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Public Houses of Ramsgate

Gentry in 1858

Traders in Melvilles 1858 Directory by surname

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Melvilles 1858 Directory of Kent.

Traders in Melvilles 1858 Directory by surname

Abraham, Israel, general outfitter and auctioneer, agent to Alliance Fire and Life Assurance Company, Queen street
Abseil, James, photographic artist, Harbour street
Adams, Francis, apartments, Townley street
Adams, William, lodgings, Trafalgar place
Adams, Thomas F., lodgings, Trafalgar place
Adams, Mrs. Rose E., apartments, Royal Crescent, West Cliff
Adley, William Adams, apartments, Spencer square
Adnett, Samuel, hairdresser, Addington place
Allen, Miss F., apartments, 8, Albion hill
Allen, Mrs. Jane Elizabeth, boarding house, Royal terrace
Aldridge, Mrs. Esther, preparatory school for young gentlemen, Vale House
Allright, William, fly proprietor, Queen street
Allright, George N., Royal Mews livery and private stables, Queen street, h 20, Hertford place
Allwright, William, lodgings, Cliffe street
Altheia, Mrs. Adelaide E., Albion Tap, Harbour place
Andrews, James, photographic artist, Chatham street
Anderson, Miss Selina, Woodford House boarding establishment for young ladies, High street
Ansell, John, apartments, Plains of Waterloo
Ansell, William, bootmaker, Albion terrace
Ansell, Thomas, glass and china dealer, King street
Ansell, George, apartments, Liverpool terrace
Apps, James, mariner, Church hill
Armstrong, George, bookbinder, Cavendish street
Ashdown, Mrs. Sarah, fishmonger, Addington place
Atkins, Thomas Samuel, bookseller and stationer,
and hatter, Queen street
Aubourgh, Julius Caesar, professor of languages, Hardres street
Austen, Mrs. Ann, brewer, Regent street
Austen, Robert, dairyman arid greengrocer, Branch Post-office, Addington place
Austen, George, grocer and house agent, Goldsmith place
Austen, John Colmer, surgeon, Hardres street
Austen, Henry John, milkman, Bellevue hill
Austen, Frederick, plasterer, Meeting street
Austin, James, brewer and maltster, Broad street
Aylesbury, Mrs. Mary, apartments, Hardres street
Ayres, Alfred Charles, surgeon, etc., Medical Hall, Queen street
Axford, James Rowden, confectioner, Harbour street
Bailey, Miss Henrietta, dressmaker, Hertford place
Bailey, Francis, shipwright, 4, York place
Bailey, Henry, coal and coke merchant, High street
Baker, Mrs. Elizabeth, greengrocer, Addington place
Ball, William, shoemaker, King street
Baldwin, Edmund, lodging house, 1, Kent place
Barker, George H., apartments, Victoria terrace
Barling, Mrs. Mary Anne, lodgings, 1, Pier Castle
Barling and Foat, sea bathing establishment, Royal Victoria Baths
Barling and Foat, bathers and carrriers, Sackett's hill
Barnes, James, apartments, Nelson crescent
Barnes, William P., boot and shoe maker, 69, Hardres street
Barnett, Morris, watch and clock maker, Queen street
Barnett, Israel, jeweller and general dealer, Queen street
Barrow, Edward, linen draper, High street
Barry, James Joseph, surgeon, 13, Albion place
Barsham, William, greengrocer and milkman, Albion hill
Bartlett, Phillip, fisherman, Albion hill
Bartlett, Thomas, lodgings, Albion place
Barwick, Mrs., Marine boarding house, 13 and 14, Paragon
Bassenden, William, apartments, Plains of Waterloo
Batchelor, Mrs. Emma, apartments, Hardres street
Batchelder, Henry, Walmer Castle, Sion row
Battershall, the Misses, apartments, 10 Kent place
Battershall, the Misses A and L, fancy repository, 3 Victoria place
Bayly, Mrs Jane, pastry coook and confectioner, High street
Bayly, David, grocer, High street
Bayley, John Gray, saddler and harness maker, High street
Beal, Henry, apartments, Liverpool place
Bear, John, traveller, Cavendish street
