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Dover, Dover, Thanet with Dover

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Melvilles 1858 Directory of Kent.

Dover is a sea port, cinque port, and borough, ...

Public Houses in Dover

Gentry in 1858

Traders in 1858 Melvilles Directory by surname

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Ealden, James, baker and branch post receiving house, Council House street
East, William, Wheat Sheaf, Lady Wells
East, Charles, Endeavour, Buckland
Bastes, Benjamin, plumber, glazier, and painter, Finnis hill, Limekiln street
Eastes, Miss Charlotte, dress and stay maker, Snargate street
Erith, Henry, carpenter and joiner, and branch post-office, Town Wall street
Elfick, Mrs. Rebecca, apartments, East Cliff
Elgar, Richard, butcher, St. James's street
Elkington, Henry, chemist, the Medical Hall, 1, King street
Elms, Stephen E., confectioner, High street, Charlton
Ellinger, John, Flying Horse Inn, King street
Ellingford, William, shopkeeper, Woolcomber street
Ellis, Thomas H., greengrocer, Bridge street, Charlton
Elthem, William, umbrella and parasol maker, Last lane
Elvey, Vincent, greengrocer, High street, Charlton
Elwin, John, Reynolds, grocer, tea dealer, and cheesemonger, St. James's street
Elwin, Edward, solicitor and notary, Castle street
Emery, Henry, plumber, glazier, and painter, Town Wall street
Emery, Thomas, Sir Sidney Smith, East Cliff
Emly, Francis O., day school, St. James's terrace
Epps, Leonard, Three Kings, Union street
Escalt, William, Good Intent, Queen street
Eves, Thomas, the Salutation, Biggin street
Evans, Mrs. Harriet, Rifleman, Charlton green
Evans, David, apartments, Esplanade
Bwell, George, blacksmith, Strond lane
Fagg, Kichard, builder and wheelwright, Market street
Faith, Thomas, baker and confectioner, Snargate street
Farley, Henry Edward, butcher, Queen street
Farmer, William, schoolmaster, York street
Farrier, John, baker, High street, Charlton
Farrier, Edward, Robin Hood, St. James's lane
Fasquel, Henry, boot and shoe maker, Snargate street
Fedarb, Josiah, photographic artist, Snargate street
Fehrenbaoh and Co., watch and clock makers, Snargate street
Field, Samuel, confectioner, Athol terrace, East Cliff
Field, Mrs. Charlotte T., apartments, East Cliff
Figg, John, Cross Keys, Custom House quay
Finch, Austin, baker, Church street
Finn, George chimney sweeper, Priory street
Finnis, Steriker, timber and slate merchant, bookmaker, lime and cement
burner, Biggin street, h the Elms, Hougham
Fitch, Mrs, Mary, apartments, Custom House quay
Flashman, George, cabinet maker and upholsterer, Market place
Flashman, William, broker, Last lane
Fletcher, Richard, Cinque Port Arms, Clarence place
Fletcher, John and William, ironmongers, Biggin street
Foord, James, Eagle Tavern, London road, Charlton
Forster, Robert, chemist, Castle street
Foster, Rebecca, baby linen warehouse, Berlin and fancy repository, Snargate street
Forster, John, Prince Albert, Biggin street
Fox, John, bookbinder and stationer, Snargate street
Fox, Daniel, carver, gilder, and picture frame maker, Commercial quay
Fox, Thomas, solicitor and notary public, Castle terrace
Fox and Mee, solicitors, Castle terrace
Francis, James, Three Compasses, Finnis hill, Limekiln street
Fraser, William J., apartments, Castlo place
Frazer, William, painter and gilder, Snargate street
Freegard, Edwin, boot and shoe maker, Cannon street
Freshner, Charles, apartments, Strond lane
Friend, James, greengrocer, London road, Charlton.
Friend and Company, customs' and Continental agents for Dover and Folkstone, Hawksbury street, agent to Kent Fire and Life Office.
Fright, John E., cabinet maker, Worthington lane
Fry, George, builder and surveyor, Maison Dieu, agent ,to the Phoenix Fire Office
