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Gravesend,  Gravesend

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GRAVESEND is a market town, borough, seaport, and union ...

Melvilles 1858 Directory of Kent.

GRAVESEND is a market town, borough, seaport, and union ...

Gentry in 1858 - Surnames A to H , and J to Z

Traders in 1858 - Surnames A to C , D to K , L to RS to Y

Traders in Gravesend in 1858 Melvilles Directory (S to Y)

Salter, James, baker, Windmill street
Sampson, James Balster, ironmonger, etc., King street
Sanders, Samuel, boot and shoe maker, Windmill street
Sandford, John, greengrocer, Church street
Sandford, George, Clifton Hotel Shades, Clifton Marine parade
Sandford, William, fishmonger, Terrace
Sandford, Mrs., fishmonger, West street
Sandy, William, Five Bells Inn, Queen street
Sapey, William, Black Horse Inn, High street
Saunders, George, family chemist, Milton road
Sawkins, Charles, plumber and painter, New road
Sayer, John T., grocer, Arthur street
Sayer, John, Prince Regent Inn, Peppercroft street
Schofield, James, baker, Parrock street
Scott, Friend Elvin, corn factor and baker, King street
Scudder, James, dairyman, Clarence street
Seayer, George, Bat and Ball, Wrotham road
Searle, Nicholas, basketmaker, Queen street
Seeley, Messrs. F. and B., boot and shoe makers, Railway place
Shadwick and Co., curriers, Wakefield street
Sharland, George Edward, Town Hall, town clerk, clerk of the peace, solicitor, etc.
Sheavman, David, academy, Terrace street
Shearman, David, academy, Parrock street
Sharp, William, wine and spirit merchant, High street
Shorter, William, baker, Clarence street
Simmons, Mrs., hairdresser and perfumer, New road
Simmons, George, mast and block maker, East street
Simpson, John, bookseller and stationer, Harmer street
Simson, Miss, dressmaker, Bath street
Skillen, William, fruiterer, High street
Slater, Joseph, greengrocer, Milton road
Slater, Joseph, greengrocer, High street
Sloper, Joseph, pipe maker, Bath street
Smart, Mr. Charles, Ivy House, Old road
Smith, James William, boat builder, East street
Smith, Alexander Joseph, pilot, Terrace
Smith, Henry, tailor and hatter, Ne\v road
Smith, Thomas, grocer etc, King street
Smith, William, Three Crowns Inn, West street
Smith and Son, auctioneers, etc., sheriff's officer, Harmer street
Smith, Mrs., greengrocer, Bentley street
Solomon, M., outfitter, hatter, and shoe warehouse, High street
Southgate and Son, solicitors, registrars of county court, clerks to commissioners, King street
Spain, George, grocer, etc., Terrace
Speak, Thomas, butcher, High street
Speedy, John, pilot, Wellington street
Spencer, Charles, chemist and druggist, High street
Spiers, George, pilot, Queen street
Stacey, Frederick, professor of the harp, Albion terrace
Stapley, Alfred, cowkeeper, Bath street
Stapley, Thomas, Royal George, New road
Stapley, Thomas, greengrocer, Peacock street
Starbuck, 0. and R., sailmakers, and ship chandlers, West street
Startup, Charles, tailor and outfitter, High street
Steel, Charles, stonemason, New road
Steer, Mrs. Sarah, Fisherman's Arms beer shop, West street
Stephens, Thomas, carpenter, Stone street
Stidolph, Thomas, grocer, etc., Shrubbery road
Stone, John, fruiterer, Queen street
Stone, Miss, dressmaker, Lord street
Strange, Charles, greengrocer, Terrace street
Strange, George, china and earthenware dealer, Queen street
Strickland and Co., watchmakers and clothiers, Windmill street
Stronghill, John, fishmonger, Windmill street
Stroud, Thomas, grocer, etc., Bentley street
Stroud, Thomas, baker, Milton road
Summers, William Henry, milliner and fancy repository, New road
Sutherland, William, greengrocer, Bath street
Swan, Brothers, fancy dealers, Queen street
Sweetman, George, draper, High street
Tanner and Smoker, hatters, High street
Tasseth, Charles, upholsterer, etc., New road
Taylor, George, grocer, etc., Bentley street
Taylor, Richard, baker, West street
Taylor, Henry, Trafalgar Inn, West street
Taylor, James, butcher, King street
Taylor, Robert, Albion Inn, High street
Taylor, Henry, tin warehouse, Queen street
Temple, John, Kent Tavern, High street
Tennant, Richard, Elephant's Head, Rosherville
Terry, David James, harness maker, New road
Thiselton, James, grocer, Clarence street
Thomas, John, pilot, 164, Parrock street
Thomas, John, cork cutter, Brunswick road
Thomas, William John, Half Moon Inn, Bentley street
Thompson, William, Little Wonder, Edwin street
Tidby, John, dining rooms, Windmill street
Tidy, Henry, builder, Albion road
Todd, William, steam mills, Canal
Tolhurst, William, butcher, High street
Tookey, Edward, tobacconist, Terrace
Tracey, Edward, pilot, Clifton terrace
Troughton and Bevao, furnishing and general ironmongers, High street
