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Public Houses of Ramsgate

Gentry in 1858

Traders in Melvilles 1858 Directory by surname

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Melvilles 1858 Directory of Kent.

Traders in Melvilles 1858 Directory by surname

Nairne, Charles, carrier, Staffordshire place
Nash, Henry, apartments, Addington place
Nell, Joseph, apartments, Spencer square
Nethersell, John, lodgings, Sion row
Newby, George, builder and undertaker, Broad street
Newing, Thomas, hairdresser, 92, High street
Newing, the Misses, day and boarding school, Camden place
Newing, Mrs. Sarah R., milliner and dressmaker, Mount Zion place
Newing-ton George, lodging house, 11, Chatham street
Newport, Mrs. Mary, apartments, Plains of Waterloo
Nichols, Thomas, apartments, 8, Kent place
Nichols, John, apartments, Sion row
Niokelson, George, fishmonger, fish market, York street
Ninham, Mrs. Catherine, lodgings, Prospect row
Norris, George, baker, King street
Norris, Richard B., butcher, York street
Norris, Miss, grocer, High street
Norris, Benjamin, tailor, High street
Norton, John, upholsterer, Hardres street
Offen, the Misses Emma and Charlotte, dressmakers, Effingham place
Ofield, Charles, lodgings, Meeting street
Olliffe, Richard, apartments, Augusta terrace
Oney, Mrs. Mary, apartments, Paragon
Ordish, Thomas M., hairdresser, and fancy repository, Harbour street
Osborn, William, builder, Cavendish street
Osborne, John, apartments, Camden square
Osborne, Edward, apartments, Hibernia place
Packer, Joseph, boot and shoe maker, High street
Packer, William, Elephant and Castle, King street
Packer, Stephen, bricklayer and plasterer, Sion row
Packer, John, William and Daniel, farmers and carriers, Turtle Cottage, Packer's lane
Page, George Griffith, sea captain, Meeting street
Page, John, tailor, Hardres street
Page and Sons, grocers, Harbour street
Page, Miss Elizabeth, apartments, Camden square
Page, Miss E., lodgings, Prospect hill
Pain, Henry, apartments, Camden square
Paine, Edward, bath chair proprietor, Harbour street
Paine, Miss Eliza, dressmaker, Harbour street
Paine, Thomas Buck, apartments, Camden square
Palmer, Charles, boot and shoe maker, Regent street
Palmer, George, grocer, King street
Pantin, Miss Mary M., lodgings, Albion hill
Pantony, Robert, coach builder and wheelwright, Turner place
Paramour, Henry, baker, Mill hill
Parker, Thomas S., relieving officer, Bellevue place
Parker, James, butcher, Addington place
Parnell, Thomas, apartments, Plains of Waterloo
Parnell, Thomas, Admiral's Arms, Bath place
Patteson, George, grocer, Addington place
Pattison, John E., coachman, Church place
Pattison, Thomas N., riding master, Church place
Peake, John, grocer, High street
Peal, John apartments, Liverpool terrace
Pearce, Charles, boot and shoe maker, 5, Harbour street
Peirce, James, bill poster, Vine Cottage, Meeting street
Pemble, John, general dealer, King street
Pemble,Miss Elizabeth, milliner and dressmaker, King street
Penney, Mrs. Sarah, apartments, Albion place
Penney, Mrs. Emma, lodgings, Albion hill
Penney, Stephen, lodgings, Leopold place
Penney, William, Black Horse, Bellevue hill
Perry and Son, manufacturers of shell flowers, 1 and 2, Victoria place
Petherbridge, Henry, tailor and clothier, York street
Fetters, James, hovelling boat, York street
Pettman, Thomas, professor of music, High street
Pettman, Henry, perfumer, Harbour street
Phillips, George, lodgings, Paragon
Phillips, William, tailor, etc., York street
Philpot, John, professor of dancing, High street
Phippard, Joseph, stone mason, York street
Philpott, Stephen, confectioner and ginger beer manufacturer, High street
Philpot, Thomas, tailor, Harbour street
Pierce, Miss Susannah, lodgings, Prospect row
Pilcher, Thomas, veterinary surgeon and shoeing smith, King street
Pilcher, Thomas, professor of music, High street
Pileher, John, bookseller and stationer, High street
Pileher, Mrs, Ann, apartments, Spencer square
Pile, Miss Martha, grocer, Victoria coffee house, Mill hill
Pitcher, William, general smith, York street
Pond, John, apartments, Liverpool terrace
Popple, Miss Elizabeth S., dressmaker, Effingham place
