarke, Charles, nurseryman, Windmill street
Clark, James, fishmonger, High street
Clark, James, fishmonger, East street
Clarke, Charles, nurseryman, 179, Windmill street
Clarke, Edward, pilot, Terrace
Clarke, Thomas, carpenter, Clarence street
Clark, David, academy, Harmer street
Clemitson, Miss, grocer, etc., Brunswick road
Clemitson, Edward, baker, Milton road
Clifford, Frederick, White Post Tavern, Old road
Clifton Baths, Marine parade; Ditchburn, Henry, proprietor
Clunne, John William, New Inn Tap, Queen street
Cobham, George Frederick, builder, Edwin street, and at Greenhithe
Colegate, Frederick, hairdresser, Windmill street
Coles, William, pastrycook, Harmer street
Coles, William, confectioner and eating house, High street
Colley, Frederick, coffee house, Harmer street
Colyer, Edward Saterry, beer retailer, Terrace
Cooper, Edward, dining rooms, Harmer street
Cooper and Co., upholsterers and undertakers, King street
Cooper and Co., upholsterers and undertakers, Queen street
Cooper, Charles, blacksmith, East terrace
Cooper, James Binion, surveyor, Windmill street
Cooper, Miss, milliner and dressmaker, Windmill street
Coots and Stock, clothiers, etc., West street
Copelin, James, baker, Milton road
Copelin, James, grocer, Queen street
Cove, James, baker, Wrotham road
Cowling, John, fruiterer, King street
Cox, John, greengrocer, Church street
Cox, John, Prince of Orange Inn, Bath street
Cox, John, cabinet maker, Parrock street
Cruven, Samuel, cooper, Parrock street
Croft, William Gilmore, grocer, etc., High street
Crook, J. and G., drapery and carpet warehouse, Parrock street
Crowhurst, Robert, tallow chandler and basket maker, High street
Cullingford, John, fishmonger, West street
Curtis, Edward, tailor, East terrace

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