Fryer, Thomas, tailor, Castle street
Fry, Mrs Mary An, straw bonnet maker, Trevanion street
Fry, Mrs Mary Ann, Star Inn, Church street
Fuller, William, Cinque Port Trinity Pilot, Bulwark hill
Fuller, Henry, cooper, Yonden's court
Fuller, John, grocer and tea dealer, Castle street
Fuller, Benjamin, saddler, Buckland
Galante, Ferdinando, United Club Hotel and bath establishment, Union street
Gammon, Nathaniel, butcher, Last lane
Gammon, Miss Susan, milliner and dressmaker, St. James's street
Gardner, William, plumber, glazier, and painter, Snargate street
Gardner, Thomas, printer, engraver, bookseller, etc., Snargate street
Gasson, Kingsly John, egg and brush merchant, Snargate street
Gasaon, Stephen, Sailors' Home, Seven Star street
Gasson, Mrs. Charlotte, apartments, Terminus cottages, Beach street
Gasson, James, pilot, Limekiln street
Gates, John Wilson, tailor, High street, Charlton
Geach, Mrs. Elizabeth, fancy repository, Snargate street
Geale, George, apartments, Sidney Villa, East Cliff
Gee, Thomas, baker, Oxenden street
George, Alfred, plumber, glazier, and painter, Church street
George, William, Walmer Castle and eating house, Market place
George, William M., shopkeeper, Military road
Gibbons, Jesse, confectioner, and branch post-office, Marine terrace, East Cliff
Gibbs, George, butcher Bench street
Gidley, George, Mariners Arms, Woolcomber lane
Gidley, George, horse letter, East Cliff
Gilbert William, lodgings, High street, Charlton
Giles, James, Army and Navy, Snargate street
Gilfillan, James, tailor, Town Wall street
Gilmour and Company, grocers, Snargate street
Gill, Daniel, Friend-in-Need beer house, and general dealer, St. Peter street, Charlton
Gillman, Charles, butcher, Biggin street
Gittins Francis, shopkeeper, Council House street
Godden, John, pilot, Limekiln street
Golder, John, gardener, Woolcomber street
Goldfinch, Thomas, broker, Biggin street
Goodhun, Charles, Custom House agent, Council House street
GoodifF, Mrs. Ann, baker, Limekiln street
Goodin, Castle Smith, baker and confectioner, Elizabeth street
Goodman, George, the Albion, East Cliff
Gordon, Charles, apartments, Norman street
Gosling, William F., grocer, wholesale and retail, Shargate street
Grange, James, mason, St. James's lane
Grant, Thomas, baker, Oxenden street
Grant, William C., apartments, Castle street
Grant, Thomas, wine and spirit merchant, Priory place. - Cook, E., agent
Grant, Edward, grocer, East Cliff
Grant, Edward, boot and shoemaker, Buckland
Grant, Captain, coast guard, East Cliff
Gravner, George Wright, apartments, Marine place
Gravenor, John, shipwright, Council House street
Gray, George, pork butcher, Biggin street
Green, John, cutler, Snargate street
Green, Thomas, Half Moon, Blucher row
Green, John, cutler, Snargate street
Greenland, William, merchant's clerk, Victoria crescent, Charlton
Greenland, Thomas, warehouseman, Snargate street
Greenstreet, John James, boot and shoemaker, Snargate street
Gregory, Aaron, tailor, hatter, and outfitter, Market place
Gregory, James, bricklayer, Town Wall lane
Gregory, Mrs. Emma, beer house, Strond street
Gregory, Frederick F., draper, Market place
Griggs, Robert, post-house master, Council House street
Griggs, Miss Elizabeth, apartments, Esplanade
Grimes, Andrew, plasterer, St. James's street
Groombridge, Edward, King William the Fourth, Biggin street
Groombridge, Joseph, grocer and draper, Priory place
Groombridge, Edward, Sportsman, nursery and seedsman, Charlton Green
Grossman, Alexander J., Geneva watch and clock maker, jeweller, etc., Snargate street
Grunwald, William and John, outfitters, Snargate street
Gudgeon, Miss Harriet, Bricklayers' Arms, Cannon street
Gutsole, John, pilot, Castle street
Gutsole, Charles, shoeing smith, Commercial quay
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