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Traders in 1858 Melvilles Directory by surname

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Ladd, John, apartments, Castle street
Ladd, Richard, apartments, Cambridge terrace, New Bridge
Laker, James, grocer, St. James's street
Lamb, Charles, upholsterer, etc., Snargate street
Lancefield, Thomas, paper hanger, stationer, and newsvendor, Cannon street
Lane, Elias, hairdresser, Strond lane, h Limekiln street
Lane, Mrs., apartments, Cambridge terrace
Langley, Henry, Britannia, Buckland
Langridge, Jesse, apartments, Waterloo crescent
Larkins, Mrs. Charlotte, straw bonnet maker, Church street
Larkins, Stephen, pilot, Limekiln street
Larkins, James A., pilot, Bulwark street
Larkins, Richard, pilot, Limekiln street
Latham, Samuel M., merchant and general  agent for shipping, Union street
Laver, Augustus, architect and surveyor, Norman terrace
Law, William, Effingham Arms, Town Wall street
Law, William, carriage letler, Town Wall street
Laws, William, baker, Bridge street, Charlton
Lawrence, Mrs. Ann, shopkeeper, High street, Charlton
Lawrence, Mrs. Ann, apartments, Clarence lawn
Leach, William, Sceptre Tavern, Beach street
Ledger, George William, clerk of the peace, Snargate street
Leigh and Pilcher, silk mercers, Snargate street
Leigh, James, breeches maker, Cannon street
Leigh, Mrs. Elizabeth, apartments, Athol terrace, East Cliff
Leman, Edward, confectioner, Snargate street
Leplastrier, Miss Caroline, day school, Queen street
Lester, Thomas, saddler, whip and harness maker, Cannon street
Lester, Henry, saddler, Bench street
Lettington, William, Two Brewers, Snargate street
Levey, Emanuel, watch and clock maker, Strond street
Licence, Robert, ivory and hard wood turner, Woolcomber street
Light, Mrs Mary Ann, apartments, Marine place
Lilley, John, grocer, 18, Cannon street
Lindsey, John Burke, surgeon dentist, Castle street
Lockey, Miss Mary Ann, apartments, Norman street
London, George, confectioner, Snargate street
London Hat, Cap, and Outfitting Limited Liability Company, Cannon street
Long, Thomas, pawnbroker, Limekiln street
Longley, William, butcher, Snargate street
Longley, William, Cambridge Arms beer house, Adrian street
Low, Joseph, Alma beer house, Snargate street
Lucas, Charles K., pilot, Snargate street
Luckett, Mrs. Sarah, apartments, London road, Charlton
Lukey, John, wine and spirit merchant, Shakspeare Hotel, Bench street
Mabb, Miss Sarah, apartments, East Cliff
Macey, John George, apartments, Hawksbury street
Mackenzie, Henry P., builder, Shakespeare place, Castle street
Mackenzie, Henry J., builder, High street, Charlton
Maokintire, Patrick, apartments, Athol terrace, East Cliff
Maoleod, Thomas, silk mercer and haberdasher, Bench street
Makey, William, shopkeeper, London road, Charlton
Mallam,]?rederiek, tailor, Woolcomber lane
Marmering, Mrs. Ann, miller, Castle street
Manser, George, chimney sweeper, London road, Charlton
Manser, Thomas, chimney sweeper, St. James's lane
Mantle, Benjamin, shopkeeper, Trevanion street •
Marks, Robert, tobacconist, Strond street
Mark, William, baker, Queen street
Marks, Thomas Marshall, builder, Town Hall lane, h St. James's street
Maroney, Michael, boot and shoe maker, Castle place
Marriott, Mrs. Sarah, shopkeeper, Dolphin lane
Marsh, Cullen, Royal Baths, Marine parade
Marsh, Charles H., watch and clock maker, Biggin street
Marsh, William, hairdresser, Snargate street
Marsh, Stephen W., tailor, Charlton place, London road, Charlton
Marsh, William, General Blucher beer house, Commercial quay
Marsh, Edwin Lee, plumber, glazier, and painter, High street, Charlton
Marsh, William, apartments, London road, Charlton
Marsh, William B., Red Cow, Folkstone road
Marshall, John, pilot, Hawksbury street
Marshall, George W., butcher, Hawksbury street
Martin, Alfred John, naval and military tailor, Snargate street
Martin, David, fruiterer and greengrocer, Snargate street
Masters, Edward, grocer, Snargate street
Masters, Henry, apartments, Guilford terrace
Mate, Miss Eliza, stationer, King street, Market place
May, John, boot and shoe maker, Branch street, Charlton