Possey, Mrs. Francis, milliner and straw hat manufacturer, Harbour street
Potter, Samuel, greengrocer, King street
Potter, William Richard, general dealer, Addington place
Potter, George S., lodgings, Albion place
Powell, Mrs., embroidery warehouse, High street
Powell, John, registrar of births and deaths, and poor rate collector, Harbour street
Powell, George, lodgings, 13, Royal Kent terrace
Powell, James, grocer, Queen street
Powell, George James, plumber and painter, King street
Powell, John, grocer, High street
Powell, Edward, lodgings, Sion row
Prebble, George, lodgings, 4, Royal Kent terrace
Price, Mrs. Ann, apartments, Augusta terrace
Prinn, Henry, shopkeeper, Leopold place
Pritehard, Robert, apartments, Camden square
Pritchard, George, superintendent of Harbour police, Harbour place
Pull, William, apartments, Liverpool terrace
Pullman, John, apartments, Plains of Waterloo
Puxty, George, apartments, Camden place
Pygott, William P., Royal terrace school
Rammell, George, grocer and tallow chandler, King street, agent to Globe Insurance Office
Randall, Richard Edward, Seven Stars, Hardres place
Ranger, Mrs. Jane, apartments, Albion place
Ratcliff, Edwin, shopkeeper and carrier, Regent place
Raze, Louis L, drawing master, Victoria crescent
Read, William, apartments, Ellen's place, Camden road
Reader, Miss Elizabeth, upholstress, Hardres street
Reader, John, saddler, Effingham place
Redman, William, apartments, Addington place
Reed, Mrs. Hannah, lodgings, Adelaide place
Reader, William, apartments, Liverpool terrace
Revell, Stephen, lodgings, Effingham place
Richardson, Mrs. Jane, apartments, Victoria terrace
Rigg, Miss Mary, 2, Victoria villa, St. Lawrance
Ratcliffe, William, bather, Regent place
Roberts, John, carver, gilder, print seller, and artists' colourman, High street
Roberts, Charles, dentist, Chandos House, in the Vale
Roberts, Hercules, lodgings, Liverpool place
Roberts, Richard, apartments, Ellen's place, Camden road
Rock, Mrs. Ann, lodgings, Nelson crescent
Rogers, James, lodgings, Paragon
Rolfe, William, tailor, Eagle hill
Rolfe, William, lodgings, Efflngham place
Rood, George Frederick, Prince Albert Inn, King street
Rood, Mrs. Mary, lodgings, 10, Claremont place, Castle cottages
Rose, John, coal merchant, York street, h Meeting street
Rose, James H., chronometer, watch, and clock maker, 20, Harbour street
Rothwell, Mrs. Jane, King's Arms, King street
Rothwell, James, boot and shoe maker, Queen street
Roughton, Henry, turner, Church place
Rowe, George and Thomas, general furnishing ironmongers, High street
Rowe, Alfred, boot and shoe maker, George place
Rutter, Jennings, haircutter and perfumer, Queen street
Butter, Jennings, town crier, Effingham place
Sackett, Samuel, milkman, Hereson road
Sackett, Edward, tailor, Spencer square
Sadler, Miss, house and estate agent, Spencer square
Sanders, Mrs. Eliza, shopkeeper, and day school, Alfred place
Sanders, Thomas, apartments, Paragon
Sandum, Robert, Wellington Inn, High street
Sandwell, William, hairdresser, King street
Saunders, John, apartments, Camden square
Sawyer and Sons, chemists, Harbour street
Saxby and Sons, builders and brick makers, Royal terrace, offices, Addington place
Saxby, William, builder, Addington place
Saxby, James, Old Albion mews, h 1, Guildford lawn
Seckett, Robert G., boot and shoe maker, York street
Seckett, Thomas, lodgings, Sion hill
Selth, John, baker, York street
Sewell, William, Prince of Wales, Camden road
Sewell, George R., fruiterer and greengrocer, King street
Shepherd, George, bootmaker, 13, Harbour street
Sibly, Miss C., apartments, Wellington crescent
Silver, Edward, tailor and hatter, Addington place
Simmonds, Benjamin, apartments Camden square
Simmons, Mrs., apartments, Nelson crescent
Simmons, George, apartments, Camden square
Simmons, John, apartments, Camden square
Simmons, Joseph P., blacksmith, Mount Zion place
Simmons, Henry, Mitre Tavern, High street
Simpson, Benjamin, fishmonger, King street
Simpson, John, lodgings, Leopold place
Singer, Mrs., grocer, Harbour street
Singer, Spencer, confectioner, High street
Skelleth, Robert, coffee rooms, King street
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