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Ramsgate , Thanet, Thanet with Dover

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Public Houses of Ramsgate

Gentry in 1858

Traders in Melvilles 1858 Directory by surname

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Also see St Lawrence

Melvilles 1858 Directory of Kent.

Traders in Melvilles 1858 Directory by surname

Ifold, Frederick, artist, Guildford lawn
Impett, Mrs. Ann, Shakespeare Inn family and commercial hotel, Mill hill, near the railway station
Impett, Miss, dressmaker, Zion place
Impett, Misses Mary Ann and Easta, milliners and dressmakers, Hardres street
Ireland, Mrs. Catherine, apartments, Bellevue place
Isaac, William, lodgings, Adelaide place
Jackson, Miss, milliner and dressmaker, Frederick street
Jackson, Moses, boarding academy for young gentlemen, the Vale
Jacobs, James, linen manufacturer, High street
Jameson, George, H., auctioneer and estate agent, registrar of marriages, agent to County Fire and Provident Life offices, agent for the Australian Black Ball Line of ships and American ships, 17, Queen street
Jarman, William Sackett, grocer, Brunswick place
Jarman, Mrs. Mary, apartments, Ellen's place, Camden road
Jarman, Mrs. Mary, and Grieve, Miss Priscilla, boarding house, Royal terrace
Jell, Mrs. Sophia, bonnet maker, Mill hill
Jensen, P. J., tailor and outfitting warehouse, Queen's street
Joad, Mrs. Mary, Providence Tavern, Queen street
Johnson, Miss Ann, apartments, 3, Royal Kent terrace
Johnson, Francis John, lodgings, Prospect row
Johnson, Mrs. Mary F., lodgings, Sion row
Johnson, Miss Elizabeth, milliner and dressmaker, George's place
Jones, Thomas, draper, Harbour street
Jones, John Thomas, lodgings, 5, Russell place, Camden square
Kadwell, William, painter and glazier, Hereson road
Kebble, William, lodgings, Trafalgar place
Kelly and Bowles, rope manufacturers, York street, Rope walk, Leeds place
Kelsey, Charles B., baker, Cliff street,
Keene, Mrs. Sarah Ann, apartments, La Belle Alliance
Keel, John, apartments, Addington place
Kemp, James, apartments, Plains of Waterloo
Kemp, John L., railway booking office, High street
Kemp, Tom, grocer, Addington place
Kenard, Neame Baker, tailor, hatter, and hosier, 26 and 27, Harbour street
Kenard, Miss Ann, apartments, St. George hill, Paragon
Kennedy, Michael L., lodgings, 6, Royal Kent terrace, and at 2, 6, 8, 9, and 10
Kennett, John, butcher, High street
Kennett, Frederick, butcher, Harbour street
Kent, Alfred, chemist, King street
Kibble, William, Duke of Sussex, King street
Killick and Back, silk mercers, High street
King, William, fishmonger, Queen street
King, Miss Mary Ann, apartments, Royal terrace
King, Robert, coal dealer, Addington place
King, George, Falstaff Inn, Addington
King, Richard, baker, Addington place
Kingsford, Stephen, apartments, Wellington cottages
Kingsford, Thomas, lodgings, Liverpool place
Kingsland, Thomas, baker, King street
Kingston, John Thomas, watch maker, High street
Kirby, John, lodgings, Victoria cottage
Kite, Truebridge, greengrocer, King street
Knight, William, greengrocer, King street
Knott, Richard, bookseller, stationer, and newspaper agent, 21, Harbour street
Knott, John, donkey and chaise for hire, Mill hill
Knott, Edward, veterinary surgeon, Cavendish street
Knox, Thomas, lodgings, Effingham place
Labowitzky, Daniel, tobacconist, Harbour street
Lambert, Mrs. Mary, apartments, Plains of Waterloo
Lambert, William, carpenter and marine store dealer, King street
Lambert, Stephen, apartments, Hibernia place
Lambert, boot and shoe maker, Bellevue hill
Lambert, Miss Martha, dressmaker, etc., lodgings, Effingham place
Lang, John, apartments, Liverpool place
Langley, Mrs Elizabeth, lodgings, Liverpool place
Langley, John Simon, apartments, Arklow square
Langridge, Robert, tailor and draper, 99 High street
Larrett, Mrs Lydia, apartments, Albion place
Larrett, Mrs Eliza, lodgings, Nelson crescent
Larrett, Miss Emma, lodgings, 14 Royal Kent terrace
Larkin, Thomas, painter, plumber, and glazier, York street
Laslett, henry, cabinet maker and upholsterer, King street
Laslett, Henry, Royal Standard Inn, Albion hill
Laslett, James, grocer, King street
Latoure, Anthony, apartments, Royal terrace
Law, Mrs. Sarah Ann, apartments, Royal terrace
Lawrence, John, lodgings, Trafalgar place
Lawrence, Francis C., apartments, Plains of Waterloo
Lefequin, James, boot and shoe warehouse, Addington place
Lemm, Edward W., ship chandler, Goldsmith place
Lemm, Edward W., cigar divan, Goldsmith place
Lenny, Rev. Christian, D,D,, schoolmaster, 4, Chatham place
Lewin, Richards, apartments, Royal crescent, West Cliff