Maze, Mrs. Dorothy, fruiterer, Bench street
McDonald, William, Plough, Buckland
McKeen, Henry, the Ark beer house, Beach street
Mead, Mrs. Elizabeth, fruiterer, Strond street
Meleng, William, tailor, Biggin street
Metcalf, William and Frederick, silk mercers, Bench street
Middleton, Thomas Ewer, plumber, glazier, and painter, St. James's lane
Middleton, Thomas, baker, Military road
Miles, Mrs. Susannah C., stationer and bookseller, Biggin street
Miller, Edward T., Hosier, etc., Snargate street
Millgate, John Edward, tea dealer, Round Tower street
Mills, James, coal merchant, Folkstone road, h Biggin street
Mills, Mrs. Elizabeth, shopkeeper, Chapel place
Mills, George, coal merchant, Biggin street, h St. Martin's terrace
Mills, Benjamin, pilot, Elizabeth street
Mills, Mrs. Elizabeth, apartments, Norman street
Minter, William H., butcher, Market place
Molland, Keith J., baker, Biggin street
Monger, John, tobacconist, Snargate street
Moody, Henry, boot and shoe maker, Snargate street
Moody, Henry, shoemaker, St, James's lane
Moon, Richard, pilot, Limekiln street
Moore, John, apartments, Limekiln street
Morphew, Thomas R, perfumer and hairdresser, Market street
Morris, Thomas, lodging house, marine parade
Mortleman, Joseph, mail packet officer, High street, Charlton
Mortley, William, greengrocer, Castle place
Morton, Mrs. Sophia, shopkeeper, Church street
Morton, Henry, hairdresser, Biggin street
Moses, Moses, clock and watch maker, silversmith, jeweller, and slopseller, Strond street
Moss, James, apartments, Sidney villa, East Cliff
Mowle, Reynolds, tailor, Snargate street
Movll, W. and E., coal, coke, and salt merchants, Commercial quay
Movvll, William R., coal merchant, Commercial quay, h Biggin street
Mowll, Edward R., wine merchant, Trinity vaults, h Strond street
Moxey, Miss Susan, confectioner, Strond street
Moxon, William, Ordnance contractor and builder, works Maison Dieu, office Russell street, h St. Martin's villa, Effingharn crescent
Mozeley, Horatio, apartments, Marine parade
Muddle, John Bennett, tobacconist, Snargate street
Muggeridge, Richard, the Little Lord Warden, Union street
Mumford, Benjamin, fishmonger, Town Wall lane
Mummery, John R., surgeon-dentist, Castle street
Mummery, William Rigden, currier and leather seller, King street, Market place, agent to District Fire Office
Mummery, William P., military tailor, Strond street
Mummery, William R., currier, Laureston place
Munday, Henry, baker, High street, Charlton
Mutton, Henry, Inland Revenue Office, Victoria crescent, Charlton
Mutton, James, builder, London road
Nash, William, apartments, Council House ' street
Nash, William, shopkeeper, Branch street,Charlton
Nathan, Mrs. Elizabeth, confectioner, Last lane
Nazer, Daniel, hat and cap manufacturer, Snargate street
Nethersol, Thomas, apartments, Marine Cottage, East Cliff
Newing, John, Packet Boat family and commercial hotel, Strond street
Newman, Miss Mary, milliner and dress maker, Charlton place, London road, Charlton
Newman, Thomas, tobacconist and tea dealer, Snargate street
Newton, Mrs. Eliza, shopkeeper, Seven Star street
Ninham, Robert, tailor, Victoria crescent, Charlton
Ninham, Mrs. Phoebe, dressmaker, Victoria crescent, Charlton
Norman, Christopher, Prince of Wales, Fishmonger lane
Norman, Richard, pastrycook and confectioner, WooJcomber street
Norman, Philip, hairdresser, Snargate street
Norris, John S., the Deal Cutter, Seven Star street
Norton Mrs. Elizabeth, shopkeeper, St. James's street
Norton, Benjamin, Greyhound, Union row
Norwood, Thomas, tallow melter and candle manufacturer, Market street, h Bartholomew terrace, Buckland
Norwood, George, apartments, Norman street
Newcombe, William, poulterer, Town Wall street
Nye, Joseph, lodging house, Marine parade
Obree, Mrs. Charlotte, shopkeeper, St. Peter street, Charlton
Office, Mrs., apartments, Council House street
Olifent, Jeken E., wholesale and retail grocer, Strond street
Ollaway, James C., surgeon, Camden crescent
Osborn, Henry E., carpenter and picture frame maker, Queen street
Osborn, Thomas, Newcastle Arms, Limekiln street
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