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Dover, Dover, Thanet with Dover

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Melvilles 1858 Directory of Kent.

Dover is a sea port, cinque port, and borough, ...

Public Houses in Dover

Gentry in 1858

Traders in 1858 Melvilles Directory by surname

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Cadman, John S., butcher, Market street
Caloraft, Mrs. Sophia, shopkeeper, Bridge street, Charlton
Calcroft, Miss Ellen, dressmaker, Trevanion street
Calder, Thomas, White Hart, Dolphin lane
Calvert, Mrs. Ellen, apartments, East Cliff
Care, Thomas, Admiral Harvey beer house, Bridge street, Charlton
Carrier, William, glass and china dealer, Adrian street
Carrier, the Misses J. and A., fancy repository, Strond street
Carter, Thomas, baker, Caroline place
Caspall, Henry, boot and shoe maker, Priory street
Castle, George Thomas, tailor, Strond lane
Castle, William, shopkeeper, Strond street
Castle, William, boot and shoemaker, and greengrocer, Woolcomber street
Castle, Thomas, boot and shoe maker, Biggin street
Castle, William, boot and shoe maker, London road, Charlton
Castle, Stephen, boot and shoe maker, Bridge street, Charlton
Castle, Mrs Ann, apartments, Athol terrace, East cliff
Catchpole, Thomas, confectioner etc, Cross wall
Canney, Charles John, clerk at Admiralty pier, Oxenden street
Cave, William John, watch and clock maker, Biggin street
Cave, Mrs. Eliza, stationer, Market lane
Cave, John James, boot and shoe maker, High street, Charlton
Cavell, Thomas H., hairdresser and perfumer, Snargate street
Cesford, William, apartments, Waterloo crescent
Chalk, Stephen, solicitor, Biggin street
Challis, Joseph, china, earthenware, and small ware dealer, Strond street
Chandler, George Woolford, plumber, glazier, and painter, Castle street, h Church street
Chapman, William, Plough, Laureston place
Chapman, Henry, apartments, East Cliff
Charrison, David, pilot, Bulwark street
Chidwick, William Henry, tobacconist, Cannon street
Chittenden, Mrs. Frances, establishment for young ladies, Biggin street
Christian and Co., tobacconists and tea dealers, Snargate street, and agents to the General Endowment Association
Christy, William, boot and shoe maker, Snargate street
Clarke, William, apartments, Athol terrace, East Cliff
Clark, George, gardener, etc., Charlton green
Clark, fcfenry, general dealer, Buckland
Clark, Richard, gardener, Bridge street, Charlton
Clark, John, grocer, High street, Charlton
Clark, Thomas, seedsman and florist, High street, Charlton
Clark, George, coal dealer, Saint James's street, h Saint Margaret's place
Clark, Werter, pilot, Round Tower street
Clark, E. H., farmer, Hubert terrace, Castle hill
Clark, James, fishmonger, Strond street
Clarke, Samuel, draper, Snargate street
Claringbould, William, stationer, Snargate street
Claringbould; Theys Boys, agent to Phoenix Fire Office, Strond street
Claringbould, William J., greengrocer, St. James's Street
Clement and Sutton, silk mercers, King street, Market place
Clements, Henry, farmer, Buckland
Cliffe, Henry P., brewer, Bulwark bill
Cocks, Mrs. Mary S. T., tobacconist, Snargate street
Cocke, William, surgeon, St. Martin's terrace
Cohen, Raphael Isaac, boarding school for young gentlemen, Sussex House, Folkstone road.
Coleman, Edward, farmer, Buokland and Grabble
Coleman, John, farmer, the Priory
Coleman, Thomas, surgeon, Eastbrook place
Coleman, Mrs. Maria, greengrocer, Biggin street
Coleman, John, estate agent, valuer, and auctioneer, Castle street
Coleman, John, surgeon, Strond street
Collier, Charles, apartments, Norman street
Colyer, William Spicer, apartments, Athol terrace, East Cliff
Conolly, Miss Sarah, dressmaker, Oxenden street
Conner, John, Phoenix, Elizabeth street
Cook, Thomas, grocer, Market street
Cook, William, plumber, Russell street
Cook, William, registrar of births and deaths for the Hougham district, and of marriages for Dover district, Buckland terrace, Buckland
Corbett and Iggulden, brush makers, and boot and shoe manufacturers, Bench street
Corbett, George, butcher, Limekiln street
Corel, Mrs. Elizabeth, apartments, Guilford terrace
Corfield, George, the Burlington, Shakspeare place, Castle street
