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East London Beer Guide & Pub directory in 1983 - E8 Hackney

A listing of historical public houses, Taverns, Inns, Beer Houses and Hotels in London.

1983 Beer index

The 1983 edition of the East London Beer Guide - East London & City CAMRA.

E8 Hackney
E8 Acton Arms : 296 Kingsland Road. Watneys.
E8 ALBION TAVERN : 33 Albion Drive. Shepherd Neame.
E8 AMHURST ARMS: 240 Amhurst Road . Watneys.
E8 BELGRAVE ARMS: 217 Queensbridge Road. Bass Charrington.
E8 Black Bull: 217 Haggerston Road . Trumans.
E8 Brewery Tap: 525 Kingsland Road . Watneys.
E8 BROWNLOW ARMS: 10 Scriven Street. Bass Charrington.
E8 Bull Inn: 37 Kingsland Road . Allied Breweries.
E8 Castle: 148 Kingsland High Street . Courage.
E8 CAT & MUTTON: 76 Broadway Market. Bass Charrington. There has been a pub on the site for hundreds of years, the name having some connection with sheep grazing that used to take place in the area.
E8 Cock Tavern: 315 Mare Street Trumans.
E8 Crown: 418 Mare Street . Trumans. No real ale!
E8 CROWN & CASTLE: 600 Kingsland Road. Watneys.
E8 Dolphin: 165 Mare Street . Trumans.
E8 Duke of Marlborough: 212 Richmond Road.
E8 Duke of Richmond: 316 Queensbridge Road . Whitbread.
E8 Duke of Sussex: 151 Haggerston Road . Whitbreads.
E8 Duke of Wellington: 260 Haggerston Road . Courage.
E8 EARL AMHURST: 19 Amhurst Road . Bass Charrington.
E8 Earl of Zetland: 50 Lee Street. Whitbreads.
E8 Florfield Arms: 40 Florfield Road. Trumans.
E8 Fox: 372 Kingsland Road. Watneys.
E8 GORING ARMS: 24 Broadway Market. Allied Breweries.
E8 GRANGE TAVERN: 6 Richmond Road. Bass Charrington.
E8 Green Man: 71 Shacklewell Lane . Watneys.
E8 HAVELOCK ARMS : 113 Albion Drive. Whitbreads.
E8 HORSE & GROOM: 255 Mare Street. Bass Charrington.
E8 HUSTLER: 451 Queensbridge Road . Bass Charrington.
E8 King's Arms: 18 Kingsland High Street . Bass Charrington.
E8 L.A.: 64 Clarissa Street. Free House. No real ale!
E8 LADY DIANA: 95 Forest Road . Free House.
E8 LAMB (ROSE'S): 512 Kingsland Road. Free House.
E8 Lee Arms: 27 Marlborough Avenue . Watneys.
E8 Lord Stanley: 136 Sandringham Road . Courage.
E8 Lord Truro: 180 Dalston Lane . Trumans.
E8 MARION ARMS : 46 Lansdowne Drive. Bass Charrington.
E8 Market House: 30 Broadway Market. Watneys.
E8 MR PEPYS: 289 Mare Street . Allied Breweries.
E8 Middleton Arms: 303 Queensbridge Road. Bass Charrington.
E8 Mitford Tavern: 133 Amhurst Road. Allied Breweries.
E8 NORFOLK ARMS : 49 Cecilia Road. Young & Co.
E8 OLD SHIP: 2 Sylvester Path. Courage.
E8 Paget Arms: 197 Middleton Road . Courage.
E8 Pembury Tavern: 90 Amhurst Road. Trumans.
E8 Prince George: 40 Parkholme Road. Whitbreads.
E8 Prince of Wales: 447 Kingsland Road. Trumans.
E8 Queen Eleanor: 19 Martello Street. Trumans.
E8 Queen Elizabeth: 9 Graham Road. Free House.
E8 RAILWAY TAVERN: 59 Kingsland High Street. Bass Charrington.
E8 RAILWAY TAVERN: 339 Mare Street. Bass Charrington.
E8 Ridley Arms: 17 Ridley Road . Trumans.
E8 ROBIN HOOD: 42 Shacklewell Lane . Allied Breweries.
E8 ROSE & CROWN: 13 / 15 Mare Street. Young & Co.
E8 ROYAL OAK: 83 Wilton Way . Watneys.
E8 Sir Walter Scott: 2 Broadway Market. Whitbreads.
E8 SPURSTOWE ARMS: 68 Greenwood Road. Bass Charrington.
E8 Swan: 438 Kingsland Road Watneys.
E8 THREE COMPASSES: 99 Dalston Lane. Bass Charrington.
E8 Warburton Arms: 137 Mare Street. Allied Breweries.
E8 WHITE HORSE: 76 Wilton Way . Allied Breweries.
E8 Young Prince: 216 Haggerston Road . Watneys.