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Gentry in 1858

Traders in Melvilles 1858 Directory by surname

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Melvilles 1858 Directory of Kent.

Traders in Melvilles 1858 Directory by surname

Smeed, Henry, tobacconist, High street
Smith and Hurst, Albert mews, Market place
Smith, William Edward, architect and builder, 16, Augusta terrace
Smith, William, lodgings, 2, Sussex street
Smith, William, Peel and Cobden, King street
Smithers, Henry, apartments, Camden square
Smith, Mr. E., apartments, Wellington crescent,
Smith, George, Admiral Napier, York place
Smith, John Edward, hosier and glover, Harbour street, agent to Royal Naval & Military East India Company and General Life Assurance Office
Smith, Miss Sarah Ellis, apartments, Royal terrace
Smith, John, billet master and inspector of weights and measures, George's place
Smith, Mrs. Mary Ann, Cambridge Villa, the Vale
Snelling, Joseph, lodgings, Effingham place
Snelling, James, apartments, Townley street
Snoswell, Samuel, printer and bookbinder, and apartments, Royal terrace
Snow, George, lodgings, Trafalgar place
Snowden and Webster, surgeons, High street
Snowdens, Thomas H. G., solicitor, clerk to the Cinque Port Justices, agent to the London Assurance Corporation, Cavendish street
Solomon, Mrs. P., dressmaker, apartments, Hardres street
Solley, John, cowkeeper, High street
Solly, William, grocer, Camden place
Somersall, George P., engraver and printer, High street
Southee, Edward, fancy repository, Addington place
Spain, Henry, cabinet maker and upholsterer, Hardres street
Sparks, John, lodgings, Sion row
Spencer, Edward, lodgings, George's place
Standven, Thomas, watch maker, High street
Stead, Thomas, Belmont House boarding school, 1, High street
Stead, Stephen, clerk to water works, Effingham place
Stead, William, porter and sea-water carrier, Bellevue hill
Stevens, Stephen, lodgings, Prospect place
Stevens, George, ship chandler, 16, York street
Stevens, George, Half Moon beer house, King street
Stevens, Mrs. Ann, apartments, Mount Zion
Stevenson, Mrs. Jane, Rose and Crown, High street
Stewart, Mrs. Jane, apartments, Spencer square
Stewart, Mrs. Elizabeth, apartments, Augusta terrace
Stock, Thomas, Rising Sun Inn, Effingham place
Stock, Benjamin, lodgings, Sion row
Stock, Richard, apartments, Camden square
Stockbridge, George B., pastry cook and confectioner, 2 and 4, Bath place
Stockley, Simon, Crown, York street
Stokes, Charles, fancy peppermint manufacturer, High street
Stokes, William, apartments, Wellington crescent
Stone, Mrs. Mary, apartments, Hibernia place
Stonehouse, Simeon, grocer, Queen street
Strong and Barnes, timber merchants, Trafalgar road,
Stroud, Henry, apartments, Nelson crescent
Stroud, William, fruiterer, Addington place
Sturges, Thomas, organ builder, and pianoforte maker, Spencer square
Sturges, Thomas, apartments, Camden place
Suckett, the Misses, establishment for young ladies, West cliff
Sutterfield, John, boot and shoe maker, Bellevue hill
Sutton, Thomas, boot and shoe maker, Brunswick place
Sutton, William and Samuel, ship and jobbing smiths, Clover hill
Sutton, William and Samuel, smiths, King street
Sutton, John, butcher, King street
Sutton, Richard, ship's smith, York street
Sutton, William Bailey, Coach and Horses, Chatham street
Swain, Mark H., baker, Bellevue hill
Sweetman, William, builder, and apartments, Prospect row
Swinnock, John, apartments, Liverpool terrace
Swinnock, John Thomas, lodgings, Liverpool place
Sykes, George, confectioner, King street
Syrett, Henry, silk mercer, linen draper, and laceman, 23, Harbour street
Tapply, Edward L., draper, High street
Taylor, Richard, boot and shoe maker, High street
Taylor, William, baker, Sackett's hill
Taylor, Miss Jane, fancy repository, High street
Tempest, Miss Emily Margaret, apartments, Spencer square
Terry, William, apartments, 9, Kent place
Terry, William, coach proprietor, Mill hill
Theobalds, William, wine and spirit merchant, Foy Boat Tavern, Sion hill, West Cliff
Thiselton, William, bokseller and stationer, printer, etcc., 17, Harbour street
Thiselton, William, Thomas, and Henry, grocers and house agents, 30, Harbour street
Thomas, Robert, smith, Staffordshire place
Thomas, Mrs Martha, apartments, Royal terrace
Thomas, John, tailor, 3, Broad street
Thomas, Frederick W., auctioneer, High street, Ramsgate, and St. George's, Canterbury
Thompson, Francis, Bellevue lnn. Bellevue hill
Thompson, Mrs. and Miss, establishment for young ladies, Cavendish street
Thompson, John Buck, surgeon, Spencer square
Thornton, Mrs. Phoebe, apartments, Landsdown terrace
Thornton, Miss Sarah, apartments, Prospect Lodge, Sion hill
Thornton, Mrs. Elizabeth, apartments, Spencer square
Thorpe, George, apartments, Hibernia place
Tipple, tha Misses, preparatory school for young gentlemen, Hertford place
Tolley, Mrs. Maria, apartments, Royal terrace
Tomson, Richard and William, brewers, Queen street
Tomson and Gwyn, wine and spirit merchants, Efflngham place
Tomson, Richard, jun., wine and spirit merchant, Chapel place
Toop, William, Queen's head, Harbour place
Tollman, John, plasterer, Nelson cottages, Addington place
Tourneur, Madame, stay and dressmaker, and fancy repository, Queen street
Town, Josiah, solicitor, High street, agent to Rock Life Assurance Company
Trench, Samuel, currier and leather seller, King street
Tritton, John, Honeysuckle, Hereson road
Tunbridge, George, Red Lion, Market place
Tunbridge, Mrs, Jane, apartments, Albion place
Tunbridge, Charles, apartments, Hibernia place
Turnbull, Andrew, superintendent of Pier works, Hardres street
Turner, Richard, greengrocer, King street