Lewin, Mrs. Mary Ann, apartments, Paragon
Lewis, Thomas P., shopkeeper, King street
Leroux, Charles, apartments, Memel Cottage, Gilling place
Leverett, Edward, hatter, etc., High street
Livick, James, superintendent of police, Hardres street
Lloyd, Mrs. Ann, apartments, Plains of Waterloo
Longley, Mrs. E., bonnet maker, Hardres street
Longley, John, tide surveyor, Hardres street
Longley, Mrs. Mary, lodgings, Rose hill
Low, Joseph, baker, Harbour street
Lyon, Miss Harriet, Victoria border, Harbour street
Macey, John, lodgings, Effingham place
McHarg, Thomas, clothier, King street
Mackorow, Henry Charles, brewer, Kent brewery, Camden road
Mackcrow, James, Bell Inn, King street
Mackshay, Mrs. Margaret, apartments, Albion place
Major, Mrs. Susannah, lodgings, Elgar place
Mann, Mrs., Townley House, establishment for young ladies, Chatham street
Manning, Mrs. Mary, laundress, King street
Managhan, Mrs. Maria, apartments, Spencer square
Marler, William, merchant, Trafalgar place
Marsh, Hammond, apartments, Bellevue place
Marsh, John, confectioner, King street
Marsh, Frederick, shipwright, Albion place
Marsh, Elisha, lodgings, Camden place, Camden square
Marshall, Edward, apartments, Nelson crescent
Martin, Joseph, greengrocer, apartments, Liverpool terrace
Martin, William, apartments, Liverpool terrace
Martin, Edward, Harp Tavern refreshment saloon, news and billiard room, Victoria place
Martin, William, greengrocer, Mount Zion
Maseall, Thomas B., tailor, etc., Queen street
Maskell, Henry, officer on floating lights, Elgar place
Mate, William, apartments, Hibernia place
Matthews, William, tailor and shopkeeper, Meeting street
Maxted, William, pork butcher, King street
Maxted, George, butcher, King street
Maxted, Henry, agent to the State Fire and Life Insurance, Hereson road
Maxsted, William, butcher, Queen street
Maxted, William, grocer, King street
Maxted, Robert, butcher, King street
Maxted, William, pork butcher and tripe dresser, Queen street
Maxted, Henry, Freemason Tavern, High street
Maxted, Edward, apartments, Albion row
Maxted, Henry, butcher, High street
Maxted, Thomas, greengrocer, Clover hill
May, William, shoeing smith, Queen street
May, Robert, Alma Inn beerhouse, and grocer, Bellevue hill
May, Thomas, blacksmith, Broad street
May, Robert Stone, lodgings, Elgar place
Mayman, Jphn, hair cutter, King street
Meader, James, lodgings, Trafalgar place
Header, James Henry, apartments, Liverpool terrace
Meadhurst, James, apartments, Hibernia place
Meager, Mrs. Catherine, lodging house, 6, York place
Meager, Frederick, horse and groom, market place
Mercer and Edwards, solicitors and notaries, 11 Albion hill, and at Deal and Broadstairs
Mew, Mr., apartments, Spencer square
Mewton, Miss Jane, milliner, 25, Harbour street
Middleton, William, carpenter, James place
Miller, Hinds, and Beeching, shipwrights and boat builders, near the bathing sands
Miller, William John, shipwright, La Belle Alliance
Miller, John, boot and shoe maker, Turner's place
Miller, George, apartments, Camden square
Miller, Joseph, shopkeeper, King street
Miller, Stephen, lodging house, 3 Kent place
Miller, Mrs. Anne E., apartments, St. George's House, Paragon
Miller, John, Railway tavern coffee and dining rooms, Mill hill
Miller, Litleford, Castle Tap, Harbour place
Miller, Jethro, greengrocer, Mill hill
Miller, Henry, apartments, 17, Paragon,
Miles, Edward, apartments, Bellevue place
Milles, Miss Elizabeth V., dressmaker, Plains of Waterloo
Milne, Mrs. Isabella, apartments, Albion place
Minter, William, Royal Oak Tap, Harbour place
Minter, James, apartments, Mount Pleasant
Minter, Isaac, lodgings, George's place
Mirriam, Jacob, apartments, Bellevue place
Missing, Mrs Charlotte, apartments, Spencer square
Missing, Mrs. Elizabeth, apartments, Mount Pleasant
McNeille, James, draper, Hardres House, Frederick street
Moat, William, boot and shoe maker, Brunswick place
Mockett, John, baker and confectioner, Spencer place
Moody, Miss Elizabeth, apartments, Plains of Waterloo
Moody, Charles, boot and shoe maker, Addington place
Monger, Walter, coal merchant, Hardres street
Morris, William, the Crispen, Bellevue hill
Moore, John F., fancy repository, Queen street
Morton, Henry, chemist, 12, Harbour street
Mpys, James, seedsman, High street
Mumford, Stephen, baker, King street
Munns, Mrs. Charlotte, apartments, Mount Pleasant
Murray, William John, coffee and eating house, King street
Murray, Mrs. Elizabeth, Camden Arms Inn, Camden place
Murray, Ebenezer, ragged school master, Alfred House, Alfred place
Mussared, George, Eagle Inn, High street
Myers, Emanuel, reader to Synagogue, Temple Cottage
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