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Dover, Dover, Thanet with Dover

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Traders in 1858 Melvilles Directory by surname

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Aaron, the Misses, pawnbrokers and fancy repository, Bench street
Abbott, Henry shopkeeper, Buckland
Abraham, Joseph, glazier, Last lane
Adams, Denne, butcher, Limekiln street
Adams, George, butcher, Town Wall st.
Adams, Edward, butcher, Strond street
Adams, William, tailor, Folkstone road
Adamson, George, Harbour Shades Inn and and Commercial House, Cross Wall
Allchin, James, draper and silk mercer, Snargate street
Allen, Mrs. Jane, Beehive, Snargate street
Allenden, John, general dealer, Snargate street
Amos, William, Golden Lion, Priory street
Amos, John, bookbinder, Queen street
Amos, Alexander, tin plate worker, Biggin street
Amos, William, tailor, Saxon street
Amos, Richard, apartments, York street
Andrews, Mrs. Charlotte, apartments, Esplanade
Andrews, John, cabinet maker, Chapel place
Apps, Miss Caroline, shopkeeper, Oxenden street
Archer, John, Royal Martyr, Military road
Archer Mrs. Sarah, shopkeeper, Middle row
Archer, Jonas, Dover Castle Tap, Middle row
Argar, William, York House, Snargate street
Armitage, Charles T., auctioneer, High street, Charlton
Arnold, William, tobacconist, Marketplace
Arnold, Richard, greengrocer, Limekiln street
Ashby, James, china and glass mender, Last lane
Ashdown, Charles, paper manufacturer, Buckland Mills
Ashdown, Mrs. Harriet, apartments, Norman street
Atkins, William T. C., boot and shoe maker, Snargate street
Atkins, William E., boot and shoe maker, Snargate street
Atkins, Mrs. Elizabeth, lodgings, Norman street
Atkins, James, pilot, Middle row
Atwood, Henry, draper, Snargate street
Atwood, Thomas, grocer, Market place
Aveling, Robert, contracting agent, Buckterrace, Buckland
Ayers, Parker, builder, Swiss Cottage, Folkstone road, office, Worthington lane
Ayers, Richard, smith, Priory place, h York terrace
Ayers, John, carpenter, Norman street
Back, Thomas F., lodging house, Liverpool terrace
Bacon, John, practical chronometer, watch and clock maker, jeweller, and optician, Market place
Bailey, Miss Sarah, boarding and day school, Liverpool terrace
Bailey, Mrs. Susannah, milliner, Snargate street
Bailey, Mrs. Sarah, apartments, Castle street
Bailey, Miss Sarah, dressmaker, Castle street
Baird, Andrew Wood, M.D., 5, Hammond place
Baker, George, Clarence Inn, Council House street
Baker, Mrs. Rachel, shopkeeper, Seven Star street
Baker, Lancey, marine mail guard, High street, Charlton
Baker, Richard, butcher, High street, Charlton
Baker, John, agent to Clerical, Medical, and General Life Assurance, and County Fire Office, secretary to Dover Investment and Mutual Benefit Building Society, and manager to Dover Permanent Building Society
Baker John, mariner, Queen street
Baker, Samuel, horse letter, Biggin street
Baker, Mrs. Hetty, shopkeeper, Lady Well
Baker, George, hairdresser, Gannon street
Baker, William, clothes dealer, Biggin street
Baker, John, pilot, Oxenden street
Bale, Mrs. Jane, Devonshire Arms, High street, Charlton
Ballard, Samuel, pork butcher, Snargate street
Ballard, John, galvanized iron roof and balcony manufacturer, Buckland
Bane, Mrs. Ann, apartments, East Cliff
Barber, William, pilot, Limekiln street
Barber, Henry, apartments, Bulwark street
Barker, John, turner, chair and cabinet maker, Priory place
Barkwel), Benjamin, tailor, St. Martin's place
Barnard, David, china and glass dealer,
Snargate street
Barras, Henry, tailor and outfitter, Snargate street
Barber, James, resident engineer Dover harbour, Esplanade Cottage
Bartholomew, Benjamin, boot and shoe maker, Church street
Barton, Francis E., surgeon, Hammond place
Barton, Benjamin, boot and shoe maker, Snargate street
Barton, Arthur, William, and John, Snargate street
Barwick, Robert, boot and shoe maker, High street, Charlton
Batcheller, William, printer, bookseller,etc., library and reading rooms, Snargate street
Batcheller, James B., confectioner, Snargate street
Bates, John, hairdresser and perfumer, Snargate street
Bates, Miss, Elizabeth, dressmaker, Snargate street
Bean, William, shoemaker, London road, Charlton
Beasley, Mrs. Mary Ann, dyer and scourer, Cannon street
Beaufoy, Samuel, draper, High street, Charlton
Beecham and Son, confectioners, Strond street
Beeeham, Kennett, baker, Great street
Beeny, Mrs. Ann, day school, York street
Beer, the Misses, establishment for young ladies, St. James's street
Bennett, George, hatter and hosier, Snargate street
Bennett, Miss Jane F., and Dunn, Miss Elizabeth, boot and shoe warehouse
Bentley, John, Birmingham and Sheffield warehouse, King street, agent to British Equitable Life Assurance and Investment Company, and the Imperial Fire Office
Berry, James, apartments, Athdl terrace, East Cliff
