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Dover, Dover, Thanet with Dover

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Melvilles 1858 Directory of Kent.

Dover is a sea port, cinque port, and borough, ...

Public Houses in Dover

Gentry in 1858

Traders in 1858 Melvilles Directory by surname

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Sacre, Joseph, butcher, Council House street
Safe, Henry, school, London road, Charlton
Sanford, James, pilot office, Limekiln street
Sankey,Wil]iam,surgeon, Camden crescent
Saunter, Stephen, Golden Fleece, Snargate street
Saville, William, painter and grainer, York street
Sawyer, Willard, inventor and manufacturer of velocipedes, St. James's street
Sawyer, Richard, painter, Russell street
Sayers, Charles William, agricultural implement maker, and coach and cart wheelwright, Priory street, h Church street
Sayers, Charles, greengrocer, Church street
Sayer, Thomas, lodgings, Clarence lawn
Sclater, Edward, artist, Snargate street
Scott, John, dyer, etc., Snargate street
Scott, William, greengrocer, Queen street
Sell, Edward, hosier, glover, and outfitter, Bench street
Sell, Mrs. Mary Ann, bookseller, Cannon street
Seward, Edward, silk mercer, Bench street
Sharp, Richard, Commercial Quay Inn, Commercial quay
Sharp, Mrs. Mary, Crusader, Council House street
Shoveler, John, boot and shoe maker,Adrian street
Shreeves, William, greengrocer, Council House street
Sibbet, Edward, surgeon, Council House street
Simmonds, William, butcher, Castle street
Simmonds, Mrs. Louisa, Berlin wool and fancy repository, Shakespeare place, Castle street
Simmons, Joseph, shopkeeper, Hawksbury street
Simons, Edwin, apartments, Guilford cottages
Simmons, Topley, Duke of Cornwall, Oxenden street
Simpson, Edward, butcher, etc., Buckland
Sims, Frederick, apartments, Esplanade
Sims, William, Shipwrights' Arms, Strond street
Sinclair, Thomas, shopkeeper, Cannon street
Sissons, William Henry, engineer, Council House street
Sladen, Mrs. Sarah Donegal, Limekiln street
Sclater and Sons, carvers, gilders, and picture frame makers, Snargate street
Slater, Henry, pilot, Bulwark street
Small, Mrs. Ellena, shopkeeper, branch post-office, Buckland
Small, George, the Comet, Priory place
Smith, Stephen, Marquis of Anglesea, York street
Smith, George, apartments, Marine terrace, East Cliff
Smith, Alexander J., builder Queen street
Smith, Thomas, marine store dealer, High street, Charlton
Smith, Mrs. Margaret, lodging, Victoria crescent, Charlton
Smithett, John H., baker, London road, Charlton
Smith, Henry, Crown Tavern, Town Wall street
Smith, Joseph, fishmonger and poulterer, Town Wall street
Smith, Robert, Royal Mail, Strond street
Smith, Henry, Crown Tavern, St. James's street
Smith, John George, Custom House agent, Effingham place, Folkstone road
Smith, George, apartments, Cambridge terrace, New bridge
Smith, George, boot and shoe maker, Bul wark street
Smith, David, apartments, East Cliff
Smith, Edward, apartments, Waterloo crescent
Smithett, the Misses, lodging house, Guilford lawn
Smithson, James, Crispin, Adrian street
Snelling, Ambrose, grocer, Council House street
Sochaczewski, Emanuel, Belgian agent, Strond street
Somes, Richard, fishmonger, Last lane
Southey, Abel, basket maker, Biggin street
Sowter, James, cabinetmaker, Saxon street
Spain, George, baker, Biggin street
Spain, John, Custom House officer, Great street
Spain, George, lodging house, Guilford lawn
Spain, James, the Providence, Trevanion street
Spice, Robert, sail maker, Clarence place
Spice, Thomas, Foresters' Arms, Worthington lane
Spice, Charles, Harp Hotel and Commercial House, Strond street
Spice, Thomas, fishmonger, Town Wall street
Spicer, William, Ordnance Arms, Queen street
Spicer, William, White Horse, foot of Castle.hill
Squier, John Deal, fancy repository, Wellington arcade, Snargate street
Squires, Thomas, carpenter, Victoria crescent, Charlton
Standen, William, linen draper, Cannon street
Standen and Led>etter, upholsterers, Cannon street
Standen, James, Paris Inn, Snargate street
Stanley, Edward, corn factor, Buckland
Steinmann, Alfred, chronometer, watch and clock maker, Snargate street
Stevens, Mrs Martha, laundress, Priory terrace, Folkestone road
Stevens, Mrs Ann, shopkeeper, St Peters street Charlton
Stevens, James, shopkeeper, Buckland
Stevens, George, boot and shoe maker, Buckland
Stevens, Edward, Three Cups Inn, Buckland