Turner, Thomas S., baker, Frederick street
Turpin, William, lodging house, 17 and 18, Wellington crescent
Turral, William, builder and undertaker, King street
Turrell, James, nursery and seedsman, 142, High street
Twyman, Stephen, upholsterer and cabinet maker, Bellevue place
Twyman, John C., general furnishing warehouse, High street
Twyman, Mrs. Elizabeth, apartments, Townley square
Usher, Thomas, photographic artist, Sussex street
Vernet, Miss, preparatory school for young gentlemen, High street
Vile, George Thomas, hatter, Mount Zion place
Vile, George Thomas, hat maker, Meeting street
Vinten, Isaac, cabinet maker, High street
Vye, Jesse, grocer, Queen street
Vye, Mrs. Ann, apartments, Spencer square
Vyrove, Henry, lodgings, 2, Neptune's row
Wackett, Stephen, lodgings, Effingham place
Walford, Edward Berry, surgeon, Paragon
Walk, John, baker, and beer seller, Hardres street
Walk, Thomas, boot and shoe maker, 141, High street
Walker, Mrs. Susannah, apartments, Spencer square
Walker, Benjamin, apartments, Liverpool terrace
Walker, William, butcher, Queen street
Warden, Mrs. Mary, tailoress, and apartments, Hardres street
Warden, Henry, baker, Camden road
Warden, Miss Jane, lodgings, Farley place
Wastall and Son, Trafalgar Hotel, West Cliff, Royal road
Waterman, Miss Ruth, bonnet maker, Mount Zion place
Watts, Mrs. Sarah, lodgings, Trafalgar place
Watson, John, lodgings, Effingham place
Watson, Mrs. Mary, apartments, Nelson crescent
Wattson, George, post master, coach and railway offices, 14, King street, Albion hill, and Broad street
Webb, Samuel, boot and shoe maker, King street
Webb, Thomas, Two Sawyers, King street
Webster, James, surgeon, Chapel place
Weeks, Mrs. Elizabeth, lodgings, George place
Weller, Thomas, hat and cap maker, High street
Weller, Mrs. Margaret, milliner and straw bonnet warehouse, High street
Wellman, William, Prince of Wales beer house, King street
Wells, Frederick, boot and shoe maker, King street
Wells, John, apartments, collector of the highway, Addington place
Wells, henry, apartments, Wellington cottages
Wesley, Samuel, apartments, Nelson crescent
Wesley, Timothy, apartments, Liverpool terrace
West, William, draper, Queen street
West, Edward, ship chandler, York street
West, Miss Elizabeth, lodgings, Trafalgar place
West, James, gardener, High street
Westall, Richard W., chemist, Queen street
Whales, William, baker, King street
White, Thomas, apartments, Paragon
White, Culmer, lodgings, 2, Russel place, Camden square
White, James, greengrocer, Townley street
White, George, apartments, Royal terrace
White, Thomas, Old Post Office Inn, High street
White, Mrs. Martha, apartments, Lansdown terrace
Whitehead, Rev. Alfred, Chatham House Academy, Chatham street
Whitewick, Mrs. Emma, establishment for young ladies, Augusta terrace
Wildish, John, apartments, Wellington crescent
Wilkes, James Ashenden, carpenter, Sussex street
Wilkes, Mrs. Sarah, lodgings, Royal road
Wilkinson, Thomas, apartments, Camden square
Wilkinson, Robert, apartments, Hibernia Cottage, Albion place
Williams, Mrs. Mary, shopkeeper, York street
Williams, John, lodgings, Sion row
Wilmot, William, lodgings, Liverpool place
Wilson, Frank, tailor, Bellevue hill
Winn, Miss Ann, haberdasher, High street
Witherden, John S., ironmonger, smith, and brazier, Camden road
Wood, Thomas W., dairyman, King street
Wood, John, butcher, High street
Woodhurst, John, baker, Queen street
Woodruff, Thomas, butcher, Addington place
Woodward, James, lodgings, Adelaide place
Woolfrey, Joseph, apartments, Lansdown terrace
Womersley, Robert, apartments, Nelson crescent
Wotton, Stephen, corn and coal merchant, Queen street
Wootton, William, merchant's clerk, Effingham place
Worger, William, grocer, Addington place
Worman, Mrs. Sarah, apartments, Wellington cottages
Wraight, Robert, coach builder, Townley street, Chatham street
Wraight, Richard, fruiterer, High street
Wratten, William, Earl St. Vincent, King street
Wright, the Misses, apartments, Spencer square
Wright, Edward R. H., purveyor of wines to her Majesty, and post master by appointment, Royal Albion Hotel, Harbour street
Wright, Mrs. Eleanor, apartments, Plains of Waterloo
Wright, Robert, lodgings, 7, Russel place, Camden square
Wrightson, John, baker, King street
Yeomans, James, apartments, Bellevue place
Young, Edward, lodgings, 1, Russel place, Camden square
Young, Joseph, surgeon and chemist, High street
Young, George, greengrocer, King street
Young, Edward, boot and shoe maker, Harbour street
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