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Dover, Dover, Thanet with Dover

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Melvilles 1858 Directory of Kent.

Dover is a sea port, cinque port, and borough, ...

Public Houses in Dover

Gentry in 1858

Traders in 1858 Melvilles Directory by surname

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Packham, Francis, Skakspeare livery stables, Trevanion street, h Trevanion street
Packham, Samuel, Lord Nelson, St. James's lane
Page, Gr. S. and A., brewers and maltsters, Limekiln street
Page, Robert, grocer and tea dealer, 11, Bench street
Page, Miss Sarah, shopkeeper, Buckland
Pain and Fielding, solicitors, Limekiln street
Pain, Stephen M., registrar of births, deaths, and marriages for St. James's district,
Pain, the Misses E. and M., milliners and dress makers, Queen street
Paine, William, newsvendor, Biggin street
Pain, Mrs. Mary Ann, dress maker, Trevanion street
Pain, Thomas, registrar of Cinque Ports, and clerk of Dover Castle, Limekiln street
Pain, Thomas, mason, Biggin street
Palfrey, Joseph, grocer, Castle place
Palmer, Mrs. Elizabeth, Railway Tavern, Beach street
Palmer, Daniel, Knight Arms, Snargate street..
Pannett, Allen, cab proprietor, Four Porters' yard, Woolcomber street
Pannett Allen, apartments, Marine place
Papillon, John A., royal engineer, Cambridge terrace, New bridge
Paramor, William B., eating house, Market place
Paramor, William, the Alma beer house, Folkstone road
Paramour, Mrs. Elizabeth, apartments, St.Martin's street
Parish, Mrs. Rebecca, shopkeeper, Oxenden street
Parker, George, shopkeeper, Lady Well
Parks, George Thomas, builder and undertaker, Church street
Part, John, hair dresser, Town Wall street
Part, Edward, agent to the London Indisputable Life Policy, and the District Fire Insurance Company, and Accidental Death, Town Wall street
Pascall, William, tailor and draper, Snargate street
Pascall, James William, cabinet maker, Chapel lane
Paschall, Miss Susannah, grocer, Market street
Patrick, James, apartments, Esplanade
Patteson, Mrs. Sophia, lodgings, Guilford lawn
Patteson, Mrs. Mary Ann, apartments, Strond lane
Paul, William, tobacconist, Snargate street
Pavey, George, carpenter, Russell street
Pay, Thomas, Paris Hotel beer house, Snargate street
Pay, Edward Revell, grocer, Priory terrace, Folkstone road
Pay, Richard, apartments, Market street
Pay, Mrs. Mary Ann, Brushes Inn, Beach street [Actually Brussels Inn]
Payn, William H., solicitor and notary, sworn commissioner of the Income and Property Tax for Dover district, and County Court advocate, Custom House quay
Payn, Anthony, apartments, Waterloo crescent
Peake, Henry, chemist, New Bridge
Peake, Daniel, joiner and undertaker, London road, Charlton
Peake, Robert, mariner, Snargate street
Peake, Allen, pilot, High street, Charlton
Pearce, Mrs. Rachel, straw bonnet maker, London road, Charlton
Peckham, Henry G., apartments, Clarence lawn
Peu-ce, Frederick Samuel, grocer, Snargate street
Pell, James, grocer and tallow chandler, Cross Wall
Penn, John, auctioneer, cabinet maker, and general agent, Biggin street
Penn, Philip, auctioneer and furniture dealer, Last lane, h Adrian street
Penn, George, china and earthenware dealer, High street, Charlton
Penn, Thomas, grocer, High street, Charlton
Penn, Francis N., sexton to St. Mary's, Queen's garden
Penn, Mrs. Sophia, baker, Queen's garden
Penny, Alexander, agent to British Empire Mutual Life Assurance Company, Hubert terrace, Castle street
Penson, Frederick, stay maker and register office for servants, Snargate street
Pentecost, William, Four Porters, Liverpool terrace
Pepper, Stephen K, house agent, High street, Charlton
Pepper, Henry, butcher, High street, Charlton
Pepper, Thomas, butcher, Cross Wall
Pepper, Mrs., milliner and dress maker, Market street
Pepper, George, butcher, Oxenden street
Pepper, John, painter, paradise street, h Hawksbury street
Pepper, William, butcher, Strond street
Pepper, Alfred, butcher, Bench street
Perry, Edward, builder, Snargate street