Stiff, Joseph, builder, High street, Charlton
Stiff and Richardson, contractors, Biggin street lane, and Charlton
Stiff, Joseph, bricklayer, plasterer, and slater, Bartholomew place, Buckland
Stockwell, George, academy, St. James's street
Stone, Henry, Apollonian Hall and Concert Room, Snargate street
Strand, John, the Oak, Oxenden street
Street, Mrs. Charlotte, apartments, Council House street
Streeter, Mrs. Martha, Providence Hotel, Council House street
Stroud, Miss, day school, Market place
Struckett, Mrs^Mary, greengrocer, Paradise street
S (urges, John confectioner, Buckland
Suttou, Henry, boot and shoe maker, Oxenden street
Sutton, William, coffee house, Snargate street
Sutton and Potter, music sellers and publishers, New Bridge
Swadling and Bray, plumbers and glaziers, Biggin street
Swaffer, William, London Packet, Commercial quay
Swoffer, Alfred, fruiterer and greengrocer, Adrian street
Sykes, James, Priory terrace, Folkstone road
Tarns, James, boot and shoe maker, Limekiln street
Tapley, Edward James, silk mercer, Snargate street
Xapley, Mrs. Harriet, apartments, Marine place
Taylor, Miss Margaret, apartments, Castle street
Taylor, John, Lion Inn, Elizabeth square
Taylor, William, tailor, Market lane
Taylor, Mrs. Maria, straw bonnet maker, Biggin street
Taylor, John E., tailor, Biggin street
Taylor, Peter, Waterman's Arms, Trevanion street
Taylor, William, Lord Warden, Snargate street
Taylor, John, watch maker, Snargate street 
Terry, William James, plumber, glazier, and painter, Strond street, h Snargate street
Terry, Richard Thomas, the Medway beer house, Limekiln street
Terry, Charles, King William, Woolcomber street
Terson, James B., auctioneer, appraiser, house, land, and general agent, Castle street, agent for the London Union Fire, Life, and Annuity Office, established A.D., 1714
Thiselton, William and Thomas, grocers and house agents, Bench street, and Harbour street, Ramsgate
Thiselton, Thomas, grocer, Saint Martin's place
Thomas, Robert, chemist, Cross Wall
Thomas, Joseph, smith and engineer, Buckland
Thompson, William, boot and shoe maker, Worthington's lane
Thompson, John, greengrooer,Woolcomber street
Thompson, Peter, draper, Shakspeare place, Castle street
Thornton, John Barber, chemist, Biggin st.
Thorp, Mrs. Susannah, Old Fountain, Caroline place
Thorp, John C., miller, Effingham street
Thorpe, William, butcher, Snargate street
Thorpe, Edmund, grazier, Biggin street
Tilley, Samuel, boot and shoe maker, High street, Charlton
Tilly, Thomas, shopkeeper, Snargate street
Timbury, Miss Mary, apartments, Esplanade
Tomlin, Charles, butcher, Bridge street, Charlton 
Toms, George, Shakspeare, Hawksbury street
Tourney, Miss Susannah, lodgings, Guilford terrace
Trim, Daniel Jarvis, Fleur-de-Lis Inn, Council House street
Tucker, John, fruiterer, Snargate street
Tucker, John, tailor, Queen's garden
Tucker, Stephen, greengrocer, Priory street
Tucker, John P., carpenter, Victoria crescent, Charlton
Tucker, Henry, bricklayer, High street, Charlton
Tucker, Stephen Chambers, carpenter and builder, High street, Charlton
Tucker, Benjamin A., bricklayer and plasterer, High street, Charlton
Tucker, James Marsh, carpenter and undertaker, Cherry Tree lane, Buckland
Tucker, John Henry, boot and shoemaker, Snargate street
Tudor, Mrs and Miss, seminary, Saxon street
Tunbridge, John, builder, Oxenden street
Turner, George Henry, Hope Inn, Great street
Twyman, William,' hair cutter, Adrian street
Twyman, James, cab proprietor, East Cliff
Twyman, James, lodging house, Marine parade
Tyler, George T., smith, farrier, and hack master, Dolphin lane, and Castle street
Underdown, George, Masons' Arms, Seven Star street
Usherwood, Samuel, apartments, Waterloo crescent
Usherwood, William, lodging house, Marine parade
Usmar, Mrs. Jane, apartments, Strond street
Venner, Josiah, plumber and glazier, Buckland
Vincer, John Thomas, Jolly Tar, Strond street
Wadling, William, mariner, Buckland terrace, Buckland
Walker, Mrs. Augusta, dressmaker, Priory place
Walker, James and Thomas, brewers and maltsters, Dolphin lane
Walker, James, brewer, Effingham crescent
Walker, David Barber, blind and cabinet maker, Military road
Walker, Joseph, oil mills, Limekiln street
Wall, William, Albion Inn, Hawksbury street
Walter, John, surgeon, St. Martin's place
Waters, William Richard, artist, Castle street