Bethworth, Captain F., apartments, Guilford Lawn
Bicknell, William, confectioner, Snargate street
Binfield, William, grocer, Last lane
Binfieli', George, organist, St. James's street
Bingham, Thomas James, pilot, Limekiln street
Bingharo, Henry, pilot, Bulwark hill
Birch, Joseph, Princess Alice, Snargate street
Birmingham, John, Lord Warden Hotel, near railway station and pier
Bishop, Mrs. Ann, apartments, Strond lane
Blackburn, John, chemist, Snargate street
Blackwell, Joseph, Royal George, Priory street
Blake, Mrs. Jane, apartments, Wellington place
Blown, Thomas Castle, pilot, Council House street
Bolton, Joseph, chemist, King street
Borkett, Joseph, tailor, Belvedere House, Military road
Bosworth, Thomas, the Sportsman, Priory place
Bottle, Alexander, chemist, Medical Hall, Town Wall street
Bottle, Edward, grocer, Snargate street
Bottle, James, apartments, Esplanade
Boulter, t Frederick, chimney sweeper, Snargate street
Boulter, Thomas Jones, chimney sweeper, Woolcomber street
Bourn, William, plasterer, Queen street,
Bourn, Mrs. Mary Ann, the Case is Altered, Queen street
Bourner, William, registrar of births and deaths for St. Mary's district, and relieving officer, Biggin street
Bourner, Thomas Robert, Sheer Hulk, Commercial quay
Bowles, Harry, boot and shoe maker, St. James's street
Bowles, William Johnson, bookseller and news agent, Snargate street
Bowles, William N., Saracen's Head, Biggin street
Bowles, Miss Mary, apartments, Guilford cottages
Boxall, Mrs. Sarah, apartments, Cow Gate hill
Boyer, John, agent to the West of England Fire and Life Insurance Company, Castle street
Boyce, Charles, carrier and furniture broker, Five-post lane
Brace, George, corn and flour dealer and seedsman, Cannon street
Brace, Edward, seedsman, Buckalnd
Brackenbury, William P., Spotted Cow, Durham place
Bramley, William, Derby Arms, Council House street
Brett, James, Wellington baths, Marine parade, h King street
Brett, George, Bull Inn, Buckland
Brett, William, printer, Fishmonger lane
Brett, Henry, Mail Packet Tavern, Woolcomber street
Brett, Mary Ann, apartments, Windsor terrace, Buckland
Brett, James, grocer, Portland place
Brett, John 0., confectioner and baker, Woolcomber street
Brett, George, grocer, King street
Brett, George Joseph, New Inn, York street
Brett, Thomas, flour dealer, Adrian street
Brewster, William, jeweller, &c., Snargate street
Briggs, Thomas Barker Wawne, printer, publisher, and proprietor of the Dover Chronicle and Kent and Sussex Advertiser, published every Friday in time for post, 2, King street, h 7, Priory terrace
Brisbane, Mrs. Maria, apartments, Esplanade
Brittenden, James, tax collector, East Brook place
Broad, Charles and Alfred, carvers and gilders, Bench street
Brookman, Thomas, shopkeeper, St. James's street
Bromley, Edward, tailor, Snargate street
Bromley, Richard, Swan Inn, Strond street
Bromley, John, Liberty, Adrian street
Bromley, John, cab and fly proprietor, Council House street, h Seven Star street
Brooker, George, lodging house, Marine place
Brooker, Joshua, shopkeeper, Military road
Brown, Thomas P., watch and clock maker, silversmith, and jeweller, Strond street
Brown, George, boot and shoe maker, Snargate street
Brown, Henry, greengrocer, Buckland
Brown, Thomas, draper, St. Martin's street
Brown, Hatton, tobacco pipe manufacturer, Limekiln street
Brown, William C., apartments, East Cliff
Brown, Thomas, draper, Snargate street
Brown, George, stationer and fancy repository, Snargate street
Browning, William W., tailor, Russell street
Browning, Benjamin, wine and spirit merchant and Scotch ale depot, Royal
Clarence Saloon and Theatre
, Snargate street
Browning, Alfred, confectioner, High street, Charlton
Browning, Thomas, shopkeeper, tailor, and professor of music, Snargate street
Bruford, Richard, Queen Victoria, Middle row
Buckman, William, the Regent wine vaults, Market place
Budds, William, Custom House officer, Elizabeth street
Burgess, William, drawing master, High street, Charlton
Burgess, Joseph, apartments, Esplanade
Burgess, William, the Bell, St. James's street
Burkett, Mrs. Mary, lodgings, Victoria crescent, Charlton
Burkett, George P., baker, Biggin street
Burrows, Robert, pork butcher, Biggin street
Burton, Joseph, plumber, glazier, and painter, High street, Charlton
Burton, John, miller, Charlton villas, Charlton
Bushell and Co., builders, High street, Charlton
Bushell, William, auctioneer and house agent, and parish clerk, St. James's St.
Bushel], John, greengrocer, Biggin street
Buss, James, grocer, Limekiln street
Buss, John, grocer, Buckland
Bussey, William, coal merchant and ship owner, Liverpool terrace, office Woolcomber street
Butler, William, coal merchant, Round Tower lane, h Limekiln street
Butler, Olding, boot and shoe maker, Snargate street
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