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Gravesend,  Gravesend

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GRAVESEND is a market town, borough, seaport, and union ...

Melvilles 1858 Directory of Kent.

GRAVESEND is a market town, borough, seaport, and union ...

Gentry in 1858 - Surnames A to H , and J to Z

Traders in 1858 - Surnames A to C , D to K , L to RS to Y

Traders in Gravesend in 1858 Melvilles Directory (L to R)

Lambert, James, builder, Albion terrace
Lambird, D., dairyman, Peter street
Larnpin, Charles P., ironmonger, King street
Lane, Joshua, Pier Hotel, Town pier
Lane, William, baker, New road
Langlois, C., jun., artist, Harmer street
Langstone, Charles P., printer and bookseller, Harmer street
Langton, David, collector, 127, Windmill street
Lashman, William, grocer, Albion terrace
Langton, Robert, greengrocer, Brunswick road
Lawrence, Thomas, beer retailer, New road
Lear, Thomas, beer retailer, Queen street
Lee, John, carpenter, cooper, and undertaker, Parrock street
Leeds, James, North Star, Canal
Lewis and Busby, plumbers, gasfitters, and pewterers, Windmill street
Lewis, Stephen, Melbourne Tavern, West street
Lewis, Mrs., milliner and dressmaker
Lightfoot, Richard, fishmonger, Queen street
Ligo,'Robert, pilot, Edwin street
Liley, Edward, pilot, Queen street
Lilleystone, Robert, Peacock Inn, Peacock street
Lipscombe, Owen, hairdresser and perfumer, Harmer street
Littlewood and Sons, drapers, etc., High street
Lock, Henry, tobacconist, Bank street
Loft, Thomas Beal, Fishing Smack Inn, West street
Lott, Henry Victor, Globe Inn, Milton place
Lovell, Thomas, greengrocer, Brunswick road
Lowe, Benjamin, boot maker, East street
Lower, Charles, boot and shoe maker, New road
Luckraft, Thomas, greengrocer, Milton road
Lucas, John, fishmonger, West street
Lukes, Alfred, grocer, Chapel lane
Mabson, John, draper, Parrock street
Mcdonald, James, general dealer, Stone street
Maddox, Henry, grocer and tea dealer, Queen street
Malcomb, John, chimney sweeper, Church street
Malloney, Matthew, tailor, Queen street
Mann, Charles, fruiterer and soda water manufacturer, High street
Mantle, James, boot and shoe maker, High street
Marchant, George, coffee house, Windmill street
Marshall, Joseph, confectioner, etc., High street
Martin, William, fishmonger, Terrace
Martin, Joseph, pilot, Terrace street
Martin, John Rodney, baker, Terrace street
Martin, Henry William, hairdresser, Milton road
Martin, Edward Munns, furnishing ironmonger, Milton road
Martin, William George, ship agent, New street
Martin, Richard, draper, King street
Martin, William, ironmonger, etc,, New road
Martin, Alfred, carpenter, Clarence row
Martin, Joseph Job, Queen's Arms, Windmill street
Mason, Thomas, plasterer, Albion terrace
Mason, James, bricklayer, etc., Manor road
Mason, John, saddler and harness maker, Stone street
Masters, Henry, currier, Queen street
Matthews, James, turner; Church street
Matthews, James, turner, Kempthorpe street
Matthews, William, turner, Stone street
Maxsted, John, Prince of Wales Inn, East Milton
May, John Robert, boot and shoe warehouse, High street
Meals, John, academy, Prospect House, Prospect place
Medhurst, David, gardener, Arthur street
Melhuish, Richard, whitesmith, Peppercroft street
Merritt, Mrs., fishmonger, Queen street
Miall, William, Yacht Tavern, West street
Middleton, William, Queen's Head, Wakefield street
Middleton, William, bricklayer, Windmill street
Miles, Henry, grocer etc, Milton road
Miles, Henry, grocer etc, High street
Milledge, James, blind maker, Windmill street
Miller, Thomas Edward, grocer, etc., Arthur street
Millis, Samuel, greengrocer, Parrock street
Milsted, Mrs., Somerset Arms, Somerset street
Milton, James, butcher, New road
Missing, George Palmer, India Arms, West street
Monk, John, Terrace Pier master, Terrace; office of Submarine and European Telegraph Company
Moore, Robert, boot and shoe warehouse, High stree
Moore, William, boot and shoe maker, Terrace
Moore, John, Three Tuns Inn, High. West street
Moore, Robert, waterproof boot manufacturer, New road
Moore, Robert, boot and shoe warehouse, New road
Moore, Robert, fishmonger, New road
Moore, John, the Bear Inn, West street
Moore, Henry William, George Inn, Queen street
Moore, Mrs. Sarah, Royal Oak, South hill road
Morris, George Malcomb, Shakspeare Inn, free vintner, Milton road
Morris, Edward, fancy repository, Railway place
Moss, Mr., surgeon, 163, Parrock street
Mudd, Robert, carpenter, Bank street
Mudd, Edward, sail maker, West street
Mullenden, Henry, carpenter, etc., Queen street