Petley, John, fruiterer, Snargate street
Pettitt, Wyatt John, cabinet maker, upholsterer, and picture frame manufacturer, Snargate street
Pett, Daniel, wheelwright, Buckland
Petts, Thomas Edward, Rose Inn, Cannon street
Petts, Thomas, fly and post master, St. James's lane
Phillipps, George William, Olive Branch, Worthington's lane
Philpott, Stephen, Royal Oak Inn, Commercial and Family Hotel, Cannon street
Philpott, Edward, linen draper and silk draper, Snargate street
Phipps, James, baker, St. James's street
Pickford and Co., Office, Custom House quay. Renton, William, agent
Pierce, James, Royal Standard, London road, Charlton
Pilcher, Edward, miller, Buckland, h River
Pilcher, Robert, draper, High St., Charlton
Pique, Louis, hairdresser, South pier
Plank, Arthur Charles, chemist, High street, Charlton
Podevin, Joseph, King's Head Hotel, Clarence place
Polhill, Richard C., butcher, Castle street
Poole, Henry, ironmonger, Snargate street, and at Folkstone
Poole, Mrs. Charlotte, apartments, Castle street
Poole, John, confectioner and soda water manufacturer, Snargate street
Pope, Mrs. Sarah, Globe beer house, Commercial quay
Popkiss, William, pilot, Victoria crescent, Charlton
Poulter, James, and Poulter, Daniel Perry, brewers, Russell street
Pound, George C., agent to Economic Life Assurance Society, Russell street
Pound, George C., apartments, East Cliff
Pound, Mrs. Louisa, apartments, Victoria crescent, Charlton
Prebble, Mrs. Ann, apartments, Marine parade
Prescott, John, boot and shoemaker, Strond street
Prescott, William G., pilot, Oxenden street
Price, Mrs. Sarah, apartments, St. James's terrace
Pritchard, Charles, the Terminus Tavern, Beach street
Purssey, Joseph, boot and shoe maker, Lady Well
Puttee, David, baker and confectioner, Snargate street
Rabbeth, Jacob, apartments, St. James's terrace
Rafford, George, apartments, Strond street
Raggett, George Brown, Comptroller of Customs, Effingham place, Folkstone road
Ralph, Thomas M., chemist, High street, Charlton
Ralph, Mrs. Ann, shopkeeper, Snargate street
Ralph, Thomas, apartments, Hawksbury street
Rand, James, grocer, Saxon street
Randall, John, pilot, Bulwark hill
Ray, Mrs. Mary, apartments, Waterloo crescent
Reed, John, tobacconist, Bench street
Rees, Rowland, architect, Sutrana Villa, Folkstone road
Reeve, Stephen, staymaker, Last lane
Reeve, George Huntly, agent to the Globe Life and Fire Insurance Company, Bulwark street
Reeves, Miss Elizabeth, staymaker, Church place
Reid, John, builder, High street, Charlton
Reid, John, coachmaker, Norman street
Revers, John, boot and shoe maker, Biggin street
Reynolds, Mrs. Mary, greengrocer, St. James's street
Reynolds, John, greengrocer, Snargate street
Richarde, Fulke, ladies' French boot and shoe warehouse, Snargate street
Richard, William, shopkeeper, Limekiln street
Richardson, Thomas William, builder, Town Wall street
Richardson and Son, wholesale and retail grocers, Biggin street
Rigden, Thomas, printer, stationer, and bookseller, Snargate street
Riggs, James H., Plume of Feathers, Limekiln street
Riggs, William, Roebuck, Strond lane
Robbins, John, smith, engineer, and brass founder, Buckland
Robbins, Thomas, watchmaker, Erith place, Buckland
Robinson, Edward, coal and coke merchant, Queen street, h St. Martin's terrace
Robinson, Thomas, auctioneer, Bench street
Robinson, Jacob, apartments, Clarence place
Kolfe, Mrs. Susan, fancy repository, Priory street
Rolfe, John, gardener, Buckland
Romney, Mrs. Sarah, shopkeeper, Town Wall street
Roper, Miss Elizabeth, shopkeeper, Buckland
Roper, William, carpenter and builder, Buckland
Rose, Isaac, corn dealer, Biggin street
Ross, William, gunmaker, Cannon street
House, Thomas Bridges, pilot, Oxenden street
Rowley, William, hairdresser, Commercial quay
Royce, Thomas C., butcher, High street, Charlton
Russel, Frederick, boot and shoe warehouse, Snargate street
Rutley, George E., surgeon, Cannon street
Rutley, Thomas, agent to the French Government, Snargate street
Rye, Henry, apartments, Hawksbury street
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