Beckingham, Mr., apartments, Lansdown terrace
Bedford, Miss Mary, milliner and dressmaker, Hardres street
Beer, John, apartments, Spencer square
Beer, carpenter and undertaker, Liverpool road, h Spencer square
Beeching, Samuel, shipwright, Camden place
Beeching, Samuel, shipwright, Mount Zion
Beerling, John, confectioner, Queen street
Beerling, James, baker, James place
Belsey and Son, grocers, King street
Belsey, Zachariah E., bricklayer, Elgar place
Bennett, James, apartments, Plains of Waterloo
Bennett, Thomas, Angel Inn, York street
Bennett, John, lodging house, Kent place
Berry, William, grocer, High street
Bevis, Charles, apartments, Camden square
Biles, Mrs. Ann, apartments, Addington place
Bing, Edward, builder and house agent, Effingham place
Bing, Mrs. Eliza, lodgings, Effingham place
Bing, Daniel, baker, Hearson road
Bird, Edward, dining and coffee rooms, 10, Harbour street, and Queen street
Bishop, Henry, lodgings, 4, Russel place, Camden square
Blackburn, Joseph, apartments, Addington place
Blackburn, Edward S., grocer, Branch Post-office, Hereson road
Blackburn, George, cabinet maker and upholsterer, King street
Bligh, James, coach builder, Broad street
Body, Edward, general furnishing warehouse, High street
Boidin, Henry, woollen draper, High street
Bolder, Charles, lodgings, Adelaide place
Bond, the Misses, apartments, Royal terrace
Bourne, Mrs. Maria, linen draper, High street
Bowes, Thomas, apartments, Camden square
Bowles, Thomas, rope maker, Elgar place
Bowling, Thomas, high bailiff to County Court, High street
Boyle, Miss Elizabeth, apartments, Addington place
Boys, Mrs. Emily Grace, apartments, Plains of Waterloo
Boys, Miss Catharine Jane, milliner and dressmaker, Hardres street
Boyton, William M., agent to Provincial Welsh Insurance Company, 1, Goldsmith lace
Bracey, Edward, lodgings, Russel place, Camden square
Bradford, Isaac, carpenter, Hardres street
Bradley, Henry, greengrocer, Bellevue hill
Brand, William, lodgings, 12, Royal Kent terrace
Brand, William, Refectory Tavern, Victoria place
Breedes, John, greengrocer, York street
Brewer, Thomas, timber merchant, Arklow square
Brice, Thomas, carpenter and builder, Irchester place
Bridge, Mrs., lodgings, Cliff street
Bright, Thomas, butcher, Bellevue hill
Bright, John, butcher, Harbour street
Bristow, Abraham, apartments, Sion hill
Bristow, John, apartments, Bellevue place
Bristow, Henry, apartments, Bellevue place
Bristow, Abraham, apartments, Camden square
Bristow, Henry, apartments, Camden square
Brockman, Samuel James, basket maker, King street
Brooks, the Misses, apartments, Spencer square
Brooks, Mrs. Lydia, apartments, Liverpool terrace
Brooks, George, grocer, Harbour street
Brooks, Mrs. Ann, apartments, Wellington crescent
Broughton, the Misses, apartments, Devonshire House, West Cliff
Brown, David, gardener, 13, Chatham street
Brown, George, lodgings, Townley street
Brown, Mrs. Mary Ann, lodgings, Adelaide place,
Brown, Clark, shoemaker, Queen street
Brown, Thomas, boot and shoe maker, Bellevue hill
Brun, David, apartments, Plains of Waterloo
Buchanan, Robert, apartments, Camden square
Budds, James, York Arms, King street
Bugden, Thomas, builder, Brunswick place
Bunting, James, greengrocer, Parley place
Bunton, Thomas, lodgings, Rose hill
Burbage, Miss, apartments, Arklow square
Burgess an Son, bankers, Ramsgate Bank, Queen street
Burton, William, Ship Inn, Harbour street
Burton, William, lodgings, 8, Russel place, Camden square
Bush, Thomas, shipwright, Broad street
Bushel, John, apartments, Camden square
Bussey, John, shopkeeper, Castle cottages, St. Lawrance
Bussey, John, baker, Hertford place
Butler, Richard, Cinque Port Arms, 2, King street
Bytham, Mrs. Mary, apartments, Wellington crescent
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