Waters, Mrs. Prances Mary, apartments, Snargate street
Ward, the Misses, milliners and dressmakers, St. James's street
Ward, John, boot and shoe maker, St. James's street
Warren, George, Marine library, assembly and reading rooms, 11 and 12, Parade
Warren, Edward, professor of music, Saxon street
Warwick, Mrs. Mary Ann, apartments, St. James's street
Watson, Archibald, carpenter and cabinet maker, Seven Star street
Watson, Mrs. H. N., apartments, Waterloo crescent
Watson, Henry James, draper, Snargate street
Watson, Isaac, carpenter, Buckland
Watson, Robert William, solicitor, Snargate street
Webb, John, butcher, Snargate street
Webb, Henry, butcher, Worthington's lane
Webb, James, British Queen, Biggin street
Weekes, Miss Sarah, apartments, Snargate street
Weeldon, John, greengrocer, St. James's street, John, clothes dealer, Limekiln street
Wellden, William James, tailor, Adrian street
Wellden,Miss Mary Ann, shopkeeper,Alma place, Charlton
Wells, George, Chance beer house, Adrian street
Wells, John, corn and flour dealer, York street
Wells, Edward, baker, Russell street
Wells, Albert, hairdresser and perfumer, Snargate street
Welsh, George, apartments, Priory terrace, Folkstone road
Western, Charles, apartments, St. James's terrace
Weston, John, Duke of York, Snargate street
Weston, Lambert, house proprietor, Waterloo crescent
Whetingstall, Mrs. Sarah, Bonny Lass, Seven Star street
Whickham, William, Fox Inn, St. James's street
White, James, eating house, etc., Market place
White, Mrs. Elizabeth, lodgings, Liverpool terrace
White, William, tailor, St. James's street
White, Mrs. Eliza, broker, Snargate street
White, Thomas W. B., apartments, St. James's terrace
Whitherden, Mrs. Elizabeth, shopkeeper, Strond lane
Whiting, William, Red Lion, St. James's street
Whiting, Mrs. Ann, Queen's Head beer house, Biggin street
Whorwell, George, fruiterer, Snargate street
Whorwell, William, bailiff, Snargate street
Whorwell, the Misses Sarah and Caroline, apartments, Cambridge terrace, New Bridge
Wickham, James, boot and shoe maker, Adrian street
Wilkins, James, the Lord Raglan beer house, Biggin Street
Wilkin, _, hairdresser, Union row
Williams, David, photographic artist, Last lane
Williams, Thomas, shipwright, Charlton villas .
Williams, John, King Alfred, Portland place
Williams, Daniel, grocer, Hartley street
Williams, Miss Sarah H, bookseller and stationer, St Martins terrace
Williams, William W, baker, High street, Charlton
Williams, John, Druid's Head, Town Wall street
Williams, Charles, bookbinder, Town Wall street
Williams, Mr, surgeon, St Martins place
Williams, Michael, engineer, Limekiln street
Willis, John Lewes, True Briton, Commercial quay
Windeo, Thomas R., civil engineer, Dover Harbour of Refuge, and Council House street
Winter, Henry and William, confectioners, Snargate street
Winterbourn, Thomas, gas collector, St. James's street
Withey, Mrs. Frances Ann, stay and corset maker, Snargate street
Wood, the Misses, milliners and dressmakers, Market place
Wood, Henry, saddler and harness maker, Snargate street
Wood, John, builder, Factor's place, h Liverpool terrace
Wood, Christopher, butcher, Woolcomber street
Wood, Henry, apartments, Athol terrace, East Cliff
Wood, William, butcher, High street, Charlton
Wood, Benjamin, butcher, Biggin street
Wood, James, broker, Last lane
Woodcock, Joseph, confectioner, Town Wall street
Woodruff, William 0. and Charles, chronometer and watch and clock makers, Snargate street
Wootton, Thomas, exciseman, Swiss Cottage, Buckland
Worger, John, grocer, Market lane
Worger, Edward, tailor, High street, Charlton
Worsell, Thomas, butcher, Adrian street
Wraight, Stephen, grocer, High street, Charlton
Wraight, Thomas, baker, St. James's street
Wraight, Stephen, shopkeeper, Strond lane
Wright, John, whitesmith and bell hanger, Town Wall street
Wright, Miss Jane, apartments, Douro place
Wright, John, shopkeeper, Limekiln street
Wright, Mrs. Mary Ann, apartments, Marine place
Wrightson, William, tailor and draper, Town Wall street
Young, William W., ironmonger, King street, Market place
Young, John, boot and shoe maker, St. James's street
Young, John, Prince Alfred, East Cliff
Young, Henry, lodgings, Hammond place
Zum Stein, Miss, artificial flower maker, High street, Charlton
Zum Stein, Dr. Bernard, professor of French,and German languages, High street, Charlton
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