Munns, J. R., pawnbroker, Windmill street
Munns, Edward, tailor, New road
Munns, Edward Lamburn, plumber and painter, Harmer street
Munns, William, boot and shoe maker, Queen street
Nance, William, boot and shoe maker, Harmer street
Nettleingham and Sons, corn factors and seedsmen, New road
Nettleingham and Son, steam mills, West street
Nettleingham, John, boot maker, West street
Nettleingham, John, greengrocer, Arthur street
Neville, Thomas, beer retailer, Windmill street
Newell, Mrs., dairy, Darnley road
Newman, William, greengrocer, Windmill street
Newman, Henry, house agent, actuary to savings Bank, Harmer street
Nichols, Daniel, hairdresser, Clarence street
Nichols, Robert, grocer, Union street
Nightingale, John, bricklayer, Kempthorpe street
North Kent Railway Station, Stone street, L. Portch, station master
Notten, Henry, hatter, Harmer street
Oliver, John, boot and shoe maker, John street
Osmotherly, William, Darnley Arms
Owen, William, chemist, Clarence street
Owen, Benjamin, dairyman, New road
Page, Robert, pork butcher, 152, Parrock street
Paine, John, grocer, etc., West street
Pallister, Edmund, New Falcon Hotel, West street
Palmer, William, pilot, Albion road
Palmer, John, dairyman, Milton road
Pannell, Charles, Britannia Inn, Bath street
Parker, William, tailor,. Milton road
Parnell, Charles, manager of Falcon Hotel, East street
Parslow, Benjamin, tailor, Union street
Parslow, Thomas, tailor, Harmer street
Parsons, Edward, chemist and druggist, Harmer street
Parsons, William, greengrocer, High street
Pascoe, William, pilot, Albion terrace
Pattison, William John, Clarendon Tap, Terrace gardens
Pattison, James, grocer, West street
Pearee, James, butcher, Clarence street
Pearce, Robert, blacksmith, Peppercroft street
Pearcey, Thomas, butcher, West street
Pearse, Miss, milliner, New road
Pearson, Charles, solicitor, clerk to Justices, Terrace
Peirce, William, water bailiff, Terrace
Perry, Robert, chemist and druggist, High street
Perry, John, poulterer, Princess street
Pershouse, William, Windmill Tavern, Shrubbery road
Pett, William, haberdasher, Milton road
Petitt, Mrs., dining rooms, West street
Pilkington, William, boot and shoe maker, Union street
Pilkington, John, plumber, painter, and writer, New road
Pilven, Thomas, coffee house, Parrock street
Pinching, Charles John, surgeon, Terrace
Pitt, William, hairdresser, West street
Plane, William Squire, brewer, West street
Pointer, George, carpenter, Terrace street
Pollard, William, watchmaker etc, High street
Poole, the Misses, seminary, New road
Pope, Frederick, blacksmith, Bath street
Posgate, Richard B., pilot, Albion road
Postan, Mrs., boarding school, 70, Windmill street
Pottinger, Thomas, tailor, Harmer street
Prosser, Walter, cooper, West street
Pulley, William, Roebuck Inn, Queen street
Purcell, Mrs., beer retailer, West street
Parcel!, Samuel, grocer, Windmill street
Quaife, James, accountant, Terrace
Raokstraw, Josiah, plumber, painter, &c., Bath street
Rackstraw, George, salt merchant, Bath street
Rackstraw, Mrs., baker, West street
Rackstraw, Josiah, plumber and painter, West street
Rackstraw, George, and Co., salt merchants, West street
Rae, Thomas, pilot, Peacock street
Ralph, Charles, builder, etc., Milton road
Ramshaw, George, pilot; Albion terrace
Raspison, Henry, poulterer, Arthur street
Raspison, Mrs., stationer, High street
Raspison, William, fishmonger, Queen street
Ray, William, basketmaker, John street
Raymond, John, butcher, High, street
Raymond, John, butcher, Terrace
Redgrave, John, builder, Wrotham. road
Reeve, Thomas, greengrocer, Queen street
Rhodes, William Hurst, Fountain Hotel, Whitehall place
Rhodes, Thomas, farrier, Queen street
Richards, William, grocer, Windmill street
Richardson, John, Cricketers' Inn, Arthur street
Rigg, Charles, M.D., Homoeopathic Dispensary, Windmill street
Riley, Richard, tobacconist, Windmill street
Roberts, George, auctioneer, Somerset street
Rogers, Mrs., fur warehouse, Harmer street
Rolfe, Philemon, chemist and druggist, High street
Root, Mra., haberdasher, 156, Parrock street
Rose, William, Railway Coffee Shop, Railway place
Rosher, Henry and Edward, chalk and lime burners, Rosherville
Ross, Richard Varney, pilot, Albion road
Row, George, boot and shoe warehouse, Harmer street
Roxberry, Henry, pilot, Terrace
Roxberry, Mrs., fishmonger, Crooked lane
Roxberry, Thomas, pilot, West street
Ruddock, Joseph Benjamin, draper, etc., Windmill street
Ruff, Henry Charles, New Inn, Milton road
Russell, John, greengrocer, Wrotham road
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