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Public Houses of Ramsgate

Gentry in 1858

Traders in Melvilles 1858 Directory by surname

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Melvilles 1858 Directory of Kent.

Traders in Melvilles 1858 Directory by surname

Cadman, Joseph, baker, High street
Caro, Lazarus, glazier and painter, King street
Carter, John, apartments, Plains of Waterloo
Carter, Mrs. Elizabeth, apartments, Camden square
Carter John, apartments, Townley street
Case, Mrs. Anne, lodgings, Bose hill
Catt, Miss A., shell fish warehouse, York street
Cave, the Misses Mary and Jane, haberdashers, King street
Ceneste, 3, T., upholsterer and cabinet maker, High street
dialling, Henry, chimney sweeper, King street
Challis, Mrs. Elizabeth, apartments, Plains of Waterloo
Ohallis, Henry, greengrocer and postmaster, 130, High street
Challis, Charles, apartments, Plains of Waterloo
Chapman, George, lodgings, Liverpool place
Chapman, Miss Sarah, marine store dealer King street
Chapman, George, grocer, King street
Chapman, Mrs. Mary Ann, apartments; Bellevue place
Chapman, John, apartments, Caraden square
Chapman, Robert, merchant's clerk, High street
Chapman, Thomas, tailor, Effingham place
Chapman, the Misses, establishment for young ladies, Effingham place
Chappell, George, apartments, Augusta terrace
Charlman, Thomas, lodgings, Hearson Cottage, Hearson road
Charrill, Edward, furniture broker, High street
Ohatman, William, tailor, York street
Cherrill, Mrs. Catherine, broker, Bellevue hill
Challing, Henry, chimney sweeper, James place
Chiles, John William A., lodgings, 4, St. Lawrance terrace
Christian, Thomas and Abraham, boot and shoe makers, York street
Christian, William, Fountain Inn, shipwright, York street
Churchill, Benjamin, shopkeeper, Brunswick place
Cirsird, Miss Jane, apartments, Albion
Clapp, William, apartments, Camden square
Clarke, Joseph, Queen Charlotte, smith and bell hanger, Addington place
Clark, William, draper, Addington place
Clements, John B., apartments, Camden square
Clotten, Charles, corn dealer, High street
Clotten, Mrs. Susannah, milliner and dress maker, High street
Clum, Richard, grainer, Hardres street
Cockburn, Stephen, ironmonger, High street
Cockburn, Stephen, tin plate, zinc worker, and shopkeeper, Brunswick place
Cockburn, Mrs. Sarah, apartments, Bellevue place
Cockburn, Henry, lodgings, 6, Russell place
Collard, William, tailor, Spencer street
Collins, Mrs. Elizabeth, toy shop, York street
Collins, Miss Sarah Ann, lodgings, High street
Coleman, Robert, baker, George place
Coles, William, whitesmith, King street
Coman, John, lodgings, 1, St. Lawrance terrace
Commerford, N. W., sail maker, Harbour street - store, York street
Cook, William, apartments, Camden square
Cook, Robert, lodgings, York terrace
Cooke, William, photographic artist, the Sands, h 9, Rose hill
Cooke, William, marine billiard rooms, Rose hill
Cooke, Francis, greengrocer, High street
Coomber, Charles, deal cutter, King street
Cooper, Mias Mercy, day school and shopkeeper, High street
Corbin, Mrs. Charlotte, Royal Oak Hotel. Harbour place
Cornell, William, commercial traveller, Hereson road
Corral, Mrs, Z,, apartments, Wellington terrace
Coultham Frederick, general waiter, Prospect place
Craggs, Mrs., Wellington Boarding House, Wellington crescent
Cramp, Robert S, and Sons, brewers and maltsters, Cannon Brewery, High street
Cramp, Robert, Brewer, Hardres street
Cramp, Robert, agent to Kent Fire and Life Office, 56, Hardres street
Crampton, Robert, boot and shoe maker, Queen street
Crayeroft, Robert, dealer, King street
Crayoroft, Richard, marine store dealer, James place
Craycroft, Richard, fishmonger, King street
Creasy, Mrs. Caroline, apartments, Albion place
Cribb, Joseph, lodgings, Camden place
