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Gravesend,  Gravesend

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GRAVESEND is a market town, borough, seaport, and union ...

Gentry in 1858 - Surnames A to H , and J to Z

Traders in 1858 - Surnames A to C , D to K , L to RS to Y

Gentry in Gravesend in 1858 Melvilles Directory ( J to Z)

Jacobs, Mrs., Victoria avenue
Jeffreyson, Mrs., Milton road
Jennings, Thomas, Esq., Park place
Jenour, Mrs., Darnley road
Johnson, Rev. William Downs, Park place
Johnson, Mrs., Park place
Johnson, Captain, 90, Windmill street
Johnson, Richard, Esq., Darnley terrace
Jones, Daniel Hughes, LL.D., Park place
Jones, Mr. Alfred, 55, Parrock street
Joynes, Rev. Robert, 51, Wrotham road
Joynes, Rev. John, M.A., Hutchinson place
Joynes, Rev. Richard, Woodville terrace
Kidgell. Miss, 6, Woodville terrace
King, Miss, Brunswick road
Klunt, .Rev. B. H., Independent, Princess street
Lacey, Edward, Esq., Baynard Castle
Lake, Mr. J., 14, Clarence place
Larnder, Miss, 60, Parroek street
Law, Mrs., Arthur street
Law, Mrs., 87, Windmill street
Leathley, Miss, Pier parade, Rosherville
Leith, Mr. F., 17, Clarence place
Lejoindre, Mons., 43, Parrock street
Lilley, Mr. Thomas, Albion road
Lloyd, James, Esq., Pier parade, Rosherville
Limbert, Mrs., 8, Woodville terrace
Little, Mr. J. J, Milton road
Littlewood, Mr. J., sen., Edwin street
Lord, Mrs., 17, Parrock street
Lovell, Mrs., Darnley road
Lukes, Mr. J., Marine parade
Madden, Mrs., Harmer street
Mantle, Mr. Thomas, 8, Clarence place
Marsh, Mrs., 54, Parrock street
Marsh, Rev. F. A., Wrotham road
Marshall, Mrs., 30, Clarence place
Martin, Mrs., Arthur street
Martin, Mrs., Milton place
Mason, Benjamin, Esq., 7, Clarence place
Mathews, John, Esq., Darnley road
Mathews, Mr. Thomas, 2, Cumberland terrace
May, Mr. William, Cumberland terrace
Middleton, Mrs., Edwin street
Minter, Miss, 180, Parrock street
Morgan, Miss, Clifton terrace
Munns, James, Esq., 9, Woodville terrace
Nash, Daniel, Esq., 136, Parrock street
Naylor, Mrs., Edwin street
Neame, Mr. Charles, Albion terrace
Nelson, Mr. J. F., Marine parade
Nettleingham, Thomas, Esq., Bath street
Nettleingham, Mr. William, Terrace
Nicholls, Mrs., Darnley terrace ;
Nightingale, Miss, New road
Norris, Mr. George, Milton road
Norton, Mrs., 146, Windmill street
Oakes, Robert, Esq., 109, Windmill street
Ogilvie, Miss, Milton place
Osborn, Mr. George, Cole's Villa, Old road
Pace, Captain Horatio, R.N., 16, Clarence place
Pallister, Mrs., Marine Hotel
Palmer, Mr. William, 8, Parrock street
Palmer, Mrs., Arthur street
Parsall, Mr .William Henry, Milton road
Pathson, Mr. Frederick, Milton road
Paul, Mrs., 13, Clarence place
Perry, Mrs., Edwin street
Petley, Captain, 136, Windmill street
Pettingale, Mr. F., Elizabeth terrace
Philcox, Mr. George, Edwin street
Phillips, Mrs., Pier parade, Rosherville
Philpott, Mr. George, Milton Villa, Parrock street
Pickering, Mrs., Clifton terrace
Pike, Mrs., Harmer street
Plane, William Squier, Esq., Kiana House, Darnley road .
Potter, Mr. Thomas, 132, Parrook street
Powel, Mr. R., Victoria avenue ,
Powel, Mrs., Clarence terrace
Price, Rev. Benjamin, Cambrian grove
Price, Miss, Edwin street
Pryce, Eev. E. S., Baptist, 82, Parrock street
Rackshaw, Mrs., Best street
Randall, Mrs., Park place
Raper, Mrs., 123, Windmill street
Reed, Mr. "William, Edwin street.
Reid, Mrs., Milton place