Corfield, George, Burlington Inn, Church street
Cork, Thomas, greengrocer, Queen street
Cotterell, William H., chemist, Snargate street
Cotterell, John, master of armory Dover
Castle, Balmoral cottages, Buckland Court, Stephen, importer of wines and spirits, and agent for Guinness's stout and pale India ales, 140, Snargate street
Court, Stephen, Dragon Inn, Strond street
Coultard, Thomas F. boot and shoe maker, Last lane
Courtney, Henry, apartments, Waterloo crescent
Coveney, Benjamin, painter and glazier, Market street
Coveney, Samuel, gardener, Biggin street
Cowtan, William H., Elephant and Castle, High street, Charlton
Cox, Richard, butcher, York street
Cox, George, hair dresser, Strond street
Cozens, Miss Caroline, dress maker, Russell street
Crane, the Misses, day and boarding school, St. James's street
Crapnell, Samuel, boot and shoe maker, Paradise street
Crapnell, Edward, shoemaker, Limekiln street
Crimp, George, Skylark, Beach street
Croft, George Thomas, broker, Military road
Crofts, Peter David, apartments, Commercial quay
Crofts, Edwin, baker, Adrian street
Crothall, John, builder, Lady Well, h Sexton street
Crothall, William, boot and shoe maker, Trevanion street
Crowe, Joseph, French stay and shoe warehouse, Snargate street
Crowe, Miss Mary 3., dressmaker, St. James's street
Crowe, Henry, Prospect House academy, Prince's place
Crump, Robert, Regent Tap, Market lane
Crundall, William, lath render, Biggin street
Crundall, James, timber merchant, rope walk, h Castle street
Crundall, Henry, coal merchant, rope walk, h Charltou
Crundall, Henry, coal merchant, High street, Charlton
Crush, William, brewer, Norman street
Cullen, Ambrose, carriage, proprietor, Chapel street
Cullen, William, Liverpool Arms beer house, greengrocer, Town Wall street
Cullen, Stephen, painter, Military road
Cullen, James, Two Brewers, Limekiln street
Cullen, Thomas, apartments, East Cliff
Culmer, John H., Wellington Inn, Snargate street
Culmer, Mrs. Mary Ann, apartments, Guilford terrace
Curling, Thomas, baker and shopkeeper, Buckland
Currie, Thomas, The George, Strond street
Dallas, Mrs. Mary C., lodging house, Marine parade
Dal ton, Mrs. Sarah, lodging house, Marine parade
Dane, Mrs. Elizabeth, apartments, Esplanade
Danel, Louis, wholesale and retail poulterer, and fancy repository, Council House street
Daniell, Thomas, apartments, High street, Charlton
Dann, George, printer, Buckland terrace, Buckland
Davis, Frederick, surgeon, Strond street
Davis, Mrs. Mary, apartments, Commercial quay
Daws, Thomas, boot and shoe maker, Commercial quay
Dawes, Charles, the Globe, St, Peter's street, Charlton
Deane, John, apartments, Athol terrace, East Cliff .
Decent, Peter, pilot, Limekiln street
Delahaye, Thomas, wholesale confectioner, Snargate street
Delustin, Mr., French master, High street, Charlton
Dennis, George, Black Horse beer house, Bridge street, Charlton
Dennis, John P., greengrocer, London road, Charlton
Dennis, Thomas, Princess Maud, Hawksbury street
Dickens, John, French polisher, Last lane
Dickeson, John, grocer, York street
Dickeson and Wood, wholesale grocers, Market place
Diggle, Joseph, contractor, Laureston place
Dilks, Mrs. Maria, stationer and fancy repository, Snargate street
Divers, Mrs. Elizabeth, Dover Castle Hotel, Steam Packet quay
Divers, Thomas, Crown and Anchor Tavern, Round Tower street
Dobson, Mrs. Rebecca, apartments, Cambridge terrace, New bridge
Duke, Mrs. Sarah, shopkeeper, Council House street
Dowle, William, builder, York street
Dowle, James, Fector's Arms beer house and greengrocer, London road, Charlton
Dowle and Co., dealers in marine stores, London road, Charlton
Dowle, Edward C., fruiterer, Bench street
Drake, John, the Pavilion, Custom House quay
Druce, Edward, engineer, Laureston place
Dudney, Henry, draper, Strond street
Duke, James, shipwright, High street, Charlton
Duke, James, ship builder, Rope Walk, h Charlton terrace
Duncan, Mrs. Margaret, apartments, Liverpool terrace
Dunkin, William, tailor, East Cliff
Dunn, John, Exeter Arms, Limekiln
Dunn, James, the Star, Trevanion lane
Durtnall, William, brazier and gas fitter, Seven Star street
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