Troughton, Mrs., ironmonger and ship chandler, High street
Troughton, Thomas, wax and tallow chandler, High street
Trouisdale, Richard Sandon, academy, Farringdon street
Try, Robert, Prince Albert, Wrotham road
Tucker, William, Flower Pot beer shop, 1, Parrock street
Tucker, John, blacksmith, East street
Tulk, George, clothier, King street
Tunstall, Robert, painter, Peppercroft street
Turner, William, collector, Stone street
Turner, Thomas, boot and shoe maker, Church street
Turner, Robert, White Hart Inn, High street
Turner, Mrs., milliner, etc., New road
Turner, George, grocer, Cutmore street
Turrell, William, fishmonger, New road
Turrell, Paul, tailor, New road
Twine, George, bricklayer, Bentley street
Twyman, William S., tobacconist, Harmer street
Tyler, Charles, confectioner, New road
Tyler, William, beer retailer, Windmill street
Tyler, William T., shoemaker, Edwin street
Ulyate, John, boot and shoe maker, Brunswick road
Upton, Mrs., Sun Tavern, New road
Venables, George, confectioner, Queen street
Vincent, James, watchmaker, New road
Vine, Henry, baker, New road
Voy, Thomas, pilot, Albion terrace
Wagstaff, Thomas, British Tar Inn, Milton road
Walker, Alexander, brewer, Wellington brewery
Wall, Francis, Pilot, Albion terrace
Walter, Henry, fishmonger, High street
Walter, John, fishmonger, High street
Walton, George, greengrocer, Union street
Ward, C. and J., milliners, etc., Grove
Ward, Miss, seminary, Kempthorpe street
Ward, John, Eagle Inn, New road
Warner, James, dyer, New road
Warren, Henry, surgeon, terrace
Warren and Gramshaw, surgeons, King street
Wates, James, Family Hotel, Whitehall place
Watkins, William, baker, Parrock street
Watkins, William, grocer, Russell street
Watkins, James, beer retailer, 150, Parrock street
Watson, Alexander, butcher, Bath street
Watson, Richard, Bellevue Hotel, Windmill hill
Wattson, Frederick, baker, West street
Wawn, George Henry, collier's office, Whitehall place 
Webb and Son, auctioneers and house agents, Grove
Webb, J. W., dining rooms, Town pier
Webb, Mrs., earthenware dealer, Parrock street
Welsford, Miss, seminary, 34, Parrock street
West, John, marine store dealer, Princess street
West, Richard, pilot, East terrace
West, Thomas, pilot, Wellington street
Westbrook, William, coffee house, High street
Weston, George, greengrocer, Church street
Weston, John, tobacconist, New road
Weston, Samuel, greengrocer, Queen street
Wharton, Thomas, tobacconist, Rosherville
Wheeler, Mrs., Albion Inn, Albion road
Wheeler, William, poulterer, Windmill street
Whiffin, David, Privateer Inn, West street
Whiskin, John, tailor, New road
Whiskin, Samuel, butcher, Queen street
Whitaker, Robert, hairdresser, Terrace
Whitcombe, Philip, surgeon, Harmer street
Whitbread, Mrs., greengrocer, Shrubbery road
White, Stephen, butcher, Bath street
White, Frederick, superintendent of police, Town Hall
White, John, draper, etc., King street
White, James, bricklayer, Somerset street
Wightman, James, greengrocer, Peppercroft street
Wilcock, John Stephen, fancy repository, New road
Wilkinson, William, coal dealer, Princess street
Willett and Jewel, outfitters and ship chandlers, West street
Williams, Edward, pilot, Milton place
Williams, William, pilot, Milton place
Williams, Edwin, pilot, Wellington street
Willis, John, timber merchant, Bath street
Willis, John, timber merchant, West street
Willis, John Nathaniel, picture frame maker, Manor road
Willoughby, Edwin, house agent, 48, Windmill street
Wilson, Frederick, baker, Queen street
Wilson, Richard, oil and colourman, Edwin street
Wilson, Miss, seminary, Bronte villas
Wilson and Tracey, coopers, West street
Wilson, Sergeant, Victory Inn, Clarence street
Wiltshire, Thomas, Marquis of Anglesea, Somerset street
Wince, Miss, seminary, Grove
Wingfield, Thomas, grocer, etc., Princess street
Winnet, William, grocer, High street
Wissenden, Henry, Waterman's Arms, Church street
Wood, Robert, boot and shoe maker, Queen street
Wood, William, builder and surveyor, Windmill street
Wood and Groom, the Misses, seminary, Primrose terrace
Wood, George, butcher, Windmill street
Woods, Mrs., seminary, Cutmore street
Woods, Mrs., stay manufacturer, Bank street
Woodford, Henry, wine and spirit merchant, Milton road
Woodward, John, bricklayer, Milton road
Woodward, James, bricklayer, Queen street
Wright, James, butcher, Clarence street
Wright, George, King's Head Inn, King street
Wright, Edward Sinclare, tailor, Windmill street
Wright, James, baker, Peacock street
York, John, boot and shoe maker, New road
York, Miss, dressmaker, New road
Young, Charles, earthenware dealer, Bank street
Young, Mrs., fruiterer, West street
Young, John, greengrocer, Parrock street
Yule, Robert, draper, Edwin street
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