Crickett, John, grocer, Sion row
Crouch, William, boot and shoe maker, King street
Crundwell, W. T. and H., curriers and leather cutters, High street
Cull, William, boot and shoe: maker, 98, High street
Cull, Mrs. Mary, apartments, Camden square
Cull, James, statuary and mason, Hardres street
Cull, James, Woodman Tavern, Hardres street
Cullen, George, Duchess of Kent, King street
Cullen, Thomas, apartments, Prospect House, West Cliff
Cullen, Jenkin, plumber, glazier, and painter, Addington place
Cullen, John, cabinet maker and upholsterer, Addington place
Culmer, Edward, tailor, King street
Culmer, William, builder, Meeting street
Culver, Alfred, whitesmith and gas fitter, 5, Broad street
Cunningham, Patrick, drill master, Mount Zion
Curling, Henry, surgeon, High street
Curling, Thomas, poulterer, Queen street
Curling, Mrs. Sophia, lodging house, 5, York place
Dane, John N., lodgings, York terrace
Daniel, James Stock, surgeon, High street
Daniel, Martin Long, and Daniel, Charles, clerk to Town Commissioners, clerk to Justice of all Turnpike roads in Isle of Thanet, Queen street
Darby, William, pork butcher, High street
Darby, Frederick, miller, Vale place
Darby, Thomas, Pork butcher. King street
Darling, Henry S., confectioner, High street
Davey, .John W., hair cutter and perfumer, Queen street
Davis, Henry, apartments, Hibernia place
Davis, William, lodgings, Adelaide place
Davey, Peter, boot and shoe maker, Bellevue hill
Denne, Henry, lodgings, Paragon
Denne, John, shoemaker, Liverpool place
Denne, Mrs. Jane, dress and mantle maker, Liverpool place
Denne, James, Plough, King street
Dennis, Mrs. Jemmima, apartments, Spencer square
Dernocour, John, hairdresser, 1, York street
Dilnot, Edward, corn dealer, etc, High street
Dimoline, Henry, pianoforte maker, Meeting street
Docwro, William, excise officer, Addington place
Dodd, Mrs. Sarah, establishment for young ladies, Albert Villa, the Vale
Donald, Mrs, Margaret, apartments, 8 and 14, Albion place
Doughty, John, Three Compasses, Brunswick place
Doughty, George B., apartments, Camden square
Drayson, William E., timber merchant, Gilling place, h Mount Pleasant
Drayson, Henry, Green Grove, Bellevue hill
Drincqbier;,, Hippolyte, grocer, etc., King street
Duckett, Henry, builder, Albion hill
Duntford, John A., tailor, 32, York street
Dunger, James, Waterman's Arms, Hertford place
Dunn, Mrs. Henrietta, upholsteress, Hardres street
Dunnett, Thomas, apartments, Spencer square
Dunk, Zara, gardener, Broad street
Junkin, Edward, hairdresser, High street
Dunt, James, lodgings, Adelaide place
Dyason, Isaac, Royal Clarance Baths, Bath place
East, Peter, lodging house, Chatham street
Elgar, Laurence, ironmonger, Queen street
Elgar, Richard, plumber, glazier, and painter, High street
Elgar, Richard, plumber: and glazier,. High street
Elgar, Thomas, builder, agent to the Liverpool and London Fire and Life Assurance Company, Elgar place
E11enor, William, lodgings, Sussex street
Elliott, Mrs, Mary, lodgings, Sion row
Elliott,. Miss Phoebe, apartments, Victoria, place
E11is, Thomas, ladies' boot and shoe maker, High street
E11is, George, portmanteau and trunk maker, etc., King street
Ellis Alfred, linen draper and silk mercer, Harbour street
Ellis, Miss Elizabeth Mary, apartments, Albion place
Ellis, Mrs. Elizabeth, apartments, Sion lodge
Elson, James, malt stores, Bellevue hill
Elmore, John, grocer, King street
Elms, Stephen R,, confectioner, High street
Elms, William, poulterer, Harbour street
Emmerson, James, apartments, Liverpool terrace
Emmerson, George, greengrocer, King street
English, George, upholsterer, Hardres street
Epps, Timothy, Maidstone Arms Inn, Camden road
Epps, George, lightsman, Church place
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