Richardson, Mrs., Milton road
Ridge, J. J., Esq., M.D., Parrock street
Rosher, Miss, Creek Hall, Rosherville
Rosher, Charles, Esq., the Mount, Rosherville
Rosher, William, Esq., Woodfield Lodge, Rosherville
Ross, Mr. R. D., Milton place
Rowland, Mrs., 82, Windmill street
Saddington, John, Esq., Bronte villas
Sams, Mr. George, Constitution crescent
Sanders, Dr. William, High street
Sands, Mrs., 23, Wrotham road
Saunders, Mrs., 2, Clarence place
Sawell, Mr. Thomas, Albion road
Sayers, Mrs., ]26, Windmill street
Scarman, Mrs., Milton road
Seager, George, Rosherville Shades, Rosherville .
Share, Mr. J., Grove
Sharland, George Edward, Esq., Constitution crescent
Shearman, David, Esq., 85, Windmill street
Sheppard, Mr. Edward, 144, Parrock street
Simmons, Mr. George, sen., Albion terrace
Singleton, Mrs., 57, Parrock street
Skegg, Mrs., Victoria avenue
Smart, Mr. Charles, 12, Clarence place
Smith, Mr. John, Albion road
Smith, John, Esq., Harmer street
Smith, Mrs., 46, Milton road
Smith, Mrs., 48, Milton road
Smith, John, Esq., 88, Windmill street
Smith, Mrs., Darnley road
Snelling, Mr. William, 58, .Parrock street
Southgate, Eev. Frederick, Parsonage, Rosherville, Northfleet
Spain, Mrs., 49, Parrock street
Spencer, Mrs., Berkley crescent
Staff, Mrs., 86, Windmill street
Stamp, Miss, 83, Parrook street
Stanford, Mrs., 9, Parrock street
Staple, Mrs., Milton road
Steinback, Mrs., Marine parade
Stevens, Mrs., 73 and 74, Parrock street
Steward, Mrs,, Home Mead
Steward, Mrs., Milton road
Stone, the Misses, New road
Stoneham, George, Esq., Pier parade, Rosherville
Stunt, Mrs., Park place
Swettenham, Mr. George, Milton place
Swinbourn, Rev. J., 84, Parrock streejij
Styles, Mrs., 16, Clarence place
Tate, Miss, Park place
Taylor, George, Esq., Cumberland House, Milton road
Taylor, Captain, Milton road
Taylor, George, Esq., Clifton Marine parade
Teanby, Francis W., surgeon, Grove
Terry, Mr. William, 54, West street
Thomas, Alfred, Milton road
Thomas, Mr. George, Arthur street
Thompson, Mrs., 18, Parrock street
Tippell, Mr. William, 9, Clarence place
Teppels.JMrs., Harmer street
Topping, Mrs., 4, Darnley road
Townend, Mr. William, 110, Windmill street
Troughton, Thomas, Esq., Park place
Troughton, Medhurst, Esq., Milton place
Tubb, Mrs., 77, Parrock street
Turner, Mr. William, Arthur street
Tyler, Mrs., 19, Parrock street
Upjohn, Mr. Tbomas, Albion road
Urbain, Mrs., Milton Road
Vaughan, Mrs., 48, Parrook street
Walker, Mr. T., Milton place
Ware, Robert, Esq., 54, Windmill street
Watkins, Mrs., Milton road
Watson, Rev. J. H., M.A., 15, Clarence place
Watts, Edward F., Esq., Bench Lodge, Rosherville
Watts, Mr. William, Darnley road
Weir, Mr. Benjamin, Rose Villa, Old road
West, Captain, Windmill street
West, Mrs., Park place
West, Mr, John, Loraine Villa, Old road
West, Mrs., Bath street
Weston, Alfred, Esq., Park place
White, Thomas. Nioholls, Esq., 3, Clarence place
White, Mrs., Albion road
Whitehead, Mrs., Albion road
Wickham, George Esq., Arthur street
Wild, Mrs. 25 Clarence place
Wilkinson, Mrs, Darnley road
Williams, Mr Thomas, 11 Woodville terrace
Williams, Mr Thomas John, Albion road
Wilson, Miss, 44 Windmill street
Worger, Mr, William, Victoria avenue
Wyatt, Rev, A. H., 22, Clarence place
Wyatt, Miss, Elizabeth terrace
Young, Dr., 68 and 69, Parrock street
Zabell, Mr. F. W,, Amoy Cottage, Old
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